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2022 In the Media

12.27.22 NBC – Georgia voters flex their political muscles like never before in 2022. During a year when Georgia’s campaigns were dotted by occasional pop-ups from Hollywood (Oprah Winfrey), legal (Gloria Allred) and national political (Barack and Michelle Obama, Mike Pence and Donald Trump) celebrities, 2022 belonged to Georgia voters, who broke virtually every early voting number on record and cast more absentee ballots than ever before.

12.24.22 YouTube – Gloria Allred on Weinstein verdict: “The New York Court of Appeals, which is New York’s highest court, has agreed to hear Mr. Weinstein’s appeal in 2023 in July. Given that there is now a possibility, although hopefully not a probability, that Mr. Weinstein’s convictions in New York could be reversed, the Los Angeles prosecution is very important. Even if the New York conviction remains intact, the women whom Harvey Weinstein victimized in Southern California deserved to have their day in court and I’m glad that they received that in this criminal case in Los Angeles.”

12.23.22 Variety – Gloria Allred: All of Harvey Weinstein’s Victims Should Be Allowed to Speak at Sentencing. In an interview with Variety after the verdict, Allred said that she was “disturbed” that none of her clients will be allowed to speak at Weinstein’s sentencing. Judge Lisa B. Lench has said she will allow only one victim to address the court: Jane Doe #1, the only one whose allegations resulted in a conviction. Allred said her clients “went through a grueling, challenging and brutal cross-examination, and they did it for the cause of justice.”

12.23.22 ABC – Harvey Weinstein Guilty. Prosecutors called 44 witnesses during the Los Angeles trial, but the jury’s decision depended largely on the testimony of the four women who Weinstein was charged with raping or sexually assaulting at various Beverly Hills hotels between 2004 and 2013. Gloria Allred represented Lauren Young, who was identified during the trial as Jane Doe 2. Ms. Allred said her client would be willing to testify in a third criminal trial against Weinstein.

12.22.22 Firstpost. – Netflix’s Harry & Meghan: How Meghan Markle’s outfits scream her individualistic fashion choices. In the Netflix documentary it is shown that the day she decided to step down from her royal duties, Meghan wore an all green outfit including her headgear. The colour green stands for feminist movement which Meghan is vocal about. Meghan has been a feminist from a very young age. The docu-drama show talks about her homework assignment about commercials when she heard an Ivory dishwashing soap ad aimed solely at women. In fact it was Meghan’s dad who encouraged her to write to the most powerful people she could think of, including company representatives, Hillary Clinton, Gloria Allred, and Nick News anchor Linda Ellerbee. It worked: Procter & Gamble changed the slogan from ‘Women all over America’ to ‘People all over America’ a few days later.

12.22.22 CrimeOnline – ‘Truth doesn’t change over time’: Amber Frey Speaks Out After Judge Rejects Scott Peterson’s New Trial. Scott Peterson’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Frey, spoke to Fox News Digital after a judge denied his request for a new trial this week. As CrimeOnline previously reported, a California judge has rejected a claim Tuesday that a juror in Peterson’s murder trial was biased against him, allowing his conviction to stand. Amber Frey is represented by Attorney Gloria Allred.

12.20.22 CNN – “Harvey Weinstein is convicted of 3 of 7 charges, including rape, in his Los Angeles sexual assault trial.” The disgraced movie mogul was found guilty Monday of three of seven charges against him in his second sexual assault trial. After weeks of emotional testimony and 10 days of deliberations, they were a hung jury on one count of sexual battery by restraint, one count of forcible oral copulation and one count of rape related to two other women. Attorney Gloria Allred represented victims of Mr. Weinstein in this criminal trial, and read a statement by Lauren Young (Jane Doe 2).

12.20.22 Insider – Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of three out of seven sexual assault charges on Monday. The high-profile trial marked a sea change in the way accused rapists are defended. Challenging victims’ memories and saying they caved to pressures of #MeToo may be a new standard. The veteran women’s-rights attorney Gloria Allred told Insider prior to the decision “The job of the defense is to plant doubt.” “The burden of the prosecution is to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. So if they are able to persuade even one juror that this is what happened, then from the defense point of view, they’ve done their job.”

12.19.22 CBS News – Judge declares mistrial in Weinstein sentencing after jurors fail to unanimously agree on aggravating factors. After 10 days of deliberation, a Los Angeles jury has found disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein guilty of one count of rape. “The women whom Harvey Weinstein victimized in Southern California deserved to have their day in court,” said attorney Gloria Allred. “I’m glad that they received that in this criminal case.”

12.19.22 Los Angeles Times – “Harvey Weinstein convicted of rape in Los Angeles.” A Los Angeles jury on Monday found Harvey Weinstein guilty of rape, delivering a verdict that further condemns the disgraced movie titan whose treatment of women helped spur the #MeToo movement. The decision all but assures that Weinstein, who is 70, in poor health and serving a 23-year prison sentence in New York for other rapes, will spend the rest of his life behind bars. He is scheduled to be sentenced in the Los Angeles case early next year but must complete his current prison sentence before being transferred to California. Ms. Allred said justice was won on Monday, and noted the results could prove critical if Weinstein wins an appeal of his New York criminal conviction next year.

12.19.22 CBS News – “Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape and sexual assault in Los Angeles trial, but acquitted on some charges.” A Los Angeles jury found the disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein guilty on Monday of three counts of sexual assault, including rape, ending a criminal trial that lasted more than four weeks and featured testimony from 49 individual witnesses. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented Lauren Young in both the New York and Los Angeles trials, said Young was “very happy that there were convictions in this case,” even though the jury could not reach a verdict on the charge related to her. Allred added that if prosecutors decide to try Weinstein on that charge again, Young is willing to testify for a third time.

12.17.22 Fox 11 – ‘The Issue Is’ – Gloria Allred versus Larry Elder: Round 2. Gloria Allred and Larry Elder debate marriage equality, abortion, reparations, Elder’s possible 2024 presidential run and more.

12.17.22 Newsweek – Trump Brags His Trading Cards ‘Made History’ Amid Barrage of Backlash. Conservative commentator Larry Elder said during Fox11’s talk show This Issue Is Friday night that the former president’s “mission” for his trading cards “was for us to talk about Trump.” Women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred, who also joined This Issue Is on Friday, added that Trump was “monetizing” off his former White House status “among a very small and shrinking base of his supporters.” “He’s trying to make as much money as he can,” Allred said. “It’s all going to him personally, by the way. It’s not going to his campaign.”

12.16.22 MEAWW.COM – A year after being accused of alleged sexual assault, ‘Sex and the City’ star Chris Noth is planning to make a comeback on the big screen with movie projects. Two women accused the actor of allegedly abusing them sexually in December of last year. A day later, a third accuser revealed that the actor had allegedly molested her in 2010. Then, on December 23, 2021, singer Lisa Gentile and a fourth victim, attorney Gloria Allred, appeared at a news conference to describe Gentile’s alleged attack by Noth in 2002.

12.16.22 The OZ – No surprise Diana & Dodi hit job is a shocker. If Harry & Meghan made you queasy, this 68-minute film about the former’s mother and her fleeting love affair before her tragic death will give you full-blown motion sickness. The cast recruited to provide character references includes two ex-girlfriends – one former American model, Kelly Fisher, and the other, a British blueblood. In a plot twist, an inclusion of Kelly Fisher’s explosive press conference when she claimed she was engaged to Dodi in August of 1997 when Diana and his relationship made headlines. Infamous attorney Gloria Allred explains why Fisher went nuclear on Dodi back in the day. It wasn’t a broken heart, she decided to sue him for “breach of contract”.

12.16.22 VT – An 11-year-old Meghan Markle successfully campaigned to have sexist ad changed. She discovered a Procter and Gamble commercial for dish soap in the 1990s, the product was advertised solely to women, which even an 11-year-old could deduce was problematic. Not only did she send a passionate statement to the soap’s manufacturer (the aforementioned Procter and Gamble), but to civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred, First Lady of the time Hillary Clinton, and Nick News anchor Linda Ellerbee! Due to her actions, the dish soap advert eventually changed its tagline to a more politically correct version.

12.15.22 Nicki Swift – Here’s Who Dodi Fayed Was Engaged To Just Before He Dated Princess Diana. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, Dodi Fayed was one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. Months before Fayed’s passionate romance with the People’s Princess, the wealthy film producer was engaged to be married. Here’s a look at Fayed’s dramatic, shocking relationship with his second fiancée, Kelly Fisher. After nearly a year of dating, Fayed reportedly proposed to Fisher in 1997. According to Newsweek, two days before their planned wedding, Fayed shocked Fisher when he broke up with her over a phone call without much explanation. When it came to her break up with Dodi Fayed, Kelly Fisher didn’t handle it well. Days after their supposed engagement ended, the model sued the film producer for breach of contract with the help of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, per the Los Angeles Times.

12.14.22 ABC – A Los Angeles jury to deliberate for a 10th day Monday in Harvey Weinstein’s 2nd sexual assault trial. He has pleaded not guilty to all seven charges against him. He initially faced 11 charges, but four counts connected to an unnamed woman were dropped after she did not testify. Women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred, who is representing Jane Doe 2 in the case, told CNN she hopes the jury sees her client “has no motive at all to do anything but tell the truth.” “To be willing to subject yourself to what could be a very brutal cross-examination. That takes a very special person to do that. And she is a special person. I’m very proud,” Allred said.

12.14.22 The Tech – Where Is “Disgraced” Star R Kelly Now? At a federal trial in Chicago on September 14, 2022, R. Kelly was found guilty of sexually abusing his 14-year-old goddaughter on tape in the 1990s. The R&B singer was also found to have been sexually inappropriate with two other minors around the same time. Before that, on June 29, 2022, R. Kelly was given a sentence of 30 years in prison. All nine charges against R Kelly, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, were found to be true in September 2021. After the jury’s decision, women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented several of Kelly’s victims, said that the musician was “the worst sexual predator she had gone after in her 47 years of practicing law.”

12.09.22 Bloomberg – NY Law Opens Way for Flood of Sex-Abuse Suits, No Matter How Old. A New York law that temporarily lifts the statute of limitations on civil sexual-abuse and harassment claims has sparked a flurry of activity just two weeks after taking effect – a warning sign for Wall Street banks and other employers that victims from decades earlier are on the hunt for justice. Prominent plaintiffs’ attorney Gloria Allred said she’s already received calls from people with potential claims, including a woman who was “seriously sexually harassed” while working on Wall Street in the 1980s.

12.05.22 CityNews – The women at the center of Harvey Weinstein’s LA rape trial. Prosecutors called 44 witnesses to make their case against Harvey Weinstein, but a jury’s decision at his Los Angeles trial will hinge largely on the testimony of four: the women he is charged with raping or sexually assaulting, all known simply as “Jane Doe” in court. LAUREN YOUNG: Known as Jane Doe 2 in court, Young is the only Weinstein accuser to tell her story at trials in both Los Angeles and New York, where he was handed a 23-year sentence. Ms. Young is represented by Attorney Gloria Allred.

12.05.22 The New Yorker – An Anti-Abortion Activist’s Quest to End the Rape Exception. For Rebecca Kiessling, helping mothers who’ve conceived children through sexual assault is part of a strategy for curtailing reproductive rights. During a CNN debate with the lawyer Gloria Allred, who has spoken about getting a back-alley abortion after being raped in the sixties, Kiessling offered condolences for the loss of Allred’s “son or daughter,” adding, “You may not think that their life matters, but you know what? That matters to me.”

11.30.22 Ventura Star – Thacher School alumna sues Ojai boarding school over sexual assault. Jennifer Christiansen Vurno, 44, of Washington, sued the elite private school alleging sexual assault and harassment, emotional distress, violation of mandatory child abuse reporting and multiple instances of negligence. Although Vurno’s lawsuit is the first civil suit with a named complainant, it is not the only legal challenge to surface as a result of the investigation’s report. Earlier this year, a 53-year-old former student represented by attorney Gloria Allred filed a civil suit against the Thacher School.

11.30.22 ABC 7 – Closing arguments begin in Harvey Weinstein trial in Los Angeles. The deputy district attorney showed a photo of a wolf and said Weinstein was a predator, having a skillful method to lure his prey. Eight women testified against Weinstein in the Los Angeles trial, including the four Jane Does who filed charges against him. He faces two counts of rape and five other counts of sexual assault. Gloria Allred represents two women who testified in this case, including one Jane Doe.

11.25.22 Town & Country – Dodi Al Fayed’s Ex-Girlfriend Kelly Fisher Sued Him Days Before His Death. Season five of The Crown introduces viewers to Dodi Al Fayed, who tragically died alongside Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997. However, it’s unclear how serious the two were: Princess Diana had just broken up with Hasnat Khan, a British Pakistani heart surgeon whom she reportedly called the “love of her life.” Fayed, too, was previously linked to California model Kelly Fisher, and Fisher said that the two were engaged when he started courting Diana. In early August 1997, represented by lawyer Gloria Allred, Fisher filed a lawsuit against Fayed, claiming that they were set to be wed on August 9 and they had a contractual agreement.

11.24.22 Daily Mail – Cuba Gooding Jr. insists he is ‘100% changed’ since admitting to forcibly touching woman in first interview after guilty plea. Gooding Jr. previously pleaded guilty to one-count of forcible touching. The charge was in relation to a 2018 incident with a waitress at TAO in New York City. That woman was not in court on Thursday but another victim, Kelsey Harbert, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, was. Kelsey was the woman whose breast he fondled at the Magic Hour Rooftop in New York City in 2019. He was never charged over that incident – a decision that outraged Harbert, who told reporters on Thursday that she was robbed of justice.

11.22.22 Independent – The woman who accused Herschel Walker of pressuring her to have an abortion called on the Republican Senate nominee in Georgia to meet with her after she played audio of their phone calls. On Tuesday, the woman, who went simply by Jane Doe, held a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred. The press conference began by the women playing audio of the phone conversation between Ms. Doe and Mr. Walker when they reportedly carried on a multi-year relationship. The alleged relationship took place while Mr. Walker, then a player for the NFL, was married. Mr. Walker is currently running against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia in a runoff election after neither candidate secured a majority of the vote in the general election earlier this month.

11.22.22 Daily News – Herschel Walker abortion accuser challenges Senate candidate: ‘tell me to my face that you don’t know me’. That woman, identified only as Jane Doe, made her dare during a Tuesday press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred, who said she has “overwhelming evidence” Walker had a relationship with her client. The proof allegedly includes letters, photos, audio recordings and witness testimony. In one of those recordings, Walker seemingly refers to himself as a “stud farm.”

11.22.22 Patch – ‘Look Me In The Eye And Deny Knowing Me’: Herschel Walker Accuser. “Herschel, I never thought you would deny knowing me or our relationship,” the woman, identified only as Jane Doe, said through tears at a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred. “Are you really willing to do anything, including lying to the voters in Georgia, to become a senator?”

11.22.22 Reuters – A woman who alleges that U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker pressured her into having an abortion in 1993 on Tuesday challenged the Republican, who has said he opposes abortion with no exceptions, to meet her publicly before next month’s Georgia run-off election. The woman, who appeared at a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred but withheld her name, issued the challenge two weeks ahead of the Dec. 6 run-off contest in which Walker hopes to unseat Democratic U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock.

11.22.22 People – Herschel Walker Abortion Accuser Releases New Evidence, Including Voice Messages: ‘I Am Telling the Truth’ “Mr. Walker, do you deny that it is your voice on the following audio recordings?” attorney Gloria Allred asked in a press conference, before playing potentially implicating soundbites.

11.22.22 The Washington Post – A second woman who accused Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker of pressuring her to have an abortion on Tuesday criticized the former football player for dismissing her claims and called for him to publicly meet with her ahead of the Dec. 6 runoff election. The woman, identified as Jane Doe, participated in a news conference with high-profile attorney Gloria Allred.

11.22.22 The Cut – The Herschel Walker Campaign Keeps Getting Messier. The second woman to accuse Walker of pressuring her to have an abortion (known as Jane Doe) challenged him to respond to her directly. Per People, Jane Doe’s attorney Gloria Allred told reporters at a press conference that Walker and her unnamed client were romantically involved for 6 years – from 1987 to 1993. Allred also said that she and Jane Doe had collected “evidence” of a romantic relationship, including “letters, audio recordings, diaries, cards, notes, photos, and a declaration from a friend.”

11.22.22 Insider – A 2nd woman who said Herschel Walker forced her to have an abortion said he has caused ‘collateral damage’ with his denial of their relationship. “All I can do is tell the truth and I am telling the truth and Walker knows I am telling the truth,” the woman, who goes by Jane Doe in an effort to protect her identity, said during a Tuesday press conference led by her attorney, Gloria Allred.

11.22.22 The Guardian – Herschel Walker accuser comes forward with fresh relationship claims. Woman who says she was pressured into abortion by Republican Senate hopeful presents unseen letters, audio and diary entries. At a press conference in Los Angeles organized by her lawyer, Gloria Allred, the anonymous woman known only as Jane Doe came forward anew with a raft of fresh materials. She said she was doing so because when she first aired her allegations last month “and told the truth, he denied that he knew that I existed”.

11.21.22 Daily Mail – ‘Sick’ California high school football coach is sentenced to nine years in prison after hiding camera disguised as phone charger inside girls’ locker room to spy on students getting changed. Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing the nearly 50 victims in this case, has spoken publicly about how Riden’s sentence falls short for many of the victims and their families. ‘Many parents and their daughters have been on an emotional roller coaster,’ she said at a news conference.

11.21.22 Radar Online – A California high school coach received a 9-year prison sentence after he was found guilty of placing a camera in the girls’ locker room, has learned. Riden was found guilty of photographing at least 21 students through his use of hidden cameras in the high school locker room. One of his victims, Jordyn Stotts, spoke alongside her attorney, Gloria Allred, after the sentencing on Friday, November 18.

11.20.22 Fox News – Former California high school football coach sentenced to 9 years for placing camera in girls’ locker room. David Arthur Riden, who worked at Los Osos High School, pleaded guilty last month to possession of over 600 images of child sexual assault material, using a minor to produce child sexual assault material, and secretly photographic a minor. One of his victims, Jordyn Stotts, spoke out publicly alongside attorney Gloria Allred on Friday.

11.18.22 Associated Press – A former Southern California high school football coach who secretly photographed nearly two dozen students in a girls locker room was sentenced Friday to nine years and four months in prison. David Arthur Riden, a former assistant varsity football coach at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga, also will be registered for life as a sex offender. Attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing nearly 50 alleged victims in a damage claim, said Friday that some parents felt the sentence was disappointingly short. “Many parents and their daughters have been on an emotional roller coaster,” she said at a news conference.

11.18.22 Elle – Who Was Dodi Fayed’s Ex-Girlfriend, Kelly Fisher? The brief romance of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed has been glamorized for over 25 years. What’s so frequently left out of the narrative, which is explored on the fifth season of The Crown, is the existence of a third party. While Dodi was embarking on a very high profile relationship with Diana, Kelly Fisher, a model originally from Kentucky, was trying desperately to figure out what was going on. Any secrecy about Dodi and Diana’s relationship went out the window when the Sunday Mirror published a photo of them kissing on Aug. 10. Days later, Fisher, represented by lawyer Gloria Allred, filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Dodi.

11.18.22 ABC 7 – Victim in Los Osos High hidden cam scandal speaks out. Publicly revealing her name for the first time, Jordan Stotts is speaking out, knowing that images of her were found on a hidden camera placed inside a girls locker room and bathroom by a former Los Osos High School assistant football coach David Riden. “You truly destroyed my life. Once I was a girl who could take on anything. Now I’m a girl who’s scared and doesn’t know what to do,” she said. Stotts is now part of a lawsuit filed against the Rancho Cucamonga school and the district. Attorney Gloria Allred represents 48 different victims in the lawsuit.

11.18.22 Insider – Season five of “The Crown” ushers in American model and actor Kelly Fisher and Egyptian multimillionaire and film producer Dodi Fayed, the man Princess Diana was romantically linked to when she died in a car crash. In 1997, Fisher learned alongside the rest of the world that Fayed was rumored to be romantically involved with Princess Diana. A few days later, Fisher reportedly filed a lawsuit against Fayed for breach of contract. In a press conference in Los Angeles, Fisher’s lawyer Gloria Allred argued that “Miss Fisher loved, trusted, and believed in Mr. Fayed.”

11.18.22 Fox 11 News – Ex-Inland Empire high school football coach admits to secretly recording girls in bathrooms, locker room. After reaching a plea agreement, David Arthur Riden was sentenced to nine years and four months in jail and will become a lifetime registered sex offender. Attorney Gloria Allred is representing 48 young victims in the case and filed a lawsuit against the Inland Empire high school as well as the Chaffey Joint High School District. Allred said the parents and their daughters are outraged and believe he is deserving of a longer sentence.

11.17.22 Los Angeles Times – After a month of harrowing testimony from women who say they were raped by the most powerful man in Hollywood, Los Angeles prosecutors rested their case against Harvey Weinstein on Thursday. The final accuser to take the stand against Weinstein was actress and model Natassia Malthe, who described a 2008 attack inside a London hotel after the British Academy Film Awards. For several hours Wednesday, Malthe – who publicly accused Weinstein of assault in 2017 with her attorney, Gloria Allred, at her side – talked through her troubling years-long dynamic with the mogul.

11.17.22 Law & Crime – Model Natassia Malthe Testifies Harvey Weinstein Raped Her in 2008 After She Told Him, ‘I Don’t Do The Casting Couch Thing’. A 48-year-old model and actress from Norway, Malthe described an encounter she first discussed publicly at an October 2017 press conference after news broke of alleged sexual misconduct by Weinstein. As her lawyer Gloria Allred watched from the gallery, Malthe testified about watching the woman perform oral sex on Weinstein and watching them have intercourse.

11.17.22 Bounding Into Comics – Alec Baldwin “Seeks To Clear His Name,” Files Lawsuit Accusing ‘Rust’ Crew Members Of Being Responsible For On-Set Shooting. The cross-complaint accuses four of the defendants in Rust script supervisor Mamie Mitchell’s previously filed lawsuit against Baldwin of negligence and indemnification. While Mitchell has not yet made any comments regarding the actor’s cross-complaint suit, her lawyer, noted feminist Gloria Allred, responded to Baldwin’s legal suit by describing it as “a shameful attempt to shift the blame to others, just as he has done since he fired the fatal shot which killed Ms. Hutchins.”

