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2020 In The Media

12.24.20 – Attorney Gloria Allred is quoted in the linked article regarding the need for separate law for regulation of prostitution in India.

12.20.20 The Telegraph – “Prosecutors worry that Ghislaine Maxwell could use her French and British citizenship to flee if granted bail” Lawyers representing Jeffrey Epstein’s victims have come out to oppose her release. Gloria Allred represents a number of women who allege that they were victims of Ms. Maxwell.

12.17.20 LAW.COM – “Waffle House Settles Lawsuit in Ga. Federal Court Over Alleged Racist Diatribe Directed at Latino Patrons” The plaintiffs, Pabla Martinez and her daughter, K.M., are represented by Cary Wiggins of Atlanta’s Wiggins Law Group and Gloria Allred of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg in Los Angeles.

12.15.20 Biography – “Scott Peterson: A Complete Timeline of His Trial for the Murder of His Wife Laci and Unborn Son” Peterson was declared guilty of the crimes in 2004, but in 2020, his death sentence was overturned, setting the stage for a never-ending legal saga. Amber Frey, represented by Gloria Allred, delivered crucial testimony during the trial.

12.09.20 DJ Magazine – Kristen Knight shares her story of sexual assault by Erick Morillo” Earlier this year, Erick Morillo was arrested and charged with sexual battery. Kristen Knight, the woman who brought the charges against him, has decided to speak out, bravely waving her right to anonymity. In this interview with Ellie Flynn, she shares her experiences in the hope it will create a safer space for survivors of sexual assault to come forward. Ms. Knight is represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

12.08.20 Dr. Oz – “The Woman Who Filed a Rape Accusation Against DJ Erick Morillo Speaks Out” DJ Kristen Knight describes the night she was allegedly assaulted and raped by DJ Erick Morillo. Knight reveals that a date-rape drug was found in her system and her attorney Gloria Allred weighs in on the delay in testing rape kits.

12.05.20 New York Post – “Time’s Up chair defends Goldman Sachs against sexual harassment lawsuit.”

12.04.20 Business Insider Today – A Closer Look – “The Sexual Harassment (R)evolution, According to Gloria Allred” Gloria Allred, one of the world’s most famous sexual harassment lawyers, opens up about how far we’ve come since #MeToo, and why she thinks controversial NDA settlements are good for victims.

12.03.20 San Luis Obispo Tribune – “San Luis Obispo County settles sexual harassment cases involving former coach for $1.25 million.” Court cases alleging that former Lucia Mar Unified School District wrestling coach Justin Magdaleno sexually harassed and assaulted several young girls during his employment at Nipomo High School have come to an end after more than two years of civil litigation. Gloria Allred wrote in an email to The Tribune, “Our five clients sought to hold the school district and Magdaleno accountable for their actions and did so by filing and pursuing these lawsuits for years. My partner, Christina Cheung, my associate, Byron Lau, and I are proud to have represented our brave clients in their fight for justice and hope that the meaningful settlements that they received will help them move forward to a bright future.”

12.02.20 Sports Grind Entertainment – “28 transgender celebrities who inspire Hollywood” Jenna Talackova entered the history books in 2012 when, after securing entry to Miss Universe Canada, she was outed by someone who recognized her from a 2010 Thai beauty pageant for transgender women. The Miss Universe pageant disqualified Talackova, who contacted famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred, who took on the case and challenged the pageant.

12.02.20 newstalk – The Hard Shoulder Podcast – US Women’s Rights Lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented three witnesses in the trial of Harvey Weinstein, joined Kieran Cuddihy on Wednesday’s edition of The Hard Shoulder to explain where the Me Too movement came from, and the impact it has had for the future of women’s rights.

11.29.20 Dispatch Argus – “Key question in Cosby appeal: Does defendant’s past matter?” The defense attorneys for Bill Cosby will present an appeal on his behalf to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on December 1st. The justices may look at clearing up the law on one of the murkiest questions plaguing criminal trials: When should a jury hear about someone’s past? The Cosby appeal could decide whether courts allow the expansive use of “prior bad act” witnesses that many judges have adopted in recent years or rein it in to preserve the presumption of innocence. The Supreme Court will also consider whether the jury should have heard Cosby’s damaging deposition testimony from Andrea Constand’s lawsuit, when he acknowledged giving alcohol or quaaludes to some of his accusers before sexual encounters. The Supreme Court is not expected to rule for several months. Attorney Gloria Allred represented three of the five witnesses in Mr. Cosby’s previous trial.

11.24.20 American Lawyer Magazine – Attorney Gloria Allred is honored to be recognized with The American Lawyer’s 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award. American Lawyer magazine interviewed her for this profile on her life’s work. Other honorees to receive the award this year are Robert Mueller and Ted Wells, among others.

11.12.20 NBC News: “Justice Department probe ends with no action against prosecutors who oversaw Epstein deal – ‘Letting a well-connected billionaire get away with child rape and international sex trafficking isn’t ‘poor judgment’ – it is a disgusting failure,’ said Sen. Ben Sasse.” A Justice Department investigation found that federal prosecutors who oversaw a controversial non-prosecution deal with Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 exercised “poor judgment” but did not break the law, according to an executive summary released Thursday. The investigation by the department’s Office of Professional Responsibility focused on the conduct of former federal government lawyers, including ex-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. Several of the attorneys representing victims of Jeffrey Epstein commented on this conclusion, including attorney Gloria Allred who represents 20 alleged victims. She said many of them were “sexually abused by Epstein after Acosta’s failure to prosecute Epstein,” and, “I believe that many of my clients could have been saved from the sex trafficking and sexual abuse that they suffered had Acosta and the U.S. Justice Department prosecuted Epstein at that time.” Two other federal investigations connected to Mr. Epstein remain ongoing.

11.05.20 The Telegraph – “Donald Trump sexism tracker: Every offensive comment in one place.” The President of the United States has been widely called out for his objectification of women and sexist remarks. The author of the article has listed some of Mr. Trump’s most remarkable comments – from suggesting that women should be “punished” for having abortions and “joking” that he’d date his daughter. In 2012, transgender Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova was kicked out of the contest for not having declared her trans status in her entry (the pageant does now accept trans people). Ms. Talackova’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, angrily said that no one had asked Trump to “prove” he was a man by showing his anatomy.

10.21.20 Vogue – “Glenn Close Talks Broadway for Biden and Reviving Cruella De Vil at Home.” The award-winning actress, Glenn Close, is interviewed discussing how Glenn is getting through these unusual times while playing on her Instagram account, her current creative projects, and the political landscape, among other topics. They talk about the March for Women’s Lives demonstration which took place in Washington, D.C., in 1989, where Ms. Close participated along with Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Judy Collins, and Gloria Allred, among other notables. A picture from the event can be seen in the article. Interesting article and great picture!

10.16.20 Washington Post – “Ex-Washington cheerleaders shaken by lewd videos: ‘I don’t think they viewed us as people’.” In August, The Post reported that the Washington football team had produced lewd videos out of outtakes from the cheerleaders’ 2008 and 2010 swimsuit calendar shoots that include partial nudity. Now in their 30s and 40s, with careers and children, the dozens of ex-cheerleaders who appear in the videos are terrified the footage will appear online and are coping with a painful reckoning about their seasons with the NFL franchise. Attorney Gloria Allred represents 20 ex-cheerleaders.

10.16.20 Yahoo Sports -“More than 30 former Washington cheerleaders could be filing suit.” The report that a former Washington Football Team executive ordered the making more than a decade ago of secret outtakes from cheerleader videos has increased the negative narratives around the team. It also inevitably will result in litigation. Attorney Gloria Allred represents 20 former Washington cheerleaders. Per the latest Washington Post report, the franchise has agreed to let the lawyers conduct an independent forensic investigation aimed at securing copies of the videos, created in 2008 and 2010, along with any other unauthorized cheerleader videos that may be residing on the team’s computer system.

10.15.20 InTouch Weekly – “Meghan Markle and Princess Diana’s Royal Family Secrets Revealed in New Documentary.” A two-part documentary reveals how Princess Diana’s unconventional and rebellious style paved the way for the dramatic changes that have rocked the royal family -perhaps leading to the addition of Meghan Markle. “Women are generally not encouraged to be rebels (by the royal family), they are encouraged to be silent and do what they are told. That of course was not Diana,” says Gloria Allred, a Los Angeles women’s rights attorney interviewed for the documentary. The special also reports on years of alleged infidelity by Prince Charles and his companion Camilla Parker-Bowles as well as Princess Diana and the alleged affairs that led to her divorce from Charles in 1996. The documentary moves on to the modern royal family as it rejects the age-old royal “fairy tale” and embraces the diversity of England and the world today. Tune in to The Story of The Royals on Saturday, October 17, on REELZ at 8 p.m. ET.

10.09.20 Mother Jones – “I Called Everyone in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book.” A fascinating article, where the writer details what he learned from conversations the people he spoke to who were listed in Mr. Epstein’s phone book which was leaked online, and as the writer obsessively followed this story. He spoke to attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, about the inscrutable early plea deal he received. She told him: “There is no good answer-it doesn’t exist, and that’s why you can’t find it. Sometimes not finding the answer is the answer.”

10.02.20 New York Daily News “Harvey Weinstein charged with 3 more rapes in Beverly Hills.” Imprisoned movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was charged Friday in three more rapes in Beverly Hills dating back a decade or more. Weinstein allegedly sexually assaulted one of the new victims at a Beverly Hills hotel sometime between September 2004 and September 2005, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said. Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred represents two women in the California case, including one of the new Jane Does. “My clients are very brave and are willing to testify when this cases goes to trial,” Ms. Allred told the Daily News.

09.25.20 Film Daily – “How do Jeffrey Epstein’s victims feel about Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest?” Ms. Maxwell was charged for multiple crimes including enticement of minors & sex trafficking of children. She now awaits trial, which is set for July 21, 2021. While not every Epstein victim has come forward, some have already spoken up about how they felt when they heard the news of Maxwell’s arrest. The article shares some of the survivors’ responses. Experts report the number of Epstein’s victims could be in the hundreds, according to The Daily Mail. Some lawyers spoke for their clients following Maxwell’s arrest, including Gloria Allred, who represents sixteen Epstein survivors. Allred said in a statement she hopes Ms. Maxwell “will be accountable” for her alleged crimes with Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on July 2, 2020 in her New Hampshire getaway, after being on the run since Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest in July 2019.

09.25.20 Pocono Record – “Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes first woman to lie in state: 8 other strides she made for women.” Even in death, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is making history for women. The U.S. Supreme Court justice, a driving force for gender equality in the United States who died last week at age 87, will be the first woman to lie in state in the U.S. Capitol. The honor comes after Ginsburg lay in repose at the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday and Thursday, a final visit to the high court she served for 27 years. During those decades, Ginsburg helped act as a voice for women – and men – in countless ways, from education to workplace discrimination and health care. Though it would be impossible to list every triumph that Ginsburg helped achieve, the article traces some of the impact she’s had on women’s lives in America. One example is that before Ginsburg, state-funded schools didn’t have to admit women. In the 1996 United States v. Virginia case, Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion that it is unconstitutional for schools funded by taxpayer dollars to bar women. Speaking to USA TODAY, women’s rights attorney, Gloria Allred, described Ginsburg’s opinion in the case as “groundbreaking.” “She was clear that state-sponsored educational institutions could not exclude women on account of their gender,” attorney Allred explained.

