2013 Videos and Statements

12.09.13 - LGBT Today interviews Gloria Allred

12.09.13 - LGBT Today interviews Gloria Allred

12.09.13 - Gloria Allred speaks at press conference today following the sentencing of former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

12.09.13 - On October 15, 2013 Mayor Bob Filner plead guilty to three criminal counts of sexual harassment that led to his resignation. Filner pleaded guilty to a felony count of false imprisonment and two counts of misdemeanor battery. Today Superior Court Judge Robert Trentacosta ordered Filner to serve 90 days of home confinement starting Jan. 1. Filner was also subject to three years’ probation, a reduced city pension and a small fine.

12.09.13 - Gloria Allred responds to U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights Decision to investigate the University of Connecticut

12.09.13 - On Friday December 9, 2013 the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education issued a letter announcing that OCR is opening an investigation into the complaint filed against the University of Connecticut (UConn) alleging, in part, that the University did not respond promptly and effectively to complaints indicating that students have been subjected to sexual violence. A copy of that letter and Ms. Allred response follow.

11.13.13 - UConn Rape and Sexual Assault Victims, along with their Attorney Gloria Allred Testify at Connecticut Legislative Public Hearing today in Hartford

11.13.13 - Today the Connecticut Legislature’s Higher Education and Public Safety Committee held an informational hearing into the sexual assault reporting and investigative policies and procedures of public and private universities in Connecticut. A decision to hold these hearings was made after these four brave young women and three others filed a 48 page complaint with the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights (O.C.R.) outlining the specific details which they believe demonstrate that UConn denied them the legal rights to which they are entitled after they reported a rape or sexual assault. Governor Malloy recently stated "if they have failed in that responsibility in any way, or if any victim of sexual assault has been treated with anything but the utmost respect, I will be outraged."

11.08.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred and two victims of the "Bolder than Most" serial rapist, Alvin Ray Quarles', battle to prevent his release after serving only half of his sentence.

11.08.13 - Ms. Allred and her clients Cynthia Medina and Mary Taylor attended a hearing in San Diego County today in which the District Attorney's office is seeking to have Quarles civilly committed. If the D.A is not successful, Quarles will be released. After the hearing Ms. Allred and her clients held a press conference. At the news conference Quarles victims spoke out about their shock and distress since they learned recently of the sexual predator’s possible release.

11.07.13 - Gloria Allred speaks to Press at Kanye West arraignment in Los Angeles Superior Court. Ms. Allred represents victim Daniel Ramos

11.07.13 - Today Kanye West was arraigned on two misdemeanor charges, one count of battery and one count of attempted grand theft. We have also filed a civil lawsuit against Mr. West and are vigorously litigating that case. We are very glad that Mr. West will now be required to be accountable to Mr. Ramos in both the criminal and civil justice systems.

11.01.13 - Today Ms. Allred along with four sexual assault victims announce the filing of a Federal lawsuit against UConn alleging that UConn violated their rights when the victims reported rape or sexual assaults when they were college students at UConn.

11.01.13 - The lawsuit filed today against UConn seeks an injunction and damages for discrimination on the basis of gender and retaliation in violation of Title IX, which guarantees equal educational opportunity to students at educational institutions such as the University of Connecticut. The injunction asks the court to order UConn to revise its policies, procedures and practices so that it is in compliance with Title IX. In addition, the lawsuit seeks an award of compensatory damages to the plaintiffs for their emotional distress, which resulted from UConn’s deliberate indifference to them.

10.21.13 - Rape and the University of Connecticut - Sexual assault victims hold news conference today with women's rights attorney Gloria Allred to announce filing of Title IX sex discrimination complaint against University of Connecticut

10.21.13 - Four female victims of rape and sexual assault while they were students at the University of Connecticut held a press conference in Hartford CT today with Attorney Gloria Allred. At the press conference the College students discussed their experiences as rape and sexual assault victims on the University of Connecticut's campus. They criticized the University for failing to protect them and afford them their rights as victims after they were raped or sexually assaulted. Ms. Allred explained why the students felt that it was necessary to file a Title IX sex discrimination complaint today against the University.

10.18.13 - Teacher Who Sexually Molested Many Young Girls at Elite Private Potomac School to be in McLean, VA Sentenced- Attorney Gloria Allred, Who Represents Many of the Victims, Holds News Conference on Courthouse Steps after the Sentencing

10.18.13 - Christopher R. Kloman, who was a teacher and an administrator at the Potomac School for almost 30 years, and who sexually molested many young girls who were students at the school when the girls were between the ages of 12 and 14 years old was sentenced today for his crimes. Potomac School must now act with the leadership and integrity which it has so often stressed as its core mission to ensure that this scandal and these types of crimes against children are never permitted to happen again.

