Melrose Brow's Statement Regarding the Movie "Conviction."

Contact: Gloria Allred
(323) 653-6530
E-mail: [email protected]

My name is Melrose Alicia Brow. I am the daughter of Katharina Brow who was murdered in 1980.

My mother was the innocent victim of a horrible crime. Because of her murder my whole family, especially my brother Charlie, our children and I have suffered an indescribable lifetime of loss.

The pain that we have lived with for thirty years has only been deepened by the news that a major motion picture "Conviction" will be released tomorrow.

Because of this our family is being forced to relive the memory of the heinous crime which took our mother's life and which has deeply affected ours.

We are angry and disappointed that in the making of the film, neither Executive Producer Hilary Swank nor anyone else connected to the film ever contacted us to see how we would feel about the fact that our mother's murder is the basis for events which transpired as a result of her tragedy.

Had they contacted us and shown us some respect and compassion, here are some of the questions I would have wanted to ask.

  • Why did you make this movie?
  • Is my mother going to be portrayed and if so how?
  • Will she be presented as the loving mother and grandmother she was?
  • Will her image be on screen?
  • What was your source of information about our mother and why did you not consult us about her?
  • Will the actual murder be on screen?
  • How much research have you done to uncover the truth about who committed this murder?
  • Will you commit to use the profits from this film to find the person or persons who murdered our mother?

We are not Hollywood people like you are. We are just children of a murder victim. Nevertheless, we believe that victims matter.

My mother was not just a name, and was not and is not a person who should be used as a line in a script or just a way to make a profit for the entertainment industry.

She was a very special human being and an essential member of our family. She worked hard every day to support us in every way possible.

We would like to have a meeting with Hilary Swank and others from the film, so that we can obtain answers to our many questions and share the pain we feel because of our mother's murder and the fact that we have been ignored and never contacted about the making of this film.

We cannot say whether or not Kenneth Waters was a victim but we know to a certainty that our mother was.

It is not too late to meet with us to show us the compassion that we think all family members of a murder victim deserve.

Melrose Brow
Represented by Attorney Gloria Allred
October 14, 2010