11.17.22 The Courier Mail – Harvey Weinstein ‘demanded rape victim have a threesome with him’, court hears. Norwegian actress Natassia Malthe said she walked in on the disgraced producer and another woman at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills in April 2008. Testifying at Weinstein’s sexual assault trial, the model-turned-actress said she was tricked into going to the former big shot producer’s hotel suite under the guise he would talk to her about a movie part. Ms. Malthe is represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

11.13.22 Los Angeles Times – Capt. Hollywood: The ex-LAPD boss who tipped off CBS to Moonves assault claim. New York Atty. Gen. Letitia James recently revealed that five years ago, Palka tipped off CBS executives to the existence of a confidential complaint. James’ report came five years after Phyllis Golden-Gottlieb, then 81, walked into the Hollywood station to report that Moonves had sexually assaulted her in the mid-1980s. She was inspired by the #MeToo movement, which reached a peak in the autumn of 2017 after the New York Times and New Yorker magazine published accounts of abuse by former film producer Harvey Weinstein. Ms. Gottlieb was represented by Attorney Gloria Allred.

11.11.22 USA Today – Decades of abuse uncovered but unpunished at exclusive California private school. Why no one has been or likely will be punished after a report revealed a long history of predatory grooming and sexual misconduct involving dozens of girls. Police identified nearly 100 cases of misconduct at The Thacher School in Ojai with allegations ranging from pervasive sexual harassment to rape, and those accused include teachers, coaches and the highest authority at the school. Last month, high-profile attorney Gloria Allred announced that she was representing one victim and that she had filed a lawsuit against The Thacher School accusing the institution of negligence.

11.10.22 USA Today – Gloria Allred talks the importance and impact of civil suits in cases of sexual abuse. When it comes to civil litigation, high-profile attorney Gloria Allred says it can have a big impact on survivors of sex abuse.

11.07.22 Variety – Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney Questions if Jane Doe Is ‘Actually Sure’ Sexual Assault Ever Occurred. Lauren Young – who is known in this case as Jane Doe #2 – has alleged that Weinstein masturbated in front of her and groped her breasts after cornering her in a hotel bathroom during a business meeting that was planned to take place in a hotel lobby. Following Young’s cross-examination by Weinstein’s defense, her attorney, Gloria Allred, issued a statement to the Variety, praising her client as a “hero.”

11.05.22 Los Angeles Times – LAPD cover-up of claims against ex-CBS boss Moonves highlights challenges for abuse victims. The Moonves cover-up began hours after Phyllis Golden-Gottlieb, 81, walked into the LAPD’s Hollywood station Nov. 10, 2017, to report that Moonves had sexually assaulted her in the 1980s. That night, LAPD Capt. Cory Palka called a CBS executive to alert him to the existence of the report. “It is shocking that a high-level captain in the LAPD decided to reveal a victim’s complaint, and chose to help a big corporation at the expense of a woman who alleged to law enforcement that she had been sexually assaulted,” said lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented Golden-Gottlieb.

11.05.22 The Root – The Sad Irony of Herschel Walker’s Fake Police Badge. This ridiculous Senate hopeful has a history of abusive and hypocritical behavior. Walker’s allegations of abuse are well-reported, but they have not been made a focus. We have at least been made aware that Walker is a hypocrite after one woman revealed in addition to having a son with him, he paid for her to terminate a separate pregnancy. On Wednesday, another woman accused Walker of doing the same thing nearly three decades ago, after a yearlongs extramarital affair. The woman did not identify herself but made her allegations by way of a press conference hosted by lawyer Gloria Allred.

11.04.22 Associated Press – Los Angeles County prosecutors will look into past cases involving a former police captain who allegedly tipped off CBS executive Les Moonves that a woman had filed a confidential police report accusing him of sexual assault, the district attorney’s office said Friday. In 2019 Phyllis Golden-Gottlieb, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, reported to police in the Hollywood Division that she had been sexually assaulted by Moonves in 1986. Within hours, Palka tipped off CBS and later met personally with Moonves and another CBS executive, the New York AG’s report said.

11.03.22 AP – Former LAPD captain probed in tipoff to CBS chief. Prosecutors said retired captain Cory Palka leaked a sexual assault victim’s confidential police report to the accused, former CBS leader Les Moonves. A law enforcement official briefed on the matter confirmed that Phyllis Golden-Gottlieb, who died this summer, was the woman involved in the leak. Ms. Golden-Gottlieb was represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

11.02.22 Mother Jones – How to Understand the Connection Between the Herschel Walker Abortion Stories and His Abuse. The second woman to allege that football star-turned-Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker pressured her to have an abortion. Walker-who supports banning abortion with no exceptions, not even to save the life of the mother-denied Doe’s allegations last week, after she first aired them at a press conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred.

11.02.22 Law & Crime – Judge Refuses Alec Baldwin’s Request to Dismiss ‘Rust’ Script Supervisor’s Lawsuit: Case Suggests ‘Extreme and Outrageous Conduct’. Mamie Mitchell sued Baldwin and his finance company El Dorado Pictures, Inc., for injuries she allegedly sustained when Baldwin “discharged a loaded gun towards” her, the judge’s opinion indicates. Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred is representing Mitchell.

11.02.22 Fashion Days Outfits – “Woman who accused Herschel Walker of pressuring her into having abortion says ‘honesty matters.'” ‘I felt threatened and I thought I had no choice,’ said the woman, who has come forward on camera for the first time since making her allegations public at a press conference last week with her attorney, GLORIA ALLRED.”

11.02.22 Beverly Press – In the June 7 primary race, less than four points separated Los Angeles County supervisor, 3rd district, candidates Bob Hertzberg and Lindsey Horvath. Now in a run-off for the position in the general election, both candidates have endorsements. Hertzberg has won the support of Gov. Gavin Newsom, U.S. Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Calif.), Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger and California state Sen. Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica), while Horvath has the backing of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin, Councilwoman Nithya Raman, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang, and activists Gloria Allred and Jane Fonda.

11.02.22 The Outlook – A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ruled that ‘Rust’ script supervisor Mamie Mitchell can pursue her negligence and other claims against Hollywood star Alec Baldwin, who fired a loaded gun on the New Mexico set of the indie Western last year that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza. “We are very happy that we won, and that the Court permitted us, over the objection of Alec Baldwin, to proceed in our lawsuit against him on our theories of assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence,” said Gloria Allred, one of Mitchell’s attorneys in the case.

11.01.22 Axios – The second woman who alleged that Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee in Georgia’s Senate race, pressured her into having an abortion said Tuesday that she felt “threatened.” “He was very clear that he did not want me to have the child,” the woman, who was identified by attorney Gloria Allred as “Jane Doe,” said in an exclusive ABC News interview, which aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America.”

11.01.22 Washington Examiner – The second woman to accuse Georgia senatorial candidate Herschel Walker of paying for her abortion showed her face during an interview but still asked to be referred to as “Jane Doe.” “Herschel Walker looked the American people in the eye after she spoke out last week and said it was a lie, both women were liars,” Doe’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, said during the interview. “And she’s now looking American people in the eye, and she’s telling her truth.”

11.01.22 ABC News – Breaking story today with our client Jane Doe and her attorney Gloria Allred, with an in person interview with Juju Chang and our client. Our client speaks about her past relationship with Herschel Walker, and the abortion she said he pressured her to have in 1993, as well as showing some of the evidence that she has from that time. Video: 6:33 minutes

10.26.22 CBS News – “Second woman to allege Herschel Walker paid for abortion “felt threatened.” The second woman to accuse Georgia Republican Senate candidate, Herschel Walker, of paying for her abortion said in an interview that Walker pressured her to end her pregnancy because she and the child “would not be safe” if she gave birth. The woman, identified as a Jane Doe and represented by attorney Gloria Allred, alleges she and Walker had a six-year affair that began in the 1980s while he was married and playing in the NFL. Doe said she became pregnant in 1993, and Walker convinced her to have an abortion. She claims he drove her to the clinic and gave her cash to pay for the procedure.

10.26.22 The Daily Beast – New Woman Alleges Herschel Walker Urged Her to Have Abortion. High-profile attorney Gloria Allred hosted a press conference Wednesday with an anonymous woman who says the football star turned GOP Senate candidate personally drove her to a clinic in the 1990s to have an abortion against her wishes.

10.26.22 New York Magazine – ‘Herschel Took Advantage of Me,’ Says Second Abortion Accuser. In a press conference held by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred on Wednesday in Los Angeles, the anonymous woman claimed that, when she was carrying his child, he demanded she terminate her pregnancy, going so far as to take her to an abortion clinic to see it through. “I don’t to believe Herschel is morally fit to be a U.S. senator, and that is the reason I am speaking up and providing proof,” she said.

10.25.22 The Daily Beast – Harvey Weinstein Accusers Are Furious His Lawyer Called Gov’s Partner ‘Bimbo’. Gloria Allred, a prominent lawyer who has represented several Weinstein accusers, seemed to agree, telling The Daily Beast that Werksman’s opening statements articulated “some of the most common rape myths, gender stereotypes, and misogynistic language ever heard in a courtroom.”

10.25.22 Los Angeles Times – Ambyr Childers seeks restraining order against ex-husband Randall Emmett. In her legal documents, Childers also extensively cites a June Times investigation that included allegations of inappropriate behavior with women. In the June story, the Times detailed how Emmett allegedly offered numerous women money in exchange for their silence regarding their sexual relationships with him. Last January, Emmett was sent a settlement agreement by Gloria Allred stipulating he would pay about $200,000 to a Allred’s client, an actor who claimed the producer made her perform sexual favors to receive acting work from him.

10.24.22 L.A. Times – Harvey Weinstein faces sexual assault and rape charges as L.A. trial begins. While the 11 criminal counts against Weinstein were based on the allegations of five women, Thompson made no mention to jurors of Jane Doe No. 5 on Monday, raising the prospect that she has decided not to testify. Four of the 11 counts against Weinstein stem from allegations made by Jane Doe No. 5, court records show. A spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office, said no charges had been dropped as of Monday but declined to explain why Jane Doe No. 5 was not mentioned during the hearing. The woman’s attorney, Gloria Allred, referred all questions to prosecutors.

10.24.22 The Guardian – Harvey Weinstein’s new trial begins in LA with multiple women to testify. Disgraced Hollywood producer denies accusations from five women who say he abused them between 2004 and 2013. Weinstein was indicted on 11 counts overall, but four of those counts – including two counts of rape and two of sexual assault – involved the woman who was not included in the prosecution’s opening statement. Gloria Allred, an attorney for Jane Doe 5, declined to comment on the omission, the Los Angeles Times reported.

10.24.22 The Daily Beast – Harvey Weinstein’s Defense Calls Jennifer Siebel Newsom ‘Just Another Bimbo’. Prosecutors said Monday that former actress Jennifer Siebel Newsom was one of five Jane Does whose allegations factor into the criminal case and that she was expected to testify against Weinstein after he allegedly raped her in 2004 or 2005. Weinstein, who was wearing a navy suit and glasses, occasionally looked at Gloria Allred, a lawyer representing several of his accusers, who was sitting in the gallery.

10.24.22 BuzzFeed News – Prosecutors In Harvey Weinstein’s Second Rape Trial Opened With Gutting Testimony From His Alleged Victims, Which Defense Attorneys Promised To Make “Evaporate” Under Scrutiny. Throughout the two-month trial, the jury will hear from eight women who were assaulted by Weinstein in Los Angeles, despite the fact that the district attorney’s office has previously said that nine women would testify. There was no mention of Jane Doe 5 in the prosecution’s opening arguments. Gloria Allred, an attorney for Jane Doe 5, declined to comment on the omission, according to the Los Angeles Times.

10.20.22 Fox 11 Los Angeles – Los Angeles mayoral candidate Karen Bass and attorney Gloria Allred are calling on Rick Caruso to “take accountability” and “come clean” in regard to his role in the George Tyndall / USC sexual abuse scandal. “He raised the hopes of victims, who simply wanted the truth,” Allred said. “But then he cruelly broke his promise to them later, leaving many of them feeling betrayed by him and the university they represented. My clients want answers from Rick Caruso,” Allred said. Allred called on Caruso to take steps to ensure the report is released.

10.20.22 ABC 7 – LA mayor’s race: Bass and Caruso continue to exchange barbs over USC scandals. On Thursday, Bass asked Caruso to release the report of an investigation by the law firm O’Melveny and Myers into the actions of Dr. George Tyndall, a former USC campus gynecologist accused of sexually abusing hundreds of patients. In 2018, Caruso allegedly told reporters he would release it, but that hasn’t happened. At Bass’ Thursday press conference, she was joined by lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented 72 of Tyndall’s victims and has endorsed Bass. Allred claims making the report public would help her clients heal, but Caruso maintains it would have the opposite effect.

10.20.22 CBS Los Angeles – LA Mayoral candidates continue to trade jabs as race tightens. Like Caruso, Bass was also out fighting for votes Thursday, joined by renowned attorney Gloria Allred, who represented a number of sexual assault victims of former University of Southern California gynecologist George Tyndall, who faces dozens of charges. The two blasted Caruso for failing to make a report public that detailed Tyndall’s crimes while he was member of the university’s board.

10.20.22 Fox 11 News – Karen Bass and Gloria Allred held a press conference Thursday to discuss the sexual assault case involving ex-USC gynecologist George Tyndall. The press conference came in the wake of LA Times’ bombshell report discussing Mayoral candidate Rick Caruso testifying and answering questions on what USC knew about Tyndall back in late 2020. At that time, Caruso was a chair of USC’s governing board. In an RSVP invite sent by Bass’ campaign team, Allred is expected to “call on Rick Caruso to help victims heal.”

10.16.22 AP – As Cuba Gooding Jr.’s forcible touching case faded to black Thursday with no jail time for the movie star, some of the dozens of women who have accused him of groping, unwanted kissing and other inappropriate behavior criticized the outcome as a slap on the wrist – and a slap in the face. “This plea deal feels like a misstep,” said Kelsey Harbert, a neuroscience student whose allegation that Gooding groped her at a nightclub led to his 2019 arrest but wasn’t part of his guilty plea. Harbert’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, called the plea deal “an insult” to Gooding’s accusers and a “prosecutorial gift to a celebrity who is undeserving of such an outcome.”

10.16.22 The U.S. Sun – Prince Andrew’s pals say he needs Ghislaine Maxwell’s support from prison ‘like a hole in the head’. It comes after Maxwell, 60, called the Duke of York, 62 – who lives at Windsor Lodge with ex-wife Fergie – a “dear friend” in an exclusive Sun on Sunday interview. Maxwell procured young women for paedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein. Lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents Epstein victims, said Maxwell had done Andrew “no favours” by reminding the public of the scandal.

10.13.22 New York Times – Cuba Gooding Jr. Will Serve No Prison Time After Plea in Sex Abuse Case. The actor pleaded guilty to a single harassment charge after three women accused him of unwanted touching. A score of similar stories emerged after his arrest. Another woman, Kelsey Harbert, addressed the court in person, saying that “in many ways” the plea agreement with Mr. Gooding “felt like a betrayal.” A lawyer representing Ms. Harbert, Gloria Allred, also spoke outside the courthouse. Read Allred’s statement here.

10.13.22 CNN – Cuba Gooding Jr. avoids jail time after complying with plea deal in forcible touching case. Gooding previously pleaded guilty in April to a misdemeanor charge of forcibly touching a woman at a New York City nightclub in 2018. He also admitted to two other incidents of non-consensual contact in October 2018 and June 2019. One of Gooding’s accusers, Kelsey Harbert, spoke outside court after Thursday’s hearing, telling reporters that the actor’s actions “tug at [her] sense of peace every single day.” Gloria Allred, Harbert’s attorney, said she will discuss with Harbert whether to pursue a civil lawsuit against Gooding, but said no decision will be made Thursday.

10.13.22 Deadline – Cuba Gooding Jr. Gets No Jail Time After Guilty Plea In Sexual Abuse Case. Gooding replaced his misdemeanor plea with a plea to a noncriminal harassment violation and faces no additional penalties. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents a woman who is suing Cuba Gooding Jr. in a civil case that alleges a 2013 sexual assault, said today after the actor’s plea deal that she will pursue the civil case in federal court. Read Allred’s full statement here.

10.13.22 Law & Crime – Victim Calls Plea Deal Celebrity Special Treatment as Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. Avoids Jail in Sexual Abuse Case. “After three long years of trying to hold Mr. Gooding Jr. accountable for forcibly touching my breast without my consent – having my day in court taken from me is more devastating than words can convey,” Kelsey Harbert said. “Nonetheless, all I can do now is speak about how Mr. Gooding’s actions impacted me and continue to impact me to this day.” Harbert provided a copy of her remarks to a reporters after a Zoom press conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred.

10.09.22 Transcontinental Times – Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced film producer, is scheduled to go on trial in Los Angeles on Monday, nearly five years after bombshell reports of sexual assault involving five different women jeopardized and eventually ended his career. Gloria Allred, who represents three women testifying in the forthcoming trial, said in an interview with Variety, “It’s about seeking justice for them,” she said of the women who have been affected.

10.09.22 The Guardian – New Weinstein trial to begin in Los Angeles, five years after bombshell reports. Disgraced producer, already poised to spend life in prison, faces 11 additional sexual assault charges. Gloria Allred, who represents three women testifying in the forthcoming trial, said in an interview with Variety, “There is no limit to the number of prosecutions that are appropriate, if there is sufficient evidence to justify a prosecution elsewhere of the same defendant.”

10.07.22 New Age Entertainment – Harvey Weinstein’s next sexual assault trial is set to begin Monday in Los Angeles, almost exactly five years after allegations of sexual misconduct against the Hollywood mogul helped launch the #MeToo era. Gloria Allred, who represents multiple Weinstein accusers, said it was important that alleged victims in Los Angeles ‘have their day in court.’

10.05.22 Los Angeles Times – ‘Rust’ criminal probe will continue, D.A. says, after Alec Baldwin settles lawsuit with family of cinematographer killed. Gloria Allred, attorney for script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, who has a pending suit against the producers, said her client is “very happy that Halyna’s son and family have reached a settlement that they believe is fair to them. However, Mamie will continue her pursuit of justice in her civil case, and she will also be willing to testify in a criminal case if one is filed.”

10.05.22 Variety – Five Years After #MeToo Ignited a Global Reckoning, Harvey Weinstein Is Back on Trial – As Hollywood Continues to Untangle Its Web of Bad Behavior. Allred will represent three women testifying in Weinstein’s upcoming L.A. trial. She says even though the convicted rapist is already imprisoned, this next trial is crucial because every woman deserves her day in court. “It’s about seeking justice for them,” she says.

10.05.22 The Wrap – Alec Baldwin and the production team of “Rust” reached a settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit of Halyna Hutchins on Wednesday. In the agreement, the movie established a date to return to production, and got a new executive producer – Hutchins’ widowed husband. Baldwin and the producers on “Rust” face at least one other civil lawsuit in relation to “Rust” that was brought by Mamie Mitchell, the film’s script supervisor. In a statement, her attorney Gloria Allred said they will continue to pursue their own civil case and will be willing to testify should a criminal case be filed but also added that she will not be returning to the set once production on “Rust” resumes.

10.05.22 NBC News – Alec Baldwin settles lawsuit with family of cinematographer killed on ‘Rust’ set. A live round fired from a gun held by Baldwin fatally wounded Halyna Hutchins last October. Mamie Mitchell, the script supervisor who witnessed the fatal shooting, won’t return to “Rust” as she pursues her own civil suit against producers. “She is too traumatized to return to that set, because Mamie was standing next to Halyna Hutchins when Halyna was shot and killed,” Mitchell’s lawyer Gloria Allred said in a statement.

09.28.22 Los Angeles Times – Bill Cosby was denied a new trial in a civil lawsuit in which a jury found that he sexually abused Judy Huth when she was a teenager in 1975. In June, she was awarded $500,000 in damages. In his ruling, Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Craig D. Karlan explained why Cosby’s appeal was denied, writing that the actor “has failed to establish he received an unfair trial or that insufficient evidence existed to establish his liability for plaintiff’s harm.” Huth is represented by Allred, Maroko & Goldberg.

09.28.22 Deadline – Bill Cosby Denied Retrial In 1970s Playboy Mansion Sexual Assault Case. “We believe that Mr. Cosby must be bitterly disappointed with the outcome, but that won’t change the Judge’s decision,” noted Huth’s lawyer Allred today. “The jury found that Bill Cosby was responsible for sexual battery of a child. Child sexual abuse is reprehensible. Mr. Cosby should take responsibility, rather than continuing to fight the jury’s verdict which our law firm, (Allred, Maroko & Goldberg) fought for and won.”

09.28.22 IMDB – Bill Cosby and his lawyers were denied a request for a retrial in the sexual assault case tied to an incident from the 1970s at the Playboy Mansion, according to a ruling from a Los Angeles Superior Court judge from Tuesday. Cosby in June lost a lawsuit brought by plaintiff Judy Huth, who had alleged that Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1975, when she was 16 years old. Huth is represented by Allred, Maroko & Goldberg.

09.28.22 The Week – Judge rejects Bill Cosby’s request for a new trial in sexual assault case. A judge on Tuesday denied the disgraced comedian a new trial in the civil case brought by Judy Huth, according to Variety. In June, a California jury found Cosby sexually assaulted Huth at the Playboy Mansion in 1975, when she was 16 years old. Cosby wasn’t facing criminal charges, as this was a civil case, but the jury awarded Huth $500,000 in damages. Huth is represented by Allred, Maroko & Goldberg.

09.28.22 KRON 4 – 20 years later, trans teen’s murder still spurs calls for change. Sylvia Guerrero’s daughter Gwen Araujo would be 37 years old next month, but her life was cut short 20 years ago when she was brutally killed by a gang of four men in the East Bay after they found out she was transgender. The trial of Araujo’s killers helped drive California laws banning the gay and trans “panic defense” in similar cases; but the anniversary comes just after the Human Rights Campaign recorded a record number of killings of transgender Americans: 50. Gloria Allred represented Ms. Guerrero during the trial.

09.28.22 Bay Area Reporter – Gwen Araujo remembered 20 years after brutal murder. Sylvia Guerrero, whose transgender daughter was killed 20 years ago October 4, said, “If I had an LGBTQ child now, I’d still be worried, just as I was for Gwen at the time.” According to the Human Rights Campaign, at least 50 trans people were killed in 2021, a record number. So far this year, the national LGBTQ rights organization states on its website, at least 30 trans people have been killed. Ms. Guerrero was represented by Gloria Allred.

09.22.22 Attorney Gloria Allred announced her endorsement of Congressmember Karen Bass for Mayor of Los Angeles. Ms. Allred joined Rep. Bass’ press conference today, and discussed values she believes are important in our next mayor and Ms. Bass holds. Please see Gloria Allred’s statement.

09.21.22 The Guardian – The University of Toledo faces Title IX complaints over failure to address allegations against women’s soccer coach “Educational institutions that allow coaches to continue to work and interact with student athletes after learning of sexual abuse allegations against them are exposing themselves to the risk that they acted with deliberate indifference in violation of Title IX,” Christina Cheung, a partner with Gloria Allred in the law firm of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, told the Guardian.