10.15.13 - University Prep Academy Teacher who was Convicted of Sexual Misconduct Towards Students to be Sentenced Today - Attorney Gloria Allred to Hold News Conference Outside of Court After Sentencing

10.15.13 - Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will face criminal charges this morning of false imprisonment and battery.

10.15.13 - Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will face criminal charges this morning of false imprisonment and battery.

10.15.13 - Today Jamila Love Williams was sentenced. Ms. Williams was formerly a teacher at University Prep Academy in Grand Rapids Michigan. Unfortunately she misused her position of authority and trust to prey on vulnerable boys who were her students at that school and to engage in criminal sexual misconduct against them. As a result she was prosecuted and recently entered a plea to four counts of criminal sexual misconduct which led to her sentencing today. We want University Prep to conduct a full, fair and independent investigation into this matter and provide answers not only to the mothers of those boys, but also to the public.

10.13.13 – Gloria Allred's response to Kanye West's statement on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

10.13.13 - Last night Mr. Kanye West made it clear that he thinks that he has the right to attack anyone that antagonizes him by asking him a question that he does not like. He thinks that paparazzi are fair game. We have a message to you Mr. West in response.

10.04.13 - Biker and SUV New York Case-Family of Seriously Injured Biker Holds News Conference with their Attorney Gloria Allred to Set the Record Straight about how the Biker was Injured, to Comment on His Condition and to Respond to the Statement of the Family of the SUV Driver

10.04.13 - Family members of injured biker victim, Edwin (Jay) Mieses, hold a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred today in New York City. At the news conference, Ms. Allred explained why certain press reports have been misleading and inaccurate and why Jay Mieses is an innocent victim in this matter. She also responded to the statement issued by the family of the SUV driver.

09.26.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred hold press conference outside LA County Courthouse to address the disturbing trend of men using iPads and smartphones to take photos of women’s genital areas without the women's knowledge or consent.

09.26.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred and her client Brittanie Weaver, victim of "Up Skirt Case", are present at the accused's sentencing followed by a press conference outside the Courthouse. Ms. Weaver describes the emotional impact on her. Ms. Allred discusses what needs to be done to reverse the disturbing trend of the use of smart phones and iPads to photograph unsuspecting women and their private body parts when they are in business establishments, on escalators, in restrooms, on the beach and in other public places.

09.25.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred Sworn in as New Member of New York Bar by Presiding Justice Karen K. Peters

09.25.13 - Women's rights attorney Gloria Allred was sworn in today, September 25, 2013, as a member of the New York Bar. Ms. Allred, who has been a practicing attorney in California for 40 years and who is a partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, took the oath this morning.

09.13.13 - Statement of Gloria Allred Regarding Kanye West and the LA City Attorney's Decision to Charge Him for Attacking a Photographer

09.13.13 - We are very gratified to learn today that the LA City Attorney has chosen to criminally charge Kanye West with one count of battery and one count of attempted grand theft as a result of his unjustified attack on our client who is a photographer and who was the victim of Mr. West's attack.

08.30.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred and Mayor Filner Victims Hold News Conference and "going away party" to Celebrate Filner's Last Day as Mayor of San Diego

08.30.13 - Today is the last day of Mayor Bob Filner's brief term as Mayor of San Diego. At 5pm PST today, August 30, 2013, San Diego will finally be free of Bob Filner and all the shame that he has brought to the City of San Diego. Now San Diego can finally move forward with an interim Mayor and then with an election of a new Mayor who will hopefully restore respect and dignity to the Mayor's office.

08.23.13 - Statement of Gloria Allred in Reaction to Mayor Filner's Resignation

08.23.13 - Today is a day of reckoning for Mayor Filner and a day of vindication for his many alleged victims, 18 of whom have come forward. Although the Mayor denies responsibility for his conduct, he has resigned and that is what is most important.

08.22.13 - Attorney Allred holds press conference today in Los Angeles to react to the latest report about Mayor Filner and his "reported deal". Mayor's former fiancée joins her in calling for the Mayor's resignation.

08.22.13 - Gloria Allred and her client Bronwyn Ingram, Mayor Filner's former fiancée, hold news conference to again call for the Mayor's resignation. Attorney Allred called on the San Diego City Council to reject any deal with the Mayor that involves paying his legal fees or giving him a payout. "It would be a slap in the face to the Mayor's many victims to see him get anything from the City of San Diego".

