Fighting on
the front lines for
victims’ rights

for over four decades

tirelessly and
successfully for

those whose rights have been violated

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Fighting on
the front lines for
victims’ rights for over four decades
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A Fearless Advocate for Justice and Equality

Gloria Allred is the most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today. She is a tireless and successful advocate for victims whose rights have been violated. Her high-profile legal battles have led to many landmark precedent-setting court decisions and hundreds of millions of dollars for her clients.

When a high-profile legal case hits the airwaves, we have become accustomed to seeing Gloria Allred in some key role as attorney or commentator. But this nationally recognized advocate has built her pioneering career on much more than O.J. Simpson and Amber Frey. As a tireless crusader against discrimination in all areas of our lives, Allred's legal reach has been wide and long. For the past four decades, she has played an integral role in combating injustices and winning new rights, especially for women and minorities.

Fearless lawyer, feminist, activist, television and radio commentator, warrior, advocate, and winner

Fearless lawyer, feminist, activist, television and radio commentator, warrior, advocate, and winner – Gloria Allred is all of these things and more. Voted by her peers as one of the best lawyers in America and described by Time magazine as "one of the nation's most effective advocates of family rights and feminist causes," Allred has devoted her career to fighting for civil rights across boundaries of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, and social class.


In The Media

02.05.20 CBS New York - "Harvey Weinstein Trial:  Final Accuser Takes the Stand." Lauren Marie Young took the stand today in Harvey Weinstein's criminal trial in Lower Manhattan. Ms. Young, who is represented by attorney Gloria Allred, alleged that Mr. Weinstein sexually assaulted her in Beverly Hills in 2013, when she was there meeting with him and another woman in order to pitch a script. Ms. Young reported details of what happened, of Mr. Weinstein's body and how she was traumatized and scared "because he was powerful." Harvey Weinstein is facing charges for this alleged assault in California.

01.31.20 The Daily Beast - "The Harvey Weinstein Trial Shows Why Forced Oral Sex is Rape." Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein has been in a criminal trial in Manhattan Supreme Court, where he faces five sex-crimes charges. The event is a catalyst for conversation about the way powerful men weaponized sex and leave their victims with lasting trauma. Attorney Gloria Allred represents clients Annabella Sciorra and Miriam Haleyi, two of the six witnesses who have testified to allege assaults by Weinstein. Both women reported that Weinstein performed forced oral sex without their consent, as well as alleging that he vaginally raped them, too. The article discusses how oral rape is rape, and how sexual assault was and is currently considered.

01.30.20 Daily Mail - "Andrew in war of words with the FBI." Prince Andrew and the FBI were in a war of words over whether he has ignored requests for help in the inquiry into accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Friends of the prince say he would be happy to speak to US investigators, but 'hasn't been approached yet.' Lawyers for some of the alleged victims of Mr. Epstein called on the duke to arrange an interview with the FBI immediately. Attorney Gloria Allred who represents five women said, "It is time for him to put justice for Jeffrey Epstein's victims first and his apparent discomfort with being interviewed by the FBI last. Justice delayed is justice denied." The prince has always strenuously denied knowing Mr. Epstein was abusing girls.

01.30.20 Daily News - "Roman Polanski sparks uproar with 12 nominations, including best director, from 'French Oscars.' Fugitive filmmaker Roman Polanski, who famously fled the U.S. for France in 1977 before being sentenced for his sexual assault of a 13-year old girl - picked up 12 Ce'sar Award nominations (France's version of the Oscars) for his latest movie "An Officer and a Spy." These nominations led to immediate response from a leading French women's group as well as attorney Gloria Allred, the civil rights lawyer who represents some Polanski accusers. "The French Academy, through its nominations of Mr. Polanski's films, is sending a message that crimes against children do not matter and that only entertainment, rather than justice for victims, should be considered," Allred told the Daily News on Thursday.

01.29.20 Daily News -"The lasting effects of Kobe Bryant's rape case." Kobe Bryant's influence on the world was immense. But in 2003, he was charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year old woman at a hotel in Eagle County, Colorado. Mr. Bryant's stature and the nature of the case combined to make it one of the most visible sexual assault cases of the decade, and one that would have a lasting effect on the way victims would be viewed and treated for years afterward. The victim had her unrelated personal medical and sexual history presented despite evidence supporting her allegations, and faced unrelenting threats and scrutiny from the public and media. Ultimately, she declined to testify against the basketball star, but later went to civil court, where she and Bryant settled for an undisclosed amount. Attorney Gloria Allred spoke to the writer and said, "there's been a seismic shift over the last 17 years" since Bryant was charged. "Women are more empowered and more willing to come forward." But, she added, "There [are] still many allegations against sports figures, those in the entertainment world, religious world [and] business world," that never reach trial. "Because there's still a major difference in the power dynamic between those who are in power and those who are not."

01.27.20 CNN via KTVZ News Channel 21 - "Former production assistant testifies that Harvey Weinstein pinned her down and assaulted her." Miriam Haley, a former production assistant that testified on Monday that Harvey Weinstein pinned her down and forced her into a sex act at his Manhattan apartment in 2006. Ms. Haley's allegations are connected to two of the five charges against Mr. Weinstein in his ongoing criminal trial: first-degree criminal sexual act and predatory sexual assault. Attorney Gloria Allred represents Ms. Haley and was in the courtroom to hear the testimony.

01.24.20 WSB-TV 2 Atlanta - "Actress Rosie Perez says she was told of Weinstein rape." Actress Rosie Perez testified on Friday in the New York criminal trial of Harvey Weinstein that fellow actress Annabella Sciorra told her in the mid-1990s that Harvey Weinstein had raped her but that Ms. Sciorra said she couldn't go to the police because "he'd destroy me." The 67 year old producer would get life in prison if convicted. Ms. Sciorra's attorney is Gloria Allred, who was present in the courtroom to hear testimony.

01.24.20 Baptist News Global - "Kenneth Starr is doing it again." Kenneth Starr is back as a regular guest on Fox News, and a member of President Donald Trump's TV defense team. In 2008, Starr, as part of Jeffrey Epstein's legal team, helped craft the sweetheart deal that allowed Mr. Epstein to spend just 13 months in jail, while still being able to attend to business interests. Later Mr. Starr became president of Baylor University, and during this time, he was in support of a social friend, Chris Kloman, a teacher at the Potomac School in Virginia, who was sentenced to 43 years for sexually assaulting five girls. The Starrs wrote a letter to the court asking for community service for their friend. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented Kloman's victims, told the Waco Tribune-Herald she found it "shocking" that Starr "would argue that community service, rather than prison time, is an appropriate punishment for a convicted serial child molester." Several years later, Mr. Starr was removed as president of Baylor University, as under his watch, the university was found to be deliberately indifferent to numerous reports of sexual assault. The writer wonders "Why, we might ask, does Starr consistently end up protecting powerful men while showing callous disregard for the women they use for their pleasure?"

01.23.20 Fox23 News - "'Sopranos' actress says Weinstein raped her in the mid-1990s." Actress Annabella Sciorra confronted Harvey Weinstein from the witness stand Thursday, testifying that the former Hollywood studio boss overpowered and raped her in the mid-1990s at her home after he dropped her off from a film-business dinner, having come back to her door uninvited minutes later where he forced his way inside. Ms. Sciorra became the first of Mr. Weinstein's accusers to testify at his current trial in New York. Ms. Sciorra is a client of attorney Gloria Allred, who said she was very proud of Ms. Sciorra's testimony.

01.14.20 Variety - "Experts Weigh in on Harvey Weinstein's Rape Trial." Veteran journalist, Ken Auletta, and Civil attorney, Ari Wilkenfeld, look at potential aspects of the upcoming Harvey Weinstein trial. The primary accusers in the case are represented by attorney Gloria Allred - Mimi Haleyi, a former Weinstein Company production assistant who has accused Weinstein of sexual assault, and an unnamed woman who alleges rape from an incident in a hotel room in 2013. If convicted, Weinstein faces life in prison. Separate from the five New York charges, Weinstein is also facing rape charges in Los Angeles.

01.09.20 ABC News - "Bloomberg won't release women who sued him from secrecy agreements." Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg told ABC News this week he will not take any steps to release women who have signed confidentiality agreements with his company to speak publicly about past allegations that the former New York City mayor fostered a hostile work environment for some female employees. On the topic of confidentiality agreements, attorney Gloria Allred told ABC News that they are a negotiation and can be accepted or declined. "It's up to the victim whether she wants to try to have a confidential settlement or not. Nobody silences her, nobody forces her to do it."

01.09.20 Huffington Post - "The Testimony That Could Seal Harvey Weinstein's Conviction." The trial against Harvey Weinstein began on Monday and while the disgraced media mogul is facing charges of sexually assaulting two women, his potential conviction could hinge on the statements of three others who say he sexually abused them, too. The three women will be allowed to testify in the trial under the Molineaux Rule, which says that other accusations can be used to establish, among other things, a pattern to an offender's criminal behavior. Attorney Gloria Allred said she believes prosecutors are more likely to take on serial predators and to request testimony from accusers outside of the criminal case. "This is a new day," Ms. Allred told the reporter. "Whatever happens in Weinstein, we're never going back."

01.08.20 Newser - "Weinstein's Lawyers Take Aim at Gloria Allred, Unsuccessfully." Today was the second day of jury selection in Harvey Weinstein's rape trial in New York. Mr. Weinstein's lawyers took aim at prominent attorney, Gloria Allred, trying to get her barred from the courtroom for the trial. Gloria Allred represents one of the accusers in the criminal case, and two other women who are expected to testify. Mr. Weinstein's lawyers argued that Ms. Allred shouldn't be allowed to watch trial testimony because they are considering calling her as a witness. Judge James Burke rejected the request, saying there was too much uncertainty over whether she'd take the stand to remove her. Attorney Allred later accused the defense of trying to interfere with her ability to represent the women. (Please see Gloria Allred's statement on this site under Videos and Statements.

