Gloria Allred Statement Regarding January Gessert - March 31st, 2010

Contact: Gloria Allred(323) 653-6530E-mail: [email protected] Recently, there was a tabloid story that suggested that January Gessert had a relationship with Reggie Bush. It is important to January that everyone know that she and Reggie Bush have had a relationship as friends for approximately 5 years, but the relationship has always been and continues to be just that of friends and nothing more. It was very upsetting to January to have her friendship with Reggie Bush portrayed as the cause of the break-up between Reggie and Kim Kardashian. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that January did stay at Reggie's house on the evening of March, 16, 2010, but she stayed there with two other friends. January and her friends watched movies, Reggie packed for New York and went to sleep alone. January left early in the morning. January feels that she has been the victim of someone else's need for drama. She has been asked if she wants to sell her story, but has refused, because she is not willing to tell a lie and pretend something happened between her and Reggie when it did not. At this point January will continue her life as a recording artist, and she hopes to remain friends with Reggie Bush. Gloria Allred
Attorney at Law
representing January Gessert
March 31, 2010

*Note - January Gessert is more well known in the entertainment industry and the L.A. scene as January Ryan. For the last 3 years she has been signed to Kelis's label as a singer. As a young recording artist, she has also been busy writing and recording numerous projects. She and another artist (who was signed with Madonna) formed a group called "Soopahero" and are currently working on an album which will be entitled "Soopahero".