Gloria Allred Statement Regarding Schwarzenegger

Contact: Gloria Allred
(323) 653-6530
E-mail: [email protected] He has hurt his wife and his other children by cheating on his wife and then reportedly withholding that important information from her for ten years. He was living a lie at the expense of his family. He had a double life and he was deceiving those in his family who loved, trusted and cared about him. It was a selfish, thoughtless deception and one of the worst things that a husband can do to his family. The consequences of his betrayal will have a lifelong impact on Maria and his children. In seeking the Governorship, he asked Californians to trust him. Millions of Californians did so for many years, yet while he was seeking their trust, he was also betraying them with the lie that he was living. This lie will have a negative and long lasting impact on his legacy. I wish the best for his family, including his newly acknowledged child and her mother, who were also victims of Arnold. I hope that Maria makes Arnold fully accountable in their divorce if there is one and I hope that the mother of his child (born outside of marriage) will make sure that Arnold guarantees that the child's financial future is secure as well.

Gloria Allred
Attorney at Law
May 17, 2011