08.21.13 - Kanye West Attack on Paparazzi - Videographer Holds News Conference with Gloria Allred to Announce Lawsuit

08.21.13 - Gloria Allred hold press conference today in Los Angeles with Daniel Ramos, a videographer who was suddenly attacked at LAX by Kanye West. Gloria announces the filing of a lawsuit and strongly condemns the support that some celebrities have given Kanye for his attack on "paparazzi".

08.18.13 - Freedom from Filner March - Gloria Allred Featured Speaker

08.18.13 - On August 18th, 2013 hundreds gathered in San Diego for a march on City Hall to demand the resignation of Mayor Filner. Gloria Allred shares her "dream of gender equality".

08.15.13 - Mayor Filner and Sex Harassment Scandal - New Woman Comes Forward and Holds News Conference with her Attorney Gloria Allred

08.15.13 - Gloria Allred holds press conference in San Diego with her client Peggy Shannon, a 67 year old senior citizen who worked part time 3 to 4 days a week at the Senior Citizens Service Desk. This great-grandmother alleges that she was the victim of continuous inappropriate sexual advances by the Mayor Filner while trying to do her job at City Hall.

08.13.13 - Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh in reaction to statements made on his radio broadcast that "that feminists, including Gloria Allred, are doing nothing about the Mayor Bob Filner scandal".

08.13.13 - Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh in reaction to statements made on his radio broadcast that "that feminists, including Gloria Allred, are doing nothing about the Mayor Bob Filner scandal".

08.07.13 - Gloria Allred reacts to Mayor Filner's motions to change of venue and quash of subpoena.

08.07.13 - Gloria Allred's Response to Defendant Mayor Filner's Motion to Change Venue from San Diego County to Imperial County in the Case that Ms. Allred has Filed on Behalf of Irene McCormack Jackson Against Mayor Filner and the City of San Diego.

08.06.13 - Mayor Filner Sex Harassment Scandal - Gloria Allred holds news conference today in San Diego with her client Michelle Tyler, a nurse trying to get help for a Marine injured in Iraq.

08.06.13 - "Today we have sent a letter San Diego City Attorney, Jan Goldsmith, on behalf of our client Michelle Tyler, asking him to open an investigation into sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by Bob Filer in the performance of his official duties as Mayor of San Diego." – Gloria Allred

07.29.13 - Statement of Ginger Lee Regarding Anthony Weiner

07.29.13 - Statement of Ginger Lee Regarding Anthony Weiner

07.22.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred holds press conference in San Diego to announce the filing of a lawsuit for sexual harassment against Mayor Robert Filner and the City of San Diego on behalf of her client, Irene McCormack Jackson.

07.22.13 - Gloria Allred holds a news conference in San Diego to announce the filing of a lawsuit for sexual harassment against Mayor Robert Filner and the City of San Diego and to call for the Mayors resignation. The complaint alleges that Mayor Filner engaged in sexual harassment. Our client Irene McCormack Jackson is seeking damages based on the sexual harassment that Mayor Filner directed at her and the sexual harassment of others that she witnessed, all of which created an intimidating and hostile work environment for her.

07.17.13 - Gloria Allred represents a victim in a criminal case involving James Hooker who was sentenced for oral copulation of a minor.

07.17.13 - Today in Stanislaus County Superior Court in Modesto, CA James Hooker was sentenced after he entered a plea of no contest to a misdemeanor charge of oral copulation of a minor. Hooker, now a former high school teacher, has been ordered to register as a sex offender for life and serve four years probation.

06.26.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred And Her Clients, Robin Tyler and Diane Olson To Hold Press Conference To React to U.S. Supreme Court's Decision on Prop 8, DOMA and Marriage Equality

06.26.13 - "Today is an historic day in the civil rights battle to win and enjoy equal rights for gay and lesbian couples under the law. Today's decisions by the United States Supreme Court are important steps forward for these couples, their families and their children, but we still have a long long way to go." - Gloria Allred

06.09.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred enters "float" in the 2013 Pride Parade to show her support and commitment to marriage equality.

06.09.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred enters "float" in the 2013 Pride Parade to show her support and commitment to marriage equality.

05.30.13 - Gloria Allred Responds to Press Statement Containing False Statements Issued by Horace Mann School on May 24th, 2013

05.30.13 - On May 24, 2013, the Horace Mann School in New York City (HM) published a press statement containing false statements in an effort to divert attention from the fact that the School and its administration were rejecting repeated requests by numerous adult survivors of child sexual abuse at Horace Mann that an independent investigation into the abuse and the School's knowledge of the abuse be conducted. Today Gloria Allred responds.

05.30.13 - Lewd Sexual Misconduct on a Plane - Teenage girl sues major airline who failed to take appropriate action to protect her from another passenger who exposed his penis and masturbated near her on a plane.

