Open Letter to Dave Letterman

Dear Dave,

Last week you admitted that you had sex with women on your staff. Many in your audience laughed when you said it. I for one was not laughing. Let's call it what it really was - sexual favoritism in the workplace and since you suggested that you had sex with more than one woman on your staff some of your employees may believe that sexual favoritism in your workplace is widespread. If this is true, then I believe that your sexual conduct is wrong and potentially in violation of the law even if your sexual relationship with your staffers was consensual and romantic.

By the way, we do not know yet if your sexual advances to your subordinates were welcomed by them or unwelcome. Even if no complaints were filed, that does not mean that your sexual conduct was welcome.

Even if it was welcome, what about the impact of your sexual favoritism on other staff members with whom you did not have a sexual relationship?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (E.E.O.C.) Has stated that in circumstances where sexual favoritism is widespread, "a message is implicitly conveyed that the managers view women as sexual playthings thereby creating an atmosphere that is demeaning to women."

You said "I'm terribly sorry that I put the staff in that position" I'm sorry too Dave. I'm sorry that you didn't appear to recognize that your conduct was more than "something stupid". I'm sorry that you do not appear to recognize that it may have been a denial of equal employment opportunity and a denial of the right of women to have a workplace that is not hostile because of sexual harassment. Next time just say "No" to sex on the job Dave. Your wife, your staff and I will appreciate it.