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Last week my client, Sharon Bialek, held a news conference with me in New York in which she alleged that Herman Cain, while he was President of the National Restaurant Association, engaged in sexually inappropriate conduct with her when she met with him to ask for his assistance in obtaining employment.

At that news conference I stated that we had declarations from two friends who Sharon told about this alleged conduct shortly after it occurred. I did not reveal the names of those friends at that time because they wished to retain their privacy.

However, after our news conference last week Herman Cain held his own news conference and stated about Sharon "I don't even know who this woman is."
As a result of Cain's denial that he knew Sharon, one of our witnesses agreed to come forward. His name is Dr. Victor Zuckerman.

Dr. Zuckerman was Sharon's boyfriend in 1997. He attended the National Restaurant convention final dinner with her and went with her to the after party to which Mr. Cain had invited him and Sharon.

He is a witness to the fact that Mr. Cain did have conversations with both Sharon and him at the after party, and that as a result when Sharon later needed to look for a new job Dr. Zuckerman suggested that she contact Mr. Cain for help, that Dr. Zuckerman paid for her room at the Capitol Hilton (but not an upgrade) so that she could meet with Mr. Cain, and that Sharon told Dr. Zuckerman that Mr. Cain had engaged in inappropriate touching of Sharon not long after the alleged incident occurred.

After Mr. Cain reviews Dr. Zuckerman's statement he needs to be honest and forthcoming with the public about the fact that he does know Sharon Bialek. In addition, he needs to admit all of the details of what happened when she met with him in Washington, D.C. in 1997. Further, he should fully disclose to the public the specifics of the allegations that were made against him by the two other women who alleged sexual harassment by Mr. Cain and who received settlements from the National Restaurant Association after they made their allegations.

We look forward to Mr. Cain's response and deeply appreciate the corroboration that Dr. Zuckerman will provide today. Mr. Cain's strategy of blanket denials simply won't work. He needs to come clean with the American public. Now is the time!

Gloria Allred
Attorney at Law
Representing Sharon Bialek
November 14, 2011