01.06.20 Herald Mail Media - "Weinstein charged with sex crimes in L.A. on eve of N.Y. trial." Los Angeles prosecutors charged Harvey Weinstein on Monday with sexually assaulting two women on successive nights during Oscars week in 2013, bringing the new case against the disgraced Hollywood producer on the eve of jury selection for his New York trial. Mr. Weinstein could get up to 28 years in prison on charges of forcible rape, forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration by use of force and sexual battery. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents one of the alleged victims in the N.Y. case as well as two other women who are scheduled to testify, in part stated, "The walls of justice are closing in on Harvey Weinstein." (See Gloria Allred's statement on this site in the Videos and Statements section.)

01.04.20 The Hollywood Reporter - "' Surviving R. Kelly': 12 Powerful Takeaways From 'Part II: The Reckoning.'" The explosive follow-up to the 2018 Lifetime docuseries has aired over three nights in January. The executive producer said that they needed to go deeper into some areas which they couldn't before with Part 1. Part II features 10 survivors on the record with their stories of sexual abuse, with 70 interviewees overall. Attorney Gloria Allred, who has represented several of Kelly's accusers, noted after the release of Part 1 of the documentary, "The person with the fear is the rapist, or the person who sexually assaulted or abused a child." Read more to see THR's "biggest takeaways" from this powerful series.

01.02.20 Agence-France Presse via Yahoo! News - "Harvey Weinstein: accusers girded for 'brutal' trial." The French periodical had a Q&A with attorney Gloria Allred ahead of the start of Harvey Weinstein's trial on Monday, January 6th, to get her take on the proceedings. Two of Ms. Allred's clients accuse Mr. Weinstein of sexual assault and will be called to testify against him. They discuss the Weinstein trial, changes in the law regarding statutes of limitations, and the cases of Jeffrey Epstein and R. Kelly.

12.28.19 The Daily Wire - The Ben Shapiro Show - The Sunday Special "Ep. 83 - Gloria Allred." Famed women's rights and discrimination lawyer, Gloria Allred, talks with host Ben Shapiro about how attorney Allred started her career, how she and her firm consider potential cases, the definition of feminism, sexual harassment, sexual assault and discrimination issues, celebrity cases in the news and some recent victories for clients.

12.23.19 The Guardian - "Gloria Steinem meets Gloria Allred: 'Donald Trump has made us woke'." Gloria Steinem, feminist icon and activist, and women's rights attorney, Gloria Allred, meet for a special conversation covering among other topics recent high-profile cases brought by women, the forthcoming U.S. presidential election, attacks on abortion legislature, and the history of women's rights in the U.S.

12.17.19 The Philadelphia Tribune "Girls High raises the bar on academic excellence." For 171 years, the Philadelphia High School for Girls, commonly referred to as Girls High, has served as an educational mecca for academically talented young women in Philadelphia. The school was one of the nation's first public high schools for girls, and it's students have often gone on to become judges, doctors, lawyers, musicians and entertainers. Some of the alumnae include Gloria Allred, Constance Clayton, Jill Scott and Judith Rodin.

12.16.19 ScaryMommy - "Runner Who Sexually Assaulted Reporter on Air Has Been Arrested." Tommy Callaway could now face up to a year in jail. The Georgia man who slapped a reporter on her bottom during a live TV broadcast from a Savannah road race, was arrested Friday and charged with misdemeanor sexual battery. The reporter, Alex Bozarjian, is standing on the sidelines at the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run giving her broadcast. Many runners wave to the camera as they go by. Callaway smacks her as he passes and you can see her face fall as she tries to continue her broadcast. Ms. Bozarjian is represented by attorney Gloria Allred, who stated that "Alex is looking forward to justice in this case."

12.16.19 The Washington Post as reported in the Midland Reporter Telegram - "Harvey Weinstein says he feels 'like the forgotten man.' His accusers are furious." Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women since 2017. The 67-year old Hollywood producer told the New York Post on Friday that his advocacy and support of women in the industry has been eviscerated by the allegations. He complained in this interview that he wanted "this city to recognize who I was instead of what I've become." Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several Weinstein accusers, said in a statement to ABC News: "Whatever he has done professionally for women may or may not be relevant at the time of sentencing if he is convicted. For now, any attempt by him to recast his tattered reputation or to appear to ask for sympathy will only serve to trigger many of those who allege that they are victims of Mr. Weinstein." (See Ms. Allred's full statement under Videos and Statements 12.15.19 on this site).

12.12.19 Spring Hill Insider - "Cosby Prosecutor Wanted to Call 13 Women Accusers. Judge Says He Can Call 1." A Montgomery County judge ruled Friday that he would allow only one additional accuser to testify at Mr. Cosby's sexual assault trial. The judge said in his one-page order that he carefully weighed the potential value of calling 12 other women who have alleged that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them against the threat that their unproven allegations might prejudice a jury. Attorney Gloria Allred represents the lone accuser whose testimony Judge O'Neill has cleared for trial. In a statement on Friday, Ms. Allred said that "even though [the others] will not be able to testify in this case, they have been very important in the effort to seek justice."

11.12.19 Casper Courier - "Women's Hall of Fame inducts Sotomayor, Fonda, Allred." U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, actress Jane Fonda and attorney Gloria Allred were among the esteemed Class of 2019 inductees at the National Women's Hall of Fame in September. "I feel this connection, and I always have felt it - even before I knew I was going to be inducted - to the women's rights pioneers who came before me," said Allred. "We still have more battles to fight in this war against women," stated Allred, citing the decades-long push to ratify the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution.

11.06.19 Associated Press News - "Ginsburg, in book, questions confidential #MeToo agreements." A new book on Ruth Bader Ginsburg explores the U.S. Supreme Court justice's thoughts on the #MeToo movement and her hope that non-disclosure agreements "will not be enforced by the courts." She discussed whether the #MeToo movement will render the secrecy clause obsolete in such cases. Some lawyers who represent women today in sexual misconduct cases, including attorney Gloria Allred, have said that confidential settlement agreements can be essential to securing settlements and protecting their client's privacy. The reporter stated that Ms. Allred said that she sees no sign that courts will stop enforcing them.

11.04.19 OA Online - "Estrich: Gloria Allred, superlawyer." Columnist Susan Estrich is also a Professor of Law and Political Science at USC Law Center, and shares her thoughts on the current media discussion about confidential settlements in sexual assault cases and attorney Gloria Allred's position on it being the client's choice. Ms. Estrich writes that attorney Gloria Allred has been standing up for women's rights, decades before the "MeToo" movement, and agrees with her point of view. Ms. Estrich also agrees with Ms. Allred about the New York Times reporters - they may be good reporters, but seem to know almost nothing about confidential settlements and even less about the reason so many victims choose that course.

10.31.19 New York Magazine/Intelligencer - "Why Are Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyers Still Questioning That He Killed Himself?" In the past two months, conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein remain, despite New York City medical examiner Barbara Sampson's conclusion that he killed himself on the morning of August 10. According to the article, two in three Americans doubt the results of the official autopsy. Epstein's attorneys as well as victim representatives seek an investigation into what happened. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents some of the alleged victims of Mr. Epstein, told the reporter that such a probe is essential "because the system has failed in such a glaring way to provide justice for the victims and real accountability for Epstein." She also added, "I don't think that it ends" at the suicide determination. "Ordinarily it might, but because of the massive breakdown in this system, I think that the only neutral option would be the court."

10.28.19 EFE/Alianza Metropolitan News - "Gloria Allred, scourge of rich and famous sexual predators." Attorney Gloria Allred spoke with reporter, Jorge Fuentelsaz, about cases she is involved with related to Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein and R. Kelly. Ms. Allred told Mr. Fuentelsaz, "All these cases have in common that a predator has abused his power and perhaps betrayed the trust which had been placed in him, and this has gone on for far too long, but the only way that changes is for women to be brave." English / Spanish

10.16.19 Los Angeles Times - "Gloria Allred says her New York Times critics 'don't understand the practice of law.'" Attorney Gloria Allred was interviewed while attending the screening of Lionsgate's new film "Bombshell," about the women who called out sexual harassment at Fox News. Ms. Allred was asked about recent press related to confidential settlements. Attorney Allred stated that she never pressures her clients into accepting settlements. Her job, she said, is to outline the benefits and risks of every option, and that the client makes the choice that is best for them. "My job is to put my client first."

10.14.19 The Hollywood Reporter - "Charlize Theron Talks 'Complicated' Megyn Kelly Portrayal at First 'Bombshell' Screening." The new movie, Bombshell, put news reporters Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson at the center of the story about the Fox News reporters who brought forth sexual harassment allegations against founder Roger Ailes, and looks at the complicated nature of the women's stories. The screening had many celebrity guests, including Andie McDowell, Diane Lane, Cara Delevingne and attorney Gloria Allred. The film stars Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron.

10.11.19 Beverly Hills Courier - "Beverly Hills Loses Motion in Employment Discrimination Case." The City of Beverly Hills lost a motion in court this week to narrow down the claims in a lawsuit filed by a 67-year old former Beverly Hills senior recreation supervisor, Cynthia Brynan. The suit alleges she was denied promotions and forced to quit because of her age. Attorney Gloria Allred, co-counsel for Ms. Brynan, stated, "Ms. Brynan was a loyal and dedicated employee of the city of Beverly Hills for decades. Once she reached her early 60's, the city engaged in familiar tactics to push her out of a job she loved by denying her promotions and treating her poorly. We are happy with the court's ruling this week...."

10.10.19 KSBY 6 News for Central California - "Third lawsuit filed against former Nipomo girls' wrestling coach." A third lawsuit has been filed against the Lucia Mar Unified School District and former coach, Justin Magdaleno, alleging negligent hiring, breach of mandatory duty, sexual harassment, sexual battery, battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, filed on behalf of three students who are members of the team. They are being represented by attorney Gloria Allred, who is also representing the plaintiffs in two other lawsuits filed against Magdaleno and the school district in March 2019 and August 2018.

09.24.19 Los Angeles Times - "Opinion: Gloria Allred: Assault victims have every right to keep their trauma and their settlements private." Attorney Gloria Allred states her views on a victim's right to choose.

