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Gloria Allred is an experienced employment law and civil rights attorney with a passion for legal advocacy and community service. Her Los Angeles law firm, Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, handles cases involving employment discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination. The firm is also well-known for its work on behalf of victims' rights. Ms. Allred has been involved in many high-profile cases relating to employee and civil rights and has been asked to comment on several more in radio and television appearances.

Following are links to some of Ms. Allred's videos, statements and commentaries on some of the most highly televised issues in the country.

Gloria's Videos and Press Statements of 2020

11.12.20 - The report of the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) was released today which looked into the handling and any potential misconduct of U.S. Attorney, Alex Acosta, regarding the Federal charges brought against Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 in Florida. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents many victims of Jeffrey Epstein, made a statement regarding the findings of the report, and which also includes a brief response by one of Mr. Epstein's victims regarding the outcome of the report.

10.19.20 - The Sacramento Bee - "Gloria Allred comes out against Prop. 22." The No on Prop. 22 campaign has brought in legal heavyweight Gloria Allred to speak out in a 30-second ad against the ballot initiative that would re-classify rideshare drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft as independent contractors. She goes on to say that Proposition 22 would weaken sexual harassment laws which are meant to protect women. The writer spoke further to attorney Allred on the topic.

10.16.20 - "No on 22" television spot - Gloria Allred: Uber and Lyft's "Prop 22 Weakens Sexual Harassment Laws." In a new "No on Prop 22" TV spot, Gloria Allred, the nation's most famous legal advocate for women, exposes how the ballot initiative paid for by Uber and Lyft will weaken sexual harassment laws. The ad will begin running today statewide and online.

09.28.20 - Statement of Attorney Gloria Allred on President Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court.

09.24.20 - CBS News Los Angeles - "Woman Who Says She Was Raped At Temecula Resort Files $10M Claim." Attorney Gloria Allred and co-counsel, John Carpenter, filed a lawsuit today against Pechanga Casino and Resort for negligence related to the allegations by their client of rape by a Pechanga employee. CBS news covered the press conference today in Los Angeles. [Please also see materials from the press conference on this site, same section and date.]

09.24.20 - Attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference today with her client, Michele, who was a guest of the Pechanga Resort Casino and was sexually assaulted by an employee. We discuss the search for answers from District Attorney Hestrin who has declined prosecution, and the filing of a claim today against Pechanga Resort.

08.24.20 - Good Morning America - "Convicted Murderer Challenges Death Row Sentence." Scott Peterson who was found guilty of killing his pregnant wife in 2002 has appealed his conviction and sentence and is expected to learn the decision about a new trial. Attorney Gloria Allred represented witness Amber Frey, and Anne Bird, Laci's sister-in-law.

08.24.20 - Statements of attorney Gloria Allred, witness Amber Frey and family member Anne Bird, regarding the decision today of the California Supreme Court in the case of People vs. Scott Peterson.

08.11.20 - Today a lawsuit was filed against the City of Los Angeles as a result of outrageous and tortious wrongs committed by a LAPD police officer against a deceased woman, Elizabeth Baggett. Attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference in Los Angeles with Elizabeth's mother, Janet Baggett.

07.29.20 - Daily Caller - "Effort To Harass Victims And Intimidate Them': Gloria Allred Condemns Maxwell Attorneys' Request To Name Accusers." Attorney Gloria Allred indicates that Ghislaine Maxwell's legal representation's request that the accuser's names be made public is an attempt to harass and intimidate victims. Ms. Allred told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the motion should be denied, since Maxwell's defense "does not appear to provide any legal reason why the defense would benefit from revealing the names of victims."

07.27.20 - The Sun UK - "SHAMELESS - Ghislaine Maxwell's last public appearance before her arrest was to support charity for human trafficking victims." The British socialite - who denies procuring girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking ring - was pictured at London's Cash and Rocket rally in June 2019. One of the three charities the event supported was the Helen Bamber Foundation, which helps survivors of "extreme human cruelty" including "sexual exploitation". Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 20 victims of Mr. Epstein, said "It is highly likely that in June 2019 Ms. Maxwell would have known law enforcement was investigating Jeffrey Epstein on allegations he sex trafficked underaged girls. "I have to wonder if she chose to participate in this rally as a calculated PR tactic which would portray her as a socialite who was sympathetic to and supportive of victims of sex trafficking rather than as a woman who would conspire to recruit underage girls to be sex trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein."

