Gloria Allred Statement Regarding Christy Martin

Gloria Allred
(323) 653-6530

Today, Christy Martin and I attended the bond hearing for her husband, James Martin in Orange County Superior Court in Orlando, FL.

Mr. Martin is charged with attempted first degree murder with a firearm, attempted first degree murder with a weapon and aggravated battery causing great bodily harm with a weapon.

Christy is alleged to be the victim in this case. Defendants charged with crimes are entitled to attorneys to represent them and those who are alleged to be victims are also entitled to retain their own private attorneys to provide confidential legal advice regarding their rights and responsibilities in the criminal justice system. The state's attorney who prosecutes the case represents the people of the state, not the victim.

Christy has suffered greatly because of what she had to endure on November 23, 2010. She had three serious stab wounds, a punctured lung, other injuries and still has a bullet in her back. However, she respects the criminal justice process and for that reason she will not make any public comment on what occurred on that date, unless and until she is required to testify in a deposition and/or in a court of law. She wants to be sure that both she and the defendant receive a fair trial and that is the reason that she will not discuss what happened prior to testifying.

Christy has been called "the coal miner's daughter" in part because she is from West Virginia. She is also The Women's Superwelterweight Boxing Champion of the World (WBC).

Her record is 49 wins, 5 losses, 3 draws and 31 knockouts. Even though she still has a bullet in her back, she wants to fight and win her 50th fight and she has begun to train again and workout in hopes that she will get her next fight and her 50th win.

She feels that she can do it even with a bullet still lodged in her back. The fact that she is determined to achieve her 50th win in a fight under these circumstances is truly remarkable and inspiring.

Christy is one of the bravest people I know. She has been in a fight for her life and now she is in a fight for justice.

I am honored to represent her and support her in this process, which is sure to be one of her greatest challenges.

We look forward to Christy's day in court and to a just result in the criminal justice case.

Gloria Allred
Attorney at Law
Representing Christy Martin
December 22, 2010