09.14.19 WXXI News - "Women's Hall of Fame inductions include Sotomayor, Fonda." U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, actor Jane Fonda and attorney Gloria Allred were among the inductees at the National Women's Hall of Fame on Saturday. The ceremonies were held at the del Lago Casino & Resort in Waterloo, N.Y. The class of 2019 inducted into the Hall in Seneca Falls also included activist Angela Davis, attorney Sarah Deer, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, retired Air Force fighter pilot Nicole Malachowski, the late artist and suffragist Rose O'Neill, composer Laurie Spiegel, molecular biologist Flossie Wong-Staal, and the late U.S. Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York. "I feel this connection, and I always have felt it - even before I knew I was going to be inducted - to the women's rights pioneers who came before me", said Ms. Allred.

09.13.19 13ABC WHAM - "Women's Hall of Fame honoree Allred speaks about legacy." Attorney Gloria Allred is part of an esteemed group of this year's inductees into the National Women's Hall of Fame this weekend in Seneca Falls, N.Y. Eight living and two deceased honorees will join the 276 women who are in the Hall in Seneca Falls, the birthplace of women's rights. Gloria Allred spoke to 13WHAM, and talked about how she wants to be remembered.

09.13.19 SAT PRWire "Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd Announced A Sick Leave." Mark Hurd announced his sick leave departure as CEO of Oracle for the past nine years. Hurd was previously at Hewlett Packard for five years, and while there was forced to leave by the Board of Directors due to an accusation of sexual harassment by a client of attorney Gloria Allred.

09.13.19 Spectrum News - "Gloria Allred To Be Inducted to National Women's Hall of Fame." Attorney Gloria Allred will be inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York this weekend. Cristina Domingues of Spectrum News spoke to Ms. Allred about this high honor. "I'm very humbled by the selection," she said. "It's just a shock and surprise to me."

09.12.19 Dr. Oz show - "True Crime" (Fox) - Dr. Oz speaks with attorney Gloria Allred about musician R. Kelly and the array of multiple sex crime charges he is facing. Ms. Allred discusses aspects of these serious alleged charges, and stated, "I've never seen so many charges in so many jurisdictions against one person." Video: 4:41 minutes

09.07.19 Daily Mail - "Harvey Weinstein sexual assault and rape charges are reduced to just TWO indictments to 'simplify issues at trial' after his lawyers argued new counts violated double jeopardy and his New York trial was delayed by four months." Mr. Weinstein is charged and accused of raping an unnamed woman in 2013 and performing a forcible sex act on production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006. Now under one indictment, Weinstein is charged with five counts - two of rape, two of predatory sexual assault and one of a forcible sex act. His trial was delayed and is now scheduled to start January 6. He faces life in prison for two counts of predatory sexual assault. Actress Annabella Sciorra is planning to testify as a witness about claims that Weinstein raped her in 1993. Her attorney, Gloria Allred, relays that Ms. Sciorra spoke to the police because it was 'in the interest of justice' despite the stress and anxiety it was causing her. The article relays that prosecutors want to use Ms. Sciorra's testimony to prove that Weinstein has a pattern of assaulting women.

09.02.19 PerthNow/New York Post "The man accused of finding young girls for Epstein has gone underground." French authorities want to interview Jean-Luc Brunel, who owns modeling agencies and has ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Mr. Brunel seems to have disappeared without a trace, according to a legal source in Paris. Attorney Gloria Allred is shown in a photo in the article leaving a New York courthouse with two accusers of Jeffrey Epstein.

08.28.19 DemocracyNow! - "16 Survivors of Jeffrey Epstein's Sexual Abuse Testify in NYC Court." Attorney Gloria Allred spoke to press outside of the New York Federal court yesterday, saying about the survivors of Epstein's abuse who spoke to the court, "It took a lot of courage for them to write the statements and to have their voice heard, and I really commend them for being here…."

08.28.19 Law.Com/New York Law Journal - "Hearing on Dismissing Epstein Charges Was Not 'Drama' but Proper Respect for Victims". Attorney Gloria Allred was at the hearing with her clients yesterday, where many victims of Mr. Epstein testified. Many of these women made clear that the very act of speaking in court was empowering for them - potentially an initial step on the road towards healing for the crimes Jeffrey Epstein committed against them. Under the Crime Victim's Act, a victim has the right to be heard at appropriate points in the process, as well as being treated with fairness and respect for dignity and privacy.

08.27.19 wbhm - " 'A Day of Power and Strength': Epstein's Accusers Get Their Day in Court." Today, nearly three weeks after Jeffrey Epstein, wealthy financier and alleged sex trafficker, appeared to have taken his own life in jail, a host of women and their attorneys took the stand to tell their stories. Judge Richard Berman decided that Epstein's death should not close the door on those who wish to speak about the case. Attorney Gloria Allred was there with alleged victims of Mr. Epstein, and said, "It was wonderful, as far as they were concerned, to have this opportunity to be heard."

08.26.19 KABC - The Morning Drive with Jillian and John - Attorney Gloria Allred speaks with Jillian and John about the new indictments against Harvey Weinstein, what happened inside the courtroom today at his hearing, a new witness who will be allowed to testify, and more. Audio: 8:38 minutes

08.21.19 Rochester First - "Women's Hall of Fame preps for induction ceremony." Dr. Sujatha Ramanujan, Chair for the National Women's Hall of Fame induction ceremony, discussed the Class of 2019 and the common bond they share. She said of this year's milestone celebration, "We are coming up on the one-hundredth anniversary of the women's right to vote, a movement that emerged in Seneca Falls, and we're moving into our new facility in the mill." The class of inductees include Gloria Allred, Angela Davis, Jane Fonda, Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, and many others. Dr. Ramanujan states that the inductees "are all women who found their voice and now are helping other women and other people find their voice."

08.21.19 The Root - "Twisted Logic: Walmart Goes Easy on Guns, But is Still Holding Black Beauty Products Under Lock and Key." Walmart continues to face racial discrimination charges as a result of some locations' practice of keeping beauty products for African-American women - and only those beauty products - in locked glass cases. There have been several reports of frustration and embarrassment by African-American shoppers at several Walmart stores across the country. Attorney Gloria Allred represents one such shopper, Essie Grundy, who has a pending suit against the retailer.

08.19.19 Good Day New York, Fox 5 - Attorney Gloria Allred appeared on the show today and discussed issues related to the death of Jeffrey Epstein, as well as current matters related to the Harvey Weinstein case. Ms. Allred stated that as a result of Mr. Epstein's death, the victims were deprived of the right to confront him in the criminal case. She indicated that, despite his death, there is a continuing and very serious investigation into who else might have assisted Mr. Epstein in victimizing these children. She said she will be filing civil lawsuits, and that the victims and the public have a right to discover who else may have assisted him. Gloria feels that the victims deserve the truth, accountability, and justice. "It's not over yet!" Video: 8:51 minutes

08.19.19 West Fargo Pioneer - "Demonstrators take to Fargo courthouse to fight for Savanna's Act." A group gathered outside the Quentin N. Burdick Federal Courthouse in downtown Fargo to raise awareness of the violence against Indigenous women on the two-year anniversary of the murder of Savanna Greywind. The gathering was to advocate for Savanna's Act and other legislation aimed at addressing the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIW). Attorney Gloria Allred represents Savanna's family, and reflected on the lessons that should be learned from this terrible tragedy. (In addition to the article, please see Videos and Statement on this site on this date for Gloria Allred's statement in full).

08.16.19 The Issue Is: "The Life and Death of Jeffrey Epstein." Gloria Allred joins Elex Michaelson to talk about the troubling life and death by suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. They discuss Gloria's representation of several of Epstein's accusers, which she says continue to suffer because of what Mr. Epstein did and his suicide. They discuss what is needed to be investigated regarding his death, lawsuits soon to be filed against the estate and potentially against others who may have been involved in conspiring to sexually exploit these then-child victims, and the desire to get justice, truth, and accountability for the victims. Gloria also joins a panel discussion with former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and conservative political commentator, Michael Knowles, talking about gun control, immigration and the 2020 election. Video: 31:42 Minutes

08.10.19 New York Magazine - "Why Are Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyers Still Questioning That He Killed Himself?" In court, Jeffrey Epstein's defense team said they have "significant doubts regarding the conclusion of suicide." They argued that resolving the questions surrounding Mr. Epstein's death is vitally important, both to ensure that conditions improve for inmates at Metropolitan Correctional Center and to bolster public confidence in the legal system. The request for a court investigation is a point of agreement between the defense and some of Epstein's alleged victims. Attorney Gloria Allred, who appeared at the same hearing representing women who allege to have been assaulted by Mr. Epstein, told New York magazine that this investigation is essential "because the system has failed in such a glaring way to provide justice for the victims and real accountability for Epstein."

08.10.19 Global News - "Skepticism, conspiracy theories swirl following Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide." Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide Saturday morning in a federal jail launched new conspiracy theories online, fueled by his ties to famous and powerful people. Epstein was arrested on July 6 on allegations that he orchestrated a sex-trafficking ring with teenaged girls. He faced up to 45 years behind bars, and had pleaded not guilty while awaiting trial. In a video made outside of a New York courthouse last week before his death (video within the article), Attorney Gloria Allred stated that there are a number of alleged victims who have not yet come forward because they are in fear. She suggests that there is still time for an accuser to come forward now to speak to a private attorney, where they will have complete confidentiality.

08.08.19 ABC 7 - "L.A. County sheriff's detective sentenced after pleading guilty to lewd act with child." Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department detective Neil Kimball, who pleaded guilty to committing a lewd act with a child and unlawful sexual intercourse in Ventura County in 2017, was sentenced to the maximum term of three years in state prison Thursday. Kimball met the 15-year old victim while working her case for the elite Special Victims Bureau. Attorney Gloria Allred read the impact statement written by the teenage victim in court. "I don't understand why we live in a world where our most-trusted are the ones to turn and deceive you, to leave you hurt and hopeless." Impact statements by the victim and her father can be found on this site under Videos and Statements.

08.02.19 TMZ - " 'Irritated' After Bail's Denied in NY Federal Probe - Gloria Allred: 13 Alleged Victims Involved". Attorney Gloria Allred, who said she represents three of the Jane Does involved in the New York federal probe of Robert Kelly, spoke to reporters in front of the courthouse in Brooklyn today, where Kelly's bail was denied. Her statement from this morning can be found on this site under Videos and Statements.