07.17.20 - One America News - "Lawyer representing Epstein Victims Speaks Out." Ghislaine Maxwell, the accused accomplice of convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, was denied bail this week. Following the decision, One America's Caitlin Sinclair spoke with attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing 18 of the victims.

07.17.20 - Buzzfeed News O'Clock Podcast -"Gloria Allred wants justice for Epstein Victims." The hosts interview attorney Allred regarding the 18 accusers she represents, her push to get Prince Andrew to talk to the FBI, and her stance on NDAs in sexual harassment cases.

07.10.20 - Fox News - " Host Trace Gallagher speaks with attorney Gloria Allred on the upcoming bail hearing for Ghislaine Maxwell. Ms. Allred, who represents 17 Jeffrey Epstein accusers, calls on Prince Andrew to 'step up to the plate ... and tell everything he knows' about Mr. Epstein to the FBI before Ghislaine Maxwell does.

07.14.20 - Attorney Gloria Allred made this statement today regarding the Court's decision to decline Ghislaine Maxwell's motion to be released on bail. Ms. Allred represents 17 victims of Jeffrey Epstein.

07.14.20 - RTE News - Correspondent Fiona Mitchell spoke with attorney Gloria Allred about the bail hearing today for Ghislaine Maxwell in New York. Ms Maxwell denies the six charges she faces - that she lured underage girls for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse and that she lied under oath about her role in Epstein's predatory behavior. Gloria Allred said that while she has no doubt many of Mr. Epstein's victims would like to see Ms. Maxwell stay in jail while the court process is ongoing, she also points out that they need be sure she is safe and does not die in custody as Jeffrey Epstein did.

07.10.20 - ABC News - "Harvey Weinstein's assets frozen by ex-wives." Harvey Weinstein's two ex-wives went to court in April and successfully convinced judges to freeze nearly $6 million of his assets, according to court records reviewed by ABC News this week and three sources close to the disgraced Hollywood producer. The rest of his estate is tied up in bankruptcy and other civil proceedings, multiple sources familiar with the situation confirmed to ABC News. Sources close to Weinstein claimed that the asset freeze has complicated his efforts to appeal his New York conviction and mount a strong defense ahead of his L.A. trial. Veteran victims' advocate and attorney Gloria Allred, who represents some of the women who have or will testify against Weinstein in criminal court, said that news of the asset freeze concerned her. "This new development presents a serious impediment to the efforts of the victims of Harvey Weinstein to obtain compensation from him for the harm that he has inflicted on them," Allred told ABC News. "It is not, however, the end of the road for victims, because he may have other assets that are not liquid that may be available to the victims. I have no doubt that victims will persevere until they receive all of the justice available to them under the law."

07.07.20 - CBC News Network Canada - Hannah Thibedeau speaks with attorney Gloria Allred at length about the serious charges brought against Ghislaine Maxwell as well as Prince Andrew's potentially important contribution to the information that the FBI has in this case, among other aspects of this case.

07.07.20 - Fox 11 LA - "Women's Rights Attorney Gloria Allred discusses new details in Jeffrey Epstein scandal." Representing 17 accusers of Jeffrey Epstein, attorney Gloria Allred is interviewed, and they discuss the recent press conference with one such victim who filed a police report in 1997, the charges against Ghislaine Maxwell, and Prince Andrew's potential to speak with U.S. law enforcement.

07.07.20 - WGN9 Chicago Morning News - Attorney Gloria Allred is interviewed to discuss the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell on serious Federal charges. Ms. Allred began, "Ms. Maxwell is long overdue for there to be justice for the victims. The victims are cautiously optimistic."

07.06.20 - A press conference was held today in Los Angeles on the one-year anniversary of the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein. Attorney Gloria Allred demands an investigation into why no action was taken when her client, Alicia Arden, filed a police report in 1997 alleging that Jeffrey Epstein had sexually battered her.

07.02.20 - It was just reported that Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested this morning by the FBI in New Hampshire. Attorney Gloria Allred made a statement to the press regarding Ms. Maxwell's arrest and justice for the Jeffrey Epstein accusers.

07.02.20 - Close confidante of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested today in New Hampshire on charges she conspired with Epstein to sexually abuse minors. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 16 accusers of Mr. Epstein and his co-conspirators, made a statement to the press.

