2016 In The Media

12.14.16 The Hollywood Reporter - "Gloria Allred on Protecting Roe v. Wade from a Trump Administration".

12.13.16 WJTV1 - Philadelphia - "Cosby lawyers complain about attorney Gloria Allred" in the latest Cosby appearance in pre-trial arguments about accusers being allowed to testify as "prior bad act" witnesses.

12.13.16 The Hollywood Reporter - Gloria Allred: I'll Hunt Trump Into the White House

12.01.16 Star Telegram Dallas - Gloria Allred files "Lawsuit: Car salesman sent customer's nude photos to swingers site".

11.29.16 ABC 7 News - Gloria Allred appears at Darren Sharper sentencing today in LA with her clients, two of Sharper's victims.

11.17.16 Yahoo! News features Gloria Allred on suing President-elect Donald Trump; "I'll Keep you in Suspense".

11.11.16 Huffington Post - "Gloria Allred Reminds Us That Our President-Elect Is Accused Of Sexual Assault".

11.11.16 BuzzFeed - Ms. Allred appears with her client Summer Zervos - " Donald Trump now has the largest bully pulpit in the world".

11.10.16 Gloria Allred joins ABC's Good Morning America- "Women Accusing Trump Won't Be Intimidated After Election".

11.08.16 "Gloria Allred says the Presidential Race will be Decided by Women" - Broadly

11.07.16 "Powerhouse Attorney Gloria Allred Gives Her Opinions on Election 2016" - CY Interview

11.07.16 New York Times Monday briefing "Reverberations from Cosby case". Gloria Allred lobbied hard in several states to extend or eliminate the statutes of limitations on sexual assaults.

11.06.16 New York Times - "After Bill Cosby, States Shift on Statutes of Limitations in Sexual Assault Cases". Ms. Allred represents many of the victims turned activist.

11.02.16 LA Times - Prosecutors say "Cosby's lawyers are trying to intimidate" the witnesses. Outside the courtroom Gloria Allred replies "It's not the first time I've been attacked by the defense".

11.01.16 Gloria Allred discusses Cosby hearing today outside the courthouse on Penn Live TV

11.01.16 WFMZ TV Norristown PA - Bill Cosby back in court today. Gloria Allred refutes arguments by Cosby's defense team attempting to limit evidence used at his felony trial in June.

11.01.16 USA Today - Gloria addresses the media outside the Pennsylvania courthouse at the Cosby pre-trial hearing about her hopes that the court will allow "prior bad acts" witnesses to testify.

11.01.16 Live at the Philadelphia courthouse Gloria Allred tell the Billy Penn "race is a bogus issue in the Cosby defense".

10.28.16 The Salt Lake Tribune "Former Miss Utah hires prominent attorney to defend her if Donald Trump sues".

10.27.16 The Guardian interviews Gloria Allred on topics from the Trump accusers to a Clinton presidency.

10.27.16 Gloria Allred joins MSNBC's Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss Donald Trump's threats to sue his accusers.

10.27.16 NY Daily News "Darren Sharper reaches plea deal in Nevada". Victim Impact statement read for her client by Gloria Allred "He didn't try to assault me, he did".

10.27.16 KTNV Las Vegas - Ex-NFL player Darren Sharper sentenced today. Gloria Allred appears in court to read the victim's impact statement.

10.26.16 TMZ video "Gloria Allred to Trump - You Sue Us, We Sue You".

10.25.16 People magazine reports "Attorney Gloria Allred Fires Back At Donald Trump's Claim"

10.24.16 Washington Daily Caller exclusive "Gloria Allred Angrily Denies She is Chasing Ambulances for Hillary".

10.20.16 The Inquisitr - "New Donald Trump Sexual Assault Accuser at Gloria Allred's Press Conference" - see full video

10.20.16 CBS News - "Tenth woman accuses Donald Trump of sexual misconduct"

10.19.16 Gloria Allred appear on CNN International to discuss accusers speaking out about alleged Trump assaults.

10.18.16 LA Times interviews Gloria Allred in their story "Hollywood's culture of sexual harassment is finally making headlines".

