Gloria Allred Statement Regarding Kendra Beebe

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Today, Shelley Malil was sentenced in San Diego County Superior Court for his crime of premeditated attempted murder of his former girlfriend, Kendra Beebe.

Kendra, was the innocent victim of an unprovoked, vicious stabbing and slashing attack on August 10, 2008 by Malil, which almost resulted in her death. The attack left her with 23 knife wounds, two collapsed lungs, a nearly severed chin and other injuries.

During the attack which took place in Kendra's patio, her two little children were asleep inside her house. Fortunately, the children did not awake to see Malil attempting to murder their mother over and over again.

After the attack, Kendra was taken by ambulance to the Palomar Trauma Center. They operated on her. She lost half of the blood in her body. She prayed and thought about her babies. She thought she was going to die, but Kendra is a survivor. She fought to stay alive and she did.

Shelley Malil was arrested and prosecuted for attempting to murder her. The prosecutor alleged that Malil's attack on Kendra was intentional, premeditated and deliberate. As though Malil's cruel and criminal attack on her was not enough, Kendra found herself attacked again during the criminal trial. This time, however, it was her credibility that was attacked by Malil's defense attorney.

We are very happy that the jury rejected the defense's argument and believed Kendra and her testimony.

Throughout her ordeal as a victim of the attempted murder and the criminal trial, Kendra has demonstrated enormous courage. Malil could try to murder her body, but he was unable to destroy her spirit and her will to survive and prevail. Too much was at stake for Kendra and her children and she was determined to overcome all attacks on her whether physical or emotional.

I am very proud of Kendra Beebe. She has been a tower of courage and a great example for other women who have suffered from acts of violence against them at the hands of men with whom they once enjoyed a romantic and intimate relationship.

Malil is in prison where he belongs and I wish Kendra Beebe the very best as she begins the next chapter of her life, free at last from Shelley Malil.

Gloria Allred
Attorney at Law
Kendra Beebe
December 16, 2010