06.22.20 - A press conference was held today in Los Angeles with plaintiff Christine Cardenas, who went to a California Prison for a scheduled family visit with her inmate husband, and upon arrival for the visit she was subjected to a humiliating strip search. She was then taken to a nearby hospital where she was subjected to an invasive body cavity search and sexual battery of her genital area, an X-Ray, and a CT-scan of her body while in handcuffs, to which she did not consent. The invasive search of her vagina and other private genital areas was in direct violation of a search warrant. No contraband was found on or in her body and she was not permitted to visit her husband. The victim spoke today with her attorneys, Gloria Allred and John Carpenter, about her shocking and traumatic experience and the filing of her lawsuit.

06.19.20 - Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents many victims of Jeffrey Epstein, made a statement in response to the news tonight that U.S. Attorney, Geoffrey Berman, suddenly resigned from his post.

06.16.20 - Good Morning Britain - The Lorraine Show on ITV - Host Lorraine Kelly discusses the latest news regarding Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein, after the Prince reportedly admitted his disastrous Newsnight interview was a 'source of regret' and denies any wrongdoing. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 11 of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers, joins Lorraine live, calling for Prince Andrew to co-operate with the FBI and just be truthful and fully answer questions, as all the further delays are inflicting more emotional harm on the Epstein's victims. Gloria also discusses the Victims' Compensation Fund, which opens in 10 days.

06.07.20 - Statement by Attorney Gloria Allred on Possible New Steps by the U.S. Dept. of Justice to Obtain Answers from Prince Andrew Concerning Jeffrey Epstein

05.21.20 - Billy Masters LIVE - Vivacious host, Billy Masters, talks with attorney Gloria Allred about her work and reputation, and the documentaries "AKA Jane Roe" and "Seeing Allred". Other topics discussed include abortion and a woman's choice, sexual harassment cases, Covid-19 issues and rights, and various political matters. They are joined by news anchor Sue O'Connell.

05.19.20 - Attorney Gloria Allred shares this statement about her former client, Norma McCorvey, aka "Jane Roe", in advance of the new documentary about Norma's life and her beliefs about a woman's right to choose abortion. The documentary can be seen starting Friday 5/22/20 on FX on HULU.

04.10.20 - Los Angeles County prosecutors announced today that Harvey Weinstein, weeks after being sent to prison in New York and already facing prosecution in Los Angeles, has been charged with an additional count of sexual assault in connection with the alleged attack of a woman at a Beverly Hills hotel in May of 2010. Mr. Weinstein will now face an additional charge of sexual battery by restraint in connection with this incident. Attorney Gloria Allred shares her thoughts on this announcement in the enclosed statement.

03.23.20 - Attorney Gloria Allred made a statement regarding news that the Texas Governor and Attorney General have included abortions among the nonessential surgeries and medical procedures that they are requiring to be delayed, setting off a new front in the fight over abortion rights in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Abortion rights activists said that abortions should be counted as essential and that people could not wait for the procedure until the pandemic was over.

03.20.20 - - "Netflix Has a Whole Selection of Documentaries About Women, and Yes, We're Watching Them All." Netflix is showing some of the most interesting, empowering, and truly unbelievable documentaries about women that you've ever seen. From Princess Diana recounting her life in her very own words to a look at Beyoncé's historic 2018 Coachella performance, these real-life stories about women around the world will have you at the edge of your seat. One such documentary is Seeing Allred, which focuses on both the public and private life of the country's highest-profile women's rights attorney, Gloria Allred, who is best known for taking on Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, among others.

03.18.20 - Statement by Attorney Gloria Allred in response to lawsuit allegedly filed by Ghislaine Maxwell against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein - "It is shameful that Ghislaine Maxwell is requesting that the Epstein estate pay her attorney's fees and costs, thereby depleting the Epstein estate funds that should all be shared by Epstein's countless victims who have been irreparably damaged by his heinous conduct. Ms. Maxwell worked for and is alleged to have assisted Jeffrey Epstein in sex trafficking of underage girls to him. She should pay her own legal fees and costs to defend her conduct."

03.06.20 - Walter Reed middle school student, Dylan Muriano, filed a Discrimination and Retaliation Complaint today with the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education, as he and his mother allege he was unfairly treated as an Asian American by his teacher, in relation to fears regarding the Coronavirus. Attorney Gloria Allred had a press conference today to address the situation.

