2015 In The Media

12.31.15 Gloria Allred joins on 790 KABC Talk Radio to discuss Bill Cosby being charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania, the arraignment, the charges and what happens next?

12.22.15 MSNBC - Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents many Bill Cosby accusers, joins Thomas Roberts to discuss Bill Cosby filing defamation lawsuits against some of his accusers, including supermodel Beverly Johnson, who Allred does not represent.

12.10.15 "Does the NFL Treat Women Worse Than Dogs?" Gloria Allred speaks to Haley Potiker for her Broadly-Vice essay.

12.04.15 Gloria Allred featured on A MATTER OF OPINION Documentary "Supreme Court Allows Same-Sex Marriage".

12.03.15 Gloria Allred featured in Marie Claire Italy's portfolio ďautore "first ladies"

12.01.15 Gloria Allred writes open letter to Spike Lee over "Sex Strike" remark. - RadarOnline

11.19.15 Gloria is interviewed by the Montreal Gazette prior to her keynote speech this coming Sunday, November 22, at the ICRF Pink Lady Women of Action Bruch in Montreal.

11.18.15 CBS Atlanta - Gloria Allred suing Cobb County After Being Barred From Bill Cosby Show.

11.13.15 Los Angeles Times - "With Cosby case, Gloria Allred again finds herself in scandal's spotlight".

11.11.15 HuffPost reports on "How Cosby's Accusers Are Fighting To Fix The Legal System That Shut Them Out"

11.10.15 Gloria Allred representing mother of Julian Hernandez, Alabama boy taken 13 years ago.

10.29.15 ABC News - Gloria Allred weighs in on the Dennis Hastert decision and the "Renewed Debate Over Sex Crime Statute of Limitations"

10.25.15 50 years after what some call the "most gruesome crime ever committed in Indiana", Gloria Allred attends memorial service to honor all victims of child abuse and encourage change in state laws.

10.24.15 USA Today reports "Gloria Allred's unrelenting pursuit of Bill Cosby produced two more accusers on Friday."

10.23.15 Business Insider/Reuters reports Gloria Allred is joined by "Two more women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct" adding their voices to more than 50 other women.

10.20.15 Los Angeles Times reports Gloria Allred's reaction to Mr. Cosby's substitution of attorney in the legal battle on behalf of Judy Huth.

10.13.15 Boston Daily Free Press - Gloria Allred holds press conference to discuss current status of legal action against Bill Cosby.

10.11.15 Reuters Live - Gloria Allred at press conference in Boston reports Cosby testified under oath for about 7 hours on Friday.

10.09.15 LA Times reports Bill Cosby, Gloria Allred to face off in deposition over molestation claims.

10.08.15 NY Times - Gloria Allred outside Santa Monica courthouse where Cosby loses his bid to prevent another lawsuit.

10.08.15 Gloria joins Kate Snow Live on MSNBC to discuss the recent hearings in the Cosby case as well as the deposition taking place tomorrow and what can be expected.

10.01.15 Inside Edition - Gloria Allred's client former beauty queen: "Bill Cosby would ruin my career if I did not have sex with him."

09.30.15 CNN International "Bill Cosby faces new allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior. Isha Sesay interviews Gloria Allred and her client Lisa Christie.

09.25.15 Gloria Allred is featured on PBS American Masters: The Women's List. All trailblazers in their respective fields these women share their experiences struggling against discrimination and overcoming challenges to realize exceptional achievements and identities.

09.22.15 Gloria Allred joins the Wendy Williams show to talk about the Bill Cosby scandal.

09.20.15 CBS Sunday Morning features Gloria Allred on a segment called "the Women Confronting Bill Cosby"

09.18.15 Gloria Allred appears on MSNBC Live with her client Charlotte Fox to review the A&E documentary "The Women Speak" where Cosby accusers shared their stories of drugging and assault.

09.18.15 TODAY on NBC News - Where are they now? 10 years after the Scott Peterson incident Amber Frey joins her attorney Gloria Allred to speak with Matt Lauer.

09.17.15 USA TODAY reports Cosby accusers line up to tell their stories again on the A&E special "The Women Speak".

09.10.15 Gloria Allred joins Dr. Phil with her clients Eden Tirl, Linda Whitedeer, Colleen Hughes and Kacey to discuss the Bill Cosby sex scandal and what they allege Cosby did to them.

09.01.15 Variety & Hollywood Reporter news - "CBS Developing Legal Drama Inspired by Gloria Allred."

08.22.15 Detroit Free Press - From Supreme Court to Southfield: DeBoer and Rowse Marry. Famed civil rights Attorney Gloria Allred joins the celebration.

08.20.15 Two more women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Watch DailyMail.com video of Ms. Allred's press conference in New York.

08.20.15 HuffPost reports Gloria Allred has back to back press conferences in Los Angeles and New York with several "new accusers bringing the total to over 50 women.

