Quinn Statement

Contact: Gloria Allred
(323) 653-6530
E-mail: [email protected] What I heard Coach McDowell say to those three men who were fans was deeply disturbing to me. Those statements were lewd, inappropriate and undeserved. Even though I am not gay and these statements were not directed to me, I heard them and saw them and so did my 9 year-old daughters. Coach McDowell's statements were very offensive and homophobic. When I go to a baseball game and take my family, I expect a higher standard of conduct from the team and its coaches. Children should not be told they do not belong at a ballpark. Major League Baseball should not tolerate this kind of disgusting and offensive conduct and that is why I am speaking out today. I know there was violence previously at Dodger's Stadium and I was concerned about violence at the Giants Stadium after being threatened by a coach on the field. Baseball should be the All American game, but unless something is done about this incident, I will be concerned about taking my family to a baseball game again.

Justin Quinn
Represented by
Gloria Allred
Attorney at Law
April 27, 2011