02.28.20 - Attorney Gloria Allred comments on the conclusion of a 1 ½ year investigation by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights into USC and the allegations made by female students of sexual harassment by Dr. George Tyndall.

02.20.20 - Court TV - Seema Iyer interviews attorney Gloria Allred about matters related to today's events in the Harvey Weinstein criminal case in New York. Seema talks with attorney Allred about predictions with what verdicts jurors will find, and Ms. Allred thinks that we have to be patient until the jury comes back, hopefully with a just result for all. They talk about what testimony of Annabella Sciorra the jurors requested be read back to them, what charges Seema thinks Mr. Weinstein will be found guilty of, and they discuss how the jury might feel about the defendant. They discuss how jurors will sometimes come to agreement. Seema asks if any of attorney Allred's clients have any civil cases against Mr. Weinstein, and what are the financial relationships with her clients. The host asks what will happen down the line, but Ms. Allred states that she is focused on this case. She gave one preview - that after this trial, Mr. Weinstein will be going to Los Angeles to face criminal charges there.

02.19.20 - Court TV - Seema interviews attorney Gloria Allred about matters related to today's events in the Harvey Weinstein criminal case in New York. She opens with a question about the defense's claim that Ms. Allred is a pipeline for the prosecution, which Gloria says is definitely not the case. They discuss the attempt of the defense attorneys to "gag" her and which were unsuccessful, and which Ms. Allred says was the same tactic used in the Scott Peterson case which was also declined by the judge in that case. They talk about why attorney Allred gives press conferences, whether the defense is engaging in victim shaming, and if they are engaging in rape myths? They discuss the expert testimony of Dr. Barbara Ziv during the trial about victims of sexual assault. Seema asks Gloria Allred what are the lines that she will not cross in press conferences, and talk about why Harvey Weinstein hasn't taken the stand under oath. Ms. Allred adds that she thinks the jurors are doing their very best to evaluate all the evidence and decide what is the verdict that is justified based on the evidence.

02.09.20 - Gloria Allred was in attendance at The Roger Neal & Maryanne Lai 5th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Dinner at the Hollywood Museum, and was honored to present legendary actress, Terry Moore, with the much-deserved Icon Award.

02.07.20 - Fox News - The Story with Martha MacCallum "Prosecution Rests in Harvey Weinstein's Rape Trial." This news segment discusses the ongoing criminal trial of Harvey Weinstein in New York, and Ms. MacCallum interviews attorney Gloria Allred who discusses the trial and the testimony of her three clients who appeared in court this week.

01.25.20 - Attorney Gloria Allred spoke with ABC News today fresh from the courtroom during the Harvey Weinstein criminal trial in New York. Ms. Allred spoke about the testimony of her client, Annabella Sciorra, who took the stand today. "I'm so proud of her that she did it," and that she was dignified, calm and clear. Ms. Sciorra was the first woman to accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape in criminal court, which she alleges happened more than 25 years ago. The segment discusses the testimony of Rosie Perez, to whom Ms. Sciorra confided. Ms. Allred discusses these testimonies, and what she thinks the MeToo movement is about at this time of reckoning, not only in the culture but in the justice system as well. "It's not just about truth telling, it's about justice."

01.17.20 - Four teachers who were injured while supervising children on their school playground as toxic fuel was dumped from an overhead Delta flight held a press conference today with their attorney Gloria Allred to announce the filing of a lawsuit against Delta Airlines.

01.08.20 - Attorney Gloria Allred was in New York today for the second day of jury selection in the trial of Harvey Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein's defense team attempted to exclude Ms. Allred from the courtroom, but the Court denied their request.

01.06.20 - Los Angeles prosecutors filed charges against Harvey Weinstein today, on the day before his New York criminal trial begins jury selection. Attorney Gloria Allred commented in a statement regarding these charges.

12.16.19 - Attorney Gloria Allred and client, Mahim Khan, met today with the Beverly Hills police department to discuss conducting an investigation to determine whether the conduct of her former employer, Alki David, also constitutes sexual battery under the criminal law. Ms. Khan won a verdict of 58 million, 250 thousand dollars in her civil case against Mr. David for battery, sexual battery and sexual harassment.

12.15.19 - Statement from attorney Gloria Allred in response to Harvey Weinstein's interview with the New York Post.

12.10.19 - Attorney Gloria Allred issues a statement in response to Bill Cosby losing his appeal of his conviction for aggravated indecent sexual assault.