10.18.16 NBC News "Trump Denials are 'Rape Myths and Stereotypes 101' Advocates Say. Gloria Allred addresses the question directly.

10.14.16 Gloria joins CNN's Don Lemon with her daughter, Lisa Bloom, after two more women accuse Trump of sexual assault.

10.14.16 Former 'Apprentice' contestant accuses Trump of sexually harassing her in 2007. Politico covers the story at Ms. Allred's press conference .

10.14.16 "When You're a Star" you can grope women' - Gloria Allred reacts to the Donald Trump tape on CNN with Don Lemon.

10.13.16 Huff Post update on the political climate surrounding Planned Parenthood. Gloria shows her support for the political funding of Planned Parenthood.

10.13.16 Gloria Allred - "The NFL has failed" in its handling of domestic violence. The NY Daily News Reports "How Roger Goodell Mishandled Domestic Violence and What NFL Has Changed Since".

10.13.16 The Daily Beast reports "If Donald Trump Sued the New York Times or His Accusers, It Would Be a Suicide Mission". Gloria offers her thoughts.

10.12.16 Frenzy surrounds "Apprentice" tapes. Gloria Allred speaks to THE HILL.

10.12.16 Gloria joins KABC 790 talk show host Doug McIntyre to discuss Donald Trump's remarks that were leaked by Access Hollywood and the continued fallout.

10.11.16 Gloria appears on Good Day LA to discuss the leaked Access Hollywood audio of Donald Trump.

10.11.16 LA Times reports "Gloria Allred takes on Donald Trump, demand unaired footage from 'The Apprentice'".

10.11.16 TMZ reports Gloria Allred Demands MGM Release "Apprentice" tapes.

10.10.16 The Gothamist reports "Gloria Allred Says More Women Are Contacting Her About Trump Misconduct

09.28.16 Town&Country - "The Reason Celebrity Divorces Get So Ugly". Gloria Allred weighs in on the Pitt-Jolie divorce.

09.28.16 The Hollywood Reporter - "California Passes Law Inspired by Bill Cosby Scandal". Gloria Allred issues statement.

09.20.16 Reuters - "Sexual abuse lawsuit against Cosby take backseat to criminal case" Judith Huth is represented by Gloria Allred.

09.08.16 Atlanta Journal Constitution - "Gloria Allred wins Cobb Energy Bill Cosby concert protest case".

09.08.16 New York Daily News reports - "Lawyer Gloria Allred reaches settlement in Bill Cosby comedy show lawsuit."

09.02.16 Gloria Allred writes Op-Ed for the LA Times - "Criminal rape cases should not be on a ticking clock".

08.31.16 CBS News - Well known attorney Gloria Allred is speaking out on two bills that will go in front of the governor early next week that could protect victims of rape and sexual assault in California.

08.26.16 Gloria Allred celebrates Women's Equality Day at the premier of the new film Equal Means Equal in Los Angeles.

08.25.16 KABC Talk Radio's Doug McIntyre invites Gloria Allred to join his show to discuss the Andrea Tantaros lawsuit filed against Fox News.

08.23.16 Los Angeles Times reports "Barbershop agrees to change advertising, pay damages to settle discrimination lawsuit by transgender man" - Gloria Allred represents plaintiff.

08.22.16 NT Daily News reports Gloria Allred represents "Transgender man in California haircut discrimination beef wins settlement from barber shop."

08.18.16 Los Angeles Business Journal honors Gloria Allred as one of the 500 Most Influential People in Los Angeles.

08.18.16 NY Daily News - Gloria Allred represents two of Darren Sharper's female victims. Today the Ex-NFL star was sentenced to 18 year in federal prison in Louisiana.

08.09.16 www.nydailynews.com Opinion - Gloria Allred and Nathan Goldberg suggest Donald and Eric Trump risk making life worse for women in the workplace.