08.01.19 Reuters via The Jakarta Post - "R. Kelly lawyer calls alleged victims 'disgruntled groupies': Court filing." New York prosecutors have charged Kelly with running a criminal racketeering enterprise in which he sexually trafficked and exploited minors. Kelly's lawyer Douglas Anton said in his filing that the charge was "an absurdity", and that "If this was the 'pattern' or 'enterprise' the government seeks to make it out to be, (it) is five disgruntled groupies, not all of which are alleged to be under age, who now show groupie remorse so many years later." Attorney Gloria Allred, representing some of the alleged victims in the New York case said, "Whether he intended to or not, he's now given the prosecution a preview of what his defense may be…If that's all he's got, I think he's going to have major challenges in this case."

07.24.19 Celebrity Insider - "Gloria Allred Slams Mississippi Governor Candidates Refusing to Meet with Women Reporters Alone - 'It's Insulting!' " Attorney Gloria Allred was asked about the meaning of the stated practices of two Republicans running for governor of Mississippi that are refusing to meet alone with female reporters. Attorney Allred said "…it is insulting to women….because it suggests every woman is going to accuse him of assault, even if he did not do it, which is really just a slam against women who are truly victims."

07.24.19 The Washington Newsday - "California boxing license returned to Bulgarian athlete who violently kissed the reporter." The California State Athletic Commission voted 6-0 to lift the suspension of Kubrat Pulev, the heavyweight boxer who had to complete a sexual harassment prevention course and pay a $2,500 fine after having kissed reporter Jenny Ravalo without her consent during an interview. Ms. Ravalo's attorney, Gloria Allred, thanked the Commission for the suspension of Pulev, but felt that Pulev's promoter, Bob Arum, should be punished for comments he made in a separate TV interview by belittling the agency's actions as "completely crazy" and saying that Pulev did nothing wrong.

07.12.19 Jewish Telegraphic Agency "Harvey Weinstein hires female lawyer critical of #MeToo movement." Harvey Weinstein, the renowned producer fighting rape and sexual assault charges, replaced his lead attorney with Donna Rotunno, who has been critical of the "MeToo movement and feels Weinstein has "been railroaded." Attorney Gloria Allred said, "Women are responsible for their own choices, but when will Mr. Weinstein be held responsible for his?" Weinstein is facing two counts of predatory sexual assault, one count of criminal sexual act in the first degree and one count each of first-degree rape and third-degree rape.

07.12.19 New York CBS Local - "Web Extra: Lawyer for Weinstein Accusers Speaks Outside Court." Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents two women accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, speaks outside court in New York after Mr. Weinstein changed his counsel again, now replaced by lawyer Donna Rotunno.

07.12.19 New York Daily News - "R. Kelly arrested in Chicago on New York sex crimes charges." Singer R. Kelly was arrested on new federal sex crime charges outside his home in Chicago's Trump Tower. He will face charges which involve sex trafficking in Brooklyn federal court. NYPD investigators met in January with Faith Rodgers, one of Kelly's chief accusers and a client of attorney Gloria Allred.

07.11.19 Los Angeles Sentinel - "Legacy of a Lifetime - A Tribute to Diane Watson" Congresswoman Diane Watson has experienced a long and meaningful career in public service. She was recently was an honoree of the TIS Foundation's Lifetime Achievement Award, which took place in Washington, D.C. Attorney Gloria Allred, a longtime friend of Ms. Watson, was one of many distinguished participants who were honored to be a part of the moving video tribute to Diane Watson at this gala event.

07.11.19 The Guardian - " ' Why should I have to work on stilts?': The women fighting sexist dress codes." The resistance to dress code requirements for women in the work place is growing. Work environments across the globe which require women to wear high heels, certain undergarments, tight skirts, stockings, or prohibit the wearing of trousers, has received a lot of push back against this double standard. The article references that in the 1980s, women wore power suits to project an image of masculine strength, giving attorney Gloria Allred as an example, who wore her suits in red for the first 25 years of her career.

07.11.19 WCBS 880 New York - "Lawyers for Weinstein, Accuser Spar Over #MeToo Movement." Disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein was in court Thursday morning to get approval to change his counsel, adding Donna Rotunno to his team. Rotunno has been a critic of the #MeToo movement, and said, "I believe he (Weinstein) has been railroaded." Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents a Weinstein accuser and a witness, was in front of the courthouse after the hearing as well, and remarked, "If they have an argument about the evidence, which is what the case is based on, which is what the charges are based on, then she should bring that up in a court of law."

07.06.19 POLITICO - "What the 2020 Candidates, James Comey and Other Politicos Are Reading This Summer." Politico reporters asked some of the most interesting people in politics - writers, activists, lawmakers, scholars and more - to reveal which book is at the top of their reading list and also what book they are taking to read as a guilty pleasure on vacation. Attorney Gloria Allred shares what she'll be reading this summer.

07.03.19 Omaha World-Herald - "Celebrity Birthdays for July 3." Some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today include attorney Gloria Allred, Tom Cruise, Olivia Munn and Montel Williams. Happy birthday!

06.26.19 Hawaii News Now - "Former gynecologist at University of Southern California charged in sex assaults of 16 patients." Dr. George Tyndall, formerly a gynecologist at the University of Southern California student health center for nearly 30 years, was arrested on sex abuse charges. He was charged with 29 felony counts that could bring 53 years in prison. Attorney Gloria Allred was with Daniella Mohazab, who alleges Tyndall assaulted her in 2016, at a press conference on the day of his arrest.

06.25.19 BELatina "!Feliz Cumpleaños, Justice Sonia Sotomayor!" Happy birthday to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor who turns 65 years old today! The enclosed article details the personal journey and areas of activism of this amazing woman, who is the first Latina to have ever served in the highest court. Justice Sotomayor will be inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in September, along with fellow inductees attorney Gloria Allred and actor Jane Fonda.

06.25.19 ABC 17 News - "These women have accused Trump of sexual harassment." Discussion of charges by several women who allege sexual misconduct by Donald Trump, including Jessica Leeds, Temple Taggart, and former client of attorney Gloria Allred, Summer Zervos.

06.20.19 CY Interview - "Superstar Attorney Gloria Allred Has a Message for O.J. Simpson: Famed Lawyer States, 'I'm not going to be intimidated by Mr. O.J. Simpson.'" Ms. Allred spoke to Chris Yandek about the trial of O.J. Simpson and the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman on the 25-year anniversary of these events. Audio: 13:42 minutes

06.14.19 New York City - "Here I am with some of the accusers of R. Kelly." (From left: Rochelle Washington, Asante McGee, Gloria Allred, Latresa Scaff and Kitti Jones) Photo

06.13.19 New York City - "Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am." Attorney Gloria Allred was in attendance for the New York premiere of this documentary on the life and works of the acclaimed novelist, Toni Morrison. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am.

06.09.19 L.A. PRIDE Parade 2019 - "Attorney Gloria Allred participates in the 2019 Pride Parade to demonstrate her respect and support for the LGBT+ community and have some fun with the thousands of people who line the streets of West Hollywood to celebrate. She has proudly participated in the Parade for over 40 years."

06.09.19 Law360 - "Suing Under Pseudonyms Faces School's 'Chilling' Challenge." Attorney Gloria Allred was interviewed by RJ Vogt of Law360, discussing the argument by some that plaintiffs' names should be revealed and not allowed anonymity. Ms. Allred says that if clients will have to use their real names, "It is a barrier to access justice to require that an accuser have her name disclosed publicly as a condition of either pursuing her claim or as a condition of having the accused prosecuted."

06.04.19 - " Here's why Meghan Markle won't meet Trump on his U.K. Visit." During President Trump's second state visit to the UK, his official itinerary shows no one-on-one time with Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and she was noticeably absent on the guest lists of official engagements. The writer speculates why they may be avoiding each other. Ms. Markle is known to be a proud feminist, and as a young girl wrote to Attorney Gloria Allred, Procter & Gamble & Hillary Clinton about a dish soap commercial that she thought was sexist.

05.29.19 - "Attorney Gloria Allred Fights to Get Justice for Survivors of Sexual Assault & Harassment." Gloria Allred spoke to writer Amber Brooks about some of the most noteworthy cases taken on by Ms. Allred and her Firm, current challenges, and what fuels her passionate advocacy for equality and social justice.

05.20.19 New York Daily News - "The legendary Friars Club hopes to emerge from money scandals with a new look, fresh faces - and gluten-free menu options" The 115-year old showbiz institution is aiming to entice a new generation of members to revamp its finances and membership, including celebrities from fashion and sports, to make it more hip and current. Model Carol Alt was inducted as a member in March of this year. The Friars Club had no female members until 1987 when attorney Gloria Allred threatened to sue on grounds of discrimination.

05.15.19 World Boxing News - "Pulev girlfriend Sushe abuse uncovered as CSAC set trio of punishments." Kubrat Pulev has been suspended by the California State Athletic Commission for a further two months following the hearing into his unwanted kissing and groping of a reporter, Jenny 'Sushe' Ravalo. Both Ms. Ravalo and her attorney, Gloria Allred, were at the hearing and Ravalo gave testimony regarding the incident.

05.14.19 Los Angeles Times - "Heavyweight Kubrat Pulev's suspension for kissing reporter extended with a warning." The California State Athletic Commission today ordered former heavyweight title challenger Kubrat Pulev to undergo sexual harassment prevention training in order to lift his state-imposed suspension for kissing a female reporter, Jenny Ravalo, without her consent following Pulev's March victory in Costa Mesa. Ravalo's attorney, Gloria Allred, told The Times "It was a fair hearing, and we'll be at the next hearing." "He's been trying to present himself as the victim," Allred said. "She's the victim. We have laws in California, and that type of behavior is not tolerated."

05.07.19 Podcast - Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry - Actor Alyssa Milano and Attorney Gloria Allred met for a rousing discussion of the day's important issues as part of Ms. Milano's new podcast series. Here are some photos of Gloria and the team! (Air date to be announced.) Milano Podcast (1) Milano Podcast (2) Milano Podcast (3)

05.01.19 The Guardian - "'Essential first step': Congress moves to act on crisis of violence against Native women." Earlier this year, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, reintroduced Savanna's Act, legislation she describes as an "essential first step" towards combating the epidemic of violence against Native women as it aims to better understand the scale of the crisis by improving and increasing data collection between tribal communities and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Attorney for the family, Gloria Allred, relayed a statement from the mother of Savanna La-Fontaine-Greywind, for whom the bill is named, that they are "100% supportive of Savanna's Act and anything that can be done to find our missing people."

