Awards, Honors & Accolades

California Civil Rights Attorney Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred is an experienced civil rights lawyer distinguished for her involvement in high-profile discrimination and civil rights cases. Over the course of her 30-year career, she has been highly recognized for her work representing clients and has been asked to appear on numerous news and other media programs to comment on specific cases. Additionally, she has won countless honors and awards for her pioneering legal work on behalf of women's and minorities' rights. Her awards, honors and accolades are listed below.

Awards and Honors



  • Participated in the Proposition 8 debate on Jan. 14, 2009
  • Received the Distinguished Alumna Achievement Award from the New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, May 2009
  • See her commencement address

"your endless devotion to bettering the lives of others and remarkable work
as lawyer, journalist, volunteer and civic organizer and mother set you apart."

  • Received the John F. Kennedy Award for Inspiration from the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee in October 2009

"In appreciation for your tireless efforts on behalf of the dignity and rights of women and your dedication to the advancement of social justice"

  • Elected as a delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention
  • The YWCA Greater Los Angeles presented Gloria Allred with the Silver Achievement Award in October 2007 "for distinguishing herself in the community through professional, volunteer and/or philanthropic work resulting in significant change."
  • Keynote speaker at the 2007 midyear meeting of the National Association of Women Lawyers
  • Keynote speaker for "Law Day" for the American Bar Association (May 2006)
  • Delivered commencement address to the College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2006 at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Inducted into the "Court of Honor of Distinguished Daughters" at the Philadelphia High School for Girls for lifetime achievement (December 2006)
  • Verdicts and Settlements named Ms. Allred one of the top 20 women litigators in 2002
  • The Loyola School of Law presented Ms. Allred with an award from her alma mater for the advancement of women (2002)
  • Palisades 90272 named Ms. Allred one of 2002's people to watch
  • Talkers magazine named Gloria Allred one of the 100 most important talk show hosts in America (February 2001)
  • The National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts gave Ms. Allred the Judy Jarvis Memorial Award

"for the woman in talk radio who demonstrably furthers the strength of the medium and the position of women within it through her personal dedication and professional contributions"

  • Delivered the commencement address to the Class of 2001 at West Los Angeles College and received an honorary degree from that institution
  • Named one of the 100 most influential lawyers in California in 2000 and 2001 by California Law Business, a publication of the Daily Journal
  • Member of the Platform Committee, 2000 Democratic National Convention, Los Angeles
  • Received Twice a Citizen Award in November 2000 from the Los Angeles Police Reserve Foundation "for outstanding support and commitment to the members of the LAPD"
  • Named to the National Association of Women Business Owners, Los Angeles chapter's Millennium Hall of Fame


  • Received the Voice for Victims Award from the Arthur and Ethel Johnson Foundation (1999)
  • Received the Certificate of Commendation from the City of West Hollywood "for outstanding efforts in advancing the rights of women, families and minorities in Los Angeles" (1998)
  • Received the Profile in Courage Award from the California Democratic Party in 1998
  • Named one of The Most 50 Powerful Women in Los Angeles Law by the Los Angeles Business Journal (1998)
  • Selected by the National Law Journal as one of The 50 Most Influential Women Lawyers in America (1998)
  • Received the Outstanding Member Award from the National Association of Women Lawyers in 1997
  • Named one of the top 50 lawyers in 1997 by Los Angeles Business Journal's annual Who's Who
  • Selected by USA Today as one of the 25 most important radio talk show hosts in America, in 1995
  • Received acknowledgement and honors from the United Charitable Foundation of America, Cool Down House for a generous donation (1995)
  • Received the Window Award from Window Between Worlds for work on behalf of women (1995)
  • Received the Golden Rose Award in May 1995 from the National Council of Women and the International Hospitality Committee for "dedication and outstanding achievements on behalf of women's rights"
  • Received the Women of Valor Award in September 1995 from the American Diabetes Association
  • Recognized by the Business and Professional Women, Women's Division United Jewish Fund in April 1994 "for leadership on behalf of women and dedication to the Jewish community"
  • Recognized in October 1994 by Hadassah for participating in the Beverly Hills chapter of Hadassah fall membership program
  • Received the Women of Distinction Award in November 1994 from the National Council on Aging "for ongoing dedication to service to the community"
  • Named one of the 50 most interesting people in Los Angeles in 1994 by Los Angeles magazine
  • Voted one of the "Best Lawyers in America" in 1991
  • Received the Award of Excellence in March 1991 from the Greater Los Angeles Press Club
  • Received the Community Service Award in March 1990 from So. California Women for Understanding in "recognition of dedicated service to the affairs of the community and for the civic pride demonstrated by numerous contributions for the benefit of all citizens in LA County"
  • Named one of the 30 most powerful people in Los Angeles in 1990 by Los Angeles magazine
  • Time magazine called Gloria Allred "one of the nation's most effective advocates of family rights and feminist causes"
  • Nominated for an Emmy three times for her television commentaries on KABC-TV


  • Received a Certification of Appreciation in March 1989 from the California Trial Lawyers Association in "recognition for valuable contribution in the field of continuing legal education to members of the trial bar for the improvement of the administration of justice"
  • Received the Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Civil Rights Award in October 1988 from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Inglewood-South Bay