09.24.20 My News – “Woman Alleges Rape at Pechanga Resort in Temecula.” A $10 million claim was filed Thursday against the Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula on behalf of a woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by an individual described as an employee, which Pechanga officials deny. The woman’s attorney, Gloria Allred, identified her client as “Michele” during a Los Angeles news conference in which both were sharply critical of the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office for not filing charges in the case. “Michele has been willing to come forward today not only because of what she has suffered, but because we have reason to believe that there are many rape cases in California with similar facts that are not being prosecuted,” Ms. Allred said. [See Videos and Statements on this site for press conference materials on 09.24.20]

09.05.20 The Telegraph – “Selling Sussex – but where will the royal couple draw the line?” Netflix announced last week a major deal with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Meghan and Harry – which is rumored to be a “$100-150 million” contract to become television producers. They’ve agreed to produce documentaries, feature films, scripted television programs and children’s shows designed to “inform and give hope.” In a statement, the couple gave few clues to their programming, saying: “Through our work with diverse communities and their environments, to shining a light on people and causes around the world, our focus will be on creating content that informs but also gives hope.” As an 11-year-old, Meghan managed to persuade Procter & Gamble to ditch a sexist TV commercial for dish liquid after writing to Hillary Clinton, lawyer Gloria Allred and journalist Linda Ellerbee.

08.29.20 The Mirror – “Michael Jackson’s ‘weird real’ voice exposed and strange motive for ‘faking’ soft tone.” In the article, friends and journalists who have interviewed Mr. Jackson have shared that they have heard him speak with a different voice other than the soft, high voice he commonly uses in public. They relayed that they have heard his deep, strong voice on occasions when he was angry, discussing business, or when brought bad news. Court TV’s Diane Dimond said “I was there one day when someone asked him about Gloria Allred, the attorney that has sort of dogged him and [he] turned around in one foul swoop and said ‘She can go to hell’ in this big, deep masculine voice.”

08.27.20 Yahoo Sports – “When will the lawsuits be filed against Washington?” With 40 former employees, and possibly counting, claiming that they experienced sexual harassment while working for the Washington Football Team, the writer asks the question: When will one or more current or former employees file a civil lawsuit against the team? Attorney Gloria Allred issued this statement from Brittni Abell, a former Washington cheerleader who appeared in the “good bits” 2010 calendar shoot outtakes video that allegedly was prepared at the request of former team executive Larry Michael for, allegedly, owner Daniel Snyder: “If these allegations are true, the use of my image in such an inappropriate manner, without my knowledge or consent, is reprehensible and appalling.”

08.26.20 The Washington Post – “Lewd cheerleader videos, sexist rules: Ex-employees decry Washington’s NFL team workplace.” Former Washington Redskins cheerleaders are coming forward, as they have learned that unknowingly they were seen in a secret video that was produced using footage from “Beauties on the Beach,” the official video chronicling the making of the Washington NFL team’s 2008 cheerleader swimsuit calendar. The video, intended strictly for private use allegedly for the team executives, is 10-minutes long and featured moments when nipples were inadvertently exposed as the women shifted positions or adjusted props. Attorney Gloria Allred represents 16 former cheerleaders at this time.

08.26.20 – “Lewd cheerleader videos, sexist rules: Ex-employees decry Washington’s NFL team workplace.” Twenty-five women told The Post that they experienced sexual harassment while working for the team. The Washington Post reported on a video made during a calendar shoot, without the cheerleaders knowledge. Attorney Gloria Allred and her firm represents a number of the former cheerleaders. One of them, Brittni Abell, whose nipples were visible through body paint in the 2010 outtakes but airbrushed in the official promotional videos that year, issued a statement through her lawyer, Gloria Allred: “If these allegations are true, the use of my image in such an inappropriate manner, without my knowledge or consent, is reprehensible and appalling.”

08.19.20 The Journal – “Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. accused of rape.” Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr., already charged with groping three women, has also been accused of raping a woman in 2013, according to a civil lawsuit filed yesterday. “Our client is making very serious allegations against Cuba Gooding, Jr. in her lawsuit which we have filed,” lawyer Gloria Allred, who is representing the plaintiff, said. Ms. Allred is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for her client. “She looks forward to obtaining justice in a court of law,” Attorney Allred told AFP. Since 2019, some 20 women have accused Gooding of inappropriate touching or sexual harassment.

08.18.20 Courthouse News Service – “Raped Twice: Woman Wants Damages From Cuba Gooding Jr.” Cuba Gooding Jr., the Academy Award winner indicted on several counts of forcible groping, was hit with a civil complaint Tuesday by a woman who says the actor raped her twice in his hotel room. Bringing her suit anonymously in New York’s Southern District, Jane Doe gives a graphic account of a night that occurred on Aug. 24, 2013, at The Mercer in Soho. “Our client is making very serious allegations against Cuba Gooding, Jr. in her lawsuit which we have filed,” her co-counsel, Gloria Allred, said in an email. “She looks forward to obtaining justice in a court of law.” In state court, the 52-year-old actor additionally faces a criminal trial after he was arrested last June on six misdemeanor counts of sexual abuse stemming from allegations from three women. Mr. Gooding Jr. has denied any wrongdoing.

08.04.20 Variety – “Can Johnny Depp’s Career Survive His Salacious Trial?” Drugs, alcohol, more than half a billion dollars vanished and allegations of domestic violence. These are the makings of a PR nightmare, enough to ruin even the biggest star’s career. But for Johnny Depp, these headlines have become his reality, as the damaged A-lister undergoes a messy trial in the public eye where he has repeatedly denied abusing his ex-wife Amber Heard. The writer looks at Depp’s courtroom battle with Heard, his libel suit against The Sun, and other potential effects on his career. The writer spoke to attorney Gloria Allred, who doesn’t not have either party as a client, to look at her thoughts regarding a celebrity accused of domestic violence. “I’m not going to speculate his motives for suing The Sun, but whether or not the court finds in his favor, he’s disputing a very serious allegation,” Ms. Allred says, explaining that simply disputing claims of spousal abuse could be a strategic tactic to cast doubt on Heard’s accusations, which have dominated headlines for the past five years. Ms. Allred further discusses these issues related to the current MeToo cases in the news.

08.01.20 American Bar Association Journal – “Documentaries are shaping public opinion and influencing cases.” One example of several influential documentaries sited, Surviving R. Kelly premiered on Lifetime in January 2019. The six-part miniseries investigated the sex cult allegations while revisiting some older accusations against the singer, including those that led to the 2008 trial and his 1994 marriage to protege Aaliyah, who was then 15 years old. Days after the premiere, Georgia and Illinois opened criminal investigations and encouraged more victims to come forward. By the next month, Kelly had lost his record deal and been charged by the Cook County state’s attorney in Chicago with sex abuse. In July 2019, he got hit with federal sex abuse charges as well. At press time, he sits in a Chicago jail awaiting trial. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several of Kelly’s accusers, called the documentary “inspiring,” adding: “Courage is contagious, and the courage of those that spoke out inspired others. It made them realize, ‘I’m not alone. I didn’t realize he was doing this others. Maybe I can speak out, too.’ When women break out of those chains of fear, many things are possible.”

07.29.20 The Telegraph – “From TV model to humanitarian princess: the six transformations of Meghan.” The article talks about the princess’ life before and after her marriage, and that Meghan Markle’s philanthropic interests date back to her childhood. At age 11, she was angered by a television commercial for dishwasher soap which proudly asserted that “women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.” In protest, she wrote to Hilary Clinton, the then-first lady, and women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred to protest against the ad. Shortly after, the slogan was amended to: “People over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.”

07.22.20 USA Today – “Prince Andrew vs. the feds: Can he be forced to talk about Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell?” Things appear to be at a stalemate in the struggle between the son of a sovereign and the federal Southern District of New York, where Epstein died in jail last year and where Ghislaine Maxwell has just been locked up on sex-trafficking charges until a trial next year. Attorney Gloria Allred has said publically that Prince Andrew should speak to authorities to help the victims get justice. According to The Independent in London, if a subpoena were issued to compel the prince’s testimony in the U.S., he would not be obliged to comply unless he happened to be in the U.S. “Certainly, if he ever came back to the United States, that would be one of the first things that I’m sure a lot of lawyers, including me, would want to do,” Ms. Allred told BBC Radio in January.

07.14.20 The Hollywood Reporter – “Judge Rejects Proposed Weinstein Class Action Settlement.” Multiple women on Monday objected to the proposed settlement, with one calling it “unjust and vile.” Attorney Gloria Allred made a statement in support of the Judge’s ruling.

07.10.20 ABC News – “Harvey Weinstein’s assets frozen by ex-wives.” Harvey Weinstein’s two ex-wives went to court in April and successfully convinced judges to freeze nearly $6 million of his assets, according to court records reviewed by ABC News this week and three sources close to the disgraced Hollywood producer. The rest of his estate is tied up in bankruptcy and other civil proceedings, multiple sources familiar with the situation confirmed to ABC News. Sources close to Weinstein claimed that the asset freeze has complicated his efforts to appeal his New York conviction and mount a strong defense ahead of his L.A. trial. Veteran victims’ advocate and attorney Gloria Allred, who represents some of the women who have or will testify against Weinstein in criminal court, said that news of the asset freeze concerned her. “This new development presents a serious impediment to the efforts of the victims of Harvey Weinstein to obtain compensation from him for the harm that he has inflicted on them,” Allred told ABC News. “It is not, however, the end of the road for victims, because he may have other assets that are not liquid that may be available to the victims. I have no doubt that victims will persevere until they receive all of the justice available to them under the law.”

07.09.20 New York Post – “Prince Andrew emerges for first time since Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest.” Prince Andrew was spotted in London today for the first time since the arrest of Ms. Maxwell. In a six-count indictment handed down last week, federal prosecutors accused Maxwell of trafficking underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse in the U.S. and London. The prince hasn’t spoken publicly since Maxwell’s arrest and has rarely been seen since he gave an interview with the BBC about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. It’s unclear if Ghislaine Maxwell will cooperate with prosecutors, but attorney Gloria Allred represents several of Maxwell’s accusers and spoke about Prince Andrew at a press conference on Monday stating that the prince should speak with federal prosecutors in New York before Maxwell does – and warned that the “clock is ticking” for him to do so.

07.08.20 Canyon News – ” Epstein Accuser Calls for SMPD Investigation.” On Monday, June 6, Alicia Arden held a press conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, demanding the Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) investigate the inaction of a police report she filed in 1997. In the police report, Arden accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexually battering her at a Santa Monica hotel. During the conference, Ms. Allred detailed that after the report was filed, “Ms. Arden was never contacted by the police or by any prosecutor.” When Ms. Arden went to file a police report, she felt dissuaded to do so by the detectives, but did so formally the next day. She has recounted “I told police that I did not ask or give permission to be touched or to have Epstein start taking my clothes off. I thought I was going to a legitimate audition for Victoria’s Secret, and he took advantage of me.” [See more on the press conference on this site under Videos and Statements, 07.06.20]

07.06.20 Australia – “Ghislaine Maxwell arrest leads to claims Prince Andrew could be ‘covert target’ of US operation.” There is speculation about whether Ms. Maxwell will offer information and evidence as part of a plea deal in her case. The acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss, told reporters at a press conference announcing the arrest of Ms. Maxwell that she would “welcome Prince Andrew coming in to talk with us.” Attorney Gloria Allred, representing some of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, told Good Morning Britain the Duke of York’s failure to conduct an interview was a “torture test” for her clients. “And this kind of torture test that Prince Andrew is subjecting the victims to, like will he or won’t he give a statement, if he will, when?” “More excuses, more delays, it really is painful for many of the victims. It’s just not fair.”