09.14.22 People TV – The Story of the Royals (Parts 1 & 2) This special two-part event documents the fascinating lives of the British royal family. We’ll showcase the key figures in the line of succession – Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George – while also capturing the excitement of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and the birth of William and Kate’s third child, Louis. Featuring Gloria Allred, Jess Cagle, Chris Connelly, Rebecca Jarvis, and more, “The Story of The Royals” will capture the mystique of the monarchy through its many loves, losses, extravagances, challenges and charms.

09.02.22 Variety – A new docuseries is bringing the Hammer allegations back into the spotlight. “House of Hammer” from Discovery+ puts the camera on Hammer’s female accusers, who now come forward to share the abuse they claim to have endured. Gloria Allred, the famed attorney and women’s rights activist who represents the woman who accused Hammer of rape, also sits down for an interview in “House of Hammer.” Her client, known as Effie, was the woman behind the anonymous “House of Effie” Instagram account that initially published screenshots of alleged texts with the actor, which made the entire situation known to the world. Effie’s complaint is what launched the LAPD investigation into Hammer.

09.02.22 The Hollywood Reporter – Armie Hammer Docuseries ‘House of Hammer’ Explores Cannibalism, Abuse Allegations and Family Trauma. THR recaps the biggest moments from the three-part Discovery+ docuseries. Episode 1 includes Effie Angelova who was the first to step forward with accusations and lodged the most serious accusations by claiming that Armie raped and abused her during a four-year affair. She retained attorney Gloria Allred.

09.02.22 L.A. Times – They set out to find the truth about Armie Hammer – and enraged an accuser in the process. But as “House of Hammer” debuts this weekend, the woman whose claims launched the ongoing LAPD investigation says the project is doing more to harm Hammer’s alleged victims than to help them. Effie, a 26-year-old European woman who declined to give her last name due to concerns about harassment, said in a March 2021 press conference held by her lawyer, Gloria Allred, that Hammer “violently raped” her.

08.29.22 AmoMama – Sydney Brooke Simpson Always Escaped the Spotlight – Where is OJ Simpson’s Daughter Now? OJ, born Orenthal James Simpson, was accused of killing his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman in 1994. Gloria Allred represented the Brown family in order to advise them as they proceeded through the criminal justice system, and to assist them with the issues that would come up along the way.

08.24.22 PIX 11 – Harvey Weinstein granted appeal after NYC conviction on rape charge. Weinstein was originally found guilty in Manhattan Criminal Court in February of 2020. He was convicted for forcibly performing oral sex on a TV and film production assistant, Mimi Haley, in 2006 and raping an aspiring actress in 2013. Ms. Haley was represented by Attorney Gloria Allred at the trial.

08.23.22 New York Times – Elizabeth Williams is a courtroom artist with a canny eye for style. A former fashion illustrator, she is tasked with rendering charged portraits of accused killers, mob chieftains, white collar criminals, sex offenders and, as often, their alleged victims, with a measure of fidelity and journalistic flair. “She wore a black-and-white power suit, double-breasted and very graphic, with big lapels outlined in white. You could say she was making a statement.” Ms. Williams could have been describing an uptown matron smartly turned out for lunch at Sant Ambroeus. But the subject was Gloria Allred, the women’s rights lawyer, whose image she captured in June as Ms. Allred stood in a federal courtroom in Manhattan awaiting sentencing of the singer R. Kelly for racketeering and sex trafficking.

08.21.22 Gurvey’s Law – Listen to Gloria Allred’s interview with Alan Gurvey at 22:50 minutes. They are joined by Miss Ukraine 2018, Veronika Didusenko, and Andrea Quiroga. Ms. Didusenko fled her homeland amid Russia’s devastating invasion. She came to the U.S. and made a public plea at a news conference with Ms. Allred for countries to do more to arm her countrymen and women. Ms. Quiroga retained Ms. Allred because she wanted to change the Miss Universe rules that did now allow women who are pregnant or have been mothers to compete. They were successful and ended that discriminatory practice.

08.19.22 Independent – R Kelly is standing trial on child pornography and obstruction of justice charges. The “Bump N’ Grind” singer’s child pornography trial began in Chicago on Wednesday (17 August). Kelly is already serving a 30-year sentence in New York on federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges. Lawyer Gloria Allred represented many of Kelly’s accusers in his first trial.

08.19.22 The Vintage News – Immersive Princess Diana Documentary Includes Intriguing Revelations. One element included in the documentary was that Diana’s boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, was engaged to another woman when he first started dating Diana. The two dated for around a month before they were both killed in Paris in August 1997. Initially, Dodi was engaged to an American model, Kelly Fisher, but left her for Diana. In response, Kelly began the process of filing a breach of contract suit against Dodi, but after his death she decided not to peruse things any further. Attorney Gloria Allred represented Kelly Fisher.

08.15.22 WBEZ Chicago – R. Kelly returns to a Chicago courtroom to stand trial for federal child pornography charges after being sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex-trafficking earlier this year. Attorney Gloria Allred represented several victims of R. Kelly at that trial. Reset digs into the trial and how it fits into the larger conversation around gender-based violence and how to stop it.

08.15.22 KBBF Focus – On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision overturned Roe v. Wade. To more deeply explore the impact of this decision along with the legislation, Elaine B. Holtz, the host of “Women’s Spaces,” interviewed women on the topic. The July 11 show featured attorney and Women’s Rights activist Gloria Allred. She was the attorney for Jane Roe in the Roe v. Wade case. Further, she is the founder of the Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund (WERLDEF). Among her many awards and accolades is being named Woman of the Year in 2018 by the National Organization for Women (NOW). The original documentary, “Seeing Allred,” chronicles her battles for justice.

08.15.22 CableFreeTV – New Miss Universe Rules: Moms and pregnant women can compete. Beauty contest Miss Universe will allow women who are pregnant or have been mothers to compete in future competitions after a lawyer specializing in gender equality filed a lawsuit in California. “We have fought to end practices that have discriminated against many women in their eyes, and we have achieved a victory not only for women in USA as well as in many other countries,” said lawyer Gloria Allred.

08.15.22 TDPel Media – “FBI finishes report on Baldwin ‘Rust’ shooting.” On August 2, sheriff’s detectives received the FBI’s finished forensic findings on the October 21, 2021 shooting near Santa Fe that happened on the set of the film “Rust” and resulted in the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins and injury to Joel Souza.

08.14.22 NBC Chicago – R Kelly Trial Begins Monday in Chicago, Accuser to Testify. The R&B singer is accused of rigging his 2008 state child pornography trial by threatening and paying off a minor who he allegedly filmed himself having sex with to ensure she wouldn’t testify. Kelly, 55, goes into Chicago federal court already sentenced by a New York federal judge to a 30-year prison term for a 2021 conviction on charges he parlayed his fame to sexually abuse other young fans. After the sentencing, attorney Gloria Allred, who represented several of Kelly’s victims, spoke out about the heinous nature of his crimes, including knowingly spreading genital herpes and using child pornography to blackmail his victims into compliance.

08.13.22 MEAWW.COM “Just weeks after his death, James Caan’s ex reveals he abused her and threatened to put a hit on her mother.” Leesa Rowland has claimed to live in fear for nearly 30 years as the ex of actor James Caan, who recently passed away. Ms. Rowland reported abuse and threats from the actor in 1992 after a mutual friend died accidently. Ms. Rowland had women’s rights attorney, Gloria Allred, represent her in suing Mr. Caan for physical battery.

08.12.22 The Hollywood Reporter – “Emmy Category Profiles: Documentary or Nonfiction Series and Special.” We Need to Talk About Cosby on Showtime – W. Kamau Bell examines the actions and impact of Bill Cosby before and after his sexual assault accusations became public in this project, which has gotten four Emmy nominations. Attorney Gloria Allred is interviewed in part 4.

08.08.22 Vogue – In Memory of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Riveting Romance. A funny opinion piece in which Gloria Allred gets a mention.

08.01.22 New York Times – Bill Cosby to Seek a New Trial in Judy Huth Sex Assault Case. Ms. Huth was awarded $500,000 in damages in June by a California civil court jury that heard her describe how Mr. Cosby had sexually assaulted her in 1975 when she was 16. Ms. Huth’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, said in an email: “Bill Cosby filed a notice of intention to file a motion for a new trial. He fought our case with everything he had for seven and a half years, and he lost. We expect to be victorious in upholding the verdict against Mr. Cosby, which we fought hard for and won.”

07.26.22 NBC News NY – Self-Described R. Kelly Manager Pleads Guilty to Stalking One of Singer’s Victims. A self-described manager and adviser to R. Kelly, Donnell Russell, pleaded guilty Tuesday to an interstate stalking charge against a client of attorney Gloria Allred. U.S. Attorney Breon Peace said Russell used threats, harassment and intimidation to silence one of Kelly’s sexual abuse victims.

07.21.22 The Project – Women’s Rights Warrior, Gloria Allred, On Her Newest Battle. Gloria Allred is the women’s rights warrior who strikes fear into the hearts of powerful men everywhere. She’s been here for the biggest battles, breakthroughs and backward steps of the last 50 years. Now, a new battle has just begun for Gloria. Watch here.

07.13.22 CTV News – R. Kelly has been returned to the federal jail in downtown Chicago ahead of his trial on child pornography and obstruction-of-justice charges, just two weeks after the disgraced R&B star was sentenced in New York to 30 years in prison for racketeering and sex trafficking. Watch Lawyer Gloria Allred and two women who were victimized by R. Kelly deliver remarks after the sentencing.

07.12.22 Newsweek – Prince Harry will give a keynote speech at the United Nations in honor of Nelson Mandela Day-seven years after Meghan Markle set out her feminist credentials in a speech for the organization. At that speech Meghan told a now-famous story about how aged 11 she wrote to Procter & Gamble to ask them to change an advert that said women across America were fighting greasy pots and pans. Meghan’s letters went to everyone, from then-first lady Hillary Clinton to attorney Gloria Allred and finally Procter & Gamble. “They changed it from ‘women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans’ to ‘people all over America.’ “It was at that moment that I realized the magnitude of my actions at the age of eleven. I had created my small level of impact by standing up for equality.”

07.08.22 Gloria Allred joins Larry Elder and host Elex Michaelson on The Issue Is, with spirited debate on current topics such as abortion rights, and the January 6th committee.

07.08.22 KTLA – From illegal to haven state: how CA abortion laws have changed from 1850 to today. Since the Supreme Court overturned a constitutional right to abortion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in late June, California politicians have repeatedly reaffirmed that the state will continue to protect and expand abortion access in the state. But, like in many states, abortion has not always been legal in California.

07.03.22 Billings Gazette – Celebrity Birthdays: July 3. Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Gloria Allred, Betty Buckley, Montel Williams, Tom Cruise, Yeardley Smith, Kevin Hearn, Audra McDonald, Patrick Wilson, Ian Anthony Dale and Julie Klausner.

07.02.22 Fox 11 L.A. – The Issue Is: The abortion battle heats up. A week after the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, the fallout continues. To discuss and debate, Elex Michaelson is joined on The Issue Is by attorney Gloria Allred and former GOP Candidate for California Attorney General Eric Early.

07.02.22 Daily KOS – WOW2: July’s Trailblazing Women and Events in Our History – July 1 through July 8, 2022. WOW2 is a four-times-a-month sister blog to This Week in the War on Women. The purpose of WOW2 is to learn about and honor women of achievement, including many who’ve been ignored or marginalized in most of the history books, and to mark moments in women’s history. Attorney Gloria Allred is one of the women featured in this issue.

07.02.22 RNZ – Gloria Allred: the overturning of Roe v Wade. Long-time US women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred is probably the most famous attorney in the United States. Over the course of her four decade plus legal career, Allred has won countless honours for her pioneering legal work, often with high profile but controversial cases, focusing particularly on the rights of women and of minorities.

07.01.22 People – "Producer Randall Emmett ‘Staunchly Denies’ Offering Roles in Return for Sexual Favors." Film producer Randall Emmett has been accused of offering roles in return for sexual favors. A 23-year-old aspiring actress, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, alleges Emmett sent her texts requiring sex in order to further her career. In a letter written by Allred, her client complied with Emmett’s alleged requests as she didn’t want to “anger an important producer in the industry.”

07.01.22 New York Daily News – "Hollywood producer Randall Emmett forced sexual favors for acting roles, woman says." Producer Randall Emmett forced a young woman to trade sexual favors for movie roles, according to the woman’s attorney, Gloria Allred. Ms. Allred claims that Emmett explicitly told the 23-year-old aspiring actress "that to receive acting work" under his company "she would have to perform sexual favors." The young woman appeared in two different Emmett-produced films over three years, the L.A. Times reported, and was sexually abused throughout this period. Ms. Allred sent a letter to Emmett on the woman’s behalf, and an Emmett spokesperson reported that the producer "staunchly denies the allegations."

02.24.24 KOAT Action News – "Slain ‘Rust’ cinematographer’s family sue Alec Baldwin." The family of cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, are seeking damages in regard to her death at the hands of actor Alec Baldwin from a fatal shooting on the set of the movie, Rust, under a civil lawsuit filed Thursday February 22, 2024, in Los Angeles. The new lawsuit against Baldwin, though filed in Los Angeles, relies on provisions of New Mexico state law regarding the depravation of benefits, also known as "loss of consortium", and was filed on behalf of Hutchins’ parents Olga Solovey and Anatolii Androsovych and her younger sister Svetlana Zemko with their attorney, Gloria Allred. The lawsuit alleges negligence and the depravation of benefits, based on the emotional or financial support that Hutchins previously provided to her sister and parents.

07.01.22 The Teal Mango – Filmmaker Randall Emmett is surrounded by scandal following a bombshell report published by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday (June 30) wherein the 51-year-old Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films co-founder is accused of offering actresses work in exchange for sex. One woman, represented by powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred, claimed in a letter obtained by the newspaper that Emmett once told her when she was just 23 “that to receive acting work from [him], she would have to perform sexual favours.”

06.30.22 Daily Mail – Disgraced R&B star R Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for sex trafficking and abusing young girls as the judge told him that he taught his victims that ‘love is enslavement and violence,’ and ‘the public needs to be protected.’ Gloria Allred, who is representing the three women who testified against R Kelly, told reporters on Wednesday that ‘no one can undo the harm that has been done to these victims.’

06.29.22 Yahoo News – For more than two decades, chart-topping R&B singer R. Kelly had faced allegations of sexual abuse. The accounts went back to the start of his career in the 1990s, with many centering on the predatory pursuit of teenage girls. In September 2021, he was found guilty of eight counts of sex trafficking and one of racketeering in a New York court, and now faces a lengthy jail sentence. Gloria Allred, a lawyer who represented several victims, told reporters: “I’ve been practicing law for 47 years. During this time, I’ve pursued many sexual predators who have committed crimes against women and children. “Of all the predators that I have pursued, Mr. Kelly is the worst.”

06.29.22 ABC News – Former R&B star R Kelly facing sentencing over sex trafficking conviction. A lawyer for some of Kelly’s accusers, Gloria Allred, has also been involved in the cases against Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein. But following his guilty verdict, she said: “Mr. Kelly is the worst.” “R Kelly thought that he could get away with all of this, but he didn’t,” she said. “Despite the fact that he thought he could control all this, he was wrong.”

06.29.22 Variety – Attorney Gloria Allred reflects on Roe v Wade being overturned, details her experience getting a “back-alley abortion” in the 1960s, calls on Hollywood to cease production in states that ban abortions and offers up an action plan for fighting back.

06.29.22 CourtTV – R. Kelly Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents some of R. Kelly’s victims, reacted to today’s sentenced. Some of her clients spoke as well. The general consensus was that the women are relieved that their abuser will spend decades behind bars.

06.29.22 Los Angeles Times – R. Kelly survivors react to 30-year sentence: ‘Now he gets rewarded’ for what he did. Gloria Allred, who represented many of the victims who testified in the Brooklyn trial, said during a video interview that many of the singer’s victims and witnesses were deterred “because there were so many attacks when they spoke their truth. Fears of retaliation and intimidation by fans, supporters of R. Kelly, vendors of R. Kelly.” “They had to go through quite a bit to win justice. It wouldn’t have happened without them. It couldn’t have happened without them.

06.29.22 Inside Edition – R. Kelly Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Racketeering, Sex Trafficking of Girls. Attorney Gloria Allred represents several of the victims. “No one can undo the harm that has been done to these victims. But at least it’s time for Mr. Kelly to be accountable,” Allred said.

06.28.22 CourtTV – Mark Geragos and Gloria Allred discuss the Scott Peterson case with Vinnie Politan. Gloria Allred represented Amber Frey, the star witness at the trial.

06.28.22 CourtTV – Scott Peterson Case: Heated Exchange Between Mark Geragos And Gloria Allred. Scott Peterson’s former defense attorney, Mark Geragos, was joined on-air on Court TV by attorney Gloria Allred. Allred represented Amber Frey during Peterson’s trial. Frey, Peterson’s ex-girlfriend, testified against him at his trial.

06.26.22 CGTN News – What Roe’s demise means for American women. The U.S. Supreme Court recognized a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion in a 1973 decision in the case Roe v. Wade. Over the past half a century since the national ruling struck down abortion bans as unconstitutional in a 7-2 decision, the U.S. has never been at peace with the result. Pro-life and pro-choice factions arose, with tensions simmering in the air until Friday, when the current Supreme Court overturned Roe in a 5-4 final vote, ending the only federal protection for American women’s abortion rights. FILE PHOTO – Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe in the 1973 court case, left, and her attorney Gloria Allred hold hands as they leave the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC., April 26, 1989 after sitting in while the court listened to arguments.

06.25.22 AOL – Former ‘Roe’ Attorney Gloria Allred On SCOTUS Ruling. “This is not a conservative decision; this is an extremist decision. In cities across the nation, we must make our voices heard because we all have a stake in this,” Allred told CNN, adding that she was “outraged” after hearing the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade.

06.25.22 CNN Newsroom – Gloria Allred, Attorney to “Jane Roe” joins the Newsroom to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, ending the only federal protection for American women’s abortion rights.

06.24.22 YouTube – Gloria Allred reacts to SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade. The famous attorney said she’s heartbroken and outraged.

06.24.22 New York Times – Abortion rights protesters voice their anger in cities across the country. In Los Angeles, a crowd outside the downtown federal courthouse gathered at noon and grew by rush hour into a sea of hundreds, weaving past high-rises and stopping traffic. The famed women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred addressed the crowd, standing in front of a display of metallic hangers. She said she had an illegal abortion in Los Angeles in the 1960s that landed her in the hospital where a nurse told her she hoped she had learned her lesson, presumably about not seeking abortions. “It did teach me a lesson: Abortion must be safe and legal and affordable,” Ms. Allred said, her last few words drowned out by cheers from the crowd.

06.23.22 TODAY FM – Attorney Gloria Allred has been supporting and fighting for survivors of abuse by disgraced comedian Bill Cosby for years. Yesterday a jury in California found Cosby guilty of sexually assaulting Judy Huth when she was just 16 years old at the Playboy Mansion in 1975 – she was a child. Allred is a leading figure on the frontline of feminism in the United States – it’s her work, it’s her life, it’s her identity – and she has achieved enormous change for women. Attorney Gloria Allred joined Tova to discuss the case.

06.23.22 The Source – Bill Cosby was found guilty of the sexual abuse of Judy Huth in 1975. Huth was 16 years old at the time. A civil jury has ordered Cosby to pay Huth $500,000. According to Variety, Huth’s attorney, Gloria Allred, stated that compensation and winning in court are steps toward real change.

06.22.22 TOVA – Gloria Allred fighting for survivors of abuse by Bill Cosby. Allred is a leading figure on the frontline of feminism in the United States – it’s her work, it’s her life, it’s her identity – and she has achieved enormous change for women. Listen here.

06.22.22 CBS News – Civil trial jurors find Bill Cosby sexually abused a 16-year-old at the Playboy Mansion in 1975. The jury’s decision is a major legal defeat for the 84-year-old Cosby. It comes nearly a year after his Pennsylvania criminal conviction for sexual assault was thrown out and he was freed from prison. Cosby did not attend the Los Angeles trial. He has repeatedly denied Huth’s allegations that he forced her to perform a sex act at the mansion.

06.22.22 Variety – After a civil jury found that Bill Cosby sexually abused Judy Huth in 1975 when she was a 16-year-old minor, Cosby’s team is calling the outcome an “astonishing victory,” yet pledging to appeal the $500,000 verdict. Huth is represented by high-powered attorney and women’s rights activist, Gloria Allred, who hailed the verdict as a win toward “real change,” and told reporters outside the courthouse on Tuesday that Cosby “should be held and was held accountable for what he did to her.”

06.21.22 The Wrap – “Bill Cosby Ordered to Pay $500,000 After Losing Civil Sexual Assault Suit” Judy Huth, who claimed the actor and comedian assaulted her in the 1970s when she was 16, had filed her suit in 2014. “Today our client Judy Huth won real change,” said attorney Gloria Allred, whose firm represented Huth. “Because she fought Bill Cosby, one step at a time, for over seven-and-a-half years. And she proved with the jury’s verdict that Mr. Cosby did sexually assault her when she was a minor. And he should be held – and was held – accountable for what he did to her.”

06.21.22 NBC News – Verdict reached in first civil case against Bill Cosby to ever reach a trial. 64-year-old Judy Huth accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting her in 1975 at the Playboy Mansion when she was 16 and Cosby was 37. In court, Cosby’s attorneys called her accusations “a complete and utter fabrication.” The jury ruled against Cosby in the civil case, finding that he sexually assaulted Huth. It awarded her $500,000.

06.21.22 Law & Crime Network – Bill Cosby found liable in sex abuse claims from 1975. Gloria Allred discusses the case and verdict.

06.21.22 Deadline – Bill Cosby Sexually Abused Judy Huth In 1970s, Civil Jury Decides. After just over three full days of deliberations and one substitution, the Santa Monica panel this afternoon revealed its decision against the much-accused Cosby Show creator and star. Handing their verdict to L.A. Superior Court Judge Craig Karlan with plaintiff Judy Huth, her legal team and Cosby’s defense team in attendance at the packed courtroom, the 12-person jury also awarded Huth $500,000 in damages.

06.21.22 Variety – Bill Cosby’s Team Storms Off Outside Courthouse During Chaotic Press Conference as Gloria Allred Declares Victory. During her remarks, Allred noted that the case is the first to go to trial under California’s Child Victims Act, which is part of a nationwide reform movement to help victims of sexual crimes seek justice. The legal reform that adjusted statutes of limitations took effect in 2020. “It’s an important message to other survivors of child sexual abuse that you can sue, even decades after you were sexually abused as a child,” Allred said. “You do have rights, you do have access to the civil system of justice in order to assert their rights and indicate their rights in a court of law against the person that they accused of sexually assaulting them when they were children.”

