Statement of Emily Hubbard

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Solar Panels Press Statement of Emily Hubbard:

Recently I have been told that there are solar panels going to be put up on the grass in front of our school. I was completely in shock! Right away I knew that something must be done. They were going to put up solar panels where we do P.E, hang out in the morning and after lunch. The solar panels will also be in the site where we hold our graduation and it will interfere with it. We have been graduating on the front of the steps for 90 years. It's time that the students of Dwyer Middle school are heard.

We were not warned about the panels until about a month ago. As the days went by we heard that there was evidence that the solar panel project may be illegal. We want to stop it. We will stop it. We the students of Dwyer middle school have heard the voice of the school district and we have seen what Chevron, the big oil company wants to do. Now it is our turn to be heard.

Solar Panels are great, but not where the school district and Chevron want them to be located. They want them right in front of our school. Come on! Does the school board want our school to look trashy? I guess so. There are many other locations at the school for the panels. A great example would be by the Ice Plants.

Kathy Kessler is the superintendent of the Huntington Beach City School District. She is limiting our right to protest. She even sent out a recorded voicemail to the district saying that "the protest is not approved, authorized, or supported by the district."

To be heard by Chevron we have gathered around 200 students and parents to protest. If this is what it takes to be heard by Chevron then we are willing to do it. All we are trying to do is get it into Chevrons head that our middle school protesters and their parents do not appreciate these solar panels on our front lawn. I want to thank Gloria Allred very much for taking time to support us.

January 27, 2011