07.03.20 Star Herald – See which other celebrities join attorney Gloria Allred in having their birthday on July 3rd!

07.02.20 The Daily Mail – “What will Ghislaine tell the feds? Prince Andrew is ‘bewildered’ over lack of response from US justice officials as he and Royal Family brace for new revelations after arrest of Jeffrey Epstein ‘pimp’ Maxwell.” Ghislaine Maxwell arrested today in Bradford, New Hampshire on charges related to luring underage girls who were then sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein. Some question that her arrest will intensify calls for Prince Andrew to be quizzed about any involvement he may have had, despite him denying wrongdoing. Attorney Gloria Allred has previously urged the Prince to speak to law enforcement to help in any way he can. Today, Ms. Allred stated, “The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell is a major development and demonstrates that the criminal investigation is serious and that it continues. It is long overdue for Prince Andrew to stop making excuses and to stop playing the victim. He should contact the FBI immediately and agree to appear for an interview.” (See her full statement on this site under Videos & Statements)

06.18.20 Washington Post – “Ben Crump has become the go-to attorney for racial justice: ‘I feel like I’m running out of time’.” Attorney Ben Crump , who was referred to as “the black Gloria Allred” by the New Yorker, has become the go-to advocate for families who have lost relatives to police brutality, as though his is the only name on the list. He accomplished this by being fluent in the language of the church, tort law, racial inequality and what he deems “the mediasphere,” paired with an indefatigable drive to be everywhere. Each case remains singular, with its own set of horrendous circumstances. Yet a shared mission runs through all of them. Crump turns down a dozen requests for every case he takes, selecting ones that will “shock the conscience” of the American people. “I’m not stunned that this is happening in 2020. It takes extraordinary effort in America for black people to get simple justice,” says Crump, 50, during an evening phone interview from his Houston office. “I feel like I’m running out of time.”

06.18.20 The Hollywood Reporter – “Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump Signs With UTA.” Benjamin Crump, a civil rights attorney who represents the families of victims of police violence, has signed with United Talent Agency. Crump is currently representing the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and has also represented the families of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Michael Brown, among others. A recent New Yorker story noted that Crump is “often referred to as ‘the black Gloria Allred.’

06.17.20 Broadway World – “AXS TV Presents THE 1960S REDISCOVERED.” AXS TV presents an insightful look back at one of America’s most important decades in the all-new Sunday morning series The 1960s Rediscovered-airing Sundays at 9 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. CT through August 9. Hosted by Tony Fama, The 1960s Rediscovered guides viewers on a journey through the legendary moments that defined the 1960s–from the tumultuous to the groundbreaking, and everything in-between. Across 10 hour-long episodes, the series looks at every aspect of the unforgettable era, with in-depth analysis of the political climate, historic achievements, monumental movements, and influential Pop culture landscape. Attorney Gloria Allred participates in the segment airing on July 5th, showcasing the Women’s Rights Movement along with other guests Loretta Swit and Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

06.17.20 People’s World – “LGBTQ unionists hail ruling but say hearts and minds are another matter.” U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the ruling that Title VII of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act bans discrimination based on sexual orientation in unusually plain language and based it on the law itself. He was joined by the court’s four progressive justices and GOP-named Chief Justice John Roberts in a major win in the long battle by LGBTQ people for equal rights. A group of LGBTQ Federal union workers were interviewed for this story to share their experiences. One woman who was a retired civilian defense worker and union member in California said she came out as a lesbian in 1978. She still remembers one official then saying her request for a security clearance could be denied – and she could be fired – because she was gay. Her reply was, “You can fire me for other reasons, but if you do so on this one, Gloria Allred will have a field day.” She got her clearance.

06.17.20 WKYC Akron, Ohio – “National Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump to Represent Family of 18 year old Na’kia Crawford.” An nationally renowned attorney will now represent the family of an Akron woman fatally shot Sunday. Ben Crump, the lead lawyer in the case of George Floyd, has been retained to represent the family of 18-year-old of Na’kia Crawford. Ms. Crawford was shot several times near North Howard Street and West North Street just before 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. She was transported to Akron City Hospital where she later died. According to the New Yorker, Crump is the “go-to civil-rights attorney for families who have lost a loved one to police violence; he is often referred to as “the black Gloria Allred.”

06.11.20 Newsweek – “Prince Andrew’s Witness Testimony Could Spark Extradition and ‘Rip Open The Abyss for the Monarchy,’ Biography Claims.” Royal author Nigel Cawthorne warns in his upcoming book Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace how the FBI may not stop at a witness testimony when they finally get to interview him. The author suggests in the book that his testimony on Jeffrey Epstein could lead to charges and “rip open the abyss for the monarchy.” It has been stated that the U.S. Department of Justice wants to force the Duke of York to give an interview under oath, but is currently treating him as a witness not a suspect. Gloria Allred, attorney for some victims of Jeffrey Epstein, has publicly asked the prince to speak to law enforcement to help the victims find justice.

06.09.20 Express UK -“‘Take oath and tell truth!’ Prince Andrew urged to testify in Jeffrey Epstein case.” The attorney Gloria Allred so stated when speaking to BBC, again urging Prince Andrew to testify in the Jeffrey Epstein case. Ms Allred said the victims have been caught in the “crossfire” and are “in pain”. She told BBC Breakfast: “Let him step up to the bar of justice, take the oath and just tell the truth.” “It’s just as simple as that. Trying to delay, trying to deny, trying to evade the questions and attack the questioners is really not helpful at all.” “You know, we have an expression in the law – justice delayed is justice denied. That’s never more true than it has been with Prince Andrew.”

06.09.20 Yahoo News UK – “Prince Andrew has ‘very little credibility’, says lawyer of Epstein victims.” A row between the royal and the U.S. authorities has been reignited this week as Prince Andrew accused U.S. prosecutors of seeking publicity instead of his help, claiming they were wrong to say he had not offered to help with their inquiries. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents some of the victims in the Jeffrey Epstein case, said in a BBC Breakfast interview that Prince Andrew had “very little credibility” with regards to his reports that he has offered to speak with law enforcement. “And I have a lot of suspicion about what he is saying, through his representatives.” She said, “I don’t have that same suspicion about the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, (Geoffrey) Berman. I think he is sincere that he wants to be able to interview and ask questions of Prince Andrew and this has been dragging on.”

06.02.20 ABA Journal – “8 of the nation’s leading lawyers discuss impacts of COVID-19 on their practice areas.” Attorney Gloria Allred is interviewed among others about how the pandemic is affecting their practice of law.

06.02.20 Law & Crime – “Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney Criticizes ‘Mouthpiece’ Gloria Allred During Segment on Scott Peterson’s Appeal.” Harvey Weinstein criminal defense attorney, Donna Rotunno, was interviewed on Law & Crime network segment regarding Scott Peterson’s upcoming appeal. Attorney Gloria Allred had as a client Amber Frey, who previously had a relationship with Scott Peterson. The article shares that the host and Ms. Rotunno talked about how, at the Harvey Weinstein criminal trial, attorney Gloria Allred was not subject to the Court’s gag order. Attorney Rotunno complained that she felt Ms. Allred could therefore speak for the prosecution, among other points of view. Law & Crime reached out to attorney Allred for a comment, and Ms. Allred’s whole response to Ms. Rotunno’s statements can be found in the article.

05.30.20 – “Epstein estate reaches deal with US Virgin Islands attorney general on victims compensation fund.” A deal regarding a fund to compensate the dozens of alleged sex-trafficking victims of Jeffrey Epstein has been reached between the late financier’s estate and the attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands following an impasse. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents some of Epstein’s alleged victims, said her clients will consider utilizing the compensation fund if the protocols appear fair. “However, the victims we represent have suffered significant damage as a result of their abuse by Jeffrey Epstein and even if the fund protocol may appear appropriate, we will not be able to judge if their damages will be valued appropriately unless and until we enter the compensation process,” Allred said in a statement.

05.28.20 Oxygen – “What Happened To British Royal Prince Andrew After His Ties To Jeffrey Epstein Were Revealed?” A new documentary series, “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,” discusses allegations against the deceased, disgraced Mr. Epstein, including the friendship with Prince Andrew, and accusations from alleged victims against the Prince. It was reported in November that Prince Andrew said he would cooperate with any investigation into Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring. However, by January, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman contended that Prince Andrew wasn’t keeping his promise. Mr. Berman said that both prosecutors and the FBI have received no reply after trying to contact the Duke’s lawyers about the investigation, the BBC reported. Likewise, attorney Gloria Allred – who represents some of Epstein’s accusers – told the BBC in January that she sent a letter to Prince Andrew urging him to cooperate but hadn’t heard back. “No response is the same as zero co-operation,” she said. “This is ridiculous. It’s just not acceptable.” In March, Mr. Berman claimed that Prince Andrew was still not cooperating with federal authorities, the Daily Beast reported at the time.

05.28.20 Fox News – “Former Jeffrey Epstein teen ‘recruiter’ reveals how disgraced financier lured underage girls in Netflix doc.” Holly Robson is one of several survivors who have spoken out in a new four-part documentary series on Netflix titled “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,” which explores how the convicted sex offender used his wealth and power to carry out his abuses. Attorney Gloria Allred represents some of the many victims of Mr. Epstein, who was found dead in his cell at New York City’s Metropolitan Correctional Center in 2019. The article includes a trailer from the documentary.

05.27.20 The World Magazine – “The Legend of Norma McCorvey: In AKA Jane Roe, the subject is reduced to figurehead status once again.” The writer looks at how the purported aim of the film is to give viewers an understanding of the “real” Jane Roe, yet she feels that the director, Nick Sweeney, doesn’t really attempt to do that. She states that over two hours, the director allows McCorvey to frame her own legend as it suits her, “failing to push her beyond the personal animosities and alliances she feels in a particular moment.” Mentioned in the article is attorney Gloria Allred, who is in the documentary and formerly represented Ms. McCorvey.

05.27.20 Windy City Times – Billy Masters’ column with juicy and funny tidbits about the entertainment culture and shows on his YouTube channel. He talks about his recent, fascinating show with guest attorney Gloria Allred. A link to the show is on this site under Videos and Statements on 05.21.20. Read his column here:

05.26.20 The Dialog – “Just what is the truth about Roe v. Wade’s Norma McCorvey?” The journalist, writing for the Catholic News Service, talks about the new documentary “AKA Jane Roe,” where Norma McCorvey shares her “deathbed confession” that she changed her publicized views on being pro-choice for the monetary gains she made from the pro-life side. The writer looks at how the pro-life side is portrayed, as well as various nuances in the film and wonders whether Norma’s conversion was in fact real despite when she has said. Attorney Gloria Allred is interviewed in the documentary about her relationship with Norma.