06.21.22 The New York Times – “Bill Cosby Loses Sex Assault Lawsuit and Must Pay Damages: A jury in California sided with Judy Huth, who accused Mr. Cosby of molesting her at the Playboy Mansion in 1975, when she was 16.” Ms. Huth was awarded $500,000 in compensatory damages by the jury. Ms. Huth is represented by attorneys Nathan Goldberg, John West, and Gloria Allred.

06.17.22 New York Times – The Jury in the Bill Cosby Sex Assault Case Says It’s Close to a Verdict. The jurors in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial came close to deciding the case on Friday, but their uncertainty over how to address some remaining issues in reaching a verdict led the judge to decide they should return on Monday to resume their deliberations.

06.09.22 Daily Mail – Actor Cuba Gooding Jr has been accused of violating three different women in New York in 2018 and 2019 – but having previously denied all of the allegations, he now pleaded guilty to one count of forcibly touching a woman in April. While his criminal case may be over, attorney Gloria Allred who represents an alleged sexual assault victim of the actor, said she will proceed with an ongoing $6 million civil lawsuit because ‘justice was not achieved’ when Gooding Jr. got a no-jail plea deal in a separate criminal case.

06.08.22 Daily Mail – Prosecutors say R Kelly, 55, should face at least 25 years in prison ahead of his June 29 sentencing after he ‘preyed upon children and young women for his own sexual gratification’ R&B singer R Kelly was convicted in September 2021 of racketeering, child exploitation, and other charges by a Brooklyn jury. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented 3 victims and 2 witnesses at the trial, said R Kelly is ‘the worst predator’ she has pursued.

06.07.22 OK Magazine – Empire Media Group Announces New Podcast ‘The Firm,’ Which Will Explore Ins & Outs Of The Royal Family. The podcast will be 12 episodes, in which experts, authors and more will talk about Megxit, Prince Andrew’s scandal and so much more. Be sure to watch out for plenty of guests, including Gloria Allred.

06.06.22 Just Jared – Cardi B & JoJo Siwa Have Tons of Fun at West Hollywood’s Pride Parade! Other stars taking part in the parade include Pose star MJ Rodriguez, entertainer Janelle Monae, The Real co-host Loni Love, YouTuber Patrick Starrr, and famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred.

06.06.22 NY Daily News – Attorney Gloria Allred, LGBTQ members and allies hit the streets of West Hollywood, Calif. for the WeHo Pride Parade on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

06.06.22 Los Angeles Blade – Celebs, politicians, & partiers took it to the streets of West Hollywood. WeHo Pride’s first-ever parade capped off three days of festivities that can only be deemed an unqualified & unforgettable success. Ubiquitous media presence, LA attorney Gloria Allred, got in a jab at anti-gay Florida governor Ron DeSantis, as she rode in the parade shouting from a loudspeaker behind a group of marchers who carried signs that pictured a rainbow-colored image of Florida next to the slogan “In L.A. we say gay.”

06.04.22 Newser – Woman Alleges Cosby Kiss at 14: ‘I Couldn’t Get Away’. The woman, now 61, told her story in a public venue for the first time during a Los Angeles County civil trial over the lawsuit of Judy Huth, who alleges Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion when she was 16 at around the same time, in the spring of 1975. The woman isn’t a party to the lawsuit, but she’s being allowed to testify, along with one other woman, about her experiences for Huth’s case. The other witness, Margie Shapiro, has told her story several times before to media outlets and in a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred.

06.03.22 Canyon News – Judy Huth Sues Bill Cosby For Sexual Assault. Nearly a year after Bill Cosby was released from prison as a result of an overturned sexual assault conviction, Cosby, 84, is being sued by Judy Huth in civil court for alleged sexual assault and is facing another trial. Opening arguments for the trial began on Wednesday, June 1 at a Santa Monica court. Huth is being represented by esteemed attorney Gloria Allred.

06.02.22 Associated Press – "Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction upheld by appeals court." In June 2022, a New York appeals court upheld Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction and 23-year prison sentence, rejecting the former movie mogul’s claim that the judge at his landmark #MeToo trial unfairly allowed women to testify about allegations that weren’t part of the case. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several of Weinstein’s victims, said that she was "thrilled" Weinstein’s conviction was upheld and that her clients’ "many sacrifices for the cause of justice" were not in vain.

06.02.22 ABC News – “Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction upheld by appeals court.” A New York appeals court today upheld Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction and 23-year prison sentence, rejecting the former movie mogul’s claim that the judge at his landmark #MeToo trial unfairly allowed women to testify about allegations that weren’t part of the case. Lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents three of the witnesses from Mr. Weinstein’s New York criminal trial spoke to ABC about this news. She also stated, “But now I am also looking forward to the criminal prosecution of Mr. Weinstein in Los Angeles, where I also represent alleged victims for whom charges have been filed.”

06.02.22 Deadline – “New York Appeals Court Unanimously Upholds Harvey Weinstein Rape, Assault Conviction.” Over two years after Harvey Weinstein was tried, convicted and jailed for rape and sexual assault in Manhattan, a new York Appeals court today upheld the verdict, rejecting the former movie mogul’s defense arguments that the proceedings heavily favored the prosecution. Attorney Gloria Allred made a statement to Deadline regarding this news and her client, Mimi Haley, who was the key prosecution witness in this important case.

06.01.22 CBS – “Opening Statements in civil case against Bill Cosby start in Santa Monica courtroom.” A sexual battery case brought by Judy Huth against comedian Bill Cosby, which had been put on hold because of the criminal trial in Pennsylvania, got its start Wednesday in a Santa Monica courtroom. Nathan Goldberg is the lead attorney for Ms. Huth, and is supported in the trial by partners Gloria Allred and John West. Ms. Allred states that “Ms. Huth alleges in her lawsuit that she was a victim of sexual battery by Mr. Cosby when was 16-years-old.”

06.01.22 Metropolitan News – “Lascivious Acts Justify $50 Million Punitive-Damage Award.” The Court of Appeal has upheld a jury’s award of $50 million in punitive damages, along with $8 million in noneconomic compensatory damages, against film producer Alki David, heir to a Coca-Cola bottling fortune, based on his sexual battery and harassment of a woman who was a production assistant at two of his entertainment companies. Plaintiff, Mahim Khan, was represented by Nathan Goldberg, Dolores Y. Leal, and Renee Mochkatel of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, along with Norman Pine and Scott Tillett of Pine Tillett Pine.

05.31.22 – “Cuomo mulling run for AG against incumbent Letitia James after her probe ousted him from office.” Disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is plotting a political comeback – one that would see him supplant nemesis Letita James as the state’s attorney general, after her sexual misconduct probe this past year saw him ousted from office. Attorney Gloria Allred represent Sherry Vill, one of approximately 12 women who accused Cuomo of sexual misconduct and/or sexual harassment.

05.27.22 Advocate Lake Highlands – “RISD moves to pre-record graduation speeches: ‘It’s not a student event anymore.'” Lake Highlands High School in Texas has changed the rules for its valedictorian and other students who will make remarks on their graduation day. The school now will pre-record their remarks. The impetus for this change was the controversial speech by Paxton Smith last year, which went viral after she abandoned her pre-approved remarks and shared her fears that Texas Senate Bill 8, also known as the Heartbeat Act, would lead to diminished access to reproductive rights for women around her state of Texas and across the country. Attorney Gloria Allred had Ms. Paxton join her for a press conference in Los Angeles about Paxton’s graduation speech, and at several pro-choice marches.

05.24.22 Law & Crime – Jury selection began Tuesday in a California civil lawsuit against actor and comedian Bill Cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage girl at the Playboy Mansion in the 1970s. Cosby has been publicly accused of sexual misconduct by at least 60 women. Judy Huth’s lawsuit, however, is the first civil case against Cosby for sexual assault that has reached trial. Ms. Huth is represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

05.23.22 Ebony – Bill Cosby To Stand Trial For Allegedly Groping A Woman When She Was A Teenager. Judy Huth is suing the disgraced comedian for sexual battery, alleging that the incident took place in 1974 when she was 15; she had been visiting the Playboy Mansion where Cosby was a performer and frequent visitor. Gloria Allred, who represents Huth and dozens of Cosby accusers, confirmed that the trial will go forward starting Monday, but had no other comment other than, “We are looking forward to the trial.”

05.23.22 Daily Mail – California trial begins against disgraced comedian Bill Cosby for ‘sexually assaulting 16-year-old girl at the Playboy Mansion in 1975’. Cosby has said he will not attend the proceedings in Santa Monica and will ‘plead the fifth’ as his accuser Judy Huth’s civil suit against him is heard. This lawsuit is one of the last remaining open suits against Cosby. The star of ‘The Cosby Show’ has settled many of the claims against him. Ms. Huth is represented by Allred, Maroko & Goldberg.

05.15.22 – Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the Southland as part of a nationwide effort to protect abortion rights now that the U.S. Supreme Court appears poised to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. In the Los Angeles area, rallies were also held in Pasadena, Long Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Sherman Oaks, Claremont, Avalon and Venice Beach. Thousands of people also rallied at Centennial Regional Park in Santa Ana. All told, the crowds heard from a range of speakers, both famous and less well known, including Sen. Alex Padilla, Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, Representatives Katie Porter, Karen Bass and Maxine Waters, state Sen. Sydney Kamlager, attorney Gloria Allred, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles president and CEO Sue Dunlap and actors Laura Dern, Ricki Lake, Lisa Ann Walter and Christine Lahti, among others.

05.15.22 New York Post – Thousands of abortion rights supporters rallied across the United States on Saturday, angered by the prospect that the Supreme Court may soon overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide a half century ago. Celebrity women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred told the crowd about her own “back alley abortion” as a young woman when she became pregnant from a rape at gunpoint before Roe. “I almost died,” she recounted. “I was left in a bathtub in a pool of my own blood, hemorrhaging.”

05.14.22 Thousands of abortion rights supporters rallied across the United States on Saturday, angered by the prospect that the Supreme Court may soon overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide a half-century ago. Protesters marching under the slogan “Bans Off Our Bodies” took to the streets from New York and Atlanta to Chicago and Los Angeles in a show of outrage. Celebrity women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred told the crowd about her own “back-alley abortion” as a young woman when she became pregnant from rape at gunpoint before Roe. Watch video here.

05.14.22 Daily Bruin – Thousands of people gathered outside Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday in support of abortion rights and to protest the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade. The Women’s March Foundation, Planned Parenthood and their partners organized the “Bans Off Our Bodies” rally as a part of a series of nationwide rallies. The rally was held at Grand Park in downtown LA. “I want you to vote as though your lives depend on it because they do,” said Gloria Allred, a women’s rights attorney, at the rally.

05.14.22 NBC LA – Thousands of people took to the streets across Southern California on Saturday as part of a nationwide effort to protect abortion rights, with the U.S. Supreme Court apparently poised to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. The Women’s March Foundation said it received more than 50,000 signups for the “Bans Off Our Bodies” rally outside Los Angeles City Hall, which began at 10 a.m. The rally, which had been planned for months, gained a new sense of urgency at the beginning of May following a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito that revealed the court privately voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

05.12.22 WXXI News – Supporters of a measure that would allow adult survivors of sexual abuse and harassment to bring their alleged abusers to court singled out State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, saying that he is holding up the bill. Nationally known women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred also appealed to the speaker to act. “How many times do survivors have to relive their trauma at a press conference or in front of legislators before you take action?” Allred asked.

05.12.22 Inside America with Ghida Fakhry – With the US Supreme Court set to overturn Roe v Wade, a landmark ruling that legalized abortion across the United States fifty years ago, activists and lawmakers on both sides get ready for what comes next. Attorney Gloria Allred speaks about the dangerous and horrific ramifications for women if Roe v. Wade is struck down.

05.07.22 CNN – CNN’s Jessica Dean interviews Gloria Allred re: Abortion rights battle. Ms. Allred calls the possibility of Roe V. Wade being overturned both devastating and horrific.

05.05.22 Fox 11 Los Angeles – Gloria Allred calls possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned ‘devastating, horrific’. Ms. Allred shared her reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion leak with Elex Michaelson.

05.05.22 CBC News Network – Women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred discusses the leaked U. S. Supreme Court draft opinion striking down the right to an abortion.

05.05.22 The Kelly Cutrara Show – Kelly speaks to Gloria Allred, a famous attorney with Allred, Maroko & Goldberg and a champion of women’s rights, about the overturning of Roe v Wade.

05.04.22 Newsy Tonight With Chance Seales – Gloria Allred joins Alex Miller to discuss the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion re: Roe v. Wade.

05.03.22 Advokaten – In the United States, lawyers are vocal in the public debate and like to call themselves activists. But where is the limit to how activist a lawyer can be? Attorney Gloria Allred is so well known that she has been portrayed in both The Simpsons and South Park and has gotten her own Netflix documentary, “Seeing Allred.” My main focus is to improve the conditions and status of women, through litigation and by speaking publicly about related issues. It’s not just about me saying what I think. Most of the time I speak on behalf of clients, I become their spokesperson,”

05.03.22 BBC World News – Supreme Court set to overturn abortion rights ruling. Leaked Supreme Court paper suggests change to abortion rights. Watch Gloria Allred’s interview here.

05.03.22 Voice of America – What is Roe v Wade? The U.S. Supreme Court recognized a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion in a 1973 decision in the case Roe v. Wade. FILE PHOTO – Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe in the 1973 court case, left, and her attorney Gloria Allred hold hands as they leave the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC., April 26, 1989 after sitting in while the court listened to arguments.

04.26.22 The Cut – Everything We Know About the Rust Shooting. On October 21, a woman died on the set of the Western Rust after a prop gun Alec Baldwin was holding accidentally discharged in the course of rehearsing a scene. The victim, Halyna Hutchins, was a cinematographer on the movie, which was filming at Bonanza Creek Ranch, in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. Civil suits have been filed among crew members, but criminal responsibility has yet to be determined. One of those lawsuits, filed by Rust script supervisor Mamie Mitchell asserts that the set failed to follow safety protocols for the use of firearms. Ms. Mitchell is represented by Gloria Allred. Read the full story here.

04.25.22 FOX 11 L.A. – Law enforcement officials released a trove of video evidence Monday in the ongoing investigation of a fatal October shooting of a cinematographer by actor and producer Alec Baldwin on the set of a Western movie. New Mexico workplace safety regulators last week issued the maximum possible fine of nearly $137,000 against the “Rust” film production company. Gloria Allred represents the script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell, who called 911 after the movie-set shooting.

04.21.22 Republic – The production company behind Alec Baldwin’s movie Rust were heavily fined by New Mexico Environment Department’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau (OHSB) for safety failures on set that lead to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. In response to OSHO’s investigation, Stefan Friedman, a spokesperson for Rust Movie Productions LLC, said in a statement to Reuters, “While we appreciate OSHA’s time and effort in its investigation, we disagree with its findings and plan to appeal.” Further, even Rust script supervisor Mamie Mitchell’s attorney, Gloria Allred issued a statement to the outlet in which she stated that everyone responsible for what happened on that production which led to the tragedy should hang their heads in shame and added that as a producer, Alec Baldwin was part of Rust management.

04.21.22 Newsweek – Lawyers for actor Alec Baldwin and the armorer on the set of the movie Rust said their clients have been exonerated after a safety report cited “serious management failures” by the film’s production company in the on-set shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The script supervisor who called 911 after the fatal movie-set shooting in October is suing Baldwin, saying he should be held accountable. Mamie Mitchell’s attorney Gloria Allred released a statement saying that since Baldwin was a producer for the movie, he’s part of Rust management and thereby responsible. Allred claims “there is nothing in the OSHA report that exonerates” Baldwin.

04.18.22 The Charlotte Observer – “Ex-UNCSA teacher gets 5 years in prison for trafficking underage violin student for sex.” Stephen Shipps, a former North Carolina music professor who pleaded guilty to trafficking an underage student for sex in 2002 when she was 16 years old, was sentenced to five years behind bars. There is a pending civil case filed by UNC School of the Arts alumni which alleges rampant sexual abuse of underage students by faculty members, where 56 plaintiffs accused school leadership of sacrificing male and female students’ safety to salvage the conservatory’s reputation. Shipps was one of several former UNCSA teachers they accused of sexual assault, abuse and harassment. Their attorney, longtime women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred, said the sentence was “long overdue” for her three clients who filed complaints about Shipps, and every other victim.

04.17.22 KABC – Gurvey’s Law – Listen to attorney Alan Gurvey’s interview with attorney Gloria Allred, with our client, Veronika Didusenko, a former Miss Ukraine. They discuss Ms. Didusenko’s recent escape from Ukraine with her young son, as well as conditions in Ukraine and the effects of this devastating war. They also discuss the issue of how some beauty pageants will not allow women to participate who have ever been pregnant, or have given birth, or take care of a child, and how they feel this is an outdated and discriminatory practice.

04.17.22 CNN Newsroom with Pamela Brown – Attorney Gloria Allred talks about the current situation of some states enacting bans and restrictions affecting women’s lives, health and their ability to have access to safe and legal abortion. She speaks about her own experience having an illegal abortion, upcoming legal battles and how she sees these legal restrictions as a war on women.

04.16.22 Der Speigel – Former Miss Ukraine Veronika Didusenko recalls her escape with son amid Russian invasion: ‘I had to survive’. Veronika Didusenko, Miss Ukraine 2018, joined Gloria Allred in Los Angeles to make a plea on behalf of Ukrainians. English | Deutsch

04.14.22 Yahoo! News – “Cuba Gooding, Jr. accusers ‘surprised and disappointed’ by resolution of actor’s NYC sex crime case, says lawyer Gloria Allred.” Women who accused Cuba Gooding Jr. of sexual assault were “surprised and disappointed” that he was allowed to avoid prison by pleading guilty to reduced charges of forcible touching, the womens’ lawyer Gloria Allred said Thursday. More than 30 women have accused the Oscar-winning actor of sexual assault. A federal civil suit accuses him of violently raping a woman he had just met in 2013 at the Mercer Hotel.

04.11.22 People – “Chris Noth’s The Equalizer Character Killed Off After His Firing Due to Sexual Assault Allegations” The allegations against Noth first surfaced in a Dec. 16 article in The Hollywood Reporter, in which two women accused him of sexually assaulting them. A third woman, who used the name Ava, later brought similar sexual assault claims against Noth in a Daily Beast article. Singer Lisa Gentile then came forward with her own allegations of sexual assault in a Dec. 23 press conference led by attorney Gloria Allred.

04.07.22 CYInterview – For almost 15 years, Attorney Gloria Allred has appeared on CYInterview to talk about numerous important legal, political and social topics. Today indefatigable Ms. Allred talks Justice-to-be Kentanji Brown Jackson and Chris Rock getting slapped.

03.24.22 MEAWW – Despite being imprisoned for a series of crimes, including racketeering and sex trafficking, singer R Kelly recently chatted with an ecstatic fan on the phone. The footage of the conversation has now gone viral, leaving many people puzzled as to how and why the convicted sex offender received the device in the first place, despite claims that it was the prison’s phone. The video has already received over 800,000 views and over two million plays on TikTok. Gloria Allred, who represented the singer’s numerous victims, said in a statement at the time of his conviction. “All of the predators that I have pursued, however, R. Kelly is the worst for many reasons.” “He used the power of his celebrity to recruit vulnerable underage girls for the purpose of sexually abusing them.”

03.17.22 Newsweek – Amy Berg, the director of HBO’s documentary Phoenix Rising, has shared her response to Marilyn Manson’s defamation lawsuit against Evan Rachel Wood with Newsweek. Berg told Newsweek she met Wood through mutual friends seven to 10 years prior to the release of the documentary, and it was because of conversations they had together that they decided to collaborate on the film. “I came to work with her because she did approach me at the point when she had met with Gloria Allred, and she was told that the statute of limitations had expired on her case,” Berg said. “So she wanted to, she was going to change the law in California and she told me about that.

03.16.22 “Former Miss Ukraine Veronika Didusenko recalls her escape with son amid Russian invasion: ‘I had to survive.'” Ms. Didusenko joined attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference on March 8 in Los Angeles, on International Women’s Day. Veronika spoke about her harrowing journey out of her home in Ukraine with her young son at the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She made a public plea on behalf of Ukrainians under attack, and the women and children fleeing for their lives.

03.14.22 The Times – Andrea Quiroga, 28, said she had dreamt of competing in the pageants since seeing an advert when she was 14 but was barred from taking part after she became a mother at 19. The winner of Miss World America represents the US at the Miss World competition but contestants will not be considered if they have given birth. Miss Universe will also not accept mothers. Gloria Allred, a prominent women’s rights lawyer who is representing Quiroga, did not rule out also taking out a lawsuit. She said: “We’ll do everything we think possible to get these rules eliminated.”

03.13.22 Ukraine: Former Miss Ukraine describes escape from Kyiv, asks for aid. Ukraine: The journey of Ukrainians and their land is known by all, the confusion is all over the minds of the world’s people. There is no place the siren would not sound and there is no place the rocket, don’t would explode, she said. Didusenko told her story in the Los Angeles office of women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred in a news conference. A few months ago she became friends with the former beauty queen.

03.09.22 Lexology – In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating three trailblazing women in the legal profession. These women-Gloria Allred, Constance Baker Motley, and Faiza Saeed-have broken barriers for female lawyers and have made a lasting impact on the legal profession. Each of these influential women shattered glass ceilings in different fields of law.

03.08.22 The Wrap – Miss Ukraine 2018 Veronika Didusenko called on President Joe Biden and other Western leaders Tuesday for a no-fly zone above her country – and for more weapons and ammunition for her people – amid Russia’s devastating invasion of Ukraine. Didusenko, who fled her homeland with her 7-year-old son in recent days, spoke at a news conference in downtown Los Angeles, with attorney Gloria Allred.

03.08.22 AP News – “Former Miss Ukraine describes escape from Kyiv, asks for aid”. Veronika Didusenko, on Tuesday described her journey with her young son to escape Kyiv and her homeland as Russian troops invaded the country last month, and called on countries to do more to arm her countrymen and women. Didusenko told her story at a news conference in the Los Angeles office of women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred, who said she became friends with the former beauty queen several months ago.

03.08.22 People – Veronika Didusenko, who won the title of Miss Ukraine in 2018, was joined by attorney Gloria Allred on Tuesday as she made a plea on behalf of Ukrainians under attack by Russian forces. During the press conference in Los Angeles on International Women’s Day, Didusenko joined Allred in calling on President Joe Biden to give Ukrainians the opportunity to come to the U.S., “if they so choose,” without a visa.

