Christy Martin Statement

Gloria Allred
(323) 653-6530

I want to thank all of my family, friends and fans who have shown their support for me at this very difficult time in my life. I also wish to thank Ms. Allred for agreeing to represent me.

Although it will be painful to do so, I do intend to testify about what happened to me when it is required in the criminal case. I hope that everyone will understand why I cannot speak about what happened before the day that I testify.

I am a fighter and I love boxing. I am determined to go on with my career and not let what happened stop me. A fighter has to have a strong fighting spirit and I still have mine. I am determined to continue until I get my 50th win in the boxing ring and I will not stop until I have won it.

Christy Martin
Represented by Attorney Gloria Allred
December 22, 2010