· Recognized by the Greater Los Angeles Press Club in October 1988

  • The California Association of Affirmative Action Officers presented Ms. Allred with the Excellence Award in May 1988 "in recognition of [her] outstanding support for affirmative action and equal employment opportunity"
  • The Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays Inc. Los Angeles presented Ms. Allred with the Friend Award in April 1988
  • Received an award from the Career Planning Centers in 1988 "for advancing career opportunities for women"
  • Received the first annual Outstanding Achievement Award in February1987 from the UCLA Gay & Lesbian Association for "contributing to the gay and lesbian community"
  • Received the Celebration of Women Award in February 1987 from the Long Beach-South Coast Council Na'amat USA for "outstanding contributions to the aims and purposes" of women
  • Received a Public Service Award from the National Association of Federal Investigators
  • Presented with the President's Volunteer Action Award in June 1986 by President Ronald Reagan at the White House for development of an innovative child support amnesty program in California
  • Voted one of the "Best Lawyers in America" in 1986
  • Received the Outstanding Citizen Award from the County of Los Angeles (June 1986)
  • Received the Woman of Achievement Award in May 1986 from the Century City Chamber of Commerce Women Network
  • Received a Woman of Achievement Honor in March 1986 from Hadassah, Beverly Hills chapter for "having reached the pinnacle of her chosen profession"
  • Received the President's Award from the National Association of Women Lawyers in October 1985 "for promoting amnesty for delinquent parents to pay child support"
  • Presented with a Certificate of Merit from the County of Los Angeles, Commission for Women in "sincere appreciation for [her] dedicated service to the women's community" (October 1985)
  • Honored with Mother of the Year in 1982 by the Emma Lazarus Jewish Women's Clubs of L.A. & California State Association of Colored Women's Clubs, So. District Inc., "in recognition of [her] dedication toward achieving a world of peace and equality for all peoples"


  • Received a Certificate of Merit from the City of Los Angeles, Human Relations Commission in December 1979

"deep appreciation for outstanding volunteer service in the advancement of human relations in the Los Angeles community"

  • Wilshire BPW Woman of Achievement 1978-1979
  • Received a Certificate of Appreciation in September 1978 from the Monterey Park Jaycees

"as free men taking a responsibility and active interest in our community, we are ever grateful to those who share with us their ideas and ideals"

  • Received a Certificate of Appreciation in fall 1977 from the Los Angeles Valley College for "[participation] in a program of cooperative education to prepare students for a career"
  • Received the Outstanding Citizen Award in 1976 from the Southgate Business and Professional Women's Club Sierra Mar District-California Federation "for dedicated civic and community service"


  • Received special recognition from the County of Los Angeles, District Attorney Ira Reiner

"served as a member of the District Attorney's Child Support Enforcement Advisory Committee since January 1990; distinguished herself by volunteering many hours of her personal time; on numerous occasions, participated in community events and on radio and television to publicize the importance of child support to the welfare of our children; publicly recognize Ms. Allred for her contribution to the overall success of the advisory committee in helping the District Attorney to more effectively enforce child support; commend Gloria Allred for her outstanding work as a member of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Child Support Enforcement Advisory Committee and for her dedication to the well-being of children"

  • Coalition for Family Equity, April 1996

"a tribute … whose wisdom, generosity and commitment to equal justice for parents and children secured a historic victory in Burgess v. Burgess with our deep appreciation and genuine love"

  • Received special thanks from SER for "outstanding community service in work with WERLDEF"

"outstanding contributions to criminology and criminal justice"

  • Received "grateful recognition for participation in the third annual Candlelight Vigil" from MASA (Mothers Against Sexual Abuse) in April 1995
  • Received special thanks in October 1992 from The Way Up, Conference for Women in Higher Education
  • Received special thanks in March 1992 and October 1992 from Hadassah, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles chapter
  • Received special thanks in 1991 from PIRA, the Association of Human Resource Professionals

"grateful acknowledgement of outstanding contribution to the furtherance of the ideas of PIRA, and service to the association"

  • Recognized by Pi Sigma Alpha and the Poli-Sci Club of CSUN in May 1990 "for outstanding achievements in the advancement and protection of civil rights"
  • Received special thanks in February 1990 from the Western Society of Criminology, Election of Fellowship
  • Recognized for "outstanding contribution to women's equality awareness" by the Naval Ship Weapon Systems Engineering Station (August 1988)
  • Received special thanks from the Beverly Hills Women's Network in June 1987
  • Received special thanks in June 1987 from the Alumni Association of California Family Study Center for her "contribution to women in the family"
  • Received special recognition in 1981 from the L.A. Deputy Sheriff's Victims of Violent Crimes Foundation "for work in helping us with the victims of violent crimes"
  • Received special recognition in October 1986 from the Glendale YWCA Phoenix House "for her devotion and success and improving the lives of women"
  • Received special recognition in May 1986 from the City of Los Angeles

"partner in law firm Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, founder and president of WERLDEF, innovative law to collect past-due child support, appearances on TV and radio programs, articles by her and about her in numerous magazines"

  • Received special thanks in September 1982 from the American Society For Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Women's Division

"in appreciation for your devotion and tireless efforts on behalf of the dignity and rights of women"

  • Federal Bar Association, Los Angeles chapter, April 1980

"appreciation — for participation as guest speaker"

  • Received special recognition from the Women's Referral Service in April 1979

"outstanding service for the advancement of women"

  • Received special thanks from the American Women in Radio and Television Inc., Southern California chapter

"With thanks and appreciation for your contribution and participation in our '76-'77 year program"

  • Received special thanks from MENSA in March 1977 for "significant contribution to the advancement of [the] society"
  • Received a Certificate of Recognition from California Legislature, 28th Senate District, Sen. Diane Watson

"your consistent and effective advocacy of women's rights and issues, your exemplary display of dedication to and concern for the advancement of social justice and your civic and professional leadership and responsibility"

  • Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers Continuing Legal Education

"a distinguished lecturer in jurisprudence benefiting members of the academy and otherwise improving the proficiency and expertise of trial lawyers in the State of Florida"

  • Recognized by the Southern California chapter of American Women in Radio and TV "for continuing commitment and distinguished achievements on behalf of women's issues and in recognition of ongoing dedication to the exploration of these concerns in the forum of electronic media"