03.08.22 The Hollywood Reporter – Russian Attack Causing “Humanitarian Catastrophe,” Says Former Miss Ukraine. During a Tuesday press conference with Gloria Allred, Veronika Didusenko called on the U.S. to arm Ukrainians and impose a no-fly zone over the country.

03.07.22 Newsweek – Gloria Allred, an attorney who has represented 33 accusers of Bill Cosby, denounced the Supreme Court’s Monday decision to decline to review the Pennsylvania high court’s move to vacate the 84-year-old comedian’s criminal sexual assault conviction. Yet, she’s hopeful he might soon suffer separate legal consequences for his actions. “On May 9, 2022, just two months from now, we will begin our civil trial against Mr. Cosby in our case of Huth v. Cosby in L.A. County Superior Court. In her lawsuit Ms. Huth alleges that she was the victim of child sexual abuse by Bill Cosby at the Playboy mansion when she was only 15 years old.”

02.28.22 OK Magazine – Prince Andrew recently settled Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse lawsuit against him – but have we seen the last of his legal woes? According to powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred – who has represented multiple victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s – a new law could open up more opportunities for accusers to come forward against the 61-year-old royal.

02.25.22 The Sacramento Bee – Richelle Nice, a former juror who participated in the 2005 Scott Peterson trial, is expected to testify under a grant of immunity as she begins a weeklong hearing starting Friday, Feb. 25, 2022, centered on whether she lied about her history with domestic violence. Nice was part of the jury who convicted Scott Peterson and sent him to death row. During the 2005 criminal trial of Scott Peterson, attorney Gloria Allred represented witness Amber Frey, a former girlfriend of Mr. Peterson.

02.17.22 Express – ‘Want silence!’ Andrew ‘agrees not to repeat Virginia Giuffre sexual assault denial’. The Duke of York has agreed to no longer repeat the denial of Virginia Giuffre allegations as a part of the out-of-court settlement, The Telegraph claims. Gloria Allred, a US lawyer who represented several of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, told Radio 4 “Lawsuits are war but a settlement means that both sides are seeking peace, and that’s what happened here.

02.16.22 Daily Mail – ‘Now talk to the FBI’: Lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein victims accuses Andrew of hypocrisy for pledging to help sex abuse victims while refusing to cooperate with authorities. Gloria Allred said that duke’s promise to tackle the ‘evils of sex trafficking’ as part of his settlement with Virginia Roberts, who brought the lawsuit under her married name Virginia Giuffre, should start by consenting to be interviewed by federal agents. Miss Allred said: ‘It is long overdue for him to agree to answer their questions about what he knows and observed about Jeffrey Epstein and underage girls.

02.16.22 The Guardian – The settlement agreed between Virginia Giuffre and Prince Andrew over alleged sexual assault will leave the public to decide who they believe, according to Gloria Allred, a top US lawyer working with several victims of the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Lawsuits are war, but a settlement means both sides are seeking peace. There will be peace now but this case will be remembered for many years to come.”

02.16.22 Evening Standard – Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre ‘did not want to give evidence in public’, says Epstein victim lawyer. Top US attorney Gloria Allred said being questioned on the stand was “not a comfortable experience” for victims or defendants. “The people will draw their own conclusions in the court of public opinion, but it’s not going to happen in a court of law.” Ms. Allred, who represents many of the victims of sex offender Epstein, told Times Radio: “Are we now going to ever know the truth of what Prince Andrew did or did not do?

02.15.22 4 News – Prince Andrew: ‘It will be all over if and when the settlement is paid’, lawyer for Epstein victims says. Joining Jackie Long, Social Affairs Editor, live from LA is Gloria Allred, who represents many victims of the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

02.15.22 Glamour UK – Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre have reportedly reached an out of court settlement – here’s why the case is still important in the fight against sexual abuse. This case is an important reminder that when women believe that they have been sexually victimised by powerful men and find the courage to abandon their fear, that it is possible for them to seek justice,” says Gloria Allred, the US lawyer world-renowned for taking on high-profile cases involving the protection of women’s rights.

02.06.22 Daily Mail – New York’s disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo could challenge Attorney General Letitia James in the upcoming election as retribution for her office’s damning investigation that branded him a serial groper. Attorney Gloria Allred represents Sherry Vill, one of the many women who accused Cuomo of sexual misconduct. She alleges Cuomo grabbed her face and kissed her ‘aggressively and in a sexual manner’ on both cheeks in May 2017 while he was touring her home in Greece, near Rochester, as he inspected local flood damage.

02.03.22 Epoch TV – Justice is SERVED. Disgraced media mogul, Harvey Weinstein, was sentenced in New York to 23 years in prison for sexual criminal acts and was extradited to California for a new trial on sex crime charges. Witness the rise and fall of one of Hollywood’s most powerful men. Los Angeles lawyer Gloria Allred, represented some of his accusers in the New York trial and also represents two accusers in the Los Angeles case.

02.01.22 The Sun – R KELLY has reportedly asked for more time to file an appeal in his sex abuse case after testing positive for Covid in jail. The disgraced singer was found guilty of racketeering last September following six weeks of graphic testimony. Following the jury’s verdict, women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred, who represented several of Kelly’s victims, described the musician as the worst sexual predator she had pursued in her 47-year career of practicing law.

02.01.22 New York Times – Mel Mermelstein, Holocaust Survivor Who Sued Deniers, Dies at 95. He accused a revisionist history group of reneging on its promise to give a reward to anyone who could prove that the Nazis gassed Jews. He hired William John Cox, a public interest lawyer (and later in the proceedings, Gloria Allred), and sued in Los Angeles County Superior Court for breach of contract, anticipatory repudiation, libel, injurious denial of established fact and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He won his case.

01.30.22 Audio Times – Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against the Duke of York moves forward. A team of American lawyers will fly into London as soon as next month to question Prince Andrew over allegations of sexual assault. Attorney Gloria Allred explains the deposition process and what Prince Andrew can expect.

01.26.22 News Night – Prince Andrew is demanding a jury trial in the Virginia Giuffre sexual assault case, his lawyers announced on Wednesday. The defiant statement from the prince’s legal team means a civil trial is likely to take place later this year in New York. Attorney Gloria Allred explains the significance.

01.26.22 Morning in America – Attorney Gloria Allred comments on Sports Illustrated Swimsuits’ new gender equality initiative that sets new standards for ads.

01.25.22 Fox News – Alec Baldwin, ‘Rust’ producers file to dismiss lawsuit, Allred says not so fast. The lawsuit was originally filed by ‘Rust’ script supervisor Mamie Mitchell and her attorney Gloria Allred.

01.25.22 NBC News – Alec Baldwin, ‘Rust’ producers say fatal shooting was ‘workplace accident’ in seeking to dismiss lawsuit. The movie’s script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell, should purse her claims through workers compensation, defense attorneys said in their petition to have the civil claim tossed out. Mitchell’s attorney, Gloria Allred, said the defendants “are trying to avoid explaining their conduct before a judge and a jury in a court of law.”

01.23.22 Daily Beast – ‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’ Doc Eviscerates ‘America’s Dad’: A ‘Rapist’ Who ‘Had a TV Show Once’. At the beginning of the new documentary series We Need to Talk About Cosby, director W. Kamau Bell asks what should be a simple question: “Who is Bill Cosby now?” Few of his interview subjects are able to answer it. High-profile attorney Gloria Allred is quick and direct: “I look forward to seeing Bill Cosby again,” she says. “In a court of law.”

01.21.22 The U.S. Sun – A TOP lawyer for victims of Jeffrey Epstein has slammed Prince Andrew for “betraying Queen and country” by associating with the late pedo financier. Los Angeles-based Gloria Allred said of the Duke of York’s relationship with Epstein: “If you get down in the mud with pigs you are going to get mud on you.”

01.20.22 The Lawyer Stories Podcast – The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 78 featuring Gloria Allred, legal icon, fearless advocate for justice and equality and founding partner of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg (AM&G) in Los Angeles, California. Gloria shares with us her personal journey to the practice of law and why she became a tireless crusader against discrimination, combating injustices and winning new rights, especially for women and minorities. We further discuss some of the nationally recognized cases she has been a part of and how she stays cool under pressure.

01.19.22 Glamour Magazine UK- Why the Prince Andrew case is monumental in the fight against sexual abuse, whatever the outcome. Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Prince Andrew is more proof that women should not – and will not – be silenced on abuse. “This case is an important reminder that when women believe that they have been sexually victimised by powerful men and find the courage to abandon their fear, that it is possible for them to seek justice,” says Gloria Allred, the US lawyer world-renowned for taking on high-profile cases involving the protection of women’s rights.

01.16.22 Daily Mail – Prince Andrew was last night accused of a ‘tone-deaf’ defence to his legal battle with Virginia Roberts after his lawyers suggested she may have ‘false memories’ of her encounters with him. In a scathing response to the Duke’s demand for Miss Roberts’ mental health records, her lawyer, David Boies, said: ‘She wouldn’t ‘misremember sexual abuse by a Prince of England.’ Gloria Allred, who represents numerous Epstein victims, said: ‘The Prince is entitled to take the deposition of Virginia’s therapist for the purpose of determining emotional distress. That is not uncommon.

01.12.22 Channel 4 News UK – Prince Andrew fails to stop US sexual abuse civil case brought by Virginia Giuffre. Prince Andrew has long denied accusations he sexually assaulted Virginia Giuffre when she was 17, and had tried to use a settlement she reached years ago with the convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to stop a civil case before it started. Attorney Gloria Allred represents 20 victims of Epstein.

01.11.22 The Oxford Spokesman – ‘Rust’ scene didn’t predict Baldwin Shooting Gun, says script supervisor. “Rust” screenplay supervisor Mamie Mitchell says the scene in which actor and producer Alec Baldwin killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in October did not include a gun being fired. She filed a lawsuit against Baldwin and other members of the film’s production. Ms. Mitchell is represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

01.06.22 Insider – Inside the messy effort to compensate 225 Jeffrey Epstein accusers. The Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program put a price on the experiences of women the financier sexually abused. The program ultimately established for Epstein’s victims promised a measure of justice that had eluded them in court, the attorney Gloria Allred said. “It took a great deal of courage for the victims to share the details of how Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficked or sexually victimized them,” Allred, who represents 20 of Epstein’s victims, told Insider.

01.06.22 Texas News Today – Chris Noth cut out “and just like that … the season finale after allegations of sexual abuse”. According to TV Line, 67-year-old North was to make a temporary appearance at the season finale after his character, Mr. Big, died in the first episode. Lisa Gentile, 54, claims to have been “sexually abused” by the actor. Her lawyer, Gloria Allred, claims that the experience was “traumatic”.

01.05.22 Daily Express – Prince Andrew has ‘mountain to climb’ as judge’s decision in dismissing case looms. The Duke of York’s legal team is currently locking horns with his accuser Virginia Giuffre’s in a civil case. Ms. Giuffre claims she had sex with the prince three times when she had been trafficked and used as a sex slave by paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Legal observers, including a lawyer who represents numerous Epstein victims, are doubtful as to whether the Duke is covered by it. Gloria Allred, who represents 16 of Epstein’s victims, said “the odds are against Prince Andrew”.

01.04.22 New York Post – Cuomo accuser: DA sends wrong message to women by dropping criminal charges. But Albany County DA David Soares announced Tuesday he had asked the court to dismiss the charges, explaining that his office wouldn’t have been able to prove the allegations at trial. Famed women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred, the attorney representing Susan Iannucci – who claimed Cuomo kissed her cheek without permission during a press conference – said she didn’t think other alleged victims of sexual harassment should be deterred from coming forward.

01.04.22 Duke’s lawyers target Giuffre’s $500,000 deal with Epstein. The “release agreement” for which Jeffrey Epstein paid Virginia Roberts Giuffre $500,000 seems to absolve third parties. But it does not say if the Duke of York was one of them. “He has an uphill battle because his name is not specifically mentioned there,” Gloria Allred, a civil lawyer who has negotiated thousands of similar agreements, said.

01.03.22 BBC – A document that details a settlement between sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre could be made public this week. It could be key to a legal case involving Prince Andrew. Lawyers for the Duke of York believe it could release him from liability. Attorney Gloria Allred explains what this document is and what it could reveal. Ms. Allred represents 20 accusers of Jeffrey Epstein.

I start every day with the knowledge that helping people and fighting for justice is my duty, and that nothing worthwhile comes without sacrifice, self- discipline, and courage.
Gloria Allred, Fight Back and Win

In the Media

07.10.24 KOAT/ABC - “Family attorney of Halyna Hutchins speaks on Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ trial.” Attorney Gloria Allred speaks to the reporter and discusses some of the events in the courtroom that morning. Ms. Allred also shares what Halyna’s father wrote in his victim impact statement that she read in the Gutierrez-Reed trial, that he would like to see everyone who may be responsible for the death of Halyna have to face the consequences. Gloria discusses some of the points of view of responsibility in this case and gun safety protocol.

07.10.24 Associated Press – “Scenes from Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ shooting trial.” Nearly three years after cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed on the New Mexico set of the film “Rust,” Alec Baldwin’s trial over her death has begun. Attorney Gloria Allred hold a picture of Halyna with her mother and son, outside the Santa Fe district court.

07.10.24 Honolulu Star Advertiser – “In ‘Rust’ trial, Alec Baldwin accused of breaking gun rules.” In the first day of Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial, the prosecutor in her opening argument said that Mr. Baldwin broke “cardinal rules” for handling guns in the 2021 killing of “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, while his lawyer said he was failed by the movie’s set safety experts who already have been convicted in the case. Lawyer Gloria Allred, representing Hutchins’ parents and sister in a lawsuit against Baldwin, was in the courtroom’s public gallery today.

07.10.24 Variety via Yahoo! News – “’Rust’ Trial: Jurors Won’t Hear About Alec Baldwin’s Role as a Producer.” The judge in the Santa Fe criminal trial of Alec Baldwin has ruled that jurors at Mr. Baldwin’s manslaughter trial will not hear evidence of his status as a producer on “Rust.” Opening statements were held today. Civil rights attorney, Gloria Allred, is representing the parents and sister of the deceased victim Halyna Hutchins, as well as Rust script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell, in a related civil case.

07.08.24 CBS8/Entertainment tonight – “Alec Baldwin & Sister Beth Keuchler Cries in Court of First Day of ‘Rust’ Trial.” The article discusses the scene in the courtroom on the first day of Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial in Santa Fe after the tragic shooting death of cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents Halyna’s parents and sister in a related civil case, responded to ET regarding the presence of Mr. Baldwin’s wife and youngest child at the trial, suggesting “it seems to me that it appears to be a very cynical, calculated public relations move to potentially impact the juror and the juror pool to be sympathetic to Alec Baldwin.”

07.07.24 The Guardian – “Alec Baldwin heads to trial for manslaughter over Rust shooting.” Alec Baldwin is heading to trial on Tuesday July 9, 2024 on involuntary manslaughter charges in a case that will be closely watched by the entertainment industry, the news media, tabloids and legal experts. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents the parents and sister of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer that was killed by Baldwin on the set of the film “Rust” acknowledges the pain of her clients, sharing that Hutchin’s parents believe, “everyone who had a role in causing Halyna’s death should be held responsible.”

07.06.24 AFP via Yahoo! News – “Alec Baldwin set for legal showdown over ‘Rust” shooting.” In October 2021, on the New Mexico set of his low-budget Western "Rust," a prop gun pointed by Alec Baldwin discharged a live round, killing the film's cinematographer and wounding its director. Almost three years later, after multiple failed attempts by Baldwin's New York legal team to have the case thrown out, those same arguments will be settled by a jury in a criminal court case in Santa Fe starting with jury selection on Tuesday, July 9th. If found guilty, Baldwin faces a maximum 18 months in prison -- the same term already being served by the film's armorer, who was convicted in the same courthouse earlier this year. Attorney Gloria Allred represents the parents and sister of Halyna Hutchins, the film’s cinematographer, and the script supervisor in a related civil case.

07.06.24 The Inquisitr – “This Hollywood Actress Said Jeffrey Epstein Sexually Assaulted Her in the 90s: “Let Me Manhandle You.” Jeffrey Epstein was taken into custody on charges of sexual offenses, including abuse of minors. He allegedly committed suicide in August 2019 while incarcerated, pending trial. His supposed partner, British heiress, Ghislaine Maxwell, was also arrested in 2020. Soon after Maxwell's arrest former actress and model, Alicia Arden, alleged that she was 'manhandled' by Epstein in the 1990s. Arden held a press conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, and revealed that she met Epstein in 1997, in California where he posed as a Victoria’s Secret model scout.

07.03.24 PBS – “Amanpour & Co. July 3, 2024.” Gloria Allred joins host, Christiane Amanpour, and domestic violence activists and survivors, Lejla Dauti and April Hernandez, to discuss the impact of physical and sexual abuse against women in the aftermath of a leaked video showing Sean Diddy Combs physically abusing his now ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura.

06.28.24 Page Six – “Pride Month 2024: Paris Hilton, Chappell Roan, Kesha, more.” Pride Month 2024 was celebrated by celebrities from around the world. Gloria Allred and Trinity the Tuck showed their support in the West Hollywood Pride Parade, encouraging parade-goers to use their vote as their weapon against injustice.

06.20.24 Daily "Coca-Cola heir and celebrity hologram creator Alki David is 'ordered to pay model $900 MILLION' in one of the largest sexual assault verdicts in history - as details emerge of his sick 'Rape Room'" A billionaire media mogul with a string of sexual assault judgments against him has now been ordered to pay $900 million to a former staffer in what is thought to be the largest sexual assault damages award in history. Alkiviades 'Alki' David was warned 'never to think of violating another woman's body' when former production assistant Mahim Khan won a $58 million sexual battery judgment against him in 2019. At that time, the award to Ms. Khan was David's biggest penalty yet, and she was represented in court by high-profile lawyer, Gloria Allred. Khan testified about her sexual harassment claims of what Mr. David did to her as his employee - for example, thrusting his pelvis into her face and simulating oral sex, rubbing her vagina, frequently grabbing her pelvic area, peppering her with unwanted kisses, giving her a lap dance in front of a client, and putting his hands under her dress to cup her breasts. In this new victory for another victim of Mr. David, justice is won for another woman in her sexual assault case against Mr. David in one of the largest sexual assault verdicts in history.

06.18.24 Marie Claire AUS - "Armie Hammer Denies Cannibal Allegations: 'That's Hilarious.'" Armie Hammer Denies Cannibal Allegations: 'That's Hilarious' ( The actor opened up about the sexual misconduct and abuse allegations that were levelled at him three years ago. In the interview on the podcast, Painful Lessons, the actor who has denied myriad allegations from former relationships said ultimately he is grateful for his fall from grace. In January 2021, an anonymous Instagram account was posted with what they claimed to be direct messages sent from Hammer. The texts detailed sexual fantasies, including of rape, violence and cannibalism. Hammer denied all allegations of sexual misconduct. On March 18 of that year, the woman behind the anonymous Instagram account revealed her identity, going by the name Effie. During a press conference alongside her then-attorney Gloria Allred, Effie accused Hammer of violently raping her in 2017. Hours after Effie went public with her allegations, a spokesperson for the LAPD confirmed police were investigating Hammer in relation to an alleged sexual assault. In April 2023, CNN reported that the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office was reviewing claims of sexual assault made against the actor. A month later, it was revealed that he would not face sexual assault charges brought against him by the DAO.

06.18.24 Bloomberg Law, "Munger Tolles Fights Sex Abuse Data Release for Client Privacy." Law firm Munger Tolles & Olson is seeking to protect communications with an exclusive boarding school it investigated for sexual abuse, saying disclosure would discourage such organizations from seeking probes. MTO investigated its client The Thacher School in Ojai, California, and in a report made public in 2021 verified past sexual abuse there. A former Thacher student in 2022 brought a civil complaint against the school, claiming child sex abuse by a former headmaster and an unidentified school nurse in the 1980s. "We're trying to hold Thacher accountable," said Christina Cheung, an attorney for Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, co-founded by prominent plaintiffs' lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents the former student identified as Jane Doe.

06.12.24 Beverly Press/Park LaBrea News - "Robin Tyler blazes through an 'Outstanding' life." This article details the life of Robin Tyler, the first gay comic to come out on American television, and a lifelong civil rights and anti-war activist. Tyler and Diane Olson were the first-same sex couple to be married in Los Angeles County in 2008, and were one of the first two same-sex couples to marry in the state. They had been the first plaintiffs, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, in the high-profile lawsuit that led to the California Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality.

06.10.24 Vajbs - "Alec Baldwin faces new charges in deadly shooting." A grand jury in the US State of New Mexico on Friday issued a new involuntary manslaughter charge against actor Alec Baldwin, following the fatal shooting of cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, on the set of the movie 'Rust' in 2021. Previous charges against the actor were dropped in April. last year, just two weeks before the criminal trial was due to begin. Hutchins' family made a statement through their lawyer, Gloria Allred, saying: "We have always sought the truth about what happened the day Halyna Hutchins was tragically shot and killed." She added: "They continue to seek the truth for themselves in our civil case, and they also want there to be accountability in the criminal justice system."

06.10.24 CNN - "A 'blueprint' for murder: Inside the document prosecutors say Rex Heuermann used to 'plan out his kills'" An architect by trade, Gilgo Beach killings suspect Rex Heuermann allegedly kept a chilling "planning document" to "methodically blueprint" - in the words of prosecutors - how to select, kill and dispose of his victims. On the day Heuermann pleaded not guilty to the latest charges of second-degree murder in the 2003 death of Jessica Taylor and the 1993 death of Sandra Costilla, prosecutors revealed the content of the manual they said he used to "plan out his kills" with scrupulous and fanatical attention to detail. Taylor's mother, Elizabeth Baczkiel is represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

06.09.24 NewsNation - "Families of new Gilgo Beach victims 'standing strong:' Gloria Allred." Gloria Allred, who represents the families of some of the Gilgo beach victims, says the family of Jessica Taylor is standing strong now that Rex Heuermann has been formally charged with her death. Allred tells "NewsNation Prime" the families are very happy that Heuermann is in custody and will not be granted bail.

06.08.24 NewsNation - "Amber Frey is 'living her life:' Attorney Gloria Allred." Amber Frey, whose blind date with Scott Peterson changed her life, remains a person with character and integrity, says her attorney, Gloria Allred. She tells "Dan Abrams Live" that Frey would testify again should Peterson win a new trial. But Allred says there was a "mountain of evidence" that resulted in the conviction of Peterson for killing his wife and unborn child.

