'Fight Back and Win: My Thirty-Year Fight Against Injustice - and How You Can Win Your Own Battles'

Fight Back and Win

In her book, Gloria Allred looks back at many of the cases in which she represented clients — from the celebrity trials of O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Hunter Tylo and Tommy Lee to the less-known legal struggles of ordinary people seeking rights denied them because of their sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, or religion. Allred's legal victories and challenges inspire and teach readers to fight the good fight. Even when the odds seem very much against them, they have the power to win justice in their lives.

From her vast and exciting experiences inside and outside the courtroom, Allred demonstrates again and again how to win change and become empowered to fight for justice at home, at work, and in every aspect of life. Presenting nearly 50 of her most memorable cases, she takes us deep inside the justice system to show how it's possible to win, even in the face of staggering odds.

"Gloria Allred is the most passionate, committed, and successful champion of women's rights and civil rights in this nation. An exciting must-read for those who want to learn how to win their own battles."

— Robert H. Philibosian, former district attorney of Los Angeles County

Allred's own life story shows how she has gone from being a victim to a survivor to an enormously successful fighter for change. She writes with candor about her divorce at a young age, her inability to collect child support for her baby, rape, abortion, sexism, and political opposition. Even when she turns her attention to the particulars of her clients' cases, she wears her heart on her sleeve, never straying from her passionate personal commitment to doing the right thing.

Empowering Life Lessons From Fighting on the Front Lines for Victims' Rights

Fighting the rich and powerful, Allred has relentlessly taken on presidents, corporations, politicians, celebrities, priests, sexual predators, government and others who have harmed her clients and violated the law.

Some of Allred's cases will be familiar. She represented Amber Frey, girlfriend of convicted murderer Scott Peterson, and fought for the rights of the family of O.J. Simpson's murdered ex-wife, Nicole. She and her law firm won a multimillion-dollar verdict for Hunter Tylo, an actress who had been discriminated against because she became pregnant. Allred was the first to speak out for the protection of children from Michael Jackson, and she represented clients in cases involving the murder of actor Robert Blake's wife, rocker Tommy Lee's battery charges, and model Kelly Fisher's lawsuit against her fiancé, Dodi Fayed, just before he died alongside Princess Diana. She also represented 57 young women who were secretly videotaped taking their clothes off as part of a job interview at Hooters. Fight Back and Win

Allred is renowned for her bold and creative tactics. She recounts such unconventional strategies as visiting the all-male steam room of the Friars Club armed with a tape measure for the naked men and warbling the Peggy Lee hit "Is That All There Is?" to end its men-only policy. She also waged a sit-in and was locked inside the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office overnight to protest inadequate enforcement of child support laws.

Allred opens our eyes not only to the significant positive strides we've made in recent decades, but more importantly, to how much further we still have to go to empower all members of society — especially women, minorities, and others who are deprived of their rights.

"Fight Back and Win" is a powerful testament to Gloria Allred's trailblazing career and the battles she has fought alongside countless brave individuals to win justice for us all.