04.26.19 The Guardian - "Harvey Weinstein trial should be public, news organizations argue." News organizations are fighting to open Harvey Weinstein's next court appearance to the public, after both prosecutors and defense attorneys asked for it to be held behind closed doors.

04.26.19 Deadline - "Judge In Harvey Weinstein Trial Closes Courtroom to Public, Backing Defense and NYC D.A. Motion." New York Supreme Court Justice James Burke rejected appeals from press organizations who insisted that the public's right to follow the case supersedes privacy or fair-trial concerns. Attorney Gloria Allred stated that this "is a very important day for decisions in this case that will have a major impact on the upcoming trial" and that "It is a difficult issue for the court…" Allred represents one of the two women for whom charges were filed in this case and another accuser who could end up being a potential witness.

04.25.19 Makers UK via YAHOO! Style - "5 ways Meghan Markle is the feminist princess we all hoped she would be." When Meghan Markle was 11 years old, she became an advocate for women's rights when she objected to the wording in a dishwashing liquid advertisement. She wrote letters to attorney Gloria Allred, then-First Lady Hillary Clinton and others. Procter & Gamble ultimately changed the slogan to gender neutral wording and it was the beginning of Meghan Markle's push for feminism and fairness in our world.

04.25.19 The National - "R. Kelly timeline: Woman wins civil case against the singer as he fails to show up to court." The latest installment in the R. Kelly saga is that one of his accusers has won her case after the disgraced R&B singer failed to respond to her civil lawsuit, and was a no-show at court yesterday. The lawsuit alleged sexual abuse by R. Kelly, having met him when she was 16 years old and had a relationship with him that lasted more than a year.

04.24.19 Los Angeles Magazine "USC's Arnold Schwarzenegger Problem." Recent scandals at the university have cast renewed scrutiny on an old deal with the former governor. In 2012, USC announced it was giving Mr. Schwarzenegger a full professorship and his own institute at the Price School of Public Policy. The controversial appointment was in return for his $20 million pledge, which was paid in full in 2016. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented several of Schwarzenegger's previous accusers that alleged sexual misconduct, said action at USC is long overdue. "Anyone who has been accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct, as he has been, should not have an institute named after him - or have a professorship. Period." said Allred.

04.18.19 CNN via WRAL.Com "Woman who claimed affair with Cain calls on him to drop from Fed consideration." Ginger White, who claimed in 2011 that she carried on a years-long affair with Herman Cain, called on him today to withdraw from consideration for a Federal Reserve board seat. White's lawyer, Gloria Allred, said her clients are prepared to testify publically against Cain in the Senate if he is formally nominated. White said about Mr. Cain, "You are a liar and you don't deserve the public's confidence in such an important position."

04.15.19 KOLO 8/ABC News Now - "Bills moving forward in 2019 Nevada Legislature" One of these is Assembly Bill 142 which eliminates the statute of limitations on sexual assault if there is DNA evidence. Attorney Gloria Allred testified for the bill, and it is sponsored by GOP Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner and Democratic Senator Pat Spearman.

03.29.19 Daily Herald "'Ripper Crew' member released from prison this morning." Thomas Kokoraleis, a member of the infamous "Ripper Crew" and one of the persons responsible for the murder, torture and death of Lorry Borowski in 1982, was released from prison today after completing half of his 70-year sentence in Illinois. Attorney Gloria Allred is the attorney for the Borowski family, and Ms. Allred and the family held a press conference today to comment on this violent predator's release into the community. (Please see Videos & Statements on this site for details of the Press Conference.)

03.28.19 EchoLive.IE "Paying homage to the legend that is Joni" Clare O'Mahony is a songwriter and singer from Cork, Ireland. She loves the music of Joni Mitchell and is working on an album of her music. Clare was interviewed by EchoLive and says the person she most admires is attorney Gloria Allred for standing up to powerful people, her determination and work for equality and against discrimination of any kind.

03.28.19 Deadspin "Reporter Forcefully Kissed by Boxer Kubrat Pulev Hires Gloria Allred, Says Pulev Also Groped Her." Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev ended his interview with Vegas Sports Daily reporter Jennifer Ravalo by grabbing her face and kissing her. Ravolo hired attorney Gloria Allred to represent her in her attempts to bring Pulev to justice. Ravolo alleges that she did not consent to Mr. Pulev actions of grabbing her face, kissing her or grabbing her backside. Allred called on the California State Athletic Commission to conduct an immediate investigation into these serious allegations. Mr. Pulev's license has been suspended pending an upcoming hearing.

03.28.19 - "50 Cent mocks Floyd Mayweather for allegedly taking ex-girlfriend's jewelry worth $3m." Rapper 50 Cent took a jab at Floyd Mayweather in social media for taking back diamond jewelry he had given Shantel Jackson, his ex-girlfriend, and mentioned Ms. Jackson's Attorney Gloria Allred. 50 cent told Mayweather he wasn't going to win this fight!

03.19.19 Daily Trojan - "Judge orders USC to produce Tyndall case documents." Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 62 plaintiffs in a case against former USC campus gynecologist George Tyndall for alleged sexual assault and misconduct, said she hopes the documents reveal what the University knew about the allegations and complaints made by many victims during their time at USC.

03.18.19 "Morning Docket: 03.18.19" The National Women's Hall of Fame recently announced its Class of 2019, and three lawyers of note were honored: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, women's rights attorney Gloria Allred, and Native American tribal law expert Sarah Deer.

03.18.19 - "GOP Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner, Attorney Gloria Allred introduce bill to end statute of limitations for sexual assault." Attorney Gloria Allred joined Republican Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner at a press conference at the Nevada State Legislature in Carson City today regarding Assembly Bill 142, which would eliminate the statute of limitations for the prosecution of sexual assault where there is DNA evidence. "AB 142 tells victims that Nevada is here to support you," said Ms. Allred.

03.14.19 CBS Baltimore "Gloria Allred On R. Kelly Accusations | 'If We Believe The Accusers, This is The Worst Sexual Predator I've Ever Seen.'" Attorney Gloria Allred met with WJZ's Mary Bubala for an interview about the two Baltimore women who have accused R. Kelly of sexually assaulting them after his 1996 concert in the city. Allred said this is not the last we'll be hearing about R. Kelly or the last time he'll be facing legal troubles.

03.14.19 CBS Baltimore "R. Kelly's Alleged Sexual Assault Victims Say The Night Still Haunts Them 23 Years Later." Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington are two Baltimore women who have accused R. Kelly of assaulting them 23 years ago when they were only teens. The women are represented by Attorney Gloria Allred, and they are coming forward now because they want to see justice, not only for themselves but for all victims of sexual assault.

03.12.19 South Coast Today "Women of Distinction: National Women's Hall of Fame announces Class of 2019." Attorney Gloria Allred is honored to be among the 10 members of the Class of 2019 being inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame. "We are pleased to add these American women to the ranks of inductees whose leadership and achievements have changed the course of American history," Hall of Fame President Betty Bayer said.

03.11.19 Yahoo! News - Video "Another Tape Appears to Show R. Kelly, Attorney Gloria Allred Says." A man says he has found a tape of a person who appeared to be R. Kelly sexually abusing girls, he and his attorney Gloria Allred said on Sunday. He was reviewing old VHS tapes from a closet to decide which to throw out and which to keep. He was shocked and surprised to find that it wasn't R. Kelly in concert, but rather one in which young, African American girls were being sexually abused. The tape has been handed over to law enforcement. (1:57 Minutes)

03.11.19 Inside Edition - "Gloria Allred Speaks About Client Who Says He Found R. Kelly Sex Tape in Old Box." Gloria Allred spoke to Inside Edition about her client, Gary Dennis, who found an R. Kelly sex tape in a box of old junk. Mr. Dennis felt it was his obligation to turn it over to law enforcement.

03.10.19 USA Today - "Gloria Allred reveals she's given investigators what looks like a third R. Kelly sex tape." At a press conference today in New York, Attorney Gloria Allred relays that her clients, Gary Dennis and his wife, Sallie, discovered to their surprise that they had a VHS tape that appears to show R. Kelly sexually abusing underage girls. They felt they had a moral duty to provide the tape to law enforcement, and Ms. Allred helped them turn the "potential evidence" over to the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York.

03.05.19 ET Live - "Michael Jackson Music Pulled in Canada After 'Neverland' Doc" - Attorney Gloria Allred speaks by phone with Hosts Melicia Johnson and Jason Carter with her thoughts in the wake of the HBO documentary. "It is very compelling, very disturbing, and I know it's very controversial, but it's important to talk about whether or not there appears to be evidence that, infact, Michael Jackson was a sexual predator, a child molester.... The public will need to decide whether the two men in the documentary were victims... This is a very sad story and we can all learn from it. But I don't think anyone can look at Michael Jackson in the same way after seeing this HBO documentary." Video: 6:54 minutes

03.01.19 The Inquisitr - "Meghan Markle Joins '80s Music Legend for International Women's Day Summit." On Friday, March 8 in London, Ms. Markle will be joining Annie Lenox and others on a panel convened by The Queen's Commonwealth Trust to "discuss the importance of International Women's Day, and the spotlight it can bring to obstacles which still affect female empowerment across the world…" When she was 11 years old, Ms. Markle wrote letters to Gloria Allred, Hillary Clinton, Procter & Gamble and others after seeing what she believed was a sexist TV advertisement, which resulted in the Company changing the biased language.

03.01.19 Newsweek - "Women's History Month 2019: 15 Empowering Quotes from Inspiring Women." The U.S. will celebrate and honor the achievements of women throughout history for Women's History Month in March. Here are 15 empowering quotes from famous women of history. See #15 for quote by Gloria Allred!