08.13.15 Gloria Allred issues a challenge to Cosby's lawyer to debate on CNN Live with Ashleigh Banfield

08.12.15 The Wrap - 3 new Bill Cosby accusers reveal explicit details of alleged assaults at a press conference in Gloria Allred's Los Angeles office.

08.12.15 HuffPost - "Three new Bill Cosby Accusers Come Forward, Attorney Gloria Allred Challenges Cosby's Lawyer".

08.06.15 Gloria joins CNN's Ashleigh Banfield to discuss Cosby deposition.

08.05.15 Reuters reports "Bill Cosby ordered to give deposition in sexual abuse lawsuit". Gloria Allred says she expects to depose Cosby in Massachusetts.

07.28.15 Fox Exclusive - Gloria Allred and her client Marcella Tate react to New York Magazine cover on Cosby accusers.

07.28.15 Gloria Allred reports to Fox 11 LA -Santa Monica judge rules Cosby must give his deposition no later than September 30.

07.28.15 Gloria Allred on BBC Trending #TheEmptyChair moves discussion beyond Cosby.

07.27.15 The Women - Will Bill Cosby ever pay a penalty for all of the allegations against him? Gloria Allred joins Chris Hayes on MSNBC

07.23.15 CNN Live - Gloria Allred "The lawyer who is ready to question Cosby face to face."

07.22.15 Reuters reports "Cosby loses latest legal bid" - Gloria Allred, said decision clears the way for litigation brought by her client Judy Huth.

07.21.15 Australia News 10 - Exclusive Interview with Gloria Allred regarding latest Bill Cosby revelations.

07.20.15 Nightline on ABC News - "A New Firestorm Surrounds Bill Cosby". Ms. Allred comments on his feudal efforts to keep his own testimony from the public.

07.16.15 The Washington Times reports: Gloria Allred asks White House to create a "mechanism" to revoke Coby's Medal of Freedom

07.13.15 LA Times reports "2 alleged Bill Cosby sex assault victims join effort to unseal his entire deposition." Attorney Gloria Allred said her firm filed a memorandum in support of efforts to release Cosby's entire transcript.

07.09.15 Gloria Allred and her client Lili Bernard join Brooke Baldwin on CNN Live to discuss the partial release of the Bill Cosby's 2005 deposition and Lili's allegations against Mr. Cosby.

07.07.15 Bill Cosby's Quaalude Confession. Does this validate the accusations again the actor? Gloria Allred weighs in on Access Hollywood.

07.07.15 Gloria Allred joins Brooke Baldwin on CNN Headline News with her client Cosby victim Beth Ferrier to discuss the recent Bill Cosby deposition bombshell.

07.07.15 Gloria Allred joins CNN Tonight with Don Lemon to discuss "Cosby Under Fire".

07.01.15 Dallas Morning News - A Texas grand jury indicts former Dallas Cowboy C.J. Spillman on a sexual assault charge. Gloria Allred who represents the victim said that she believes the NFL "clearly dropped the ball on a serious allegation. It is shameful that the NFL has taken no meaningful action."

06.30.15 KTLA News 5 - Ex-LAPD Officer Charge with Murder Laughs During Court Appearance: Victim's Attorney Gloria Allred responds.

06.28.15 WeHo Rally Celebrates Long March to Marriage Equality - Gloria Allred takes the stage to celebrate.

06.16.15 KTLA 5 News - "Witness to Texas Pool Party Subjected to Death Threats, Attorney Gloria Allred Says"

06.14.15 WEST HOLLYWOOD (CNS/FOX 11) - Gloria Allred participates in the 2015 Annual LA Pride Parade, celebrating the transgender, lesbian, gay and bisexual communities, where hundreds of thousands of people lined Santa Monica Boulevard Sunday in West Hollywood, CA.

06.09.15 "Gloria Allred blames Staff training at Embassy Suites following sexual assault" - Live on local News 2 Charleston.

06.05.15 Orlando FLA Live on Local 6 News: "Gloria Allred files defamation lawsuit on behalf of her client Samantha Boomer against her estranged husband Russ Rollins, host of "Monsters in the Morning" and iHeart Radio.

06.02.15 Gloria Allred live on CBS local news Palm Desert, CA to report on woman missing for two weeks in remote area of San Diego County. "Dianna Bedwell is a hero".

06.01.15 LA Times reports "Lost woman who survived on pie and rainwater is "on path to recovery" her attorney Gloria Allred said Monday.

05.26.15 Las Vegas Review Journal reports "Cosby sex assault bill signed; statute of limitations extended". Gloria Allred holds news conference with her client Lise-Lotte Lublin.

05.17.15 Las Vegas Review Journal reports Gloria Allred and her client, alleged Bill Cosby victim, urged lawmakers to support a bill extending the statute of limitations on sexual assault. The Nevada state Senate approved the bill today.