12.02.19 - The law firm of Allred, Maroko and Goldberg are very happy to announce one of the largest sexual harassment punitive damage awards in American legal history in the victory of our client, Mahim Khan, in her case against billionaire Alki David. AMG law partners Gloria Allred, Nathan Goldberg, Dolores Leal and Renee Mochkatel had a press conference today to discuss the compensatory and punitive damages awarded in this case. They were joined by two of the jurors, Cole Garrison and Reg Green, who shared their point of view on the trial.

11.21.19 - Teala Davies, a survivor of child sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein, joined her attorney, Gloria Allred, for a press conference in New York City. A lawsuit was filed today in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York for Teala Davies against the estate of Mr. Epstein alleging battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Ms. Davies and Ms. Allred discuss the impact that Jeffrey Epstein's predatory behavior had on Ms. Davies' life. Ms. Allred also relays her thoughts on a recent statement by Prince Andrew with regards to this case.

11.18.19 - "Jane Doe 15," a survivor of Jeffrey Epstein, joined attorney Gloria Allred today for a press conference in her Los Angeles office to tell Ms. Doe's story about meeting Jeffrey Epstein when she was 15 years. Today a lawsuit was filed in New York on behalf of "Jane Doe 15" against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein. She wished to speak out about what she suffered as a result of meeting Mr. Epstein and those who were employed by him or were associated with him, and how that has affected her life.

10.16.19 - Attorneys Gloria Allred and Nathan Goldberg held a press conference today with their client, Lauren Reeves, regarding their sexual harassment trial victory against billionaire Alki David.

09.26.19 - Today is the one-year anniversary of the incarceration of Bill Cosby. Attorney Gloria Allred reflects on the brave and courageous women who spoke their truth and sought justice in this case.

08.27.19 - Today the Honorable Richard M. Berman held a hearing in New York in the matter of the case against Jeffrey Epstein, who died on August 10th while in custody at the Manhattan Correctional Center. The Judge allowed victims of Jeffrey Epstein or their counsel to read their victim impact statements into the court record, if they chose to do so. Many statements were read, and it was a powerful day for those affected to speak their truth and be heard. Here are two statements from clients of attorney Allred which were read into the record -from Jane Doe and from Teala Davies.

08.22.19 - Today the North Dakota Supreme Court issued a ruling that throws out the life sentence of William Hoehn on a charge of conspiracy to commit kidnapping in the case of Savanna Greywind's murder. He has been remanded for resentencing. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents the Greywind family, made a statement about this disappointing and unexpected decision.

08.19.19 - Today marks the two-year anniversary of the tragic death of young, mother-to-be, Savanna Greywind. Attorney Gloria Allred made this statement reflecting on the cruel loss of Savanna, and what needs to change and what has been learned as a result of this crime.

08.13.19 - A press conference was held today with our client, Shari Drerup, an experienced pilot of over 14 years, and attorneys Gloria Allred and Dolores Leal. Despite Ms. Drerup's background, training and experience, she has become a victim of sex discrimination and a double standard for female vs. male pilots in her employment.

08.08.19 - Ventura County Superior Court, Criminal Division - Attorney Gloria Allred was present at the sentencing of Neil David Kimball, an L.A. County sheriff's sex crimes investigator accused of raping a teenager, Jane Doe, after having been assigned to investigate her previous sexual assault allegations. Kimball pled guilty to lesser charges of committing a lewd act with a child and unlawful sexual intercourse, and was sentenced to the maximum term of three years in state prison as well as being ordered to register as a sex offender and pay the victim $50,000 for her pain and suffering. Attorney Gloria Allred was there and read the impact statement written by the teenage victim in court. Impact statements by Jane Doe and her father to follow by clicking on this paragraph.

08.05.19 - A press conference was held today in attorney Gloria Allred's office with her client, Lizzette Martinez. Ms. Martinez shared her thoughts on recent R. Kelly developments and untrue comments made by the defense counsel of R. Kelly about the alleged victims. Ms. Allred commented on new charges filed today in Minneapolis against Mr. Kelly, as well as the harmful and untrue comments made by Mr. Kelly's defense attorney, Douglas Anton, regarding the alleged victims of his client, many of whom were underage and unable to legally consent to sex with Robert Kelly.

08.02.19 - R. Kelly appeared today to be arraigned in federal court in New York, where he was denied bail. Attorney Gloria Allred made this statement afterwards in front of the courthouse to comment on the current situation.