06.07.24 E News - "Alec Baldwin & Other Rust Workers Hit With New Lawsuit From Halyna Hutchins' Family After Shooting." Alec Baldwin and many others involved in the production of Rust are facing a lawsuit from late cinematographer Halyna Hutchins' family and Rust script supervisor over Hutchins' 2021 death. The family is seeking damages for emotional distress over Hutchins' death, while Mamie Mitchell, script supervisor, is seeking damages related to the "severe emotional and physical injuries she has suffered" due to witnessing the incident. Mitchell and the family of Hutchins are represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

06.07.24 The Wrap - "Halyna Hutchins' Family Sues Alec Baldwin for Playing 'Russian Roulette With a Loaded Gun on 'Rust'" Alec Baldwin is facing yet another lawsuit for his actions on the set of western drama "Rust" that resulted in the death of Halyna Hutchins — this time, once again from the late cinematographer's family. In a Wednesday civil suit obtained by TheWrap, Hutchins' mother Olga Solovey, father Anatolii Androsovych, sister Svetlana Zemko and "Rust" script supervisor Mamie Mitchell accused the actor and producer — amongst many others involved — of intentional and/or negligent acts on Oct. 21, 2021, in New Mexico. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents Mamie Mitchell and Hutchins' family, said in a press statement that the lawsuit seeks, "to hold lead actor and producer Alec Baldwin, along with other producers and individuals, liable for Halyna's untimely and tragic death."

06.07.24 The Suffolk Times - "Alleged Gilgo Beach killer charged with two additional murders linked to remains found on East End." Alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer, Rex A. Heuermann, was indicted June 6, 2024, on two counts of second-degree murder for the killing of two women: the July 2003 death of Jessica Taylor, whose partial remains were found in Manorville, and Sandra Costilla, whose body was found in Southampton more than 30 years ago. A handful of family members of Mr. Heuermann's alleged victims attended the press conference following the indictment. Attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing the families of some of the Gilgo victims, read a statement prepared by Ms. Taylor's mother, Elizabeth Baczkiel.

06.07.24 The Spectator - "The Baldwins reality show announced ahead of manslaughter trial." The announcement for Alec Baldwin's new family friendly reality show comes just a month before Baldwin's manslaughter trial is set to begin. In January, Baldwin was indicted on the charge after fatally shooting Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on set. If convicted, Baldwin faces up to eighteen months behind bars. Gloria Allred, the lawyer for Hutchins's family, said she doesn't trust the timing of the announcement. "This appears, to me, to be a calculated and cynical public relations move to try to influence the jury pool in New Mexico to think of him as a sympathetic family man rather than as the killer of Halyna Hutchins."

06.07.24 News Tribune - "Jessica Taylors' mother, Elizabeth Baczkiel, listens as attorney Gloria Allred reads her statement during a news conference in Riverhead, N.Y." Jessica Taylors' mother, Elizabeth Baczkiel, left, listens as attorney Gloria Allred, right, reads her statement during a news conference in Riverhead, N.Y., Thursday, June 6, 2024. Rex Heuermann, previously accused of killing four women and leaving their corpses scattered along a coastal highway, was charged Thursday, in the deaths of two more, Taylor and Sandra Costil, after prosecutors said they gathered new DNA evidence and found a computer document he had used to "blueprint" his crimes.

06.07.24 Fox News - "Suspected Long Island serial killer's notes outlined meticulous murder plot: court docs." Prosecutors now say suspected serial killer Rex Heuermann kept meticulous notes on how to kill and get away with it as his alleged methodology changed over the course of nearly two decades and at least six murders he is accused of committing. On Thursday June 6, 2024, Prosecutors charged Heuermann with the deaths of Jessica Taylor and Sandra Costilla. Gloria Allred, attorney for the family of Jessica Taylor, spoke to the media alongside Elizabeth Baczkiel, mother of Taylor, after accused Long Island serial killer Rex Heuermann appeared in Suffolk County Court in Riverhead, New York.

06.07.24 News Max - "Gloria Allred: Alec Baldwin Making 'Cynical' PR Move With New Show." High-profile feminist lawyer Gloria Allred, who is representing the family of Halyna Hutchins, slammed actor Alec Baldwin for launching a reality TV series about his family just a month before he stands trial for involuntary manslaughter in the death of the late cinematographer.

06.07.24 USA Today - "Suffolk DA: Poughkeepsie native was also victim of suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer." Rex Heuermann, the man accused of killing four sex workers and dumping their bodies on Long Island's Gilgo Beach in New York, was indicted Thursday in the slayings of two more women, Jessica Taylor and Sandra Costilla, as authorities revealed disturbing new evidence − including a "planning document" allegedly found on Heuermann's computer. The mother of Jessica Taylor, Elizabeth Baczkiel, made a statement after Heuermann appeared in court on June 6, 2024, that was read at the press conference by her attorney, Gloria Allred.

06.07.24 Law & Crime - Just one day after he announced a new TLC reality show featuring himself, his wife, and their children, actor Alec Baldwin was sued in Santa Fe, New Mexico, court along with numerous others associated with the film "Rust" over the 2021 prop gun movie set shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The lawsuit filed Wednesday by Hutchins' Ukraine-based parents, Anatolii Androsovych and Olga Solovey, her sister Svetlana Zemko, reportedly rehashes allegations Mamie Mitchell made in a California lawsuit against Baldwin while represented by attorney Gloria Allred, namely, that Baldwin "chose to play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun without checking it or having the Armorer do so" and that he "intentionally, and without just cause or excuse, cocked and fired the loaded gun," resulting in Hutchins' tragic but avoidable death.

06.07.24 The Washington Times - "Family of 'Rust' shooting victim not done with Alec Baldwin, shifts civil lawsuit to New Mexico." Alec Baldwin is facing a new lawsuit from the family of "Rust" cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who he shot with a prop gun and killed during production in 2021. Gloria Allred filed a civil lawsuit in the First Judicial District of New Mexico for Santa Fe on behalf of Hutchins' family. The suit claims that cost-cutting measures on the film's production led to the discharge of a live bullet that killed Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

06.06.24 America Tonight - "Family of Woman Killed in 'Rust' Shooting Launches New Lawsuit Against Alec Baldwin." Attorney Gloria Allred joins America Tonight to discuss the new civil case that was filed in New Mexico against actor, Alec Baldwin, for his role in the death of cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, on the set of the western film, 'Rust'.

06.06.24 KTSM - "Man charged in Gilgo Beach serial killings kept 'blueprint' of crimes on computer, prosecutors say." The New York architect accused of murdering multiple women and leaving their corpses scattered along the Long Island coast kept a "blueprint" of his crimes on his computer, prosecutors revealed as they brought charges against Rex Heuermann in two more killings. On June 6, 2024, Heuermann, appeared before a judge to be arraigned in the deaths of Jessica Taylor and Sandra Costilla. Taylor's mother, Elizabeth Baczkiel, was at the courthouse for Thursday's hearing. She held up childhood photos of her daughter but didn't speak to reporters. Her lawyer, Gloria Allred, read a statement from Baczkiel in which she described her daughter as "loving, compassionate and so funny," and said she would have made a great mother.

06.06.24 KOAT - "Alec Baldwin, others, facing new lawsuit over 'Rust' film shooting death." A new lawsuit has been filed against several people, including actor Alec Baldwin, for their alleged roles in the fatal shooting of cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, on the set of the movie 'Rust.' Attorney Gloria Allred represents Hutchins' mother, father, younger sister, who live near Kyiv, and the film's script supervisor, Mamie Mitchel, who resides in Santa Fe.

06.06.24 Daily News - Family of victim newly connected to Gilgo Beach serial killer remember loving daughter who will 'never be forgotten'. After prosecutors linked Jessica Taylor's death to accused Long Island serial killer Rex Heuermann on Thursday, the victim's still-heartbroken mother, Elizabeth Baczkiel, left it up to her lawyer to deliver her emotional tribute. "Jessica, my darling daughter, you will never be forgotten," attorney Gloria Allred read from the parent's moving statement outside a Suffolk County courthouse. "You will always be missed! You will forever be in our hearts." In a new indictment released Thursday, prosecutors said Taylor, 20, and another victim, 28-year-old Sandra Costilla, were killed by Heuermann. He was previously charged with the deaths of four sex workers whose remains were found near one another along a stretch of Ocean Parkway known as Gilgo Beach between late fall 2010 and early spring 2011.

06.06.24 News 12 Long Island - 'Loving and compassionate.' Family members remember Gilgo Beach victim Jessica Taylor. Attorney Gloria Allred, while standing next to Taylor's mom, Elizabeth Baczkiel, read a statement from Baczkiel, who said she misses how Taylor called her "mommy" and "mama." Baczkiel said that Jessica was "loving and compassionate and so funny" and loved to make people laugh. She described her daughter as someone who tried "very hard" in school. She said Jessica loved to cuddle with her and her brothers when she was a child. She recounted how they'd all "pile on the couch" and watch television. Baczkiel said that Taylor will never be forgotten and will forever be in their hearts.

06.05.24 TMZ - Halyna Hutchins' family's attorney is pissed about Alec Baldwin's new reality show ... side-eyeing the timing of the announcement and referring to it as a public relations stunt. Gloria Allred -- who's repping members of the late cinematographer's family -- tells TMZ ... she's not buying any sort of coincidence in the announcement's release coming just a month before his involuntary manslaughter criminal trial begins. She says, "This appears to me, to be a calculated and cynical public relations move to try to influence the jury pool in New Mexico to think of him as a sympathetic family man rather than as the killer of Halyna Hutchins."

06.05.24 Variety - "LGBTQ Pride 2024: Janelle Monáe Gives 'Midsommar' and Kylie Minogue Debuts New Song." It's that time of year when the LGBTQ community and its allies celebrate Pride. Attorney Gloria Allred and "RuPaul's Drag Race" star, Trinity The Tuck, appeared together in the West Hollywood Pride Parade to encourage parade goers to fight against the ongoing war on women.

06.03.24 Nine Australia - "All the celebrities celebrating Pride Month in 2024." Feminist lawyer, Gloria Allred, and drag queen, Trinity The Tuck, appeared together in the 2024 WeHo Pride Parade to encourage attendees to use their vote as their weapon in the upcoming presidential election.

06.03.24 WWD - The WeHo Pride Parade is an annual LGBTQ+ celebration held in West Hollywood, Calif. This year's event was held on June 2 with celebrity attendees including Cyndi Lauper, Lizzo, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, Gloria Allred and more.

06.02.24 CBC News - "Trump's felony conviction is 'accountability', says Allred." Gloria Allred, prominent American attorney and women's rights activist, spoke with Rosemary Barton of CBC News regarding former U.S. president Donald Trump's recent conviction, stating the jury made the right decision in the trial. Allred says Trump has had 'such negative impact on women' and the conviction brings some accountability.

05.31.24 UInterview - Manhattan prosecutors revealed in court Wednesday that they are evaluating new sexual misconduct claims against Harvey Weinstein as they prepare for his upcoming retrial on rape and sexual assault charges. Weinstein's lawyer, Arthur Aidala, remained confident outside the courthouse that no new accusers would substantively bolster the prosecution's case against his 72-year-old client. The hearing also addressed a prosecution request for the court to caution Weinstein's team about publicly disparaging potential witnesses before the retrial. Aidala apologized for remarks perceived as attempting to intimidate one accuser, Miriam Haley, but maintained his client deserves a "vigorous defense." Haley's lawyer, Gloria Allred, criticized Aidala's "vicious and false" courtroom comments about her client. However, Haley has expressed reluctance to testify again and has not decided whether to participate in the retrial.

05.29.24 Associated Press - "Harvey Weinstein may face new charges as more accusers come forward, New York prosecutors say." Manhattan prosecutors told a judge they are evaluating more claims of sexual misconduct made against Harvey Weinstein and could potentially seek a new indictment against him before his scheduled retrial on rape and sexual assault charges. Earlier in the hearing, Judge Farber addressed a letter from prosecutors requesting that the court remind Weinstein's lawyers not to discuss or disparage potential witnesses in public ahead of the retrial. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office argues that Aidala made statements earlier this month that were meant to intimidate Miriam Haley, a former TV and film production assistant who Weinstein was convicted of sexually assaulting. Haley's lawyer, Gloria Allred, said outside the courthouse that her client hasn't made a decision yet about whether she'll participate in the retrial.

05.25.24 Associated Press - "Prosecutors in Harvey Weinstein's New York case cry foul over defense lawyer's comments." Prosecutors in New York have accused Harvey Weinstein's lead defense lawyer, Arthur Aidala, of making public statements intended to intimidate a potential witness ahead of the fallen movie mogul's retrial and asked a judge to take action. Aidala said he believes Mimi Haley, one of the lead prosecution witnesses in Weinstein's case, lied to the jury about her motive in coming forward, which prosecutors rebut. Haley said last month at a news conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, that she did not want to go through the trauma of testifying again, "but for the sake of keeping going and doing the right thing and because it is what happened, I would consider it."

05.24.24 New York Times - Weinstein's Lawyer Tried to Intimidate Witnesses, Prosecutors Say. Arthur Aidala, one of Harvey Weinstein's lawyers, has questioned a witness's credibility as prosecutors seek to retry Mr. Weinstein on sex crimes charges. They accused him of violating the rules with critical public statements about Miriam Haley, a television production assistant. She testified at Mr. Weinstein's 2020 trial that he forced oral sex on her in his Manhattan apartment in July 2006. Mr. Aidala not only reasserted his client's innocence but made several statements about key accusers in Mr. Weinstein's 2020 trial, as well as about Gloria Allred, a lawyer who has represented several of Mr. Weinstein's accusers in New York and in his similar case in Los Angeles.

05.22.24 CNN - "Intimate partner violence: Focusing on the survivors, not the perpetrators." In the wake of the media frenzy resulting from the leaked video of Sean Combs abusing his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, attorney Gloria Allred joins advocates and survivors of domestic abuse, Lejla Dauti and April Hernandez Castillo, to emphasize the experiences of survivors in a panel hosted by CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

05.20.24 NBC 4 - Fallout continues for Sean 'Diddy' Combs after apology for attacking Cassie. Combs' apology for the attack that was caught on a hotel surveillance camera is being rejected by his ex Cassie Ventura, as well as people who are sharing their thoughts on social media because he was initially adamant in denying the allegations. Attorney Gloria Allred represents several more "Diddy" accusers and tells NBC 4 she does not think the violence that was seen on the video is an isolated incident, and because of the federal raids at Combs' homes he is still in legal jeopardy.

05.20.24 News Nation - "Diddy attack video: From leak to apology, how the story unraveled." Sean "Diddy" Combs admitted he beat his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura in a hotel hallway in 2016 after CNN released a video of the attack, saying he was "truly sorry" for his "inexcusable" actions. In November 2023, Ventura filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court of Manhattan, alleging Combs had physically and sexually abused her for years during their relationship. Victims' rights attorney, Gloria Allred, described the video of Combs's abuse as disgusting, disturbing, and very troubling.

05.19.24 Rolling Out - "Diddy won't be prosecuted for Cassie but he'll face other charges, says lawyer." After disturbing footage of Sean "Diddy" Combs abusing his then girlfriend was leaked online, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office told the public on its Instagram page that they are powerless to pursue any charges against Sean Combs due to the statute of limitations. However, celebrity attorney Gloria Allred said Diddy could still be charged in the brutal beatdown of Cassie if federal investigators can tie sex trafficking to that incident in Los Angeles in 2016. He could still get indicted as sex trafficking has a 10-year statute of limitation.

05.19.24 CBC News - "Sean (Diddy) Combs's legal troubles not over yet despite statute of limitations, Gloria Allred says." Gloria Allred, an attorney who has represented women in cases alleging sexual assault against high-profile celebrities, says despite the statute of limitations expiring regarding 2016 video showing Sean (Diddy) Combs beating his ex-girlfriend Cassie, he could still face federal charges after authorities recovered electronic devices during raids on his homes.

05.18.24 New Nation - "Diddy video could be used in RICO case: Victims' rights attorney." Prominent victims' rights attorney Gloria Allred said the leaked surveillance video showing rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs assaulting his ex-girlfriend could potentially lead to federal racketeering charges against him if it provides evidence of sex crimes like trafficking. Allred who has represented other alleged victims of Combs, said she wasn't surprised by the "disgusting" and "disturbing" footage based on accounts from her clients, though she didn't disclose details.

05.16.24 Newsmax - Allred: Defense 'cutting, mincing, dicing, slicing' Cohen's testimony. On Thursday's "Newsline," attorney Gloria Allred said Donald Trump's defense team has been very effective in taking apart the testimony of Michael Cohen.

05.15.24 US Weekly - Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is looking to overturn her involuntary manslaughter conviction in connection with the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, Us Weekly can confirm. Gutierrez-Reed was found guilty on March 6 and sentenced to 18 months in prison the following month on April 15. Her lawyers filed a motion to appeal the conviction on Monday, May 13, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. Gutierrez-Reed is also requesting to be released from prison pending the outcome of the appeal. Following Gutierrez-Reed's conviction in March, attorneys for Hutchins' family said her relatives were "satisfied" with the outcome of the trial. "Halyna's parents and her sister have always wanted everyone who is responsible for Halyna's death to be held accountable. Today was the first trial and conviction in the criminal justice process," said attorneys Gloria Allred and John Carpenter.

05.09.24 Washington Examiner "Harvey Weinstein-inspired bill allows previous sexual assault evidence to be used against defendants in New York." A bill introduced to the New York Assembly will allow prosecutors to use a defendant's prior sexual assault history to be used as evidence in a sexual assault proceeding, allowing prosecutors to establish a pattern of behavior of a defendant's "bad acts." The bill was written in direct response to the overturning of Harvey Weinstein's sex crimes conviction in New York at the end of April 2024. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several victims of Weinstein, stressed the importance for the New York Legislature to pass a specific statute that clearly defines the admission of 'prior bad acts' witnesses and their testimony in New York.

05.09.24 CNN - Citing the recent overturning of Harvey Weinstein's sex crimes conviction in New York, members of the New York State Assembly are introducing a bill this week that would amend the state's criminal procedure law to allow evidence of a defendant's prior sexual assault to be admissible as evidence in a sexual assault proceeding. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented a woman whose testimony made up the first-degree criminal sexual act charge, told CNN last week she believes legislation is necessary to help clarify the current law. "I think it's important for the New York Legislature to pass a specific statute in New York, which more clearly defines the admission of 'prior bad acts' witnesses and their testimony in New York, and is more protective of victims' rights in sex crimes criminal cases," Allred said.

05.06.24 The Blast "Alec Baldwin and 'Rust' Armorer Hannah Guiterrez-Reed Had A Joint Defense Agreement." According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Alec Baldwin had entered into a joint defense agreement with Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. In January 2023, both were originally charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of 'Rust' cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who's parents and sister are represented by attorney Gloria Allred. Baldwin had allegedly agreed to publicly state that he had never had any issues working with Hannah Gutierrez-Reed on set and that he did not believe that she created an unsafe environment on set. In April 2024, Gutierrez Reed was sentenced to the state maximum of 18 months behind bars.

05.02.24 Newsweek - "Wheelchair-Bound Harvey Weinstein's Day in Court: Here's What Happened." Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein sat in a wheelchair in court on May 1, 2024, during a hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City - his first public appearance since his 2020 rape conviction was overturned at the end of April, 2024. In the now-overturned case, Weinstein was convicted of third-degree rape for an attack on aspiring actor Jessica Mann in 2013 and forcing himself on a production assistant, Mimi Haley, in 2006. Weinstein pleaded not guilty and maintained that any sexual activity was consensual. Gloria Allred, lawyer for Haley, held up a "Me Too" sign outside of the courtroom. She said her client, who was not in court Wednesday, has not decided if she will testify at the retrial, according to the Associated Press.

05.01.24 Screen Daily - "Harvey Weinstein to be retried after New York conviction overturned." On Wednesday May 1, 2024, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office reported that Harvey Weinstein will be retried in New York on rape and sexual offense charges after his 23-year conviction was overturned on appeal. Reports said Attorney Gloria Allred and Weinstein accuser Jessica Mann attended the hearing.

05.01.24 90.5 WESA - "Harvey Weinstein's New York trial, round two, is likely to move forward in the fall." On May 1, 2024, the Manhattan district attorney's office told the Acting Justice of the New York County Supreme Court, Judge Curtis Farber, that they intend to pursue a new trial against disgraced former movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, after his previous New York felony sex crime conviction was overturned last week. The new trial is slated to begin sometime after Labor Day, according to Judge Curtis Farber. It is unclear whether all the women whose accusations were part of the first round of New York charges will be willing to testify again in front of a new jury. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents accuser, Mimi Haley, said that Haley has not reached a decision whether or not she will retestify.

05.01.24 Independent - "Harvey Weinstein facing September retrial after New York rape conviction overturned." Harvey Weinstein, disgraced Hollywood producer, is set to be retried as early as September, a New York court decided on Wednesday in the first hearing since the movie mogul's conviction for rape and sexual assault was overturned. Arthur Aidala, an attorney for Weinstein arrived at the Manhattan courtroom around 2pm ET, when the hearing was scheduled to begin. Gloria Allred, the famed attorney who has represented some of Weinstein's accusers, was also spotted in the hearing as was Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Jessica Mann, a former actress who accused Weinstein of rape during his New York criminal trial.

05.01.24 WABI 5 - "Prosecutors seek trial for Harvey Weinstein in first court appearance since NY rape conviction was tossed." Prosecutors asked for a September retrial for Harvey Weinstein during a hearing on May 1, 2024, in Manhattan, the disgraced movie mogul's first court appearance since his 2020 rape conviction was overturned by an appeals court last week. Speaking after the hearing, Haley's lawyer, Gloria Allred, said her client still hasn't decided whether she wants to testify at the retrial, noting that doing so at the original trial was traumatizing and painful.

05.01.24 The Spokesman-Review - "Harvey Weinstein's retrial in N.Y. rape case expected after Labor Day." Former film producer Harvey Weinstein's rape case is expected to be retried sometime after the Labor Day holiday, a judge said Wednesday, as the frail-looking defendant made his first Manhattan court appearance in years. Weinstein's 2020 conviction in the rape case was overturned last week by New York state's highest court, the Court of Appeals, which determined that rulings by the original judge allowed prejudicial evidence into the proceeding. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents accuser Mimi Haley, was in the courtroom.

05.01.24 ITV News - "Harvey Weinstein prosecutors seek a retrial after 2020 New York rape conviction overturned." Harvey Weinstein was back in court on May 1, 2024, as his 2020 rape conviction was overturned, and a new trial ordered. The preliminary hearing in Manhattan is scheduled to include discussion of evidence, scheduling and other matters. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents accuser Mimi Haley, said in an interview that the reversal and the order for a new trial "will be and has been retraumatizing."

05.01.24 NPR - In a New York criminal courtroom Wednesday afternoon, the Manhattan district attorney's office told Judge Curtis Farber that they intend to pursue a new trial against disgraced former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, after his previous New York felony sex crime conviction was overturned last week. The new trial is slated to begin sometime after Labor Day, according to Judge Curtis Farber. It is unclear whether all the women whose accusations were part of the first round of New York charges will be willing to testify again in front of a new jury. Attorney Gloria Allred, who has represented accuser Mimi Haleyi, said in a press conference Wednesday afternoon: "Mimi has not yet reached a decision whether or not she will agree to testify in the new trial.