08.09.16 Gloria Allred featured on the cover of Newsweek 2015 The Year in Review - Photograph by Anthony Behar.

08.09.16 What should you do it you are a victim of sexual harassment? Gloria Allred co-authored this article for The Wrap.

08.09.16 Gloria Allred joins CNN Live to discuss the women that allege they were sexually harassed by Roger Ailes.

08.04.16 Washington Post - What is feminist hero Susan Estrich doing representing Roger Ailes? Gloria Allred weighs in on the discussion.

08.01.16 Gloria joins Don Lemon on CNN to discuss the Melania Trump photos and Donald Trump on sexual harassment.

08.01.16 This New Yorker story covers "Gloria Allred for Hillary Clinton" at the DNC

07.26.16 NY Times First Draft reports Gloria Allred "intervened in heated California delegate debate at the DNC".

07.26.16 CNN Live - Gloria Allred at the 2016 Democratic Convention as California nominates the next President of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton!

07.25.16 Gloria Allred joins KABC 790 talk radio from the delegate floor in Philadelphia at the DNC

07.25.16 Variety.com - "Gloria Allred, Who Battled Donald Trump and Won, Comes to Philadelphia for Democratic Convention".

07.25.16 Gloria meets with Dolores Huerta at the DNC in Philadelphia. Dolores is a labor leader and civil rights activist who co-founded the National Farmworkers Assoc. which later became the United Farm Workers (UFW).

07.22.16 Famed attorney Gloria Allred takes to the hot topics table and help #The Preachers understand the allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby

07.14.16 The Huffington Post asks for Gloria's thoughts on the Gretchen Carlson v. Roger Ailes sexual harassment lawsuit.

07.06.16 Gloria Allred featured in Vanity Fair article - "The One Accuser Who May Finally Bring Cosby Down for Good"

06.22.16 "Gilroy school district slapped with 2 more sexual misconduct lawsuits" by Attorney Gloria Allred.

06.16.16 "Hard Rock Sexual Assault Victim Provides Voice for Silenced Victims"- Gloria Allred represents the victim.

06.15.16 NY Daily News - Gloria Allred represents "Rape victim who feels vindicated after her abuser, Los Angeles musician Scott Bennett, gets five-year sentence criticizes Brock Turner's "incredibly light" punishment."

06.10.16 Gloria Allred joins Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for the signing of HB 16-1260 extending the Statue of Limitations for the criminal prosecution of rape and sexual assault - CBS4 covers the story.

06.09.16 LA Times - "Occidental College probe: School agrees to reforms in handling sexual misconduct complaints" three years after Attorney Gloria Allred announced the filing of a federal civil rights complaint against the college.

06.07.16 Gloria Allred Reacts to Hillary Clinton's Historic Win /Good Morning Britain

06.07.16 NY Magazine - Gloria Allred weighs in on "Why Brock Turner Only Got 6 Months in Jail for Sexually Assaulting an Unconscious Woman"

06.01.16 NY Daily News reports Gloria Allred files "lawsuit accusing NYC lounge manager of beating actress in drunken attack."

06.01.16 Page Six NY Post - Gloria Allred represents "Actress suing Beautique manager for breaking her nose"

05.25.16 Gloria Allred responds to judge's decision for Cosby case to go to trial - Yahoo! News Now

05.25.16 Gloria Allred reacts to ruling that Bill Cosby must stand trial - Daily Mail.com

05.24.16 Cosby to Stand Trial - Gloria comments on Entertainment Tonight

05.24.16 Gloria Allred addresses order for Cosby to stand trial today outside the Pennsylvania courthouse.

04.22.16 ABC news reports "Women's rights attorney Gloria Allred speaks to Hayward school after Ray McDonald visit".

04.21.16 The Mercury News reports "Gloria Allred to speak at Hayward school where ex-49er gave a talk following rape charges".

04.14.16 Gloria joins Dr Drew to discuss the Julian Hernandez abduction case in which she represents the boy's mother.

04.12.16 LA Times reports big victory for California as a Senate Committee gives approval to a bill that would allow sex crimes to be prosecuted no matter how long ago they occurred. Speaking in favor of the bill was high-profile Attorney Gloria Allred.