03.01.19 - "Former Nipomo wrestling coach facing second lawsuit alleging sexual harassment." Justin Magdaleno, former Nipomo High School girls' wrestling coach, and the Lucia Mar Unified School District are accused of negligent hiring, supervision and retention, sexual harassment, battery, and assault, among other claims. Attorney Gloria Allred is representing the plaintiff, "Jane Doe." Ms. Allred is also representing the plaintiff in another lawsuit filed against Magdaleno and the school district in August of 2018.

02.28.19 Jim Zirin TV - "Where Will Gloria Allred Strike Next?" One-on-one interview with Attorney Gloria Allred and her Host Jim Zirin, where they talk about many of the important cases and Gloria's personal journey during her spectacular 40-year career as advocate for victims of race, gender, age and ability discrimination, sexual harassment and assault. Video - 26:46 minutes

02.26.19 CBS This Morning - "A woman was raped in her hotel room. What she learned in the wake of her attack surprised her." Cheri Marchionda was sexually assaulted in her hotel room while traveling for work in 2014. According to court documents, her assailant got a key to her room from hotel staff without security checks. Women's rights attorney Gloria Allred has represented several hotel assault victims, including Kayla Snipe who was raped in her hotel room in 2015. "Even the hotels that have the best names in terms of the brand may present a risk of harm to you," Ms. Allred said. "Every precaution should be taken by someone checking into a hotel that no one else not authorized to be in that room be given a key." Video: 5:54 minutes (Gloria at 2:45 to 3:18)

02.15.19 USA Today - "R. Kelly scandal: Gloria Allred says teen depicted on reported sex tape may be her client." Attorney Allred commented that "The details that CNN reported about what is on the tape" - newly discovered and turned over to prosecutors in Chicago by another attorney, then leaked to CNN - is of great concern to her because the 14-year-old alleged victim on the tape may be one of her clients. Ms. Allred is concerned that this tape has been viewed by the press and by other persons who are not law enforcement.

02.05.19 NBC NEWS - "Walmart's practice of locking up black beauty products at some stores raises complaints." A store on Long Island, NY became the latest Walmart location to be accused of racial discrimination. Virginia and California Walmart locations have had similar complaints. Essie Grundy, a California woman represented by Attorney Gloria Allred, sued Walmart in January 2018, accusing the retailer of racial discrimination because of this policy of locking up hair and body products meant just for African-Americans.

02.05.19 VICE.COM - "The Canadian YouTuber Headed for the World's Largest Trans Beauty Pageant." Julie Vu is a transgender woman who has been inspired by the story of Jenna Talackova, a transgender woman who teamed up with Attorney Gloria Allred to successfully allow Jenna to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant seven years ago.

01.19.19 3rd Annual Women's March Los Angeles: Truth to Power - Gloria Allred with others participating in the March, and also standing alongside the famous work of art, "Fearless Girl". Photo 1 / Photo 2

01.16.19 Sunrise on 7 Live - Australian TV - Attorney Gloria Allred is interviewed by hosts Samantha Armytage and David Koch as the show looks at the disturbing allegations against rapper R. Kelly in the new documentary "Surviving R. Kelly".

01.15.19 Attorney Gloria Allred joins KABC Radio 790's Morning Drive with Jillian Barberie and John Phillips to discuss the latest developments on R. Kelly.

01.15.19 CBS News This Morning - R. Kelly accuser says he threatened her and her family after she spoke out. Faith Rodgers and her attorney, Gloria Allred, spoke to NY police on Monday and unveiled a threatening letter allegedly written by Kelly.

01.14.19 Associated Press - AP reports R. Kelly accuser says he threatened to reveal her sex life. R. Kelly wrote a letter threatening to reveal embarrassing details of Faith Rodgers' sexual history if she didn't drop a lawsuit accusing him of sexual abuse, she and her attorney, Gloria Allred, said Monday.

01.11.19 Gloria Allred joins Elex Michaelson on Fox 11 "The Issue Is:" to discuss CA Governor Gavin Newsom and Trump at the Border

01.08.19 Santa Barbara Independent - "An Interview with Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage: Lawyer Gloria Allred Talks 'War on Women' and 'Age of Empowerment'" - Gloria to deliver keynote address at the Lobero Theatre on January 17th on behalf of Standing Together to End Sexual Assault.

01.07.19 Gloria Allred joins ET Live to discuss "R. Kelly in the Eyes of the Law" following the documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" which aired on Lifetime this past weekend.

12.29.18 ABC 7 - Attorney and activist Gloria Allred joins Alec Baldwin to share her sense of duty for her work, the privilege she feels to be an attorney and her philosophy that guides her life. The successful lawyer and feminist discusses focusing on women's rights from the beginning. Watch full video here. Gloria Allred appears at the 20 minute mark of the show.

12.28.18 The Guardian - " 'I was shocked by the verdict': Gloria Allred, lawyer for 33 of Bill Cosby's accusers" - Interview with Gloria Allred on how the Cosby verdict empowered her clients.

12.20.18 CNN News - "Harvey Weinstein appears in Court" Gloria Allred: "Headlines suggesting that the case is crumbling are incorrect"

12.19.18 INFORUM - "Window closing for passage of Savanna's Act as supporters turn up the political heat in Fargo, ND." "I am appalled and Savanna's parents are disappointed and upset that Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte is holding up the passage of Savanna's Act. "It is an insult to Native American women that a member of Congress would try to block this important bill.

12.14.18 ABC News - "The 8 biggest entertainment stories of 2018 - #MeToo thrives. Cosby ordered to serve sentence in total confinement. "This has been a long journey for justice" said attorney Gloria Allred."

12.13.18 Gloria Allred is featured in Germany's Zeit Magazine

12.09.18 CNN Live @Reliable Sources - Gloria Allred and her client Phyllis Gottlieb, who accused former CBS CEO Les Moonves of sexual assault and harassment, talk with Brian Stelter about the ongoing investigations into CBS.

12.07.18 Deadline Hollywood - "Kurt the Cyberguy Wins Big Bucks in Long Legal Battle with KTLA" - "I could not stop crying," Kuntsson said today at the offices of his lawyers Gloria Allred, Nathan Goldberg and John West."

11.28.18 ABC News - Gloria Allred joins lawmaker to introduce new legislation to lift statute of limitation is cases of rape and sexual assault.

11.28.18 NBC News - "Ohio senator, Gloria Allred seek to eliminate time limits on sexual assault cases."

11.25.18 20 Minutos International - "The lawyer who put Bill Cosby in jail: 'Women have empowered themselves.'"

11.19.18 Above the Law - "Gloria Allred Says There Aren't Enough Women's Rights Attorneys. Law students should consider this a call to action."

11.13.18 Deadline Hollywood - "Imprisoned Bill Cosby Gets 2019 Trial Date For 1974 Playboy Mansion Assault Case." Gloria Allred represents alleged victim Judy Huth.

11.09.18 Gloria Allred spoke to the Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS) at their 31st Annual Conference in San Diego, California

11.06.18 CNN - "Weinstein lawyer seeks dismissal of sex abuse case". Alleged victim's lawyer, Gloria Allred, shoots back "the defense's speculation is not a substitute for evidence."

11.05.18 Wall Street Journal - "Weinstein Lawyer Claims Accuser Texted Filmmaker After Alleged Assault." Gloria Allred said "her client wouldn't be deterred by unjustified attacks."

11.05.18 InStyle - "Legendary Lawyer Gloria Allred Has Been Fighting for Women for 42 Years."

10.19.18 i24 News - Gloria Allred joins Shayna Estulin for Crossroads : "I'm a Feminist and Proud of That Word."

10.15.18 El Pais - Gloria Allred: "Women are telling truths to power"

10.15.18 Bloomberg Interview "The Voices of the U.S. #MeToo - We talked to Gloria Allred and a few of the most powerful voices behind the movement."

10.15.18 Washington Post - "Contestants accuse Mrs. America pageant CEO of racial bias." Four women spoke at a news conference in Manhattan today with their attorney, Gloria Allred.

10.08.18 The New York Times - "Bill Cosby's Legal Woes Now Shift to Civil Court." Gloria Allred represents Judy Huth in her civil lawsuit and deposed Mr. Cosby in 2015 as part of the proceedings.

10.05.18 NBC's Today Show -Amber Wyatt was a rising high school junior in Arlington, Texas, in 2006 when she says she was raped by two boys after a party. She reported the alleged assault to an adult and to authorities, but her community turned against her. Wyatt's story is detailed in a Washington Post article reported by her former classmate Elizabeth Bruenig. Wyatt and her lawyer, women's rights attorney Gloria Allred, join Megyn Kelly to speak out.

10.01.18 marieclaire - "When Your Dreams of Motherhood Are Destroyed." "I think anyone who has any feelings at all would want to help them, as I did" remarks the victims' attorney Gloria Allred.

09.30.18 Gloria Allred Joins Fox 11 "The Issue Is:" for a lively panel discussion on the Kavanaugh hearings, Cosby and Congress.

09.26.18 BuzzFeed.News - "Now that Bill Cosby is behind bars, Attorneys are going to come at him with Civil lawsuits". "Our position is that justice delayed is justice denied" - Gloria Allred

09.25.18 MSNBC Breaking news - Gloria Allred, who represents dozens of Cosby accusers, speaks outside the courthouse with her clients in reaction to the sentencing.

09.25.18 ABC News - "This is a very important day. Judgement day has come": Gloria Allred reacts to Bill Cosby's sentencing.

09.25.18 Philadelphia News -On the eve of Bill Cosby's sentencing hearing powerhouse Attorney Gloria Allred delivers remarks at a press conference.

09.19.18 Gloria Allred joins her client on Good Morning America as Kendra Beebe reacts to her ex-boyfriend '40-year-old-virgin' actor's parole.

09.19.18 Gloria Allred joins NPR radio to discuss Judge Kavanaugh's testimony in light of the #metoo movement.

09.06.18 USA Today - "Redmond O'Neal accused of homophobic attack in a new lawsuit" filed by Gloria Allred on behalf of her client, Ken Fox.

09.05.18 Radar On Line - Bill's Nightmare: Cosby's Alleged Victims Ready to Take Stand at Sentencing. Gloria Allred represents 3 of the 5 women who testified at the Cosby trial. She explains why they would like to be able to give their victim impact statements at this sentencing.