05.23.20 Sonoma Index – Tribune – “In ‘AKA Jane Roe,’ one-time Sonoma County resident Norma McCorvey explains why she switched sides on abortion.” The 79-minute film looks at the life and fame of McCorvey, leading up to her death from heart failure in 2017 at age 69. Not many legal cases become part of the nation’s everyday language. But Roe v. Wade did. The 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in the United States and inflamed one of the most divisive controversies of the past half-century is still very much a part of the national discussion today. This article includes a trailer for the documentary, and details many aspects of Norma’s life. Attorney Gloria Allred is interviewed in the film, as she formerly represented Ms. McCorvey when Norma was part of the pro-choice movement.

05.22.20 The New York Times – “Jane Roe’s Pro-Life Conversion Was a Con.” As the documentary about Norma McCorvey came out this past weekend on FX on Hulu, journalists are talking about the big reveal in the story – that Norma said she was acting when she changed positions and supported the pro-life movement, and that they were using each other. But at the end of her life, she once again affirmed a belief in the right to abortion, and evinced pride in Roe v. Wade. Attorney Gloria Allred represented Norma McCorvey at one time. Please see Videos and Statements on this site for Gloria’s statement about the “AKA Jane Roe” documentary.

05.20.20 Forbes – “Gloria Allred on the new Norma McCorvey Documentary.” A documentary on the life of Norma McCorvey, “AKA Jane Roe,” is premiering via FX on Hulu on Friday night. Ms. McCorvey and her attorney Gloria Allred successfully fought their groundbreaking Roe v. Wade case in 1973, which led to the legalization of abortion in America. Ms. McCorvey’s surprising story is told, with her “deathbed” confession revealed for the first time. The article give a peek at what will be seen in the documentary. Ms. McCorvey passed away three years ago, shortly after filming was completed. [Please see Gloria’s full statement under Videos and Statements on 05.19.20 on this site.]

05.13.20 The (Quebec) – “Meet Rich Lenkov: Chomedey native takes his legal knowledge to WGN Radio.” The writer was a guest on a segment of Legal Face-Off, a fast paced, high energy legal podcast on WGN Radio in Chicago, which deals with the hottest issues of the day. Rich Lenkov co-hosts the show with Christina Martini and they provide a legal point/counterpoint perspective on issues ranging from Hollywood celebrities to sports and everything in between. Regulars on the podcast include legal giants like attorneys Gloria Allred and Alan Dershowitz, as well as many elected officials like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

05.06.20 Law and Crime – “Gloria Allred, Kristen Waggoner & Stephen Wermiel discuss SCOTUS Birth Control Battle with Brian Ross.” Attorney Gloria Allred, attorney Kristen Waggoner & Professor Stephen Wermiel talk about the oral arguments made today by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding an exemption from contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act insurance that a church group is seeking based on moral or religious grounds. Video: 12:17 minutes

05.05.20 KABC Radio – The John Phillips Show – Women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred and host John Phillips discuss sexual assault allegations against former Vice President, Joe Biden, by former Senate staffer, Tara Reade. Gloria and John talk about different aspects of sexual assault and sexual harassment reporting, elements of the Reade case that have been made public, statute of limitations, and how attorneys need to look individually at the facts and evidence of allegations. Podcast segment: Approximately 24 minutes (GA starts at about 5 min)

04.26.20 LA Progressive – “Law Schools that Trained Famous Lawyers.” This piece looks at a few of the law schools that have trained many well-known attorneys. Included is a mention of attorney Gloria Allred as one of the most sought after women’s rights lawyers. They note that she earned her law degree from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University.

04.24.20 Télérama magazine – Paris – The journalist interviews attorney Gloria Allred regarding the new Hulu series, Mrs. America, which recounts the battle between Phyllis Schlafly’s camp and main feminist figures around the Equal Rights Amendment in the 70’s, and the resurgence of the ERA battle today. (The article is in French.)

04.23.20 Mail & Guardian (Africa)- “Covid-19 stigma: Revealing the pre-existing fault lines in our society.” The writer looks at existing stigma against healthcare workers and others who are positive for Covid-19, and how South Africa historically has been a stigmatizing, shaming culture. They write that South Africans have had a remarkable tolerance for stigmatizing and marginalizing powerless groups, such as sex workers, the homeless, those with physical and mental disability, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and ex-offenders. They share a quote from attorney Gloria Allred, that “power only answers to power.” The writer concludes that the appearance of Covid-19-stigma in South Africa has highlighted the pre-existing fault lines which have allowed a number of marginalized groups to fall through the cracks, and truly are an indication of South African society’s emotional well-being. They conclude that if the country is serious about social transformation, they must engage with “stigma.”

04.23.20 Allred, Maroko & Goldberg is pleased to announce that it has launched a new Facebook Livestream initiative called, “Know Your Rights! with Gloria Allred” on April 23. A panel of our firm’s attorneys will answer frequently asked questions on a series of topics directly relevant to our firm’s practice areas. You can watch their discussions LIVE on Gloria Allred’s Facebook page on Thursdays at 12pm (English speakers) and 2pm (Spanish speakers), which can be found here.

On April 23, our first week’s panelists, Gloria Allred, Dolores Leal, Renee Mochkatel, and John West, discussed common questions relating to COVID-19 and the workplace such as workplace safety issues, pretextual layoffs, employees’ privacy rights and right to request accommodations. Ms. Allred and Ms. Leal aired a separate discussion later that day in Spanish on this topic. Their discussions are available on our website here or on Gloria Allred’s Facebook page here.

Allred, Maroko & Goldberg‘s second episode of “Know Your Rights! with Gloria Allred” is available in English and Spanish here. Gloria Allred, Nathan Goldberg, Margie Somers, and Christina Cheung discuss sexual harassment in the workplace, sexual assault in the workplace, and childhood sexual abuse. Ms. Allred, Kirby Cañon, and Dolores Leal aired a separate discussion later that day in Spanish on these topics.

Our third episode will stream live here on Facebook on May 8th at 12pm PST (English) and 2pm PST (Spanish). We will discuss race/national origin discrimination, age discrimination, and wage and hour claims.

04.17.20 EOnline – “Chris Brown Sued by Woman Who Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted at His House.” Chris Brown has privately settled a lawsuit stemming from an alleged sexual assault that took place in 2017, E! News confirmed. In court documents obtained by E! News, the plaintiff referred to as “Jane Doe” was suing the performer and Lowell Grissom Jr. for negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery and assault. On Thursday, April 16, the anonymous plaintiff in the case filed court documents requesting its dismissal. Her attorney, Gloria Allred, tells E! News the case was settled. Brown’s attorney declined to comment.

04.16.20 YourContent – “Gloria Allred ‘Glad’ Bill Cosby Won’t Get Early Release, Says He’s Dangerous to Women.” A public bid to release Bill Cosby from prison early due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic was unsuccessful Thursday when prison officials said there’s little to no chance the 82-year-old will be released, and attorney Gloria Allred told Your Content she believes Cosby remains an active threat to women throughout the state. “I am glad that Bill Cosby does not appear to qualify for release under Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s order for release of certain incarcerated inmates, because of the spread of COVID-19 to certain correctional facilities,” Gloria Allred told Your Content. “Mr. Cosby is a convicted felon who has been classified as a sexually violent predator and who is required to register as a sex offender. I think that if he were to be released there is a strong argument that he could be considered as a potential risk to the health and safety of women in that state.”

04.08.20 Variety – “Six Strangers Testified Against Harvey Weinstein. Now, They’re Bonded for Life.” Journalist Elizabeth Wagmeister finds out what the process and experience was like for several of the women who were witnesses in the criminal trial of Harvey Weinstein. Attorney Gloria Allred represents three of the six witnesses in the trial, which ended in a sentence of 23 years in prison for Mr. Weinstein.”

04.02.20 Daily Star UK – “Dark truth behind Michael Jackson’s ‘high pitch’ as pals discuss his real voice.” There has always been speculation about whether or not Michael Jackson’s soft, high pitched voice was real or if it was an affectation. This UK tabloid quotes friends and insiders who have their thoughts on the matter. Court TV’s Diane Dimond told Access Hollywood in 2005: “Somewhere in there, especially if you bring him bad news or if you make him mad, his voice gets very, very deep. I was there one day when someone asked him about Gloria Allred, the attorney that has sort of dogged him and he turned around in one foul swoop and said, ‘She can go to hell,’ in this big, deep, masculine voice.”

04.01.20 – “Election Year: 10 Best Netflix Documentaries About American Politics.” For those interested in learning more about American politics, presidents, and economics, Netflix contains many compelling documentaries highlighting moments and figures that have shaped the course of the country’s history. This list showcases 10 of the best such films streaming on the platform right now. Number 5 is Seeing Allred, an important political documentary for the #MeToo movement. Directed by Roberta Grossman and Sophie Sartain, it follows the life of women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred.

04.01.20 NOW THIS NEWS – “A History of Reproductive Rights, Told For Teenagers.” The right to have an abortion in the U.S. has been under attack for decades. The author of this book, Ms. Karen Blumenthal, told NowThis that she wrote the book for young adults because they will quickly become voters and are learning to form political opinions of their own. She wanted them to understand what it’s all about – politics and religion aside, women have been receiving and giving abortions for centuries, whether or not it was safe or legal. The 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade has been widely regarded as the historical turning point for women’s right to terminate a pregnancy. Attorney Gloria Allred and her client, Norma McCorvey who was “Jane Roe” and plaintiff in the 1973 landmark court case Roe vs. Wade, were later involved in a case at the Supreme Court in April 1989, where the High Court heard arguments in a case that could have overturned the Roe v. Wade decision.

03.16.20 Aljezerra America – “‘ I feel joyous’: Women on Weinstein sentencing.” “This is what justice looks like,” said Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing some of Mr. Weinstein’s accusers. See a video with some of their reactions after the sentencing was announced.

03.13.20 Daily Nation – “Reactions outside court after Harvey Weinstein is jailed for 23 years.” A statement from witness Tarale Wulff is made in front of the courthouse after Harvey Weinstein is sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault. Attorney for three of the witnesses, Gloria Allred, and Harvey Weinstein’s defense lawyer, Donna Rotunno, also address the media in this brief video.

03.13.20 New Zealand Herald – “Harvey Weinstein rushed to hospital after being handed 23-year prison sentence for rape.” After Mr. Weinstein left the courthouse yesterday after his sentencing, he was taken to Rikers Island, where he was to await transfer to a New York prison. Later that day he complained of chest pains, and was transferred to a locked prison ward at Bellevue Hospital where he was diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure. The article talks about what Mr. Weinstein said to the court prior to his sentence being read. Outside the courthouse after the sentencing, Attorney Gloria Allred said, in part, “For all those who are still preying on women … and thinking you’ll get away with it … that gamble is unlikely to pay off for you anymore.”