04.07.16 NY Daily News - "Sprit Airlines passengers battered in fight sue the carrier for continuing to serve alcohol to assailants, failure to protect them" Gloria Allred represent the victims.

04.04.16 Gloria joins Legal Face Off WGN Chicago to discuss OJ, Cosby and her recent lawsuit against Hawleywood's barbershop (at 33-43 minutes on the audio).

04.01.16 "Women in Law" Spring Business Edition - Gloria Allred and Christina Cheung weigh in on why America should adopt a global standard in regard to paid leave.

03.31.16 Gloria Allred included in Mashable's "11 incredible women in law promoting social justice for all"

03.31.16 Time.com - "Hugh Hefner May be Deposed in Bill Cosby Suit" "Mr. Hefner is going to be 90 years old next week - we need to proceed with his deposition." - Gloria Allred

03.29.16 KTLA News 5 reports "A transgender man, represented by famed attorney Gloria Allred, has filed a discrimination lawsuit after he was allegedly denied a haircut at a Long Beach barbershop."

03.23.16 Former NFL player Ray McDonald stands trial for rape; accuser and her attorney Gloria Allred are furious that local high school invited him to speak to the students. - The Source

03.22.16 Gloria Allred joins Greta Talk to discuss how the criminal justice system failed Nicole Brown Simpson.

03.16.16 Gloria Allred represents 5 students in Grand Rapids teacher sex abuse case where cell phones and school laptop go missing - MLive.com

03.11.16 Attorney Gloria Allred receives the President's Volunteer Action Award at the White House in 1986 from President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan. Nancy, may you rest in peace.

03.06.16 "Eclipsed" opening welcomes Lupita Nyong'o to Broadway. Gloria Allred smiles for the cameras.

03.03.16 CT Post "Yes means yes" advances in Connecticut following a federal discrimination lawsuit filed against UConn by Attorney Allred in 2013.

02.19.16 Bill Cosby Shot Down In Attempt To Postpone Gloria Allred's Second Deposition- Read RadarOnline

02.10.16 People Magazine - Gloria Allred Reacts to Kanye West's Tweet Supporting Bill Cosby: Rapper 'Has a Lot of Nerve'

02.09.16 "Gloria Allred v. Bill Cosby: Clash of the Philly titans" - Philly Voice

02.04.16 Bill Cosby "will have to face the fact that this case is going to proceed," famed attorney Gloria Allred told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

02.04.16 Yahoo! News Live - Gloria Allred responds to developments in the criminal case to proceed against Bill Cosby.

02.04.16 Cosby's motion to dismiss charges rejected! Gloria joins Doug McIntyre on KABC talk radio.

02.03.16 HLN - Dr. Drew Live - Gloria discusses the "Day of Reckoning for Bill Cosby".

02.02.16 CBS coverage of Ms. Allred's comments outside the Santa Monica courthouse where Bill Cosby was ordered to give a second deposition in the LA sexual battery lawsuit.

02.02.16 CNN coverage - Gloria Allred: Latest Cosby development "ironic".

01.29.16 DJ Magazine explores "Is Sexism Inherent In Our Industry?" with Gloria Allred

01.27.16 Attorney Gloria Allred Claims Molly O'Malia Did Not Tell Tyga She Was 17. - HipHopDX

01.25.16 Gloria Allred's rise from S.W. Philly to the Bill Cosby case - Philly.com

01.22.16 Gloria Allred keynote speaker "on the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade as Philadelphians express their views" - Philly.com

01.06.16 What does Camille Cosby Know? Gloria Allred joins Access Hollywood.

01.04.16 Today Senator Connie Leyva introduced the "Justice for Victims Act" to the California Senate which seeks to eliminate the statute of limitations for rape in California. Gloria Allred is quoted in Senator Leyva's press release lending.

01.04.16 TMZ reports Gloria Allred defends 14-year-old girl after OK! implicates her in sex scandal with Tyga.