09.04.18 Politico Magazine's 50 Issue - The annual list of ideas driving American politics right now - and the people behind them. "Gloria Allred - The Godmother of #MeToo"

09.02.18 Gloria Allred joins CNN to review "RBG" the CNN original film which debuts Monday. They discuss Ruth Bader Ginsberg's career and accomplishments as only the second woman to be confirmed as a justice of the United States Supreme Court.

08.23.18 - "Houston Texas cheerleaders expose shocking treatment." "I believe that our lawsuit and the voices of our brave clients have made an important impact on the Houston Texans. As a result of their courage, there appears to be an important change taking place in the staff," Allred said this week.

08.21.18 ABC 13 - "Texans cheerleader director resigns in face of lawsuit by former squad members." Attorney Gloria Allred represents six former cheerleaders in their lawsuit.

08.20.18 USA Today - Asia Argento shock: Could #MeToo be damaged by statutory rape allegation against her? "This should not be a black eye for the #MeToo movement," Gloria Allred said. "I think the movement will not only continue, I see it getting bigger, not lessening."

08.17.18 Cal Coast News - "Gloria Allred fled suit accusing Nipomo wrestling coach of sexual abuse".

08.16.18 The Tribune - "Nipomo wrestling coach won't face molestation charges. Now Gloria Allred is involved."

08.14.18 Spin Magazine - "After #MeToo" Gloria Allred- "We have a cult of celebrity in this country."

08.06.18 ABC 7 News - reports on Gloria Allred's press conference as 12 more women file lawsuits against former USC gynecologist.

08.06.18 CBS News - Video coverage of press conference. Several more women represented by Attorney Gloria Allred join the hundreds of women who have accused former USC health center gynecologist George Tyndall of inappropriate sexual misconduct during exams.

07.27.18 WGN 9 Chicago - Attorney Gloria Allred Discusses Roe v. Wade, Women's and LGBTQ Rights on Morning News.

07.25.18 WGN Radio Chicago - Gloria Allred on #metoo, Women's Reproductive Rights, LGBTQ Rights and The Current Administration (Coming to Chicago/LAGBAC Foundation)

07.11.18 TMZ - Gloria Allred "If Kavanaugh is a Trump Puppet Abortion Rights Will Die!!!"

07.09.18 LA Times - "Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to new charges; judge lets him stay free." But civil rights attorney, Gloria Allred, who represents the third accuser, said Brafman's contention that the encounters were consensual would require Weinstein to take the witness stand under oath.

07.09.18 NBC News - As Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty today, outside a New York Courthouse in back-to-back news conference Brafman and Gloria Allred offered clashing views of the case.

07.06.18 The Hollywood Reporter - Gloria Allred Fires Back at Trump After Elizabeth Warren Insult: "Keep Your Hands Off" she said while accepting a lifetime achievement award from the National Organization for Women (NOW).

06.25.18 Sports Illustrated article covers NFL cheerleaders complaints over working conditions and discrimination. Prominent civil rights attorney Gloria Allred is representing the Houston Texans ex-cheerleaders in their lawsuit.

06.22.18 PIX 11 New York's Very Own Interviews Gloria Allred on the Me Too Movement and More on News Closeup.

06.22.18 NY Post - "Ex-NFL cheerleader says team forced her to duct-tape her waist". She demonstrates during a news conference with her attorney Gloria Allred outside NFL headquarters in New York.

06.22.18 ABC13 covers Gloria Allred press conference in New York with 6th Ex Houston Texans Cheerleader to announce she is adding her name to the current lawsuit against the Texans for abuse allegations.

06.22.18 TMZ reports "Ex-Texans Cheerleader was Body Shamed" - Angelina Rosa held a press conference today with her attorney outside of the NFL headquarters in NY to announce that she is being added to the lawsuit that Allred has already filed on behalf of 5 other Houston Texans Cheerleaders.

06.21.18 Broadway World photo coverage: Gloria Allred Women's Rights Champion Roasted at the Friars Club

06.21.18 The Malibu Times - "Allred Says We're Living in a 'New Age - and Men Have to Come to Terms With it'." The high-profile Malibu resident had plenty to say to a diverse, sold-out crowd at the Malibu Film Society where a screening of the documentry "Seeing Allred" took place.

06.18.18 - "The top-rated Netflix original films you have to see" includes "Seeing Allred".

06.15.18 NY Daily News Exclusive - "The Friars Club is set to make history with an all-female lineup for Gloria Allred's upcoming roast."

06.14.18 ABC News - Gloria Allred and her clients, former NFL cheerleaders who are suing the Houston Texans for alleged harassment and unfair pay, joined the Nightline team to describe the culture of "harassment and bullying."

06.13.18 LA Times reports "'We have been hurt.' More women say they were mistreated by USC gynecologist" as they speak out at a press conference with their attorney Gloria Allred.

06.13.18 CBS This Morning - Women victims and their attorney Gloria Allred detail explosive allegations against USC gynecologist accused of sexual misconduct.

06.10.18 Gloria Allred joins Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at the 2018 LA Pride cake cutting ceremony.

06.10.18 CBS covers the pride parade in WEHO, CA today. "Gloria Allred who often rider in the parade gave a creative salute to the #MeToo movement." Watch video here.

06.09.18 LA Times - "USC students march on campus over sexual misconduct scandal." Gloria Allred joins the march Saturday to protest officials' handling of allegations involving a former university gynecologist.

06.07.18 HuffPost - "USC Failed To Protect Us From Our Abusive Doctor." Gloria Allred listens as client Danielle Mohazab speak about an alleged incident routing a 2016 exam with Dr. George Tyndall at the USC health center.

06.05.18 CBC News - "The fight has just begun: Gloria Allred, tough-talking attorney and feminist, reveals what drives her."

06.05.18 CBC The National Story - "Gloria Allred on #MeToo, Bill Cosby, and her experience with sexual assault."

06.05.18 CBC profile - "The fight has just begun": Gloria Allred, tough-talking attorney and feminist, reveals what drives her."

06.05.18 ABC News - "What is Roe v. Wade? Everything you need to know." Attorney Gloria Allred and plaintiff Jane Roe fought the battle for women's reproductive rights in this court case that went on to the Supreme Court. "The landmark ruling legalized abortion nationwide but has been under attack ever since."

06.05.18 ABC News - "Harvey Weinstein please not guilty to rape charges." The courtroom was filled to capacity. Lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents several of Weinstein's accusers, sat in the second row.

06.05.18 Washington Post reports "Former Houston Texans cheerleaders detail alleged mistreatment by team." The cheerleaders detailed their experience in interviews on the "Today" show and were accompanied by their attorney, Gloria Allred, who led them to the NFL's Manhattan headquarters where she delivered a letter to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

06.04.18 NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt features Gloria Allred and "Five former Houston Texas cheerleaders who sue team over low pay, harassment."

06.04.18 Reuters - "Former Houston Texans cheerleaders call on NFL for fairer wages." Attorney Gloria Allred holds a letter that she delivered to the NFL Commissioner outside NFL headquarters in New York.

05.31.18 NY Magazine - "Illinois Votes to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment." In the past few years Gloria Allred has revived the call to pass the ERA, despite the passed deadline.

05.29.18 MSNBC - "Harvey Weinstein accuser Natassia Malthe and her lawyer Gloria Allred join "The Beat" as Weinstein's lawyer says her rape allegation against Weinstein is 'absurd.'"

05.25.18 "How the #MeToo Movement Is Impacting the American Legal Landscape" - Gloria Allred says the impact goes beyond Bill Cosby's conviction. BLF Magazine

05.25.18 ABC News covers a "timeline of Harvey Weinstein's fall from grace" including the lawsuit filed by Gloria Allred November 15, 2017.

05.24.18 Deadline Hollywood - "Attorney Gloria Allred, Subject of Emmy-Contending Doc, On Bill Cosby Sentencing, Friars Roast and 'Seeing Allred'"

05.24.18 CBS Philly review of Cosby accusers and Attorney Gloria Allred speaking out after the Cosby verdict in the criminal trial.

05.23.18 KABC Talk radio - Gloria Allred joins McIntyre in the Morning. "USC Doctor May Have a Staggering Number of Victims"

05.23.18 Radar Online - "Sixth Woman Accuses Sicko USC Gyno of Sexual Assault: Daniella Mohazab holds a press conference in Los Angeles with her attorney Gloria Allred."

05.21.18 Variety - "Gloria Allred to Join Panel at Variety's Inaugural Path to Parity Women's Summit on June 6 in West Hollywood, CA."

05.20.18 Powerhouse attorneys Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom rarely sit down for a joint interview. But today they join Elex Michaelson for "The Issue Is" on Fox 11 to discuss Me Too's future.

05.18.18 Look to the Stars - "SHARE, Inc. Celebrates 65 Years of Philanthropy. Famous women's rights attorney, Gloria Allred, will be presenting the Shining Spirt Award to this year's honoree, Loreen Arbus."

05.17.18 Deadline Hollywood - "President Trump Loses Legal Bid to Halt Zervos Defamation Lawsuit" "I am very happy with the court order permitting my former client, to proceed with discovery in her defamation case against President Trump," Allred wrote in an e-mail. "I think it is very important that President Trump provide answers in Summer's civil defamation case through the discovery process a.s.a.p. 'Justice delayed is justice denied.'"

05.09.18 ABC 7 News coverage - Attorney Gloria Allred filed a lawsuit this morning stemming from the alleged sexual assault of a young woman at singer Chris Brown's home.

05.08.18 Las Vegas Review-Journal - "Attorney Gloria Allred is representing the victim in a 'sex slave' case against political consultant Benjamin Sparks."

05.04.18 Women's Agenda Australia - Following the guilty verdict in the Bill Cosby rape trial last week, the survivors gathered on the courthouse steps for an emotional press conference accompanied by famed US women's rights attorney Gloria Allred. A new documentary, Seeing Allred, tells the inspirational story of this "foot soldier" of the feminist movement."

05.03.18 USA Today - " Camille Cosby lashes out at accusers, media and mob justice in a statement defending her husband." Gloria Allred, the crusading women's rights lawyer who represents about half of Cosby's five-dozen accusers, said Camille Cosby has "blinders" on in an effort to maintain "a fantasy about her husband's misconduct."