07.22.19 - San Diego, California - Attorney Gloria Allred and her client, reporter Jenny Ravalo, read their statements into the record at the California State Athletic Commission's meeting, where a decision was made regarding Kubrat Pulev's Administrative Suspension, which occurred as a result of his forcefully kissing Ms. Ravalo without her consent during their post-fight interview earlier this year. The Commission voted to lift Mr. Pulev's suspension, as the Commission indicated that he had complied with the conditions they set, but clarified that another violation could result in a lifetime suspension. Attorney Allred pointed out that Mr. Pulev's employer/promoter, Bob Arum, has continued to make unprofessional and negative remarks about Ms. Ravalo and the need for the suspension, and that Ms. Allred would have liked to see sanctions against Kubrat Pulev and promoter Bob Arum for this continued, inappropriate behavior.

07.11.19 - Attorney Gloria Allred spoke outside the New York Supreme Court today after this morning's criminal trial hearing related to defendant Harvey Weinstein. Ms. Allred's statement regarding the Weinstein defense team can be found here.

06.26.19 - A press conference was held today at the Los Angeles office of Gloria Allred due to the news of the arrest today of Dr. George Tyndall, formerly of U.S.C., on criminal charges. Attorney Allred and her Partners represent at least two of the accusers in the criminal case and also represent 62 alleged victims in a related civil lawsuit.

06.25.19 - Attorney Gloria Allred and her client, reporter Jenny Ravalo, share a new development in the case of Kubrat Pulev, the boxer who was recently suspended from boxing by the California State Athletic Commission because of his inappropriate actions towards Ms. Ravalo. The focus of the press conference today was to call for new action against Mr. Pulev's boxing promoter, Bob Arum, because of critical and false statements Mr. Arum gave in an interview.

06.09.19 - L.A. PRIDE Parade 2019 - "Attorney Gloria Allred participates in the 2019 Pride Parade to demonstrate her respect and support for the LGBT+ community and have some fun with the thousands of people who line the streets of West Hollywood to celebrate. She has proudly participated in the Parade for over 40 years."

06.01.19 - - Bonsoir! - "Harassment: The lawyer who shakes Hollywood" Attorney Gloria Allred is interviewed by French CANAL+/"Bonsoir!" reporter, Dorian Chotard, in her Los Angeles office. They discuss Ms. Allred's history and perspective, what motivates her, cases where she has represented alleged victims of well-known Hollywood celebrities, and the current tide of women speaking out.

05.28.19 - Paris, France - Attorneys Gloria Allred and partner, Nathan Goldberg, were in Paris today with their client and her French attorneys for the Confrontation scheduled by the French police. The Confrontation was set due to the police report filed by this young woman accusing celebrity Chris Brown and two other men of victimizing her in January of this year.

05.21.19 - Attorney Gloria Allred was a featured speaker today in support of Stop The Bans (on Abortion) Rally at 5:30 pm ET in Foley Square, New York City. The rally was organized by Planned Parenthood - NYC, and was part of a nationwide Day of Action. Ms. Allred shared her own personal story and reminds us that "Abortion should be safe, legal, affordable and available!" She said, "We will never allow abortions to be criminalized again!" and reminds us that "We are going to wage the fight of our lives!"

05.14.19 - Reporter Jenny Ravalo and Attorney Gloria Allred were present at today's hearing of the California Athletic Commission regarding their decision related to sexual harassment of Ms. Ravalo by boxer, Kubrat Pulev during a post-fight interview.

04.22.19 - Herman Cain withdrew his name from consideration for possible nomination for the Federal Reserve Board.

04.18.19 - Ginger White joined attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference today in New York to answer an important question. Should Herman Cain withdraw his name from consideration for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board? They discuss the allegations of Ginger White that she had a 13-year on again, off again affair with Mr. Cain while he was married, among other allegations of Cain's sexual harassment toward women, all of which Mr. Cain has denied. The women's position is that truth and integrity matters, especially for those permitted to obtain an important government appointment.

03.29.19 - A press conference was held today in Rosemont, Illinois with the family of murder victim Lorry Ann Borowski, who was raped, tortured and murdered in 1982 at the age of 21 by Thomas Kokoraleis. This brutal killer was released today from prison in Canton, Illinois after having served 35 years of a 70 year prison sentence.