03.12.20 Metro – “Harvey Weinstein’s accuser Miriam Haley finally ‘calm’ after his rape sentencing.” Mimi Haley, a former production assistant and witness in the trial of Harvey Weinstein, appeared on The Lorraine Show in the UK – along with her lawyer Gloria Allred – to discuss the process of getting Mr. Weinstein sentenced for sexual assault in the first degree and rape in the third degree. Mimi told Lorraine: ‘At this point, I’m relieved and feeling quite good. I wouldn’t say it’s a joyous or celebratory time in any way, as the entire thing is very sad and heartbreaking.” “What happened to me happened a very long time ago and I buried it very deeply for a very long time and just carried on with my life,” Miriam told Lorraine

03.12.20 Newsweek – “HARVEY WEINSTEIN SENTENCING SHOWS U.S. JUSTICE SYSTEM IS STARTING TO UNDERSTAND IMPACTS OF RAPE, RAINN CHIEF SAYS.” Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein’s sentencing on Wednesday suggests that the U.S. justice system and the public are gaining a better understanding of the true impacts of rape and sexual assault, the president of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) has said. Mr. Weinstein was sentenced yesterday in the New York criminal case. Speaking outside court on Wednesday, attorney Gloria Allred, who has represented three of Weinstein’s accusers, held up a sign saying “This is what justice looks like” as she warned, “If you are a sexual predator and you are confused, all you have to do is remember this: 20 plus three years,” referring to the sentence handed down against Harvey Weinstein.

03.12.20 ClickOrlando – Inside Edition – “What the Courtroom Was Like as Harvey Weinstein Was Sentenced to 23 Years for Sex Assaults.” The writer briefly describes what Mr. Weinstein and two of his victims said yesterday before his sentence was announced, and comments by Gloria Allred, attorney for three of the witnesses, and defense attorney, Donna Rotunno, after the sentence was announced.

03.11.20 WGN Radio – “‘Legal Face-Off’: Civil Rights Lawyer Gloria Allred on Harvey Weinstein.” All-star civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred joins Rich Lenkov and Tina Martini to discuss the latest developments with Harvey Weinstein. Listen to the interview here.

03.24.20 YourContent – “Texas Governor and AG Scolded by Gloria Allred for Using Coronavirus to Ban Abortions.” Attorney Gloria Allred commented on Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton for having abruptly banning abortions amid the deadly coronavirus – calling the duo’s move ‘reprehensible,’ accusing them of using the pandemic to attack vulnerable women. (See Gloria’s full statement under Videos and Statements on 03.23.20 on this site)

03.18.20 Forbes – “Ghislaine Maxwell Sues Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate, Wanting Protection Against Death Threats.” Ghislaine Maxwell-a former long-time confidante of the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein – filed a lawsuit against his estate seeking reimbursement for her legal fees and personal protection costs, according to court documents cited by ABC news. Several alleged victims of Mr. Epstein have accused Ms. Maxwell of enabling his abuse, with one victim claiming that Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked her to have sex with Britain’s Prince Andrew. Britain’s Prince Andrew, who held a years-long friendship with Epstein, last year said on two separate occasions that he would cooperate with investigators. But prosecutors in Manhattan said that the royal has walked back his commitment, while lawyer Gloria Allred, who is representing several of Epstein’s alleged victims, has appealed for the 60-year-old to come forward.

03.11.20 NBC News – “‘This is What Justice Looks Like.’ Weinstein Accusers’ Attorney Gloria Allred.” It was an emotional day in court today, as Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 20+3 years by Judge Burke after compelling arguments by the prosecution and by the defense in his criminal case in New York. Heartfelt Victim Impact Statements were read in court by victims Mimi and Jessica before the sentencing. Ms. Allred talks to the press in front of the courthouse, and reads a part of Mimi’s victim impact statement.

03.10.20 Daily Mail – “‘Hypocrite’ Prince Andrew is ‘torturing’ Jeffrey Epstein’s victims by offering to ‘speak to US authorities, then shutting the door’, claims their lawyer.” Prince Andrew’s failure to speak to the FBI is inflicting more pain and suffering on Jeffrey Epstein’s victims who feel like they are in a ‘torture chamber’, their lawyer has claimed today. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents five women who were allegedly abused by Mr. Epstein, previously a friend of the Duke of York, has revealed she sent a letter to the royal’s Windsor home urging him to help the authorities but has not had any reply. Ms Allred also believes that claims Andrew has not been contacted by the authorities in the U.S. are false. Ms. Allred stated, ‘This is so hypocritical on the part of Prince Andrew. There is this drip, drip, drip, and this torture chamber where he says he will speak to them, then he won’t, then he will with conditions. This does nothing but inflict more pain and suffering on the victims’. The prince has denied any accusations of wrongdoing.

03.06.20 KABC 7 – “Middle school student alleges racial discrimination after coronavirus outbreak.” As coverage of the coronavirus outbreak has intensified, many Asian communities have faced increasing discrimination. Dylan Muriano, a 13 year-old student at Walter Reed Middle School in Los Angeles, believes he was targeted by his teacher for coughing in class because of his Asian ethnicity. “He swallowed some water awkwardly and coughed. The teacher looked up, noted him and instructed him to go to the school nurse. Dylan indicated that he was fine. The teacher ignored his assurance and commanded him to see the nurse,” said attorney Gloria Allred. Dylan says other non-Asian students who coughed in class were not sent to the nurse and says his teacher remained silent when Dylan asked him if he was sent out because he’s Asian. Responses from the school administration were mixed, and the teacher has never denied that he targeted his student because of his race, and appeared to have further retaliated against Dylan. A complaint was filed against the school and the LAUSD. Dylan’s mother, former local news anchor Leyna Nguyen, says she just wanted an apology, and indicated it is about accountability and standing up for other families.

02.24.20 Brinkwire – “Weinstein’s lawyer trades blows with attorney Gloria Allred.” Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents some of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged victims, was confronted by Mr. Weinstein’s defense attorney, Donna Rotunna, Friday morning before the jury started day four of their deliberations. Ms. Rotunno approached Ms. Allred as she sat in the front row of the public gallery and could be seen pointing her finger and whispering furiously at her. Ms. Rotunno could be heard saying, “Don’t discuss my personal life.” Ms. Allred was heard to say back, “You are out of control. I did not say that.. You are once again distorting the facts.” Hours later, Ms. Allred had a press conference on the steps outside the court, and relayed that she never spoke to any reporters about why Ms. Rotunno had to leave court early on Friday. Attorney Allred wondered if the defense attorney was acting when she created a drama in front of those in court? She said, “I’m not here to analyze her, she needs to chill.”

02.21.20 ITV News – “Prince Andrew again urged by lawyer of Jeffrey Epstein victims to speak to FBI.” Attorney Gloria Allred spoke to the media today, and urged Prince Andrew to talk to the FBI to help the victims of his former friend, Jeffrey Epstein. Ms. Allred organized a yellow school bus with a banner with a post-birthday message for the Duke of York, which drove around the area surrounding Buckingham Palace today.

02.21.20 The Guardian – “School bus stunt urges Prince Andrew to talk to FBI about Jeffrey Epstein.” Attorney Gloria Allred arranged for this American school bus to be driven past Buckingham Palace with a message for anyone who sees the Prince to ask him to please call the FBI to answer questions about his links to Jeffrey Epstein. Ms. Allred gave an impromptu press conference on the steps of the New York Supreme Court today where she said, “I implore you, Prince Andrew. You must do the right thing… If you have done nothing wrong then just talk to the FBI.”

02.21.20 NBC News – “Prince Andrew must ‘call the FBI’ about Jeffrey Epstein, London bus sign says.” A yellow school bus was seen driving past Buckingham Palace today in London with two large pictures of Britain’s Prince Andrew on the side and a message for the Prince to call the FBI to answer their questions. Attorney Gloria Allred confirmed that she organized the event, as she represents a number of victims of the Prince’s former friend, Jeffrey Epstein. She said, “I believe that victims have been denied justice in the case of Jeffrey Epstein. At the very least, they deserve the truth. Prince Andrew could and should provide what he knows to the FBI.”

02.17.20 Yahoo! Lifestyle – “Ruth Bader Ginsburg praised for rocking glittery high heels.” On Friday, February 14, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg joined attorney Gloria Allred, Martha Stewart and others for a Washington, D.C. awards ceremony in which she presented art patron Agnes Gund with the inaugural Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Woman of Leadership Award. Several journalists and others commenting on social media were enthralled with the glittering, champagne-hued high heels that the Justice was wearing to the formal ceremony at the Library of Congress.

02.05.20 CBS New York – “Harvey Weinstein Trial: Final Accuser Takes the Stand.” Lauren Marie Young took the stand today in Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial in Lower Manhattan. Ms. Young, who is represented by attorney Gloria Allred, alleged that Mr. Weinstein sexually assaulted her in Beverly Hills in 2013, when she was there meeting with him and another woman in order to pitch a script. Ms. Young reported details of what happened, of Mr. Weinstein’s body and how she was traumatized and scared “because he was powerful.” Harvey Weinstein is facing charges for this alleged assault in California.

01.31.20 The Daily Beast – “The Harvey Weinstein Trial Shows Why Forced Oral Sex is Rape.” Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein has been in a criminal trial in Manhattan Supreme Court, where he faces five sex-crimes charges. The event is a catalyst for conversation about the way powerful men weaponized sex and leave their victims with lasting trauma. Attorney Gloria Allred represents clients Annabella Sciorra and Miriam Haleyi, two of the six witnesses who have testified to allege assaults by Weinstein. Both women reported that Weinstein performed forced oral sex without their consent, as well as alleging that he vaginally raped them, too. The article discusses how oral rape is rape, and how sexual assault was and is currently considered.

01.30.20 Daily Mail – “Andrew in war of words with the FBI.” Prince Andrew and the FBI were in a war of words over whether he has ignored requests for help in the inquiry into accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Friends of the prince say he would be happy to speak to US investigators, but ‘hasn’t been approached yet.’ Lawyers for some of the alleged victims of Mr. Epstein called on the duke to arrange an interview with the FBI immediately. Attorney Gloria Allred who represents five women said, “It is time for him to put justice for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims first and his apparent discomfort with being interviewed by the FBI last. Justice delayed is justice denied.” The prince has always strenuously denied knowing Mr. Epstein was abusing girls.

01.30.20 Daily News – “Roman Polanski sparks uproar with 12 nominations, including best director, from ‘French Oscars.’ Fugitive filmmaker Roman Polanski, who famously fled the U.S. for France in 1977 before being sentenced for his sexual assault of a 13-year old girl – picked up 12 Ce’sar Award nominations (France’s version of the Oscars) for his latest movie “An Officer and a Spy.” These nominations led to immediate response from a leading French women’s group as well as attorney Gloria Allred, the civil rights lawyer who represents some Polanski accusers. “The French Academy, through its nominations of Mr. Polanski’s films, is sending a message that crimes against children do not matter and that only entertainment, rather than justice for victims, should be considered,” Allred told the Daily News on Thursday.