05.01.24 CNN - The Manhattan District Attorney's Office will retry the sex crimes case against Harvey Weinstein, a prosecutor told the court Wednesday at the former movie producer's first hearing since his conviction was overturned. Manhattan prosecutors could face some significant challenges in retrying Weinstein's case. The New York charges were directly based on the testimony of Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann. Haley said last week she would consider testifying again in a retrial but noted the downsides of doing so. After Wednesday's hearing, her attorney Gloria Allred said Haley still has not decided whether she will testify again. "It involves so much re-traumatizing and re-hashing and re-living over and over again," Haley said. "I definitely don't want to go through that again."

04.29.24 The Blast - "Rust" armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Halyna Hutchins. It took a jury less than three hours to reach their verdict. At the sentencing hearing, Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer sentenced her to the state maximum of 18 months behind bars. The day after the jury came back with a guilty verdict, Halyna Hutchins' mother, father, and sister released a statement through their attorney, Gloria Allred, who is representing them in a civil lawsuit against Alec Baldwin and other "Rust" producers. "Halyna's parents and her sister have always wanted everyone who is responsible for Halyna's death to be held accountable," Allred said, adding, "Today was the first trial and conviction in the criminal justice process.

04.29.24 Christian Science Monitor - Harvey Weinstein's rape conviction was overturned. What does that mean for #MeToo? Those who saw Mr. Weinstein's convictions as victories, more broadly, for the rights of women and survivors of sexual assault, have responded to the news with dismay, saying the successful appeal betrays #MeToo's legacy. Women need to pay attention, they say - and get organized. "We have to keep pushing forward," says Gloria Allred, the women's rights attorney who represented one of the key prosecution witnesses in Mr. Weinstein's New York trial.

04.28.24 CBC News Canada - "Women's rights advocate Gloria Allred on the court ruling ordering a new trial for Harvey Weinstein." Gloria Allred sits down with Deana Sumanac-Johnson of the CBC Newsroom to discuss Harvey Weinstein's criminal sexual assault conviction reversal. The reversal was ordered in a ruling by the New York Court of Appeals on April 25, 2024.

04.27.24 AP - Retrial of Harvey Weinstein unlikely to occur soon, if ever, experts say. The daunting path to a new trial was clear Friday when Miriam Haley, one of two women at the heart of the charges against Weinstein, said during an electronic news conference that she "will consider testifying again, should there be another trial," but declined to commit to a new trial when questioned further about it. During the news conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, Haley said the appeals ruling was "a terrible decision that sends an extremely disheartening message to victims of sexual assaults everywhere."

04.26.24 Independent - "Fury as Harvey Weinstein rape conviction overturned as Manhattan prosecutor commits to retry case." Weinstein, 72, was found guilty in 2020 of raping and assaulting two women and is serving his 23-year sentence at a prison in upstate New York. In a 4-3 decision at the end of April 2024, New York's highest court ruled the original judge made "egregious errors" in the trial by allowing prosecutors to call witnesses whose allegations were not related to the charges at hand. Mimi Haley was one of two women that Weinstein was convicted of raping in New York. She issued a statement through her attorney, Gloria Allred, who also represented two other women who testified.

04.26.24 CNN - The star witness in Harvey Weinstein's historic rape trial says she would consider testifying in a new trial, after the former Hollywood producer's New York conviction was overturned by the New York Court of Appeals this week. "We're all in a bit of shock," Haley said on Friday during a press conference with her attorney Gloria Allred after the conviction was overturned. "I felt sick to my stomach and my heart sank." She continued, "This isn't just about me. It's a really important case. It's in the public eye, which is difficult for me personally, but is important for the collective. Those are the reasons I would still do it again. I'm not just doing it for myself."

04.21.24 The Blast - "Alec Baldwin Reportedly Struggling To Cope With 'Stressful' 'Rust' Trial." Actor Alec Baldwin is reportedly having a hard time navigating the upcoming 'Rust' trial. On October 21, 2021, a gun that actor Alec Baldwin was holding went off, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and hospitalizing director Joel Souza, who was standing behind her when the gun went off. Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Halyna's parents and sister are being represented by attorney Gloria Allred, who is also representing 'Rust' script supervisor Mamie Mitchell in a separate lawsuit.

04.20.24 Associated Press - A movie weapons supervisor was sentenced to 18 months in prison in the fatal shooting of a cinematographer by Alec Baldwin on the set of the Western film "Rust," during a hearing Monday in which tearful family members and friends gave testimonials that included calls for justice and a punishment that would instill greater accountability for safety on film sets. Movie armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was convicted in March by a jury on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and has been held for more than a month at a county jail on the outskirts of Santa Fe. Gloria Allred, attorney Halyna Hutchins' parents and sister - on judge's decision: "I think the judge was very clear about the factual basis that supported her conclusion that the most serious option should be the one that she handed down."

04.17.24 Los Angeles Times - Former CBS President Leslie Moonves will pay $15,000 to settle a Los Angeles city ethics complaint over his role in an alleged cover-up of sexual assault accusations against him. Then-Police Capt. Cory Palka allegedly worked with Moonves and other CBS executives to bury a complaint made to the LAPD by a former colleague, Phyllis Golden-Gottlieb, alleging that Moonves had sexually assaulted her in the 1980s, according to the ethics complaint. Golden-Gottlieb died in 2022. Gloria Allred, an attorney representing Golden-Gottlieb's children, said in a statement that city law should be changed to allow "more significant punishments in the future for ethics violations."

04.14.24 CNN - Fashion that doesn't fly: The turbulent issue of airline dress code policies. It has happened to a model, a medical doctor and a hairstylist, along with many other airline passengers: being singled out or denied boarding on a flight for their fashion choices. The typical first move for passengers involved: airing their complaints on social media. Most recently, a passenger took her outrage a step further by retaining high-profile civil rights attorney Gloria Allred after an incident on Delta Air Lines in January 2024. On a flight from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, Lisa Archbold said she was "treated like a criminal" for not wearing a bra under her top. She says she was escorted off the plane by the gate agent and allowed to fly only after she put a shirt over her "revealing" outfit.

04.13.24 Pink Villa - "Hollywood Reacts to OJ Simpson's Passing as Caitlyn Jenner Does Not Budge From Words." Infamous celebrity, O.J. Simpson, passed away from cancer on Wednesday April 10, 2024. O.J. Simpson was a former NFL star, and later became known for being on trial for the murder of his then ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman, in 1994. Attorney Gloria Allred who represented the family of Nicole Brown Simpson during the murder trial spoke to New York's local ABC station and told the public to take time to remember the victims and to not mourn for Simpson.

04.12.24 YouTube - The Project - "O.J. Simpson, Alleged Killer & NFL Star, Dead Aged 76." While some will mourn the loss of NFL player, O.J. Simpson, others will remember him as an alleged cold-blooded killer. Former Attorney for the family of Nicole Brown Simpson, Gloria Allred, joins The Project to discuss the infamous trial that shocked the world 30 years ago.

04.12.24 VT - "Ron Goldman's father shares heartbreaking statement following O.J. Simpson's death." O.J. Simpson, the iconic football star whose life was marred by controversy after his widely publicized trial for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman, in 1994, has passed away at the age of 76. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented Brown's family during the trial, reflected on the broader implications, stating: "Simpson's death reminds us that the legal system, even 30 years later, is still failing battered women."

04.12.24 Fox 11 Los Angeles "The Issue Is - Gloria Allred, Wally Adeyemo." Gloria joins Elex Michaelson on, The Issue Is, to discuss several controversial topics, including O.J. Simpon's complicated legacy in the wake of his death at the age of 76, as well as Gloria's esteemed career and the many high-profile cases she has taken over the decades.

04.12.24 The Hollywood Reporter "Ron Goldman's Family Calls O.J. Simpson's Death "a Mixed Bag of Complicated Emotions." The family of the late Ronald Goldman, whom O.J. Simpson was accused of murdering along with his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, is calling the death of the man they believe killed Ron, "a mixed bag of complicated emotions." Goldman's family maintains they will continue to advocate for the rights of victims and survivors. On a similar note, attorney Gloria Allred, who represented Brown Simpson's family in Simpson's trial, was focused on the victims as she reacted to the news of Simpson's death, claiming "The system failed Nicole Brown Simpson and failed battered women everywhere."

04.12.24 Fox 11 - The Issue Is: Gloria Allred, Wally Adeyemo. This week, Gloria Allred joins Elex to discuss OJ Simpson's complicated legacy. Wally Adeyemo, Deputy Treasury Secretary, also joins the show to assess the state of the U.S. economy.

04.11.24 The Hollywood Reporter - Gloria Allred, the attorney who represented Nicole Brown Simpson's family in O.J. Simpson's headline-making murder trial, has spoken out after Simpson's death. The family of the former football star and actor announced Thursday that the 76-year-old died from cancer. Brown Simpson was famously found murdered in 1994 outside her Brentwood condominium, along with her friend Ronald Goldman. Her late ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, was accused of their murders and ultimately acquitted of the charges. In wake of the news of Simpson's death, Allred shared that she isn't mourning the controversial figure and called upon the public to remember the victims instead.

04.11.24 The South African - "'Rest in Peace': Tributes pour in for the late O.J. Simpson." Former NFL star Orenthal James "O.J." Simpson was surrounded by his family on Wednesday April 10, 2024, when he died. Simpson became known for being on trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented Nicole Brown Simpson's family during the murder trial responded to the news of his death saying: "Simpson's death reminds us that the legal system even 30 years later is still failing battered women and that the power of celebrity men to avoid true justice for the harm that they inflict on their wives or significant others is still a major obstacle to the right of women to be free of the gender violence to which they are still subjected."

04.11.24 Two of the attorneys connected to O.J. Simpson's infamous criminal trial are reflecting on the case's lasting impact on the justice system, and society at large ... and they view key issues from the trial very differently. Gloria Allred, famed attorney and women's rights advocate, joined us Thursday on "TMZ Live" to share her memories of representing Nicole Brown Simpson's family. Watch here:

04.11.24 7News - O.J. Simpson should have been "ashamed to walk this earth", the lawyer who represented his late wife Nicole Brown-Simpson said. Simpson should be remembered as "a person who killed two people" rather than as a famous footballer turned actor, lawyer Gloria Allred said on Sunrise on Friday. Watch the video: Nicole Brown-Simpson's lawyer Gloria Allred delivers a vicious spray on OJ Simpson during an appearance on Sunrise.

04.11.24 Prominent figures associated with O.J. Simpson's highly publicized murder trial have reacted to his death at the age of 76 after a battle with cancer. The former football great was accused of and ultimately acquitted of the brutal 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, in what was dubbed the "Trial of the Century." Though he was acquitted of murder charges, a civil jury found Simpson liable in 1997 for wrongful death in the double murder. He was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages to the Brown and Goldman families. "I feel that the system failed Nicole Brown Simpson and failed battered women everywhere," attorney Gloria Allred, who once represented Nicole Brown Simpson's family, told ABC New York station WABC on Thursday. "I don't mourn for O.J. Simpson. I do mourn for Nicole Brown Simpson and her family and they should be remembered."

04.11.24 CNN - O.J. Simpson dead at 76. Gloria Allred, the star Los Angeles attorney who represented Nicole Brown Simpson's family during O.J. Simpson's criminal trial, said the former football star's death is a reminder of the justice system "failing battered women" and allowing "celebrity men to avoid true justice." Simpson was acquitted of murder in the 1995 criminal case stemming from the brutal killings of Brown Simpson, his ex-wife, and her friend Ron Goldman. A civil trial jury unanimously deemed Simpson liable for the deaths two years later.

04.11.24 KSL News - Reaction to the death of O.J. Simpson after prostate cancer. He was 76. Simpson's family announced the news on his X account. Relatives said he died Wednesday. "I feel that the system failed Nicole Brown Simpson and failed battered women everywhere. I don't mourn for O.J. Simpson. I do mourn for Nicole Brown Simpson and her family and they should be remembered." - Attorney Gloria Allred, who once represented Nicole's family, on ABC News.

04.11.24 Women's Agenda - OJ Simpson, the former US football star famously acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her friend, has died of cancer aged 76, his family said in a statement on Thursday. In a statement, Allred said she felt that the system failed Nicole Brown Simpson as well as other women who've been subjected to violence. "Simpson's death reminds us that the legal system even 30 years later is still failing battered women, and that the power of celebrity men to avoid true justice for the harm that they inflict on their wives or significant others is still a major obstacle to the right of women to be free of the gender violence to which they are still subjected."

04.10.24 ABC News - "Donald Trump's anger at a Republican ally highlights his fear of women's voting power ahead of the US election." The article states that since the constitutional right to an abortion was overturned by a conservative-leaning Supreme Court nearly two years ago, abortion bans have come down in more than 20 states. Many Americans who support access to abortion are motivated, angry and ready to punish Republicans - including Trump - at the ballot box on Election Day. To prevent abortion from being a defining issue in the upcoming presidential election, Trump declared abortion laws should be left up to individual states - in stark contrast to his fellow republicans, including Lindsay Graham, who are advocating for a national ban on abortion at 15 weeks. The article also notes that in 1970, Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe sued for her right to terminate a pregnancy, which resulted in the landmark Roe v. Wade case. Norma McCorvey was represented in subsequent years by attorney, Gloria Allred.

04.09.24 OK Magazine - Alec Baldwin Accused of Having 'No Control of His Own Emotions' on 'Rust' Set Before Halyna Hutchins' Tragic Death. The prosecutors alleged he'd been witnessed "screaming" on-site. They further accused the embattled actor of repeatedly changing his story about what happened on the day that cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was tragically shot and killed by a prop weapon handled by Baldwin. This comes after OK! reported that Baldwin's legal team was feeling "nervous" about their client's upcoming trial after set armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for her role in Hutchins' death. "Today was the first trial and conviction in the criminal justice process," Gloria Allred said in a statement on behalf of parents Olga Solovey and Anatolli Androsovych and Hutchins' sister, Svetlana Zemko, after the ruling. "We look forward to the justice system continuing to make sure that everyone else who is responsible for Halyna's death is required to face the legal consequences."

04.04.24 Travelers Today - "Delta Air Lines Passenger Seeks Policy Revision After Braless Incident." In January 2024, a passenger named Lisa Archbold was escorted off a Delta Air Lines flight for wearing "revealing and offensive clothing" - a baggy white t-shirt. The flight was from Salt Lake City to San Francisco. Archbold, represented by well-known attorney, Gloria Allred, is now urging the airline to revise its dress code policy. This incident, as well as Ms. Allred's press conference with Ms. Archbold, has sparked a broader conversation about dress codes on flights.

04.04.24 The Independent - What is Delta Airlines' dress code after passengers were removed for not wearing a bra? In terms of a dress code, the airline does require that the passengers wear shoes and says they may be removed for being barefoot. The rule also states a passenger may be refused transportation, when "conduct, attire, hygiene or odor creates an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance to other passengers". According to this rule the airline can make the decision to remove a passenger for not wearing a bra. Last week, a woman said that Delta Airlines targeted her for not wearing a bra. During a news press conference on Thursday, 28 March, 38-year-old DJ Lisa Archbold held a news conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, claiming that when she showed up to board her Delta Airlines flight at Salt Lake City Airport in January, she was singled out by airline staff. Archbold told the press: "I was targeted and humiliated."

04.04.24 The Independent Singapore - Lisa Archbold found herself at the center of a wardrobe war high above the clouds. The stage was set on a Delta Air Lines flight from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, where Archbold's choice of attire and going bra-less got her kicked off the plane and stirred unexpected "turbulence." The incident which initially garnered some media buzz, has now ignited a full-blown legal firestorm. Archbold, armed with legal powerhouse Gloria Allred as her representative, is spearheading a call for Delta to rethink its dress code policies. Delta, for its part, has offered an apology for the incident. Yet, the underlying issues persist, serving as a poignant reminder that the skies above are not immune to the battles fought on the ground for equality and dignity.

04.02.24 Business Insider - "A Delta passenger is calling on the airline to change its policies after she says she was escorted off a flight for not wearing a bra." Lisa Archbold, a Delta Air Lines passenger who was escorted off a flight for wearing clothing that might be deemed "offensive," is calling on the carrier to change its policy. Archbold was due to fly from Salt Lake City to San Francisco when a gate agent escorted her off the flight and asked her to cover up her "offensive clothing" - a loose, white T-shirt- in order to fly. Archbold with her attorney, Gloria Allred, have requested a meeting with Delta's president, Glen Hauenstein, to discuss a practical solution.

04.02.24 WNCT - "Delta passenger says she was pulled off plane for revealing attire." A Delta passenger says she was pulled off a flight for not wearing a bra and now she and her attorney are insisting the airline change its dress policy. According to reports, Lisa Archbold was dressed for comfort in a loose white shirt and pants for a Delta flight to San Francisco. During boarding, a gate agent came to her seat and asked to speak in private, escorting her off the plane. The incident was described in detail at a news conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred.

03.30.24 US Times Post "DJ claims she was removed from the Delta plane as a "criminal" because she wasn't wearing a bra." Lisa Archbold, a Delta Air Lines passenger, claims she was "humiliated" over her outfit by a gate agent who "escorted" her off the plane before takeoff. Archbold said she was told by the agent that "the official policy of [the airline] is that women have to cover up." Archbold and her attorney, Gloria Allred, have since sent a letter to Delta's president demanding a meeting to discuss a change in policy.

03.29.24 The Blast - "Rust" armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is facing 18 months behind bars in connection with the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. It took a jury less than three hours to find Hannah Gutierrez-Reed guilty of involuntary manslaughter after prosecutors accused her of being negligent on the set of the Western film. On Friday, Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer rejected Hannah Gutierrez-Reed's plea for a new trial and ordered that she must remain behind bars until her sentencing in April. The day after a jury found Hannah Gutierrez-Reed guilty of involuntary manslaughter, family attorneys Gloria Allred and John Carpenter released a statement, saying, "Halyna's parents and her sister have always wanted everyone who is responsible for Halyna's death to be held accountable."

03.29.24 Dr. Renee Fraser Show - Gloria Allred joins Dr. Fraser to discuss many topics including the filing of a civil lawsuit on behalf of her client alleging childhood sexual abuse against the famous director Roman Polanski.

03.29.24 The Independent - During a news press conference on Thursday, 28 March, 38-year-old DJ Lisa Archbold held a news conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, claiming that when she showed up to board her Delta Airlines flight at Salt Lake City Airport in January, she was singled out by airline staff. Archbold told the press, "I was targeted and humiliated." "Male passengers are not required to cover up their T-shirts with a shirt or a jacket," Allred argued. "They also do not have to wear a bra to board or remain on a plane and women should not have to wear one either." Although there are no plans to go forward with a lawsuit, Allred said that she and her client want a sit-down meeting with the president of Delta Airlines to ensure that their policies will be updated to reflect 21st-century values and standards.

03.29.24 Mirror UK - A woman has been left fuming as she claims she was nearly kicked off her flight because she wasn't wearing a bra. "I was targeted and humiliated," Lisa said at a press conference in Los Angeles on Thursday with her attorney, Gloria Allred, NBC LA reported. "It felt like a scarlet letter was being attached to me," continued the DJ, who was headed to Sundance for work. "I felt it was a spectacle aimed at punishing me for not being a woman in the way she thought I should be a woman as she scolded me outside of the plane," she said. "Male passengers are not required to cover up their T-shirts with a shirt or a jacket," she said. "They also do not have to wear a bra to board or remain on a plane and women should not have to wear one either.

03.28.24 YouTube - Woman claims she was scolded for going braless on Delta flight. Lisa Archbold held a news conference with her attorney Gloria Allred Thursday, demanding Del Air Lines to change its policy. NBC Los Angeles' Karma Dickerson reports on March 28, 2024.

03.28.24 KNX News - Woman told to cover up or leave Delta plane gains attention of high-profile attorney. As KNX News' Emily Valdez reports, Lisa Archbold said, "The gate agent waited until the entire plane was seated, calm and approaching departure. She came to my seat, loudly asked to speak to me in private, and escorted me off the plane as though I were a criminal." Her crime? Not wearing a bra. Archbold says she put a dress shirt over her T-shirt and was allowed back on the plane, but the situation has gained the attention of high-profile attorney Gloria Allred. Now, the duo wants Delta to change what they say is a discriminatory policy. "Lisa did not present either a safety or security risk; neither her breasts nor any other woman's breasts have ever tried to take over a plane. Breasts are not weapons of war, and it's not a crime for a woman or girl to have them," Allred said.

03.28.24 Insider Paper - 'Scolded' braless passenger wants meeting with US airline boss. A woman who says she was threatened with being kicked off a US Delta Air Lines flight because she was not wearing a bra demanded a meeting with the company's top boss on Thursday over what she says is a discriminatory policy. "It felt like a scarlet letter was being attached to me," Archbold, 38, told reporters in Los Angeles about the January incident. Attorney Gloria Allred said she had written to Delta on behalf of Archbold demanding a meeting with the company's president to discuss the discriminatory policy. "Male passengers are not required to cover up their t-shirts with a shirt or a jacket," she said. "They also do not have to wear a bra to board or remain on a plane and women should not have to wear one either. "Last I checked, the Taliban are not in charge of Delta."

03.22.24 Jeopardy - On March 22, 2024, women's rights attorney, Gloria Allred, was featured as a 'clue' on the beloved game show, Jeopardy, under the category "In the National Women's Hall of Fame."

03.22.24 CBC News - Gloria Allred discusses the war on women. Prominent attorney and activist Gloria Allred says there is a substantial and continuing effort in the U.S. to reverse women's rights. Allred discusses her career as an advocate for women and the issues that persist in the legal system that prevent them from seeing justice.

03.17.24 Crime Online - "Long Island Serial Killer Suspect's Wife Gives Him 'Benefit of the Doubt'." Asa Ellerup, the wife of Long Island serial killer suspect, Rex Heuermann, issued an unsolicited statement last week saying she has given her husband "the benefit of the doubt" and doesn't believe he is capable of murder. Ellerup was married to Heuermann for 27 years, and filed for divorce less than a week after his arrest for the murders of three of the four Gilgo 4, women found dead and buried along Long Island's Gilgo Beach more than a decade ago. Gloria Allred, a prominent women's rights attorney who represents several of the victims' families, has responded to the statement from Ms. Ellerup's attorneys on her behalf.