03.28.19 - Jenny Ravalo, a local reporter, held a press conference today with Attorney Gloria Allred regarding unwanted physical contact by boxer Kubrat Pulev while she was interviewing him after a recent fight.

02.25.19 - Attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference today in Los Angeles with her client Lizzette Martinez, a brave accuser of R. Kelly and who was featured in the Lifetime documentary, "Surviving R. Kelly." This is Ms. Martinez' first public statement since Mr. Kelly's recent arrest where he has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse against three alleged victims who were underage, and one adult.

02.25.19 - Lizzette Martinez has been courageous and decided to speak out today, despite the trauma of Kelly's victimization of her. Ms. Allred points out that other accusers that she represents "have met with and provided the facts underlying their allegations to law enforcement in a number of different jurisdictions. Defendant Kelly has not testified under oath about these allegations and I suspect he will decline to do so at trial. I think that those facts speak for themselves."

02.21.19 - Two new accusers of singer R.Kelly, Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington, joined Attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference in New York today. They have decided to speak out in order to encourage others who may have been victimized by him to come forward.

02.21.19 - Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington allege they were teenagers living in Baltimore in 1995 or 1996 when they attended a concert and after party featuring R. Kelly and LL Cool J. Little did they know that their decision to attend those events would leave them with a shocking memory of R. Kelly that they will never forget. Latresa and Rochelle describe in detail the sexual misconduct that they allege they suffered on the night in question as a result of meeting R. Kelly. They also describe the impact that they allege that his inappropriate conduct has had on their lives.

02.13.19 - Statement of Attorney Gloria Allred Regarding Federal Class Action Settlement Against U.S.C.

02.05.19 - Attorneys Gloria Allred and co-counsel Cary Wiggins held a press conference today in Atlanta with their client, Pabla Martinez, to announce the filing of a Civil Rights lawsuit which alleges racial discrimination against Pabla and her young daughter by Waffle House, Inc. in Doraville, Georgia.

  • 02.05.19 - The lawsuit alleged that the Martinez family were subjected to discriminatory, derogatory and humiliating language and conduct by a manager-cook at the Waffle House, Inc. while there as customers at the restaurant. "We are speaking out today because the type of language and conduct to which our clients were allegedly subjected is completely unacceptable, and if proven should shock the conscience of the community and would violate the law. Every individual has a right to be free of discrimination by a business and every person is entitled to respect and dignity."
  • Statement of Gloria Allred
  • Statement of Pabla Martinez

01.19.19 - 3rd Annual Women's March Los Angeles: Truth to Power - Today Gloria Allred helps rally the crowd in anticipation of the 3rd Annual Women's March through Downtown Los Angeles.

01.19.19 - Gloria asks, "Are you here to speak Truth to Power?"

01.14.19 - Attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference today in New York to respond to threats and retaliation by R. Kelly against one of his alleged victims. The alleged victim and her mother were present at the press conference and spoke. The mother of another young woman who alleges she was victimized by Mr. Kelly also spoke out in support of victims. At the press conference, Ms. Allred presented documentary evidence of the threat and retaliation against one of the alleged victims.

01.14.19 - Faith Rodgers, an alleged victim, her mother Kelly, and Michelle Kramer, the mother of Dominique Gardner, who also allegedly suffered for years from Kelly's misconduct, discussed Mr. Kelly's intimidation of his alleged victims into keeping silent about their allegations. Faith had previously filed a lawsuit against Robert Sylvester Kelly aka R. Kelly which is pending in the New York Supreme Court detailing what she alleges is Kelly's victimization of her. In response to Faith's lawsuit, Mr. Kelly retaliated against her by threatening to reveal what he alleges are details of her sex life. In addition, he posted private photos of her. One threat was contained in a letter Mr. Kelly wrote to Lydia Hills aka Lydia Agu, an attorney for Ms. Rodgers.

We will be meeting today with the New York City police department who has asked to meet with Faith in furtherance of their investigation into potential victims of R. Kelly. We will offer our full and complete cooperation in their investigation. Prosecutors in Chicago and Atlanta are also seeking information from potential victims and we plan to offer them our cooperation as well.

R. Kelly can look forward to a legacy which will not be his music, but rather the pain and suffering he inflicted on the many vulnerable teenagers and young women who claim they were victimized by him.

"He may rest assured that I will do everything in my power to support those who claim that they are victims."

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