01.29.20 Daily News -“The lasting effects of Kobe Bryant’s rape case.” Kobe Bryant’s influence on the world was immense. But in 2003, he was charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year old woman at a hotel in Eagle County, Colorado. Mr. Bryant’s stature and the nature of the case combined to make it one of the most visible sexual assault cases of the decade, and one that would have a lasting effect on the way victims would be viewed and treated for years afterward. The victim had her unrelated personal medical and sexual history presented despite evidence supporting her allegations, and faced unrelenting threats and scrutiny from the public and media. Ultimately, she declined to testify against the basketball star, but later went to civil court, where she and Bryant settled for an undisclosed amount. Attorney Gloria Allred spoke to the writer and said, “there’s been a seismic shift over the last 17 years” since Bryant was charged. “Women are more empowered and more willing to come forward.” But, she added, “There [are] still many allegations against sports figures, those in the entertainment world, religious world [and] business world,” that never reach trial. “Because there’s still a major difference in the power dynamic between those who are in power and those who are not.”

01.27.20 CNN via KTVZ News Channel 21 – “Former production assistant testifies that Harvey Weinstein pinned her down and assaulted her.” Miriam Haley, a former production assistant that testified on Monday that Harvey Weinstein pinned her down and forced her into a sex act at his Manhattan apartment in 2006. Ms. Haley’s allegations are connected to two of the five charges against Mr. Weinstein in his ongoing criminal trial: first-degree criminal sexual act and predatory sexual assault. Attorney Gloria Allred represents Ms. Haley and was in the courtroom to hear the testimony.

01.24.20 WSB-TV 2 Atlanta – “Actress Rosie Perez says she was told of Weinstein rape.” Actress Rosie Perez testified on Friday in the New York criminal trial of Harvey Weinstein that fellow actress Annabella Sciorra told her in the mid-1990s that Harvey Weinstein had raped her but that Ms. Sciorra said she couldn’t go to the police because “he’d destroy me.” The 67 year old producer would get life in prison if convicted. Ms. Sciorra’s attorney is Gloria Allred, who was present in the courtroom to hear testimony.

01.24.20 Baptist News Global – “Kenneth Starr is doing it again.” Kenneth Starr is back as a regular guest on Fox News, and a member of President Donald Trump’s TV defense team. In 2008, Starr, as part of Jeffrey Epstein’s legal team, helped craft the sweetheart deal that allowed Mr. Epstein to spend just 13 months in jail, while still being able to attend to business interests. Later Mr. Starr became president of Baylor University, and during this time, he was in support of a social friend, Chris Kloman, a teacher at the Potomac School in Virginia, who was sentenced to 43 years for sexually assaulting five girls. The Starrs wrote a letter to the court asking for community service for their friend. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented Kloman’s victims, told the Waco Tribune-Herald she found it “shocking” that Starr “would argue that community service, rather than prison time, is an appropriate punishment for a convicted serial child molester.” Several years later, Mr. Starr was removed as president of Baylor University, as under his watch, the university was found to be deliberately indifferent to numerous reports of sexual assault. The writer wonders “Why, we might ask, does Starr consistently end up protecting powerful men while showing callous disregard for the women they use for their pleasure?”

01.23.20 Fox23 News – “‘Sopranos’ actress says Weinstein raped her in the mid-1990s.” Actress Annabella Sciorra confronted Harvey Weinstein from the witness stand Thursday, testifying that the former Hollywood studio boss overpowered and raped her in the mid-1990s at her home after he dropped her off from a film-business dinner, having come back to her door uninvited minutes later where he forced his way inside. Ms. Sciorra became the first of Mr. Weinstein’s accusers to testify at his current trial in New York. Ms. Sciorra is a client of attorney Gloria Allred, who said she was very proud of Ms. Sciorra’s testimony.

01.14.20 Variety – “Experts Weigh in on Harvey Weinstein’s Rape Trial.” Veteran journalist, Ken Auletta, and Civil attorney, Ari Wilkenfeld, look at potential aspects of the upcoming Harvey Weinstein trial. The primary accusers in the case are represented by attorney Gloria Allred – Mimi Haleyi, a former Weinstein Company production assistant who has accused Weinstein of sexual assault, and an unnamed woman who alleges rape from an incident in a hotel room in 2013. If convicted, Weinstein faces life in prison. Separate from the five New York charges, Weinstein is also facing rape charges in Los Angeles.

01.09.20 ABC News – “Bloomberg won’t release women who sued him from secrecy agreements.” Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg told ABC News this week he will not take any steps to release women who have signed confidentiality agreements with his company to speak publicly about past allegations that the former New York City mayor fostered a hostile work environment for some female employees. On the topic of confidentiality agreements, attorney Gloria Allred told ABC News that they are a negotiation and can be accepted or declined. “It’s up to the victim whether she wants to try to have a confidential settlement or not. Nobody silences her, nobody forces her to do it.”

01.09.20 Huffington Post – “The Testimony That Could Seal Harvey Weinstein’s Conviction.” The trial against Harvey Weinstein began on Monday and while the disgraced media mogul is facing charges of sexually assaulting two women, his potential conviction could hinge on the statements of three others who say he sexually abused them, too. The three women will be allowed to testify in the trial under the Molineaux Rule, which says that other accusations can be used to establish, among other things, a pattern to an offender’s criminal behavior. Attorney Gloria Allred said she believes prosecutors are more likely to take on serial predators and to request testimony from accusers outside of the criminal case. “This is a new day,” Ms. Allred told the reporter. “Whatever happens in Weinstein, we’re never going back.”

01.08.20 Newser – “Weinstein’s Lawyers Take Aim at Gloria Allred, Unsuccessfully.” Today was the second day of jury selection in Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial in New York. Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers took aim at prominent attorney, Gloria Allred, trying to get her barred from the courtroom for the trial. Gloria Allred represents one of the accusers in the criminal case, and two other women who are expected to testify. Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers argued that Ms. Allred shouldn’t be allowed to watch trial testimony because they are considering calling her as a witness. Judge James Burke rejected the request, saying there was too much uncertainty over whether she’d take the stand to remove her. Attorney Allred later accused the defense of trying to interfere with her ability to represent the women. (Please see Gloria Allred’s statement on this site under Videos and Statements.

01.06.20 Herald Mail Media – “Weinstein charged with sex crimes in L.A. on eve of N.Y. trial.” Los Angeles prosecutors charged Harvey Weinstein on Monday with sexually assaulting two women on successive nights during Oscars week in 2013, bringing the new case against the disgraced Hollywood producer on the eve of jury selection for his New York trial. Mr. Weinstein could get up to 28 years in prison on charges of forcible rape, forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration by use of force and sexual battery. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents one of the alleged victims in the N.Y. case as well as two other women who are scheduled to testify, in part stated, “The walls of justice are closing in on Harvey Weinstein.” (See Gloria Allred’s statement on this site in the Videos and Statements section.)

01.04.20 The Hollywood Reporter – “‘ Surviving R. Kelly’: 12 Powerful Takeaways From ‘Part II: The Reckoning.'” The explosive follow-up to the 2018 Lifetime docuseries has aired over three nights in January. The executive producer said that they needed to go deeper into some areas which they couldn’t before with Part 1. Part II features 10 survivors on the record with their stories of sexual abuse, with 70 interviewees overall. Attorney Gloria Allred, who has represented several of Kelly’s accusers, noted after the release of Part 1 of the documentary, “The person with the fear is the rapist, or the person who sexually assaulted or abused a child.” Read more to see THR’s “biggest takeaways” from this powerful series.

01.02.20 Agence-France Presse via Yahoo! News – “Harvey Weinstein: accusers girded for ‘brutal’ trial.” The French periodical had a Q&A with attorney Gloria Allred ahead of the start of Harvey Weinstein’s trial on Monday, January 6th, to get her take on the proceedings. Two of Ms. Allred’s clients accuse Mr. Weinstein of sexual assault and will be called to testify against him. They discuss the Weinstein trial, changes in the law regarding statutes of limitations, and the cases of Jeffrey Epstein and R. Kelly.

I start every day with the knowledge that helping people and fighting for justice is my duty, and that nothing worthwhile comes without sacrifice, self- discipline, and courage.
Gloria Allred, Fight Back and Win

In the Media

09.10.21 Court TV - Attorney Gloria Allred discusses the controversial new Texas law that bans abortion after 6 weeks on Court TV Live. Watch here.

09.02.21 Washington Blade - "Lesbian survivor of sexual abuse reveals her 'Untold' story" A remarkable film debut from Gina Garcia featuring former Calvin Klein model Jennifer Rubin and esteemed womens' rights attorney Gloria Allred.

08.27.21 "Strong Women: Gloria Steinem, Gloria Allred and Rep. Carolyn Maloney Sound Off on Women's Equality Day." Attorney Gloria Allred joined Gloria Steinem and Rep. Carolyn Maloney at Rizzoli's in Manhattan on Women's Equality Day and on the occasion of the launch of Rep. Maloney's new children's book, "Strong Women."

08.11.21 CFRA 580 - The Evan Solomon Show - Canadian radio host, Evan Solomon, interviews attorney Gloria Allred, who represents three of the women accusing Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment, discusses his resignation, the allegations against him and what could happen next. They also discuss the MeToo movement and how it has evolved.

08.11.21 Good Morning America - "New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces resignation." Cuomo announced Tuesday that he will resign from office following accusations and an investigation into claims of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct from a number of women. Attorney Gloria Allred comments as she represents the state trooper who has made allegations against the Governor.

08.09.21 WBAI News with Paul DeRienzo - Paul DeRienzo speaks with Gloria Allred about the power Governor Andrew Cuomo wields, and her client's encounter with the Governor.

08.05.21 Newsmax TV - "Cuomo accuser speaks out: He was 'arrogant,' he didn't care, in front of my husband, kids" Sherry Vill, one of the 11 accusers of embattled NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, speaks out to Newsmax's Eric Bolling, with victim's rights attorney Gloria Allred.

08.04.21 ABC News Nightline - "Cuomo engaged in pattern of sexual harassment, NY AG report alleges" Cuomo accuser Sherry Vill, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, was one of the 179 people investigators interviewed and is featured in this video.

08.03.21 The Balance on Newsmax - Gloria Allred: Cuomo is not above the law - Eric Bolling speaks with attorney Gloria Allred about the NY Attorney General's explosive report finding that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo engaged in a pattern of sexual harassment, and the possibility of Gov. Cuomo's impeachment or resignation.

07.29.21 East Bay Times - "Judge finds Cuba Gooding Jr. liable in rape accuser's civil trial" U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty in Manhattan granted a default judgment on Gooding's liability to the plaintiff, known as Jane Doe, without addressing the merits of her accusations. "Mr. Gooding failed to respond to the serious allegations made by our client," Doe's lawyer Gloria Allred said in a statement. "We look forward to the hearing."

07.29.21 KFI AM 640 - Hearing Set on Defense's Challenge to Three Counts Against Harvey Weinstein - Attorney Gloria Allred, who said she represents two of the alleged victims, said last week that it was "long overdue" for Weinstein to appear in a courtroom in connection with the Los Angeles case.

07.21.21 LA Times - "Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to rape charges in L.A" Gloria Allred represents two of the women whose allegations led to charges in the Los Angeles case, and several other women who could serve as witnesses against Weinstein at trial.