03.16.24 World Time Todays - "Samantha Geimer believes victims are anti-feminist." Samantha Geimer was 13 when she was raped by film director, Roman Polanski, in 1977. The attack has followed both Geimer and Polanski throughout their lives and Geimer has developed seemingly unorthodox beliefs about her abuser over the decades. In an interview with Polanski's wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, Geimer claims the #MeToo movement can humiliate women by labeling them as victims, stating "I don't understand what's so feminist about being a victim." Not all of Polanski's victims take the same stance as Geimer, including victim, Jane Doe, who filed her lawsuit against Polanski with her attorney, Gloria Allred, in Los Angeles in March of 2024.

03.15.24 Times Now News - "Legendary Filmmaker Roman Polanski To Face Trial of Alleged 1973 Rape." Renowned filmmaker, Roman Polanski, is set to face trial in Los Angeles in 2025 for allegedly raping a teenager in 1973, confirmed Attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit, and is also known for representing victims in cases involving prominent individuals such as Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Cosby. The trial is scheduled for August 2025.

03.14.24 Japan Today - "Director Roman Polanski sued over more allegations of sexual assault of a minor." A woman has sued director Roman Polanski, alleging he raped her in his home when she was a minor in 1973. The woman aired the allegations in a news conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, on Tuesday March 12, 2024. The account is similar to the still-unresolved Los Angeles criminal sexual assault case that prompted Polanski in 1978 to flee to Europe, where he has remained since.

03.13.24 Los Angeles Times - Roman Polanski civil trial set for August 2025 in child rape case. The trial is scheduled to take place on Aug. 4, 2025, following a lawsuit that accused Polanski of giving a child alcohol and raping her at his Benedict Canyon home. The complaint was filed last June in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The plaintiff and her attorney, Gloria Allred, discussed the case Tuesday during a news conference in Los Angeles. Allred said she was able to have Polanski served at his home in Paris. "Our client ... has demonstrated enormous courage in filing her lawsuit against a famous director," Allred said at the news conference. "Although the defendant has appeared to return to business as usual in his life, our client has not been able to return to business as usual. ... But we look forward to our fight for justice and accountability for Jane Doe."

03.13.24 Fox 11 News - Roman Polanski received a trial date over sexual assault allegations of a minor in 1973. The controversial director must face an American judge on Aug. 4, 2025, for a 10-day trial, the plaintiff's lawyer, Gloria Allred told Fox News Digital. Allred added, "Although the defendant has appeared to return to business as usual in his life, our client has not been able to return to business as usual since her victimization. The criminal justice system has not yielded a just outcome for the people of California who had a right to see Mr. Polanski sentenced for his sexual crime against a child, but we look forward to our fight for justice and accountability for Jane Doe in the civil lawsuit which we have filed."

03.12.24 Deadline - Currently on trial in France for decrying the sexual assault claims from actress Charlotte Lewis, Roman Polanski now finds himself facing a trial next year in the United States over allegations of raping a minor in 1973. The Oscar winning director is set to face American justice starting on August 4, 2025, plaintiff's lawyer Gloria Allred revealed in a press conference today. A longtime fugitive from American justice and almost certain not to appear in court in Los Angeles, Polanski sitting for a deposition in the case is still a bit of an unknown, Allred says. "We are going to depose him," the attorney noted. "At least that's our intention at this time, that could change," she added, clearly leaving the possibility of a settlement open before the 2025 trial.

03.11.24 Variety - The producers of the Alec Baldwin film "Rust" are nine months late in paying the widower and son of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was killed in a gun accident on set in 2021, according to a recent court filing. Baldwin and the other producers announced a settlement of the family's wrongful death lawsuit in October 2022. After the settlement was announced with Hutchins' widower and son, a similar lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles on behalf of her parents, Olga Solovey and Anatolii Androsovych, and her sister, Svetlana Zemko, all of whom live in Ukraine. The suit seeks damages for "loss of consortium," which in California can only be brought by a decedent's spouse. The plaintiffs are represented by Gloria Allred and John Carpenter.

03.10.24 Jagran Josh - International Day of Women Judges 2024: List of Famous Female Lawyers in the World. International Day of Women Judges is observed on March 10th every year to celebrate the participation of women in all levels of the judiciary. Included in this list is Gloria Allred.

03.10.24 International Business Times - "Hannah Gutierrez-Reed: 'Rust' Armorer Having 'Difficult Time' In Jail as She Awaits Sentencing after Being Found Guilty of Manslaughter." Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 26, is being held in a New Mexico detention center after being found guilty on Wednesday of involuntary manslaughter in the accidental shooting death of Hutchins on the set of the film Rust. The statement released by Hutchins's family's legal team, including attorneys Gloria Allred and John Carpenter, reveals that "Halyna's parents and her sister have always wanted everyone who is responsible for Halyna's death to be held accountable."

03.09.24 The News International - "Rust Armorer Gutierrez-Reed faces tough time after Manslaughter conviction." Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer on the set of the film Rust, is reportedly facing significant challenges following her conviction for involuntary manslaughter in the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. In response to the verdict, the family of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins released a statement expressing their anticipation for further accountability in the case with their attorneys, Gloria Allred, and John Carpenter.

03.06.24 The Wrap - "Rust" cinematographer Halyna Hutchins' family responded Wednesday to armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed being found guilty of manslaughter, saying they are "satisfied that the jury, based on the evidence" found her "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for her part in the taking of Halyna's life." "Halyna's parents and her sister have always wanted everyone who is responsible for Halyna's death to be held accountable," the statement from attorneys Gloria Allred and John Carpenter, made on behalf of the family, said of the verdict. "We look forward to the justice system continuing to make sure that everyone else who is responsible for Halyna's death is required to face the legal consequences for their actions," they concluded.

03.06.24 Daily Beast - After just two-and-a-half hours of deliberations, a New Mexico jury found Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed guilty of involuntary manslaughter over a fatal on-set shooting that killed the movie's cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. After the verdict, attorneys Gloria Allred and John Carpenter, who are representing Hutchins' parents-Olga Solovey and Anatolli Androsovych-and Halyna's sister, Svetlana Zemko, said "the family have always wanted everyone who is responsible for Halyna's death to be held accountable."

03.05.24 The Guardian - "Roman Polanski tried in France for alleged defamation of British actor." Roman Polanski was held to account for dismissing a claim of 1983 sexual assault against Charlotte Lewis as a 'heinous lie.' Charlotte Lewis, who was in court on Tuesday at the opening of the hearing, said she had been the victim of a "smear campaign" after she accused the filmmaker of sexually abusing her as a teenager. The director rejected the accusation in a 2019 interview with Paris Match magazine in which he cited a 1999 News of the World interview with Lewis in which she was quoted as saying: "I wanted to be his mistress … I probably desired him more than he did me." Lewis disputed the accuracy of the quote and subsequently sued for defamation. In 2010, Lewis publicly accused Polanski of abusing her at a press conference hosted in the office of her then attorney Gloria Allred.

03.05.24 The Ada Herald - British actress Charlotte Lewis on Tuesday accused filmmaker Roman Polanski of raping her as a teenager and said she had become the victim of a "smear campaign" after she spoke up about it. "It nearly destroyed my life," the 56-year-old told a criminal court in the French capital, which is hearing a defamation case against the film director. Polanski, who was not present at Tuesday's hearing, faces charges that he defamed Lewis after she accused him of abusing her in the 1980s. In 2010, Lewis said she decided to speak out to counter suggestions from Polanski's legal team that the 1977 rape case was an isolated incident. She spoke in the Los Angeles offices of Gloria Allred, a high-profile attorney who has also represented women accusing US producer Harvey Weinstein, sitcom star Bill Cosby and former US president Donald Trump.

03.02.24 US Times Post - "Rob Lowe, Snow White and the Night That Almost Lost the Oscars." The 1989 Oscars are a memorable cultural moment for the film industry, and not exactly for all the right reasons. The 1989 opening performance didn't quite hit the mark, with many claiming it to be the worst opening in Oscars history. While the 1989 event was certainly uncomfortable to watch, it wasn't the only Oscars to feature a widely criticized opening musical. The 2013 Oscars, hosted by Seth MacFarlane, kicked off with an opening number which overtly drew attention to the nude film scenes of several actresses in attendance. MacFarland was criticized by many, including feminist rights attorney, Gloria Allred, for the public sexualization of the accomplished actresses.

03.02.24 Q97.9 - "LOOK: What major laws were passed the year you were born?" Discover the groundbreaking legislation that has shaped the U.S. from 1919 to 2019. See the year 1973, when Gloria Allred and her client Norma McCorvey challenged legislation that prevented access to safe and legal abortions in the legendary Roe v. Wade case.

03.01.24 USA Today - "Alec Baldwin hit with another 'Rust' lawsuit: What we know about all the legal challenges." Several crew members who worked on the set of "Rust" have filed suit against Alec Baldwin and the film's producers in relation to the 2021 shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The most recent of these lawsuits were filed at the end of February 2024, by dolly operator Ross Addiego, set costumer Doran Curtin, and key grip Reese Price, all who maintain they were standing close to Baldwin when his prop gun went off during rehearsal at the Bonanza Creek Ranch movie set near Santa Fe, New Mexico. These three lawsuits are of more than half a dozen that have been filed as a result of the shooting. As of February 9, 2024, Hutchins's mother, father, and sister are seeking damages for their loss with the help of their attorney, Gloria Allred.

03.01.24 FindLaw - "Five Formidable Female Attorneys." Countless women have worked to shape the legal landscape of the U.S. to where it is now, changing our nation for the better through their advocacy. Five of these distinguished women attorneys include Sandra Day O'Connor, Sonia Sotomayor, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Loretta Lynch, and Gloria Allred. Gloria Allred is a prominent American civil rights lawyer known for taking on high-profile and often controversial cases, especially those involving the protection of women's rights and fighting against gender discrimination. Much of Allred's importance stems from her relentless advocacy for women's rights and her willingness to take on cases that challenge societal norms and address injustices against marginalized groups.

02.25.24 Mid-Day - "From comedy to art: Here's what you can check out in Mumbai this week." On International Women's Day, March 8, 2024, Columbia Global Centers Mumbai will host Voices of Change: Fostering Equity and Inclusion - a panel discussion that brings together four powerful female voices. The panelists include Veronika Didusenko, who championed the #RightToBeAMother movement, U.S. women's rights attorney Gloria Allred; Diana Edulji, the first women cricketer to be inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame; and Audrey D'Mello, director of the women's rights NGO Majlis Law, who will moderate the discussion. To register for the event, follow this link:

02.22.24 Fox News - "'Rust' armorer's criminal trial begins with dramatic audio of shooting victims, photos of live ammo on set." Hannah Gutierrez-Reed's trial over the fatal Rust movie shooting began Thursday February 22, 2024, with dramatic audio of the shooting victims and accusations of "sloppy" safety protocols. Gutierrez-Reed, the film's armorer, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and evidence tampering after allegedly handing off a bag of cocaine on the day of the shooting. Alec Baldwin, the actor who fired the gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, has also been charged with involuntary manslaughter. On Thursday the 22nd of February, the family of late cinematographer Halyna Hutchins earned a legal victory when Baldwin lost his bid to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit brought by her family and their attorney, Gloria Allred.

02.22.24 News Break Original - "Gloria Allred Hails Court Victory in Baldwin Case as Win for Hutchins Family." The family of the late Halyna Hutchins scored a victory in their civil lawsuit against actor Alec Baldwin and the producers of "Rust." Renowned attorney Gloria Allred, representing the mother, father and sister of Halyna Hutchins, announced the court's decision to affirm the right to pursue loss of consortium damages under New Mexico law, a ruling that will have implications in California courts where the lawsuit is being prosecuted.

02.22.24 Blast - "'Rust' Armorer's Lawyers Put Blame On Alec Baldwin During Trial Opening Statements." Alec Baldwin was mentioned heavily as the trial against Rust armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, began on Thursday, February 22, 2024 in regards to the killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Gutierrez-Reed has pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence after prosecutors claim a witness alleged she transferred a bag of cocaine on the day Hutchins was killed, thus impeding the police investigation. Gutierrez-Reed's lawyer, Jason Bowles, claimed prosecutors are using Gutierrez-Reed as a scapegoat for Baldwin's wrongdoing, stating, " he violated some of the most basic gun-safety rules you can ever learn." The parents and sister of Hutchins are represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

02.22.24 Daily Mail - "Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed's manslaughter trial is shown photo of shambolic Rust ammo cart strewn with dummy rounds in grim image taken after Alec Baldwin killed cinematographer." Both Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and Alec Baldwin are charged with involuntary manslaughter for cinematographer Halyna Hutchins's death in October 2021. Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer on the set of the film Rust, is accused of flouting gun safety procedures by handing Baldwin a gun loaded with a live round while on the movie set in New Mexico. The jury was shown a photograph taken by a crime scene investigator of the prop cart which appeared highly disorganized, strewn with dummy rounds that were mixed with a live round. Both Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed pleaded not guilty to the claims against them. According to attorney Gloria Allred, who represents the parents and sister of Halyna Hutchins, Halyna Hutchins' family may now pursue damages against Baldwin based upon a court ruling under New Mexico law.

02.21.24 Rolling Stone -"'Rust' on Trial: Alec Baldwin's Armorer Faces Involuntary Manslaughter Charges." Prosecutors allege the 24-year-old rookie armorer hired to manage weapons, ammunition, and gun safety on the set of 'Rust', Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, was engaging in "drug and alcohol use" during her off hours while working during the filming. They indicated that Ms. Gutierrez-Reed inadvertently placed a live bullet in the prop gun that Baldwin fired, killing Halyna Hutchins. While others have been criminally charged in the high-profile case - including Baldwin - Gutierrez-Reed will be the first to face a jury. Hutchins's Ukraine-based parents and sister continue to seek justice and remain informed about important case evidence by their attorney, Gloria Allred.

02.16.24 NBC Los Angeles - "Former CBS CEO pays fine for alleged interference in LAPD investigation." Former CBS president and CEO Leslie Moonves personally tried to influence a former LAPD captain, who had pledged his allegiance to Moonves and was leaking confidential information about a criminal investigation in which Moonves had been accused of sexually assaulting a former employee, according to new legal documents made public Friday by the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission. The woman who made the accusation against Moonves in 2017, Phyllis Gottlieb, claimed she was assaulted while working for him at an entertainment firm in 1986. Ms. Gottlieb, now deceased, was represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

01.31.24 New York Times - Alec Baldwin pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter on Wednesday, following a grand jury indictment that revived the criminal case against him for the fatal shooting of a cinematographer on the set of the film "Rust" in 2021. SAG-AFTRA, the union representing film, television and radio workers, released a new statement after the latest indictment, saying that the idea an actor should be expected to inspect a firearm is an "incorrect assessment of the actual duties of an actor on set" and pointing to a set of industry guidelines called Safety Bulletin No. 1. Gloria Allred, a lawyer representing Ms. Hutchins's parents and sister in a civil case, pushed back on the union's statement, saying, "The notion that an actor is not responsible if that actor holds a gun, points it at someone on a movie set and discharges the weapon flies in the face of common sense and the law."

01.30.24 The Blast - Actor Alec Baldwin is again facing criminal charges related to the death of "Rust" cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was shot and killed on the set of the Western film in October 2021. On January 30, The Blast was informed that news outlets have been given the authorization to record, broadcast, and livestream Alec Baldwin's arraignment in New Mexico on Thursday. Gloria Allred, the attorney representing Halyna Hutchins' mother, father, and lawsuit in a civil lawsuit, released a statement shortly following the charges, saying: "Our clients have always sought the truth about what happened on the day that Halyna Hutchins was tragically shot and killed on October 21, 2021. They continue to seek the truth in our civil lawsuit for them and they also would like there to be accountability in the criminal justice system.

01.27.24 The Hollywood Reporter - Halyna Hutchins' Family Attorney Criticizes SAG-AFTRA's Defense of Alec Baldwin: "The Case Will Be Decided on Its Merits". The 'Rust' actor and producer was indicted in the fatal shooting of Hutchins earlier this month, after a grand jury presented with a new investigation recommended charges. "The notion that an actor is not responsible if that actor holds a gun, points it at someone on a movie set, and discharges the weapon flies in the face of common sense and the law," Gloria Allred an attorney for Hutchins' family, told The Hollywood Reporter.

01.26.24 WION - SAG-AFTRA has come out in support of actor Alec Baldwin who has been charged again for involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The fresh charges on the actor were pressed on January 19. Hutchins died on October 21, 2021, after a gun that Baldwin was holding discharged on the set of the film Rust. Meanwhile, Gloria Allred, the attorney for the family of Halyna Hutchins has responded to SAG-AFTRA's statement backing Alec Baldwin. "The notion that an actor is not responsible if that actor holds a gun, points it at someone on a movie set, and discharges the weapon flies in the face of common sense and the law," Gloria Allred said in a statement Thursday.

01.25.24 US Weekly - Alec Baldwin Requests 'Speedy Trial' After Being Indicted on New 'Rust' Shooting Charges. Us confirmed on Friday, January 19, that Baldwin was indicted again in connection with the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was killed in an accidental shooting on the set of his movie Rust in 2021. Following Baldwin's latest indictment, an attorney for Hutchins' family released a statement addressing the charges. "[My clients] have always sought the truth about what happened on the day that Halyna Hutchins was tragically shot and killed," lawyer Gloria Allred said on Friday.

01.23.24 Fox 11 - L.A. Innocence Project Takes on Scott Peterson Case. Scott Peterson was identified as the prime suspect in Lacey Peterson's murder after it was revealed he was having an affair with a woman named Amber Frey. Frey's famed attorney was Gloria Allred, who now represents Peterson's sister, Anne Bird. Gloria Allred joins Marla Tellez live to discuss the case and the new development.

01.23.24 The Blast - Actor Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin are reportedly feeling stressed after the actor was charged with involuntary manslaughter last Friday. Baldwin was filming "Rust" in New Mexico in October 2021. When rehearsing a scene inside a church, a gun that he was holding went off, striking and killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and hospitalizing director Joel Souza. Baldwin has insisted that he never pulled the trigger and that he has "no idea" how a bullet ended up inside the prop gun on a movie set. An attorney for the family, Gloria Allred, released a statement on Friday saying that the Hutchins family has "always sought the truth about what happened on the day that Halyna Hutchins was tragically shot and killed."

01.20.24 AZ Central - Women's March in Phoenix: Several hundred gather at Arizona Capitol. The seventh annual National Women's March takes off Saturday morning in Phoenix with accompanying marches in multiple cities across the country. March organizers are calling the rally "Bigger than Roe" because of its focus on abortion rights. Attorney Allred speaks about her own experience. Famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred spoke to loud cheers. "No one has ever given women any rights … we've always had to fight to win them," the 82-year-old Allred said, later adding, "The women's movement is the only movement in which the participants become more radical as they get older."

01.20.24 Associated Press - A grand jury indicted Alec Baldwin on Friday on an involuntary manslaughter charge in a fatal shooting in 2021 during a rehearsal on a movie set in New Mexico, reviving a dormant case against the actor. Defense attorneys for Baldwin indicated that they'll fight the charge. Los Angeles-based attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing the cinematographer's parents and younger sister in a civil case, said Friday that her clients have been seeking the truth about what happened the day Hutchins was killed and will be looking forward to Baldwin's trial.

01.19.24 NewsNation - The Los Angeles Innocence Project has taken on the notorious case of Scott Peterson, NewsNation has confirmed. He was convicted by a San Mateo County jury in 2004 of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci, and their unborn son. Gloria Allred, who represented Amber Frey, who dated Peterson, and Anne Bird, Peterson's sister, told NewsNation's Ashleigh Banfield on Thursday night that Peterson "has every right to exhaust any legal avenue open to him." "He should have the right to DNA testing. … He has a big mountain to climb. He is fortunate that he is still alive today, while, unfortunately, his victims, are no longer alive," Allred added.

01.19.24 Fox Sports - The lawyer acting for the teenage girl who allegedly had a relationship with Josh Giddey has explained why the case against the Aussie NBA star was dropped. The Newport Police Department in California closed its investigation into the 21-year-old, having found 'no corroborating evidence' to support the claims made against him. Gloria Allred, the high-profile lawyer representing the Californian girl, said "It does not surprise me that law enforcement would close their investigation since our client is a minor and her parents have chosen not to speak to law enforcement to protect their privacy."

01.17.24 TFC News - Filipino -American, co-workers sue CA hospital over alleged wrongful termination. Arlene Nielsen and her coworkers claimed their concerns over staffing and poor working conditions at the St. Francis Medical Center and its owner, Prime Healthcare, have been unaddressed. They were eventually suspended and fired days before Christmas. "The plaintiffs have opposed and protested and complained to management and through their unions," said the workers' lawyer Gloria Allred, "about what they believe to be unlawful employment practices resulting in adverse patient health and safety care issues."

01.16.24 NewsNation - The family of Gilgo Beach victim Maureen Brainard-Barnes is focused on "learning the truth" now that Rex Heuermann has been charged in her killing, the family's attorney, Gloria Allred, told NewsNation's Ashleigh Banfield. Allred said the family has many questions and seeks justice. Heuermann was previously considered a top suspect in the case but at the time of his arrest for the killings of the three other women, investigators said they did not have the evidence to charge him with her death.

01.12.24 KTLA 5 - A group of healthcare workers filed a lawsuit against a Los Angeles County hospital, claiming they were fired over protesting unsafe staffing conditions. Nine workers from St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood are being represented by attorney Gloria Allred. The workers said they were wrongfully fired after speaking up about what they claimed were concerning practices involving patient care and other safety issues at the hospital. A press conference was held Friday where Allred and the plaintiffs spoke about the lawsuit.

01.12.24 KTLA - A group of healthcare workers filed a lawsuit against a Los Angeles County hospital, claiming they were fired over protesting unsafe staffing conditions. Nine workers from St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood are being represented by attorney Gloria Allred. The workers said they were wrongfully fired after speaking up about what they claimed were concerning practices involving patient care and other safety issues at the hospital. "We all believe in patients over profits," said attorney Gloria Allred. "We will not be deterred or intimidated by a big powerful corporation."

01.08.24 Mirror UK - EXCLUSIVE: Prince Andrew 'locks himself away with no idea how to respond' after new Epstein claims. Famed US lawyer Gloria Allred told the Mirror that the under-pressure royal has "got a lot of explaining to do" and should speak with US law enforcement about his friendship with Epstein. She said Andrew owes it to victims of the monstrous sex abuser to provide any intelligence on events at properties where he may have stayed with the American.

01.04.24 NewsNation - Gloria Allred: Jeffrey Epstein victims have 'been through a lot'. A federal court Thursday released an additional round of documents totaling more than 300 pages relating to the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The court began releasing the previously secret documents Wednesday that disclose the names of more than 150 people associated with the disgraced financier. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 20 of Epstein's victims, says it's too painful for some victims to testify. She added: "He harmed them. He was dangerous."