Praise for Gloria Allred and Fight Back and Win

Praise for Gloria Allred and Fight Back and Win

"For decades, Gloria Allred has been at the forefront of the battle to prevent discrimination and domestic abuse and protect individual rights. Fearless and indomitable, she brings passion and insight to these critical issues affecting all Americans."

-- Catherine Crier, former judge, New York Times bestselling author of A Deadly Game, and host of Court TV's Catherine Crier Live.

"Gloria Allred is the most passionate, committed, and successful champion of women's rights and civil rights in this nation. An exciting must-read for those who want to learn how to win their own battles."

-- Robert H Philibosian, former District Attorney of Los Angeles County.

"Gloria Allred is a tireless crusader who's not afraid of battle… so duck!"

-- Nancy Grace, host of CNN Headline News Primetime's Nancy Grace and Court TV's Closing Arguments.