07.20.21 USA Today - "Harvey Weinstein extradited to California for new trial on sex-crime charges." Harvey Weinstein is on his way to California today, bringing an end to his long effort to avoid or delay extradition to face more sex-crime charges in Los Angeles County. Mr. Weinstein faces 11 felony counts of sexual assault, including forcible rape, against five women in encounters at Beverly Hills hotels dating back to 2004. Los Angeles lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented some of his accusers in the New York trial and also represents two accusers in the Los Angeles case, said his extradition is "long overdue."

07.16.21 Daily Express - Meghan Markle more popular with young people 'because she isn't an English aristocrat'. Aged 11, she wrote a complaint letter to Procter & Gamble after she found its Ivory dishwashing soap advert sexist. She also penned letters on this issue to the then US First Lady Hillary Clinton, journalist Linda Ellerbee, and women's rights lawyer Gloria Allred.

07.13.21 Jezebel - "Gloria Allred Isn't Worried About What Bill Cosby's Release Means for MeToo". Allred sees the decision as a result of the legal process—not as a failure of the feminist movement.

07.12.21 WGN Radio - Renowned civil rights attorney Gloria Allred returns to Legal Face-Off to talk about the latest with Bill Cosby's prison release and Judy Huth's pending civil litigation against him.

07.06.21 Radar - "Tristan Thompson's Alleged Fling Sydney Chase Flirts With Rapper The Game Amid Public Battle With Khloé Kardashian's Ex" Ms. Chase quickly hired powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred to represent her in the matter.

07.02.21 CBS DFW - 'Not Passing The Torch, Sharing It', Gloria Allred Celebrates 80th Birthday With Lake Highlands High Valedictorian Paxton Smith - Smith caught the nation's attention when she tore up her high school graduation speech and instead spoke passionately against recent laws that restrict a woman's right to choose abortion. "I look up to Gloria," said the 18-year-old during a press conference July 2.

07.02.21 The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson - Happy 80th birthday @GloriaAllred! She's our most frequent guest on @TheIssueIsShow & my number one dance partner. I appreciate her fearlessness, feistiness, and funniness. Whatever you think of her politics, she's an original who couldn't be warmer to both sides backstage.

07.02.21 Elex Michaelson Fox 11 - Happy 80th birthday @gloria.allred! Can anyone believe she's 80?! Gloria is a force of nature.

07.02.21 The Atlanta Journal Constitution - "Bill Cosby planning his post-prison comeback" "Mr. Cosby is not home free," said celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who is pursuing a civil case against the entertainer on behalf of a Los Angeles accuser.

06.22.21 Billboard - "Chris Brown Accused of Assaulting a Woman in Los Angeles" The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Chris Brown after the singer was accused of hitting a woman in a Los Angeles home on Friday night. In 2017 an unnamed woman named Brown in a lawsuit after she was allegedly raped during a party at his home, which her attorney Gloria Allred described as "one of the most horrific sexual assault cases" she's seen in her career.

06.11.21 Mirror - "Armie Hammer's controversies as he admits himself into rehab for booze and sex problems." On March 18 a 24-year-old woman called Effie alleged that the actor raped her and beat her in 2017. Armie says that their encounter was consensual. Speaking at a Zoom press conference alongside her lawyer, Gloria Allred, Effie claimed Armie "left with no concern for my well-being".

06.07.21 BuzzFeed News - "Want To Have Sex With A Celeb? Sign An NDA." It seems to be more and more common to be asked to sign NDAs before one-night stands or romantic relationships with celebrities and other prominent people, according to four entertainment lawyers - including Gloria Allred and Dinah Perez - as well as publicists Jeremy Lemur and Michael Whiteacre, and women who've been asked to sign them.

05.27.21 Hollywood Reporter - In #MeToo Era, Defense Attorneys Combat "an Assumption of Wrongdoing". In the digital age, gossip sites, aggregated news coverage and social media firestorms cause explosive allegations to spread like wildfire, challenging attorneys tasked with defending the accused.

05.27.21 RadioTimes - sat down with the co-creator of Friends, Marta Kauffman, ahead of the long-awaited reunion special. Kauffman has gone on to co-create Grace and Frankie and produce documentaries such as Seeing Allred, about high-profile women's rights attorney Gloria Allred.

05.14.21 The Things - Khloé Kardashian Trolled After Revealing Surrogacy Plans With NBA star Tristan Thompson. Meanwhile Sydney Chase, who claims she had a fling with Thompson, has hired famed lawyer Gloria Allred.

05.14.21 - Scott Peterson's Appeal in 2021: Update on His New Trial. Peterson's unknowing mistress, Amber Frey, is prepared to take the stand again if Scott Peterson is granted a new trial, attorney Gloria Allred told KPIX in April 2021.

05.11.21 Page Six - NBA star Tristan Thompson's alleged fling Sydney Chase hires attorney Gloria Allred

05.06.21 ScreenRant - The 10 Best Documentaries On Netflix Featuring Strong, Empowered Women. These great documentaries feature strong and empowered women, from Taylor Swift to Gloria Allred, and all are both compelling and inspiring!

05.06.21 Page Six - Armie Hammer seen for first time since March rape allegation. The "Call Me by Your Name" actor was spotted publicly in the Cayman Islands for the first time since a woman named Effie came forward and accused him of rape in March at a press conference alongside her attorney Gloria Allred.

05.03.21 - "Scott Peterson's Sister-In-Law Says She Has Evidence That Could Exonerated Him, Believes Laci Was Killed By Burglars." Last year, the California Supreme Court overturned the 2005 death sentence for Scott Peterson. A new trial has been ordered for the penalty phase of the case, and a review is underway to determine if there was juror misconduct in his trial. It's unclear whether Scott Peterson will receive a new trial for the murder conviction. The attorney for Amber Frey (Mr. Peterson's mistress who helped police by recording conversations with him) is Gloria Allred. Ms. Allred said in an interview on CNN's HLN last month that her client is ready to testify if necessary.

04.29.21 WAMC 51% - Gloria Allred joins host Jackie Orchard to discuss sexual harassment in the workplace

04.29.21 790 KABC - Why in the world would Scott Peterson get a new trial? Amber Frey was a key witness in Peterson's trial. Frey's attorney Gloria Allred said her client is not looking forward to testifying, but will do so for the cause of justice.

04.28.21 ET Canada - Armie Hammer's Aunt To Reveal Family Secrets In New Docuseries. Armie hit headlines earlier this year over some leaked DMs, in which he reportedly said: "I am 100% a cannibal." He's also currently under investigation by Los Angeles Police for sexual assault. One woman, represented by Gloria Allred, has accused Hammer of rape.

04.28.21 The Special Report - Gloria Allred joins host Areva Martin to discuss the topic of women shaming.

04.28.21 Daily Mail - Idaho becomes second state this week to enact a 'fetal heartbeat' law banning abortions after 6 weeks before many women know they are pregnant. See a photo of Attorney Gloria Allred, and Norma McCorvey, who was known as 'Jane Roe' in the landmark Roe vs. Wade court case, at a pro-choice rally in Burbank, Calif., on July 4, 1989.

04.27.21 Daily Mail - 'Have I touched people? Yes.' Governor Andrew Cuomo admits he is tactile but denies being a groper after NINE women accused him of being a pest. One of Governor Cuomo's accusers, Sherry Vill, is represented by Attorney Gloria Allred.

04.27.21 CBS San Francisco - If convicted killer Scott Peterson is awarded a new trial, the star witness in the case nearly 20 years ago, Amber Frey, is again ready to take the stand, according to her attorney, Gloria Allred.

04.16.21 Splicetoday - "Blast from the Past" Watch an early episode of Hannity & Colmes in the late-1990s where Phyllis Schlafly debates Gloria Allred on daycare.

04.11.21 Fox News - Harvey Weinstein secretly indicted on rape charges by grand jury in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles DA's office has not responded to Fox News' inquiries on the secret indictment so far. Weinstein's attorney in the LA case and an attorney for two of the five accusers, Gloria Allred, have both declined to comment.

04.11.21 OtakuKart - When Will Bill Cosby Get Out Of Prison? Full Assault Story. Gloria Allred, a high-profile attorney, represented 33 victims of Bill Cosby.

04.11.21 Fox News - Harvey Weinstein secretly indicted on rape charges by grand jury in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles DA's office has not responded to Fox News' inquiries on the secret indictment so far. Weinstein's attorney in the LA case and an attorney for two of the five accusers, Gloria Allred, have both declined to comment. 

04.10.21 Fox 11 News Los Angeles - 4.10.21 - The Issue Is: Dee Dee Myers, Gloria Allred and Elisha Krauss. This week, Dee Dee Myers discusses California's plans to safely reopen businesses June 15. Gloria Allred and Elisha Krauss debate the recall, vaccine passports and more.

04.08.21 One America News Network - Governor Cuomo has insisted the sexual misconduct claims made by all 10 accusers are false. For more on the growing number of accusations against Cuomo, here's One America's Caitlin Sinclair, who sat down with the attorney of one of his accusers, Gloria Allred.

04.08.21 One America News Network - One-On-One With Cuomo Accuser Attorney Gloria Allred. Governor Cuomo has insisted the sexual misconduct claims made by all 10 accusers are false. One America's Caitlin Sinclair sat down with the attorney of one of his accusers.

04.08.21 One America News Network - One-On-One With Cuomo Accuser Attorney Gloria Allred. Governor Cuomo has insisted the sexual misconduct claims made by all 10 accusers are false. One America's Caitlin Sinclair sat down with the attorney of one of his accusers.

04.06.21 Sherry Vill, 55, claims the New York Governor grabbed her face and kissed her on both cheeks, 'aggressively and in a sexual manner' in 2017. Her attorney, Gloria Allred, said Monday that Vill had 'just completed the interview' with investigators appointed by NY Attorney General Letitia James

04.01.21 Fox 13 - Former Springville High teacher responds to allegations of inappropriate conduct. Gloria Allred, one of the nation's leading women's rights attorneys, interviewed with FOX 13. Though not connected with this specific case, Allred said harassment often lands in civil court and not necessarily in a criminal court of law.

03.30.21 Today - Another woman has come forward to accuse embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate behavior, offering what she says is proof that backs up her claim. The woman, Sherry Vill, is represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

03.26.21 Good Day LA - USC has agreed to pay $842 million dollars to over 700 women who said they were sexually abused by former campus gynecologist George Tyndall. Gloria Allred and co-counsel John Carpenter represented dozens of these women and some of them joined a Zoom call to discuss what this settlement means.

03.26.21 Inside Edition - The University of Southern California announced Thursday that it will pay over $1.1. billion in retributions to patients of an on-campus gynecologist who allegedly sexually abused and preyed on generations of patients. Gloria Allred and co-counsel John Carpenter represented dozens of these patients.

03.25.21 Daily Mail - USC agrees to pay $1.1 billion damages to thousands of female sexual assault victims of college gynecologist George Tyndall. Gloria Allred's firm, Allred, Maroko & Goldberg - and her co-counsel, Carpenter Zuckerman & Rowley, represent 72 of the 702 women who have come forward with allegations of harassment against Tyndall.

03.23.21 Crain's New York Business - The sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo have jump-started conversations about workplace harassment in New York. "I would say the problem is severe, and I would say the problem is pervasive," said Gloria Allred, a leading women's rights lawyer.