05.03.18 NY Daily News - "Gloria Allred to be seventh woman roasted by the 114-year-old Friars Club."

04.29.18 Deadline Hollywood - Gloria Allred Brings Up Bill Cosby's Guilty Verdict At Daytime Emmy Awards where she was presenting the award for the Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program category.

04.27.18 NY Daily News - "Gloria Allred celebrates Cosby verdict with two of the disgraced comedian's accusers." "The entire dining room erupted in spontaneous applause as the three walked in the room."

04.27.18 Attorney Gloria Allred, Accuser Lise-Lotte Lublin on Bill Cosby's Guilty Verdict | The View

04.27.18 The View - "Gloria Allred on whether men accused of misconduct can make a comeback."

04.27.18 Gloria Allred and Cosby accusers joins Savannah and Hoda on ABC's Good Morning America to discuss the Cosby Guilty verdict.

04.27.18 CBS This Morning - "Gloria Allred was 'shocked' by Bill Cosby guilty verdict"

04.26.18 NBC News- Attorney Gloria Allred was joined by several accusers to celebrate the outcome of the highly anticipated retrial of Bill Cosby.

04.26.18 CNN - "Gloria Allred holds press conference outside the courthouse after disgraced TV star Bill Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault."

04.25.18 AP reports "Bill Cosby's lawyers get slammed by advocated for women." Gloria Allred, the lawyer for three of the women who testified, blasted the defense closing as "victim-shaming and victim-blaming" and said Cosby's lawyers had smeared her clients in a win-at-all-costs effort at an acquittal.

04.24.18 Broadway World announces - Gloria Allred is included in the "Presenters for 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards".

04.23.18 Bloomberg News reports "Sexual Harassment Cases Go Uncounted as Complaint Process Goes Private." Attorney Gloria Allred, who has quietly handled hundreds of settlements on behalf of harassment victims, said many of her clients appreciate the confidentiality. "They don't want it to follow them to another job," she said. "No solution is perfect, but I think the model that is evolving out of all of this is proving to be beneficial, thus far."

04.23.18 Gloria Allred and her client Jessica Drake appear on Good Morning America this morning to defend the truth about the Stormy Daniels story and alleged Trump threat.

04.19.18 The Doyennes Norwegien website features "A warrior for Truth" an essay on Gloria Allred.

04.17.18 Gloria Allred talks Cosby retrial on Good Day Fox 29 Philadelphia.

04.11.18 Variety - Third day of retrial, "Bill Cosby Accuser Calls Him a 'Serial Rapist' on the Witness Stand." Three of the women expected to appear as prosecution witnesses are represented by victim's advocate lawyer, Gloria Allred.

04.11.18 Guardian reports "Bill Cosby defense asks judge to allow witness's criminal record in evidence." Gloria Allred calls it an attempt to smear her client, Chelan Lasha.

04.08.18 CNN - "Who's who in Bill Cosby's retrial." Although she is not directly involved in Cosby's criminal case, Allred represents several women who claim Cosby assaulted them and have sued him. She was also a constant presence outside the courthouse during his first trial and offered her professional analysis to reporters.

04.04.18 ABC's Nightline interviews three cancer survivors with their attorney Gloria Allred as they announce the filing of a lawsuit against a fertility clinic in Ohio for storage tank failure.

04.04.18 CBS 2 Utah - "Attorney Gloria Allred 'Utah has a long way to go in terms of victims rights'." Allred traveled to Provo to support a child sexual abuse victim as she read her victim impact statement to the judge and hear the judge's ruling.

04.02.18 NBC 4 Columbus - "Gloria Allred to represent three women in Ohio fertility clinic case."

03.29.18 PIX 11 Change Makers interviews Gloria about her career and her new documentary "Seeing Allred".

03.26.18 Gloria Allred joins CNN's Erin Burnett to discuss breaking news on Stormy Daniels suing Trump's attorney for defamation.

03.26.18 Deadline Hollywood - "Donald Trump's Alleged Tryst With Stormy Daniels". Gloria Allred, who represents four other women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment, told Deadline "There's an argument that she can make that it was quid pro quo."

03.20.18 NY Times - "She Gave Nikolas Cruz an Ultimatum: The Gun Goes, or Your Do. He Chose the Gun." Rocxanne Deschamps holds a news conference with her Attorney Gloria Allred in New York City today.

03.20.18 SunSentinel - Woman who took Nikolas Cruz and his brother breaks her silence in a press conference today in New York with her attorney Gloria Allred.

03.12.18 Gloria Allred is featured in the current issue of Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine in an On Direct Interview by Deborah Kelly.

03.08.18 Gloria Allred appears on Fox 11's Good Day LA to talk about International Women's Day and Netflix's "Seeing Allred".

03.08.18 CNN Live - Gloria Allred joins Bianna Golodryga on Quest Means Business to discuss International Women's Day.

03.08.18 toofab - "Gloria Allred to Kim Kardashian: Donate Feminist Kimoji Profits to Women's Rights Causes, Please."

03.08.18 il - Italy's national daily paper interviews Gloria about her career, International Women's Day and the courage the #metoo movement has given women victims of sexual assault.

03.08.18 PIX 11 New York - Tamsen Fadal interviews Gloria. They talk about her decades fighting for women's rights.

03.08.18 Glamour Magazine features Gloria Allred in "6 World-Changers on the One Way They're Pushing the Women's Movement Ahead."

03.08.18 CNN - "Woman named in Stormy Daniels' settlement agreement negotiated by Trump's personal attorney" is represented by Gloria Allred.

03.05.18 ABC/KSRO Morning News interviews Gloria on the #MeToo Movement, Women's History Month and Her Netflix Documentary.

03.03.18 French Magazine Les Inrockuptibles - "Who is Gloria Allred, the feminist lawyer turned icon of the #MeToo movement?"

02.22.18 Gloria Allred joins Doug McIntyre on KABC to discuss her new documentary "Seeing Allred".

02.21.18 KCRW's Madeleine Brand interviews Gloria Allred on her long career fighting for women's right.

02.17.18 The London Times - "Meet Gloria Allred - the lawyer taking on Trump".

02.16.18 Wall Street Journal - "Lawyer Gloria Allred's #MeToo Moment"

02.15.18 The Cavalier Daily - "Seeing Allred' proves that fighting for justice is not a 9-5 job".

02.15.18 New York Law Journal - "Q&A: Gloria Allred on Balancing Law, Business and the #MeToo Spotlight".

02.13.18 LA Times - Gloria Allred will keep fighting to get her way, and 'Seeing Allred' argues that's a good thing."

02.12.18 Rolling Stone - The legendary lawyer - and subject of Netflix's 'Seeing Allred' - holds court on fighting sexual predators, #MeToo and what happens next".

02.12.18 Gloria Allred Fact Checks The Internet on Gloria Allred - Vicepedia!

02.11.18 Newsweek - "Gloria Allred Tells Young Women, Go To War, Fight For Change"

02.10.18 Arab Times Kuwait- "Seeing Allred Exceptionally Timely Docu-Allred: The Predator's Nightmare, At War For Women".

02.09.18 marie Claire - "Gloria Allred's Life Story Is Vital Viewing - Even If She Won't Admit It."

02.09.18 Vogue -" 'Seeing Allred', the New Gloria Allred Documentary, Reminds Us That Feminism Used to be a Very Unpopular Brand"

02.09.18 LA Times Movie Reviews - "Seeing Allred" - Documentary gets to the heart of what powers attorney Gloria Allred's mission.

02.09.18 ABC News - Gloria joins GMA to speak about how "women must have a voice in the court of public opinion" and her new documentary "Seeing Allred" which launches today on Netflix.

02.08.18 New York Times reports - "If you haven't seen Gloria Allred on television, now she is appearing on movie screens in 'Seeing Allred'. This documentary watches a pit-bull lawyer at work."

02.06.18 marie claire - "What Steps Should a Woman Take if She's Harassed?" Gloria Allred, victims 'rights attorney, gives it to us straight.

02.02.18 Quartz at work - How We'll Win Series - "Feminist lawyer Gloria Allred: 'I don't invest my time in feeling despondent'."

02.02.18 Fox News - "You would never wish this suffering on anybody's family" said attorney, Gloria Allred, who represented the Greywind family today at the sentencing of Brooke Crews a North Dakota woman who cut a child from her neighbor's womb.

01.29.18 New York Post - "Mom sues Walmart over 'segregated' beauty products." Gloria Allred is her attorney.

01.26.18 Fox 61 News - "Allred claims Walmart discriminates against African-Americans"

01.24.18 Daily Mail - "Gloria Allred says there's no presumption of innocence for alleged sex pests in court of public opinion."

01.22.18 The Daily Beast interviews Gloria at the Sundance Film Festival. See the entire interview here.

01.21.18 "Gloria Allred resurrected the Equal Rights Amendment at the 2018 Women's March" in Park City Utah - Hello Giggles reports.

01.21.18 The Hollywood Reporter reviews "Seeing Allred" which premiered Saturday at the Sundance 2018.

01.21.18 The New York Times reports "Sundance, Steeped in Weinstein Mystique, Enter a New Era". Gloria Allred seemed exactly in her element in this ski town as she led the crowd at the Women's March in chanting "Resist! Persist! Insist! Elect!"

01.21.18 Glamour covers Gloria Allred's call for the passage of the ERA at the Women's Rally in Utah. Scroll down to see her speech live.

01.21.18 TMZ - See Gloria Allred interview. "SAG's, Oscars Shouldn't Go To Alleged Sexual Predators".

01.20.18 Los Angeles Times video - "Gloria Allred and filmmakers behind 'Seeing Allred' stop by the LA Times Studio at Sundance to talk about the film".

01.11.18 The Village Voice reports "DeBlasio on How Many City Workers Report Sexual Harassment: We Dunno." Civil rights attorney Gloria Allred tells the Voice that "government owes the public the highest degree of transparency regarding allegations of sexual misconduct and what action government takes in handling claims."

01.03.18 CNN Politics - "Two Senators Sworn into Office Aimd #MeToo Movement". High profile lawyer, Gloria Allred adds "The court of public opinion has created a climate in which sexual harassment is unacceptable and it has caused changed."

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