05.15.15 Gloria Allred and her client, an alleged Cosby victim, Lili Bernard, join the ET crew on CBS to talk about Bill Cosby's GMA interview today.

05.06.15 NBC 4 coverage of Gloria Allred with her client who filed an anti-SLAPP lawsuit and cross complaint against NFL football player Ray McDonald today.

05.05.15 Fox News Radio "The Alan Colmes Show" talks Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s history of domestic violence with Gloria Allred.

05.05.15 Ms. Allred appears on "The Doctors" to discuss the case of her client whose wife attempted to cut off his penis with scissors.

05.02.15 CBS reports "Protest Against Bill Cosby in Atlanta, Led by Attorney Gloria Allred."

05.01.15 Gloria Allred holds press conference today. NY Daily News reports "Former Cosby Show guest star looks to prosecute on alleged drug and rape charges in New Jersey".

04.28.15 Gloria Allred attends the SCOTUS oral arguments on same sex marriage in Washington DC today. She joins Steve Malzberg on Newmax TV to debate the fundamental right to marry.

04.25.15 Gloria Allred appears on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" to discuss Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s history of domestic violence. (8:10/11:54)

04.24.15 Gloria Allred joke brings laughs to the Jimmy Kimmel Show

04.23.15 USA TODAY reports "Attorney Gloria Allred's crusade against Bill Cosby continues, with the introduction of her latest clients who accuse the comedian of drugging and raping them."

04.15.15 Gloria Allred discusses Panama City, FL gang rape and why nobody did anything about it with Brook Baldwin on CNN Live.

04.13.15 On April 7 Kanye West apologized to videographer Danny Ramos for his LAX attack in July 2013. Watch the NBC EXTRA TV interview with Danny and his attorney Gloria Allred.

04.07.15 LA Times reports: Gloria Allred announces settlement in lawsuit her videographer client filed against Kanye West.

04.01.15 Gloria Allred appears on "A Current Affair" MSN9 Australia to discuss the ongoing allegations against Bill Cosby.

03.24.15 The Washington Post reports "Bill Cosby 'Far from Finished' tour pushes on. But will it be his last?"

03.18.15 Gloria Allred, who represents the victim's family, joins vigil held for man allegedly shot by rookie LAPD officer Henry Solis.

03.13.15 Carson City, NV (KRNV & MyNews4.com) -- A Nevada woman who claims Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her will testify alongside Attorney Gloria Allred at the Nevada State Legislature

03.13.15 The Guardian reports Ms. Allred to address "the judiciary committee of the Nevada assembly in support of AB212 which is believed to be the first attempt of its kind in the US to change the law in order to remove the time barrier on potential Cosby prosecutions."

02.22.15 Gloria Allred and Beverly Johnson "walk the red carpet" at Oscar Party "Night of 100 Stars". Reporter asks for update on Bill Cosby.

02.19.15 Gloria Allred joins Don Lemon on CNN Live with two of the latest Bill Cosby accusers.

02.13.15 NY Post Page Six reports Gloria Allred press conference. "Two new Cosby accusers step forward: 'I felt like a rag doll'"

02.12.15 Two more women accuse Cosby of drugging them speak out today with their attorney Gloria Allred. See the local and national coverage here.

01.30.15 Fox 8 covers Cosby's Sandusky concert. Gloria Allred "victims whom I represent are not laughing at Bill Cosby and do not find him funny. They would like their day with him, not in a theater but in a courtroom."

01.29.15 Gloria Allred joins MSNBC's Ronan Farrow to weigh in on the "sexist" ban at UVA's sorority row and the larger issue of entrenched frat party culture.

01.22.15 Jimmy Kimmel Live jokes about Gloria Allred and the Patriots "deflate-gate" scandal.

01.21.15 Huffington Post reports Ms. Allred to receive LGBT ally "Elgy" Award

01.17.15 Access Hollywood joins Gloria Allred outside the Buell Theater in Denver Colorado for Cosby's performance.

01.17.15 Entertainment Tonight reports - "Gloria Allred leads the biggest protest to date against Bill Cosby in Denver"

01.14.15 "Cosby Under Fire" Gloria Allred joins CNN Don Lemon's Special with Cosby accusers who are speaking out.

01.08.15 Gloria Allred and her client Linda Kirkpatrick join Nancy Grace to discuss allegations against Bill Cosby.

01.07.15 TMZ posts live feed of Mr. Allred's press conference today with 3 new Cosby accusers.

01.07.15 Entertainment Tonight covers Bill Cosby latest news including the press conference held by Gloria Allred with three new alleged victims.

01.07.15 Huffington Post reports "Gloria Allred Introduces 3 new Bill Cosby Accusers, Criticizes Phylicia Rashad"

01.05.15 Gloria Allred joins CNN's Don Lemon to weigh in on underage sex allegations against famed attorney Alan Dershowitz in light of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.