03.23.21 Deadline - Theatrical release of the Movie 'Death On The Nile' Floats Away To 2022 Amid Armie Hammer LAPD Investigation. News of the LAPD's probe of Hammer emerged Thursday after a Gloria Allred-led press conference.

03.23.21 BuzzFeed - Bhad Bhabie, Paris Hilton, and many more are joining the #BreakingCodeSilence movement to talk about abuse they faced at facilities for "troubled teens." Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, felt like it was her time to share her story after a young woman named Hannah Archuleta filed a lawsuit against Turn-About Ranch for sexual assault. Gloria Allred is representing Archuleta in the case.

03.23.21 GMA - Hollywood actor Armie Hammer accused of sexual assault. The allegations were made during a virtual news conference alongside high-profile women's rights lawyer Gloria Allred on Thursday, March 18.

03.19.21 Los Angeles Times - "Actor Hammer under scrutiny after woman's sex assault charge" That woman who was identified as Effie, is represented by her attorney, Gloria Allred.

03.18.21 Law & Crime - A woman said on Thursday that actor Armie Hammer raped her for over four hours in a 2017 incident in Los Angeles, California. He "repeatedly slammed my head against a wall, bruising my face," said the woman, who stepped forward as Effie Angelova. Ms. Angelova is represented by her attorney, Gloria Allred.

03.18.21 Deadline - Armie Hammer Probed By LAPD For Alleged Rape; Faces Years In Prison If Found Guilty, Assault Claims Revealed In Gloria Allred Press Conference

03.18.21 AP - LA police: Armie Hammer under sexual assault investigation. Earlier Thursday at a video news conference with attorney Gloria Allred, a woman said that on April 24, 2017, in Los Angeles, Hammer raped her.

03.18.21 TMZ - Armie Hammer under sexual assault investigation. Gloria Allred says decision to press charges is on prosecutors.

03.18.21 Yahoo! - With her attorney, Gloria Allred, by her side, Armie Hammer's once anonymous accuser, a woman named Effie, has come forward with claims of physical abuse and rape against the actor.

03.18.21 Fox 11 News - "Actor Armie Hammer accused of raping woman" The 24-year-old woman, who identified herself only as Effie, made the allegations during a news conference over Zoom alongside her attorney, Gloria Allred.

03.17.21 Washington Post - Ghislaine Maxwell stands accused of procuring and grooming underage girls to satisfy the boundless sexual appetite of her onetime lover, the billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell's attempts to be released pending her trial have been greeted with outrage by some of Epstein's accusers. Gloria Allred represents 20 Epstein accusers. See Ms. Allred's comments here.

03.14.21 Today Show Australia - See Gloria Allred's interview regarding the momentum of the Me Too movement. Ms. Allred comments on Harvey Weinstein marking one year in prison, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and the multiple Australian politicians facing allegations.

03.11.21 BuzzFeed News - "COVID's Day Of Reckoning In The US: An Oral History" More than 60 people - including attorney Gloria Allred - told us what it was like on March 11, 2020, the day COVID swallowed everything. Ms. Allred recalls the sentencing of Harvey Weinstein.

03.10.21 Business Insider - UK tabloids called Harry and Meghan's interview the 'worst royal crisis in 85 years,' seemingly forgetting Prince Andrew's alleged sex offenses. "Allegations about him are far worse than the allegations about Meghan Markle. Prince Andrew was a working royal when he became a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, who was a sexual predator," said Gloria Allred. Ms. Allred represents 20 victims of Epstein.

03.10.21 Daily Mail - "Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signs law banning all abortions in the state except to save the lives of mothers" See attorney Gloria Allred with Norma McCorvey, who was known as 'Jane Roe' in the landmark Roe vs. Wade court case. The pair appeared at a pro-choice rally in Burbank, Calif., on July 4, 1989.

03.10.21 BBC World News - Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of helping convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein groom young girls, and is being held in U.S. federal prison. Her brother, Ian Maxwell, says Ghislaine's U.S. jail conditions are degrading and amount to torture. Gloria Allred represents 20 victims of Epstein. See Ms. Allred's comments here.

03.09.21 Rare - "Michelle Obama Will Be Inducted into the U.S. National Women's Hall of Fame" Past inductees include Aretha Franklin from last year, and Gloria Allred and Jane Fonda from 2019.

03.09.21 The Guardian - Gloria Allred accuses palace of using Meghan Markle to take focus off Prince Andrew. Ms. Allred suggests bullying inquiry is "calculated decision" with prince mired in Epstein controversy.

03.09.21 Daily Mail - Buckingham Palace is trying to distract from Prince Andrew by investigating Meghan Markle's "bullying", lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein's victims claim. Gloria Allred represents 20 of the disgraced financier's accusers. See Ms. Allred's comments here.

03.08.21 Iowa State Daily - "Women's Week lecture discusses legal accountability in the #MeToo era" Gloria Allred discussed accountability and empowerment for victims of sexual harassment and assault during a lecture for Iowa State's Women's Week series.

03.05.21 Avvo Stories - "5 extraordinary women in the legal profession." Avvo is acknowledging these five groundbreaking women in the legal profession in honor of Women's History Month and International Women's Day. Attorney Gloria Allred is among this prestigious group. Each has spent years fighting for justice, from the smallest mediation rooms all the way to the Supreme Court.

03.05.21 Yahoo News UK - Prince Andrew withdrew from his royal duties in November 2019 after a disastrous interview in which he failed to apologise for his friendship with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Gloria Allred, one of the lawyers involved in the US case against Epstein, spoke with Yahoo News UK . See Ms. Allred's comments here.

03.04.21 KUSI NEWS - Attorney Gloria Allred joined KUSI's Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego to weigh in on the case against Governor Andrew Cuomo.

03.03.21 Iowa State Daily - The Women's Week Conference, which is March 8 through 12 in the Memorial Union and online, is hosting a number of notable women who are leaders in their respective fields, including women's rights attorney Gloria Allred.

03.03.21 The Washington Post - The Washington Football Team on Wednesday announced the cheerleaders will be replaced by a coed dance squad, less than one month after it halted its all-female program, following a confidential settlement with ex-cheerleaders who were unwitting subjects of lewd videos. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented about 20 former cheerleaders, said she hopes the team "focuses on becoming a leader in improving the pay and working conditions of cheerleaders and establishing a program which assures that cheerleaders are free of sexual harassment and exploitation."

03.01.21 ABC WHAM - "Experts: Sexual harassment usually part of a pattern" The allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo have put a spotlight on sexual harassment. When it comes to workplace harassment, attorney Gloria Allred, who is not representing any of Cuomo's accusers, believes where there is smoke, often, there is fire. See Ms. Allred's comments here.

03.01.21 TMZ - "Loss of LAPD's RHD Sex Crimes Unit Hurts High-Profile Cases, Cops Say" Famed attorney Gloria Allred -- who reps many alleged victims of rape, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse -- has called out the LAPD for eliminating the Sex Crimes Unit.

02.26.21 Deseret News - Motivated to come forward after Paris Hilton's allegations of abuse at a Provo center for troubled teens, a Colorado woman is suing a different Utah program. Turn-About Ranch in Escalante punished Hannah Archuleta after she reported sexual assaults by an employee, she alleges in her lawsuit filed Wednesday in Garfield County's 6th District Court. "There appears to be a major problem in Utah," Archuleta's attorney, Gloria Allred, said in reference to the residential rehab facilities for teens.

02.26.21 The Sun - A youth residential treatment center, backed by Dr Phil in the past, is being sued after a guest on his show claimed she was sexually assaulted there. Gloria Allred, Hannah Archuleta's lawyer, filed a lawsuit this week against Turn-About Ranch in which she alleges an instructor at the ranch twice sexually assaulted her client.

02.25.21 Times Union - A lawsuit filed by Hannah Archuleta on Wednesday in Utah's 6th District Court alleged that she was sexually assaulted multiple times in 2019 by a male staff member at Turn-About Ranch, a youth residential treatment center. Ms. Archuleta is represented by Gloria Allred.

02.25.21 VIDEOAGE - To celebrate Women's History Month, the "Modern Hero TV" marathon will stream all day on March 13 on FilmRise. Modern Hero TV is a new documentary series that showcases inspiring women, including equality pioneer Gloria Allred, among others.

02.24.21 Fox13 News - Sexual abuse allegations by a teen against Turn-About Ranch in Escalante were announced today in a lawsuit filed by women's rights attorney Gloria Allred and Utah attorney April Hollingsworth.

02.24.21 Salt Lake Tribune - "Woman Says She Was Punished At Turn-About Ranch After Reporting A Sexual Assault" Hannah Archuleta is now suing Turn-About Ranch, alleging the facility was negligent in hiring the male staffer who assaulted her, and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on her. She is represented by Gloria Allred.

02.12.21 Fox News - "Ex-Washington cheerleaders settle claims with team: reports" Cheerleaders accused owner Daniel Snyder of fostering an environment where sexual misconduct would go unpunished. Gloria Allred represented the former cheerleaders.

02.11.21 Daily Mail - "Washington Football Team cheerleaders reach confidential settlement after discovering they featured in two 'lewd' 10-minute videos secretly made by employees from outtakes of their 2008 and 2010 swimsuit calendar" Gloria Allred represented the former cheerleaders.

02.10.21 New York Post - "Ex-cheerleaders settle claims with Washington Football Team" Gloria Allred represented the former cheerleaders.

01.29.21 The Anderson Valley Advertiser - The writer discusses California politics, and mentions the influence attorney Gloria Allred and her client had on the governor's race between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman.

01.27.21 BBC Three - "Music's Dirty Secrets: Women Fight Back" How safe is the music industry for women? A new BBC Three documentary investigates how the music industry deals with assault allegations. Gloria Allred represents one of the women featured in this article, Kristen Knight.

01.16.21 9News - "Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by many women" One of his accusers, Summer Zervos, claims he kissed her very aggressively and placed his hand on her breast. Zervos made the allegations during a press conference with the attorney Gloria Allred in 2016.

01.15.21 The Elkhart Truth - "26 women have publicly accused President Trump of sexual misconduct" Jessica Drake, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, alleged Trump behaved in a sexually inappropriate way toward her.

01.14.21 Daily Mail - "A former Boston firefighter who said she was sexually harassed by male colleagues while on the job, then denied a better position as retaliation for reporting the harassment, has received a $3.2 million settlement from the city" The agreement with Nathalie Fontanez was finalized last month, said her attorneys, who include Gloria Allred.

01.13.21 Law360 - "Boston Strikes $3.3M Deal In Firefighter's Sex Assault Case" Nathalie Fontanez is represented by Gloria Allred and Michael Maroko of Allred Maroko & Goldberg, Jonathan Margolis of Powers Jodoin Margolis & Mantell LLP and Beth Myers of Burns & Levinson LLP.

01.13.21 Boston Globe - "Former Boston firefighter reaches $3.2 million settlement with city" Nathalie Fontanez was harassed and sexually assaulted on the job, then subjected to retaliation for reporting the assault. One of Nathalie's attorneys, Gloria Allred, called her "a true pioneer in the battle to win equal rights for women as firefighters".

01.12.21 San Francisco Chronicle - "Boston firefighter sex discrimination case settled for $3.2M" The agreement with Nathalie Fontanez was finalized last month, said her attorneys, who include Gloria Allred.