05.30.13 - Gloria Allred holds news conference in Los Angeles with her client, Monica Amestoy, to announce the filing of a lawsuit against United Airlines who failed to protect Monica (a minor flying alone from New York to Los Angeles) from an adult passenger who sat adjacent to her and who exposed his penis and masturbated while both were flying on United's plane.

05.23.13 - Gloria Allred Remembers Morton Downey, Jr. as the new documentary "Evocateur" is released.

05.23.13 - Gloria Allred and Montel Williams discuss Morton Downey, Jr. The television show, the legacy and the movie Evocateur.

05.22.13 - Gloria Allred holds news conference in New York to discuss rape and sexual assault on college campuses

05.22.13 - College rape and sexual assault survivors, their supporters and Attorney Gloria Allred hold news conference to announce complaints that they will file against their colleges for failing to protect and enforce their right to be safe on college campuses.

05.16.13 - Gloria Allred on CNN's Piers Morgan Live

05.16.13 - Gloria Allred and Alan Dershowitz talk with Piers Morgan as they debate whether OJ is a good witness or a bad witness.

05.16.13 - Gloria Allred on ABC News 10 on the "High Cost of Being Female".

05.16.13 - Gloria Allred discusses the "High Cost of Being Female" with Dale and Cristina on ABC News 10 Sacramento. Women's rights have come a long way in the past 100 years, but the disparity between men and women is still a hot topic. Although things have come a long way with women's rights, Allred doesn't think society has come far enough. "I say look how far we have to go," Allred said. "The standard is full and equal rights in every aspect of life. Judging by that standard, we still have a long, long way to go."

04.22.13 - Horace Mann School, New York - Child Sexual Abuse Scandal

04.22.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred and many of her clients, who are adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, hold a news conference in New York to describe, sometimes in graphic detail, the shocking and horrific sexual abuse that they suffered as children at the hands of sexual predators who were employed by the elite private school Horace Mann in New York, either as teachers and/or administrators where they preyed on children at the school.

04.18.13 - Occidental College Rape Scandal: Rape Victims Speak Out Against College's Mishandling of Reports of Rape

04.18.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred and 6 women, who were survivors of rape and sexual assault when they were students at Occidental College, hold a news conference in Los Angeles, CA to announce the filing of a complaint against Occidental as a result of what the women allege is the college's "Deliberate indifference to rape victims."

03.26.13 - Gloria Allred and her clients, Robin Tyler and Diane Olson at the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the Prop. 8 marriage equality case.

03.26.13 - Ms. Allred won the right to marry for Robin and Diane in California and challenged Prop. 8 in the California Supreme Court. Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, was the only law firm which orally argued to the California Supreme Court that Prop 8 was unconstitutional, but that if it were upheld, the marriages of the 14,000 couples (who had been permitted to marry after the first California Supreme Court decision) should remain valid

03.05.13 - Marriage Equality and the United States Supreme Court

03.05.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred files a Friend of the Court brief on behalf of The Women's Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund (WERLDEF) in support of Marriage Equality

02.28.13 - Gloria Allred and client Rita Milla hold press conference to comment on Pope's resignation, Mahony voting for the new Pope, and new evidence of Catholic Church cover-up in her case.

02.28.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred holds a news conference in Los Angeles with her client, Rita Milla who was sexually abused by 7 Catholic Priests and had a baby by one of them. In 1984 Rita was the first woman in the nation to go public and file a lawsuit against the Catholic Church. On that day, all 7 Catholic priests named in Rita's lawsuit suddenly disappeared from their parishes. Today Gloria and Rita react to the Pope's resignation, what they would like the new pope to do about the sex abuse crisis in the Church, and why Cardinal Mahony should not vote for the new Pope. They provide to the press newly revealed documents from the Church's file regarding Rita Milla and her case, which Ms. Allred believes substantiates her claim of Church cover-up and obstruction of justice.

02.14.13 - Gloria Allred and client Teri James file lawsuit against San Diego Christian College

02.14.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred and her client Teri James hold Valentine's Day News Conference in Los Angeles, CA to announce the filing of a lawsuit against San Diego Christian College (SDCC). The college fired Ms. James after learning that she had pre-marital sex and became pregnant. The complaint alleges discrimination on account of gender, pregnancy and marital status.

01.22.13 - Gloria Allred donates blood to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

01.22.13 - Attorney Gloria Allred holds news conference in Los Angeles, CA on this 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court Decision Legalizing Abortion. She announced that immediately following the news conference she will donate her own blood at Kaiser Hospital to commemorate this day in 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court decided that a woman has a constitutional right to choose abortion.

Gloria Allred Giving Blood

Gloria Allred Giving Blood